Funds from alcoholism

A chronic disease called "alcoholism" leads to serious consequences, namely to the destruction of the person's personality and internal organs. For the treatment of alcohol addicts, both medical products intended specifically for this purpose and working with psychologists are used.

Alcohol refusal is one of the best tools and gives a 100% guarantee of the result. But while the alcoholic himself does not decide to become healthy, any method of influencing his problem will be temporary. In addition, there is no universal treatment at this time, but one of the most effective is the complex approach, which consists of the following steps:

  • Cleansing the body of alcohol decay products, which is performed under the supervision of physicians with long enough drunks.
  • Use of drugs that help with alcohol dependence.
  • Work with psychologists.
  • Treatment of alcoholism by the method of Dovzhenko(

From the means of combating alcoholism among medical products, it can be noted:

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  • Remedies for taking intoxication.
  • Means that reduce cravings for alcohol.
  • Drugs that lead to alcohol intolerance.

Detoxification( detoxifying agents)

Drugs that alleviate the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, among which is worth mentioning such drugs as the most common aspirin and paracetamol, which remove the hangover and neutralize the poisoning.

Drugs directly from alcoholism( reducing craving for alcohol)

These drugs reduce cravings for alcohol, relieve somatovegetative disorders and alleviate psychopathic disorders due to a special S-100 protein in their composition. Thanks to this, the alcoholic's condition improves, and the craving for alcohol becomes less, although it does not go away completely.

Drugs that lead to alcohol intolerance

This group includes such drugs that, when reacted with ethyl alcohol, convert it to acetaldehyde. This reaction causes the patient to have rather unpleasant feelings( vomiting, spasms, etc.) than force him to give up alcohol.

Rehabilitation after alcoholism

Since alcohol is often a means to combat depression, life troubles and problems, most often even after the victory over this disease people should be treated by a psychologist. In addition, throughout the treatment of alcohol addicts, the support of relatives and friends is very much needed. For the normalization of life and socialization in society, it is important for a person to restore their social ties( also they can be new acquaintances), to search for new aspirations in life, so that it would be worthwhile to fight the disease further.

A person who decided to overcome his / her illness needs consultation with a specialist doctor even before the beginning of treatment, since only he can give the right recommendations for fighting alcohol dependence. It is forbidden to take medications that reduce cravings for alcohol and lead to its intolerance without indicating the expert in narcology, they are hepatotoxic and can lead to bad consequences, if not observed by a doctor and in time to undergo a biochemical blood test.

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