Essential oils will help get rid of cellulite

Many women, regardless of physique, face the problem of eliminating the effects of cellulite. Subcutaneous fat deposits in the legs and buttocks provide a lot of trouble for their elimination. The causes of their appearance can serve as external factors( stress, fatigue, lack of mobility) and heredity.

However, do not worry about this, there are a number of measures to combat these manifestations. You can fight with cellulite both with the help of specialists in the beauty salon, and at home, and the main assistant in this process are essential oils.

There are several ways to use essential oils. So they can be used for anti-cellulite massage, aromatic wrapping, and also by adding to water during bathing. However, it must be said that in their pure form they are used only for water procedures. In other cases, mixtures are used, which may include other components.

The process of taking aromatic baths is very simple and accessible to everyone, just pour a few drops of essential oil into warm water. If you take a bath every other day( 15 minutes is enough), then the effect is not only found on the skin, it helps to relieve tension and fatigue.

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Aromatic wraps will take a little longer. The composition of the means used, for such procedures, usually includes clay, honey or oil.

When applying anti-cellulite massage, the cream based on essential oil is first prepared. After that, massaging movements are applied to the problem areas of the skin. This procedure lasts about 20 minutes.

Among the abundance of essential oils, the most effective in the fight against cellulite are: grapefruit oil( removes excess fluid from the body, which helps restore blood circulation), geranium oil( gives elasticity to the skin), lemon oil( a wonderful remedy for burning fat), oil of rosemary( eliminates stagnation in tissues), sweet fennel oil( makes the skin smooth and supple), juniper oil( has medicinal properties, purifies blood).

It should be added that in the process of using essential oils, we must adhere to the instructions, so instead of body beauty we can get another problem in the form of burns.

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