We enrich the body with oxygen

Residents of megacities are experiencing a constant lack of oxygen. And there are people who rarely ventilate the rooms, going out for them is a rarity. They believe that nothing useful for the body walks on the street will not bring. But in vain. Few people know that oxygen:

  • helps to focus;
  • improves memory;
  • gives energy;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • has a positive effect on the nervous system;
  • sleep does harder;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • boosts the mood.

As soon as a person realizes that his body is experiencing oxygen deficiency, it is necessary to urgently come up with how to make up for his shortage.

The very first is the increase in the number of hours spent in the open air. Hiking for this is a good option. They contribute to the work of almost all muscles and lead the body into an excellent physical shape. At this time, respiratory and cardiovascular systems function well, the musculoskeletal system is strengthened, the risk of developing diabetes decreases. Youth is renewed.

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Recommend to start walking at a slow pace. The most important thing is their systematic nature. If the body is weakened, it is necessary to start walking first at short distances. For 30 minutes 3-4 times a week will be good.

Take care of comfortable shoes. Shoes are not appropriate. Sneakers and sneakers are friends of lovers of running and walking long distances.

If you use walking for slimming, then slow walking once a week is unlikely to help you become an owner of elegant forms.

Suitable for these purposes: walking in the hill, along the sidewalks, on the stairs to high floors, on the path in the gym, in the summer season on the beach on the sand. The most important thing is not the place where walking is conducted, but the regularity and duration of walks that influence the support of a certain balance of muscle mass and the destruction of excess weight.

From the additional portions of oxygen the body of a woman should not give up. They are contained in oxygen cocktails - very similar to lush foam and consisting of the smallest bubbles containing oxygen. Previously, they were used by people who are involved in sports. Now ozone drinks are widely used and can be prepared from fruit syrup, milk, infusions of herbs, juice. By efficiency, 1 serving of an oxygen cocktail can be compared to a long walk in the forest. The body receives a powerful energy boost. This type of cocktail is harmless for frequent use. Pregnant women it is especially useful.

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