Alcoholism and tobacco smoking

Alcohol and tobacco originated for a long time and for millennia are the companions of man. When medicine, having decided to eradicate alcoholism, realized that it was powerless before him, gave it the status of a disease. This unauthorized decision led to the fact that with alcoholism, in most cases, simply stopped struggling and sought ways to rehabilitate alcoholics, for example, in a society of anonymous alcoholics about which you can find out on the site

Alcoholism, by its structure is not a disease, otherwise its comrade - smoking should also be raised to the status of an illness and, thus, immediately kill two birds with one stone. What exactly happens to the body when drinking alcohol? Molecules of ethyl alcohol very quickly penetrate into the blood, and therefore physicians armed with this reagent to help with the delivery of drugs dissolved in alcohol, to the destination.

We are so accustomed to alcohol that we say people are intoxicated. Is it really so? First of all our cells get drunk. Why does alcohol drip into the blood? Yes, because the first of the first to get into the cells of the gastrointestinal tract, relax and pay off by opening their "gate" wider to the access of circulating blood. Everyone feels it on an empty stomach will drink a laxative portion for the cells.

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When blood mixed with alcohol reaches the cells of the brain, they not only get drunk, but lose the steering wheel, resulting in a complete mess and chaos in the body. This is where the division of people into alcoholics, drunkards and those who do not see anything good in this kicks. In an absolutely healthy person, body cells ignore alcohol. A healthy person does not have a hangover.

But the alcoholics are those people who have a metabolic disorder at the cellular level. It is worth a person to be cured of this disease, as one alcoholic is less. To understand this, you just have to deal with the very system of metabolic disorders. In future alcoholics, most often the disorder comes from smoking.

That's why alcohol and smoking, like two inseparable brothers, are always together. In most cases, alcoholics must smoke. In addition to smoking, there are a number of other diseases in which there is a metabolic disorder. This happens simply because of an elementary lack of nutrition and oxygen cells. Can such cells fully fulfill their duties?

The disorders that led to the limitation of blood flow in micro vessels, with alcohol intake, are completely restored, as the controlling nerve cells also get drunk, as a result of which all the blood vessels expand and the blood begins to swell with an influx. The cells are fully supplied with nutrients and oxygen.

Along with the renewed circulation of blood, the heat is also delivered. Therefore, alcoholics actually warm the parts of the periphery of the body cover and they actually get warm, although the medicine does not recognize it. Do not drink and healthy people this does not happen, because they have blood circulation is not broken.

After the booze, it's time for a hangover. Why? Yes, because alcohol in the blood is significantly reduced and the cells go into routine work. But in this case again the blood vessels contract, again there is a lack of nutrients and oxygen. In addition, the products of processing with alcohol cages and the same carbon monoxide that the person exhales from a hangover is also not completely removed from the cavity. The cells are in the oppressed state by morning and they start ringing to the think tank, demanding what would you think? Alcohol! !!

They perfectly remembered that when a person drinks alcohol, metabolism is restored. For this they are willing to tolerate the presence of alcohol in the blood. Even when a drinking person throws down drinking for as long as months, the body cells become more and more insistent and demand alcohol and the person does not stand up, and again goes into drinking.

If there was not such a strong hangover syndrome, most people would stop going into drinking. So, to get rid of alcohol, you need to heal yourself of metabolic disorders at the cellular level in your body.

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