Analgesics for gout on legs

How to treat gout( gouty arthritis) on the legs

Gouty arthritis is known for many centuries. It occurs mainly in people who eat a lot of fatty foods and alcohol, with hereditary predisposition, as well as in men and women, hitting the joints and connective tissues of the fingers and toes, wrists, puscles, and occasionally the elbows and knee joints. The joints of the big toes are most prone to gout.

Description and causes of development of

Gout is a disease associated with a metabolic disorder and an increase in blood levels of uric acid. In healthy people, this acid is excreted from the body by the kidneys, in those suffering from gout, it lingers in the body. There is a deposit of uric acid in the joints in the form of sodium monounrate( a poorly soluble white powder).The very process of deposition causes inflammation and an acute painful gouty attack.

If gout attacks can not be treated, limb damage may occur, joint mobility may be restricted, white nodules filled with salt deposits( tofusi) may form under the skin. Nodules can appear in the area of ​​the joints damaged by gout or behind the auricles.

How to treat gout

How to treat gout on the legs

Symptoms of the disease

The first signs indicating the presence of the disease are:

  • acute pain syndrome( especially at night), accompanied by burning and pulsation in the joint;
  • edema;
  • redness of the skin over the affected joint( from red to purple and purple hues);
  • local temperature increase;
  • chills.

At the onset of the disease, seizures occur with prolonged interruptions, however, as arthritis moves to a chronic condition, the joint is increasingly destroyed, and breaks between exacerbations are becoming shorter.

Sample gout on the legs

Sample gout on the legs

Diagnosis of arthritic arthritis on the legs

At the first signs indicating the presence of the disease, it is necessary to consult an arthrologist or rheumatologist. If the disease is started, an experienced doctor will diagnose after a visual inspection. However, without additional research is indispensable. First of all, this is the direction of the x-ray image of the feet and brushes, which will reveal gouty areas, as well as a biochemical blood test. And the level of uric acid should be assessed not only at the time of attack, but also in breaks between exacerbations. The reason for this - uric acid, which at the time of the attack is concentrated in the affected area, while the level of its content in the blood drops slightly.

Diagnosis of gout with X-rays

Diagnosis of gangrene with rengen

The test that most accurately confirms gout is arthrocentesis( synovial fluid analysis) of the joint. In this study, the presence of deposits of uric acid salts is detected. If there is a tumor or redness, this type of diagnosis is not used.

Treatment of gout on the legs

The type of treatment prescribed depends on the degree of gouty arthritis, but, nevertheless, the approach should be comprehensive, and the patient must treat the treatment with all responsibility, without throwing it between periods of exacerbation.

- Medical treatment means prescribing pain medications( voltaren, nimulide, ibuprofen, etc.), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( colchicine, indomethacin and others) and medications that inhibit the formation of uric acid( purinol or allopurinol).In addition, the treatment is prescribed anti-gouty drug - colchicine.

At the moment, there are many medications for treating gout

At the moment, there are many medications for the treatment of gout

- Locally on the sick site you can put an alcohol-containing compress or cryotherapy( with ice) to reduce inflammation and pain.

- A sick gout is obliged to follow a diet, drink more fluids and exclude alcohol and fatty foods from the diet. If the diet is not adhered to, the level of uric acid in the body will be reduced, which can lead to urolithiasis and worsening of the affected joints.

When gout is important to follow a diet

- Physiotherapy has a positive effect on the limbs affected by gouty arthritis. In the period between bouts are shown: ultrasound, mud therapy, phonophoresis with hydrocortisone. During the seizures, procedures such as UV and pulse currents are prescribed.

- Plasmapheresis has a positive effect on the course of treatment. To do this, the patient is sampled a portion of blood, which is separated by a special unit into plasma and shaped elements, which are returned to the patient, and the plasma is disposed of. Plazmarez allows you to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood, to remove the inflammatory process.

The process of Plasmapheresis in a patient

The process of plasmapheresis in a patient

- Surgical intervention becomes feasible for large lesions of tissues and joints, with large tofuys. This type of surgical intervention is prescribed only on the condition that drug treatment does not bring a positive result.

Surgical intervention

Treatment of leg gout with folk remedies

- Compress of fish( fillet should be applied to a sore spot, wrapped in film, insulated and left overnight), applied for 10 days.

Compress of fish for the treatment of gout

Compression of fish for the treatment of gout

- Trituration with activated charcoal( 1/2 cup activated charcoal grind into powder and mix with a small amount of water and 1 tablespoon flaxseed) spend the night until complete recovery.

- Ointment from butter and alcohol( butter must be melted and mixed in equal parts with alcohol, the mixture ignited until completely burned alcohol) is applied to the diseased areas until the pain syndrome disappears.

- Iodine and aspirin solution( 10 ml of iodine mixed with 5 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid to a monotonous mass) is used in the form of rubbing, after which wear socks or gloves.

- Baths with iodine( three drops of water will be needed: 9 drops of iodine, 3 teaspoons of baking soda) help reduce uric acid deposits.

Baths with iodine - an extremely effective tool for gout

- Herbal medicine( herbs are used for baths and for oral administration, for example chamomile, linden and string) positively affects the general condition of the patient and allows to speed up the healing process.


- Ointment from sea salt( 0.5 kg of salt is poured with boiling water and put on fire until the moisture evaporates completely, then add 200 g of Vaseline, mix and apply as a compress for the night, warmed from above with a cloth).

- For the treatment of gout, lard is used, rubbing the pieces into the periarticular areas or tied at night.

Treatment of gout with bacon

- Onion broth( 2-3 uncleaned bulbs are poured with water and boiled until softened) take 3 times a day half a glass before meals for 10-15 days.

Gout. How to relieve pain with gout |Folk recipes of health

Good afternoon, dear readers!

Why does gout occur?

In the case of a metabolic disorder that caused an increase in the level of uric acid in the blood, the process of deposition of urate( salts) in the tissues, mostly in the bone, is activated, which leads to a chronic disease: gout. Another disease is called a "tuberous leg," as uric acid crystals most often deform the joints of the toes: painful cones grow. Uric acid salts can accumulate in other places, forming bumps( cones): in the region of the elbow, hands, feet, and also salts of uric acid can fall out in the kidneys and other organs and tissues. With the accumulation of urates in the joints, an inflammatory process occurs, which is the cause of the painful attacks in them. For treatment, and for to relieve pain with gout , use folk recipes.

Recipes: the less pain for gout, the treatment of gout.

Anesthetics for gout:

1) Pour half a liter of vodka into two st.lozhki mullein scepter-like flowers, ten to fifteen days, insist in the dark, strain and rub the sore spots.

2) Take 100 grams of millet, chop into flour, add a ton of salt and st.lozhku brewer's yeast, mix, add a little water to make it as a dough. The received weight put on a napkin and wrap a sick joint, warm. Change the bandage every two hours until the pain subsides, then wash the problem area with warm water.

3) Take 100 grams of laurel leaves, st.lozhku juniper, a kilogram of melted goose or badger fat. Needles juniper and laurel leaves chop, melt the fat and mix everything. Lubricate this ointment with painful joints, top with cellophane, warm it.

4) During the mushroom season collect the fly agarics, tightly push them into the jar, close the lid and dig for a month into the ground. In a month dig it out, what you see will not be pleasant, and the smell is still one, but it's a very good tool for joints. Do compresses or rub in sore spots.

5) Saturate the cotton fabric with fir oil, apply a thin layer of salt and side, where the salt, wrap the joint and leave overnight, wash it off in the morning. Do this for five days, then five days off.

For the treatment of gout:

1) Grind the three large cleansed garlic heads and four onion heads separately before pulp, mix thoroughly and add 0.5 kg of crushed cranberries, stir again, insist in a cool dark place for a day, then addkilogram of honey. Take fifteen minutes before meals on ch.lozhke three times a day.

2) Pour 250 ml of boiling water 25 grams of elderberry black, close the lid with a lid, insist forty minutes, strain. Take infusion of 100 ml fifteen minutes before eating.

3) Take two st.lozhki flowers lime heart-shaped, the fruit of hawthorn blood-red, blossoms blue-head;five tablespoons thyme creeping, herb oregano;four st.lozhki hip fruit, chop, mix. Two st.lozhki mixture pour a liter of boiling water, let it brew well, strain after cooling. Drink a glass like tea three to four times a day.

4) Pour vermified cedar nuts along with the shell to cover the nuts for five to six centimeters, insist seven days, strain. Take st.lozhke three times a day for 1.5-2 months.

5) This method of treating gout and arthritis is used in a Japanese clinic: pour very cold water into one container, and in the other place wheat, oats, millet, rye( each cereal grains) and pour boiling water to make them slightly steamed. During the procedure, the grains must be warm, preferably hot( so that the body tolerates).Dip the sick hand for a few seconds in cold water and immediately into another container, start kneading the grains and do so until the grains are warm, then wrap your hand in woolen cloth to warm up the joints properly. Treatment is long - 2-3 months. If you have enough patience, this procedure will not only help the to relieve pain with gout , but also get rid of it completely.

How to relieve a gout attack: calm the pain |I am treating myself

  • Useful food

How to relieve gout

This ailment can be called ancient as the world, because the diagnosis of gout was first put in the fifth century by Hippocrates, and only then the definition firmly established in all medical textbooks of the world. People from time immemorial are looking for ways to relieve a gout attack, because there are a lot of patients suffering from this disease. In a certain period, gout was termed a disease of aristocrats, so it was believed that among the population of the Soviet Union, this disease is not there.

Gout therapy is devoted to a lot of scientific works, and at the same time, over the past three decades, no new drugs have been developed that heal this disease. In addition, there are no therapeutic recommendations that are unified, while taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, genetically determined metabolic processes, as well as the type of diet and lifestyle.

How to determine if you have gout, not signs of another disease? Some patients complain that sometimes after a dense supper, supplemented with alcohol, they wake up at four or five in the morning, from the fact that in the big toe there is a sharp pain. Moreover, it is so strong that it is simply impossible to find a place that facilitates such a state. In this case, you can assume that you have a gout attack. In this situation, you should immediately "carry" a sick finger to the therapist, and it is better to show yourself to a specialist in rheumatology who will be provided with professional help.

How to soothe the pain

It is known that sometimes when referring to a surgeon the doctor diagnoses phlegmon or purulent arthritis, which requires an operation to remove pus. As a result, the incision is made, but there is no pus. After such an operation, it is possible to detect scarring in many patients who were not diagnosed with gout immediately. If the attack still hit you, you should be patient, wait for such a painful attack. How to remove an unexpected attack of gout, what should I do? It is important to remember that the duration of such attacks is not more than three days, therefore, you can use home methods.

Begin by ensuring that the joint is at rest, and then proceed to "wash out" the body of uric acid. In a day you will need to drink enough fluids, up to eight glasses. It can be water, or herbal teas, rose hips infusion. It is very good, in this case, to take cranberry juice without the addition of sugar.

If you can touch the joint, then attach the ice pack to the sore spot, hold it for ten minutes or longer, do not need it to stop chilling. After the soothing effect of the ice appears, apply cabbage leaves to the diseased finger.

You can also sew a bag, pour in it three hundred grams of salt, heat with an iron, attach to the diseased area. If the pain still does not calm down, use a specially prepared ointment. This will require half a cup of yogurt, one hundred grams of rye bread, and half a spoonful of soda. All components are mixed, the resulting mixture is applied to the aching finger.

Than gout is dangerous.

Often physicians call gout "delayed action".Statistics show that in recent years there have been more cases of gout. The basis of the disease is the disturbed metabolism and accumulation in the joints of salts of uric acid. This happens for many reasons. Basically, this is an unbalanced diet, frequent use of beer, champagne, and other drinks.

As is known, the main source of education in the body of uric acid are purines, they are contained in protein products. For example, in meat. If purines abundantly enter the body with food, the level of uric acid becomes higher. At the same time, alcohol aggravates the situation, since it slows the release of acid by the kidneys.

How is a gout attack removed, in what conditions does it occur more often? Attacks of gout are often suffered by fishermen and hunters, and first of all, it is caused by hypothermia of the feet, also influenced by a plentiful meal for the night, supplemented with alcohol. Suppose the body temperature has decreased by two degrees, so the uric acid circulating in the body crystallizes in the coolest zone.

Magnetic resonance imaging shows that the first attack of gout causes crystallization. In the coronary vessels, the aorta, and other tissues, tofusov - crystallites, hardly visible under the microscope, falls out.

It should be remembered that the inflammation of the finger on the leg, of course, will pass, but in other parts of the body there is a "delayed-action mine".The number of tofus continues to increase, gout becomes chronic. The ailment is a stepping stone to diabetes, atherosclerosis and other dangerous diseases.

Treatment of

With gout, even a slight violation of diet by the amount of alcohol consumed causes an exacerbation of the disease. How to relieve a gout attack, quickly help yourself? The insidiousness of the disease in the rapidity of the stage, with periodic seizures. Many are sure that if it has been easier and has passed, then there is nothing to worry about, it means everything is fine. But, it happens that very soon gout begins to host in the body.

This is a serious illness, but treatable. It's never too late to start therapy, unlike other systemic diseases. If you overcome yourself, and start to observe the malopurinovuyu diet, the tofus will begin to disappear, attacks will occur less often, then cease.

On the one hand, the problem is serious, but it is completely cured. The most important condition of treatment is the rejection of red wines, vodka, beer. Traditional medicine calls for a comprehensive impact. It is necessary to drink medicinal herbal infusions, take baths, exercise, and you can count on a positive result.

The most powerful and radical medicine is the root of the fighter, the infusion that treats rheumatism, relieves gout. One hundred grams of raw material is poured with a liter of vodka, and for three days put in a warm place. The tincture is used for grinding, when it acquires the color of brewed tea. For one rub use not more than a teaspoon of the remedy.

The agent strengthens blood circulation, and if it is required to treat joints on both legs, then one leg is rubbed one day, and only the next day another is treated.

If gout is painful, with tumors, then tincture rubbed before going to bed for four weeks in a row. It is important to be persistent, and gout will retreat forever.

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Warning! Consult your physician before using any traditional medicine.

Tell me anesthetic pills for severe pain with gout?

Sergey Bondarenko

Usually ibuprofen helps, but at a higher dosage of 400mg for taking 3 times a day after meals, if it does not help, we add every hour. . first ketorol, an hour later analgin, but if it does not help here.dosage only observe and read about contraindications and side effects. . there is still diclofenac to poke..If there is a problem with the stomach, then it is better to drink ibuprofen, and everything else is to be blown immediately. And even let him drink enough water and preferably an alkaline mineral with the addition of soda drinking, and does not go unnecessarily.


From any pains I am saved by the use of 1 tablespoon of vinegar in half a liter of water! Several times a day! Do NOT repeat it!

ira sokolova

ketones can be in ampoules and pricked intramuscularly!it is possible ketorol.

Ex - minister


Serega Bumer

Amigrenin, or a drug of the tryptophan group. ..!
You do not get treatment in the Internet, there are no specialists on migraines!

Sveta Vesku

Sotsiotsvuyu. I had an attack a couple of times. Once provoked by two successive injuries. ..
Try the ketans. Perhaps this is the only thing that can effectively help. Another steamy sore spot and drink a lot of clean water( I mean kipasenoy or distilled).Vobschem such, in which there are few salts. It is possible that which on offices deliver. There are such filters that a healthy person is not recommended to drink often, it is almost distilled.
And with ketanovoy careful. These are not vitamins.
Here is a link to the instruction

Vita Milkin

[link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]
can the pain calmed down without pills? This is a good way.


Unfortunately, gout can not be completely cured, but it can be controlled. To do this, you need to change the nature of food. Treatment of gout medicinal: anti-inflammatory drugs and drugs that inhibit the formation of uric acid. In addition, the doctor can prescribe corticosteroid hormones that change the acidity of urine and reduce the likelihood of kidney stones. New methods of treating gout are: blood purification procedures with the help of special devices plasmaphoresogemosorption. Physiotherapy greatly facilitates the well-being. Surgical methods of removing uric acid deposits in soft tissues are also used. All treatments include weight correction and treatment of all metabolic diseases( atherosclerosis, diabetes) that are gout companions. In an acute attack of gout, NSAIDs are used: Butadione. It is possible ibuprofen-it is a non-steroid drug, relieves both pleasure and pain. The dosage in the instructions is inexpensive.

Elena Alekseyenok

Not always non-steroid drugs help. A friend of the same problem, as much on the wall climbed. I looked in the old textbooks on therapy, there is described treatment with colchicine. Even found it. It helped. If necessary, write, I will answer.

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