Flat-foot mat

Orthopedic mat for children from flat feet: is there any benefit?

Massage mat from flat feet Flat-footedness is diagnosed in a child over 3 years of age in case of a decrease in the arch of the foot. The main cause is hereditary predisposition. To prevent development and reduce the severity of this abnormality of the anatomical structure, it is necessary to carry out a complex of measures, including wearing orthopedic shoes and gymnastics on a special orthopedic rug.

What is platypodia, its types and causes

The foot is an anatomical area of ​​the human body, which accounts for a significant load of body weight when standing and walking. To reduce the load on the bones, ligaments and muscles of the feet, the foot has arches that represent an arcuate bend directed concave downward. There are 2 vaults - a longitudinal and transverse arch. As the pressure increases, the arch slightly flattenes, which causes amortization, and reduces the load on other parts of the lower limbs( lower leg and thighs) and the spine. In the case of a decrease in the convexity of the arch, flatfoot development takes place, it can be of several types:

Degrees of flatfoot development
  • Longitudinal - the flattening of the longitudinal arch develops.
  • Transverse - the lateral arch decreases accordingly.
  • Combined - there is a flattening of both arches.

Depending on the main causal factor provoking the development of flattening of arches, these types of flatfoot are distinguished:

  • Congenital - a genetic defect is transmitted by inheritance or the developmental defect develops in utero, the result of which is the weakness of the ligaments that form the arch. Its decrease in this case develops already in early childhood, usually from the age of three.
  • Acquired - a decrease in the height of the arch develops at any age due to trauma, nerve palsy( after a history of poliomyelitis), or rickets( insufficient admission to the bone tissue of calcium salts, resulting in the bones of the foot softening).

Increased static loads provoke the development of reduced concavity at any age - wearing tight shoes, increased weight of a person, long standing. The most common form of this anatomical defect is congenital platypodia, therefore it is important to carry out activities for children aimed at preventing a decrease in the concavity height.

Prevention and treatment of

Early detection of an anatomical defect is possible in a child, since the formation of the foot ends at the age of 3 years. For early detection at this age, a close inspection of the foot is necessary, for which the child must be placed on a firm, level surface. This will make it possible in the case of an anatomical defect to direct further efforts towards treatment and prevention of its further development. For the prevention and treatment of flat feet in children, it is important for parents to perform a number of activities:

  • Wearing orthopedic( has special size and shape) shoes that support the foot in the right anatomical position while walking the child. It is necessary to ensure that the child does not wear shoes with a flat sole( sneakers, sneakers, moccasins).
  • Use of orthopedic insoles that have special soft protrusions in the concavity of the foot, thereby reducing the load on them( with a pronounced flattening of the arches, individual orthopedic insoles are manufactured).
  • Exclusion of sports with a high load on the foot( football, running, dancing).
  • Restriction of the child's walking barefoot on a flat solid surface.
  • Massage the baby's feet, which is good for orthopedic mats from flat feet.
Massage Mat

Massage mat - mechanism of action and effect

Massage mat from flat feet is a product that has a large number of convex elements in various shapes and sizes. Impact on the plantar surface is performed when standing, walking the child along it. The use of such a special orthopedic mat has a number of positive effects in the anatomical foot defect, which include:

  • Improvement of blood circulation in the foot tissues, due to the reflexogenic effect of the protruding parts of the product on the skin of the sole.
  • Dosage load on the ligaments of the lower limbs, which improves their strengthening.
  • Reduces the load on the muscles of the feet, legs and thighs, reducing their edema.
  • A good commitment of the child to massage with a rug, which can be performed as a game( walking on a rug, dancing on it, a small charge).

To achieve the effect in the treatment and prevention of an anatomical defect, it is important to apply massage with a rug systematically, preferably several times a day. To date, this product is quite common. It can be purchased in shops of orthopedic products. Also, if you want, you can make it yourself. For this, it is necessary to sew several cloth bags together, first placing the peas in them. The option is to use a rug, with buttons sewn to it in various sizes.

It is important to remember that it is desirable to monitor the effectiveness of using a massage mat in a child from a pediatric orthopedic specialist who can expand the range of further medical measures if necessary.


Flat mat from flat feet with their own hands are made quite easily, while the costs will be minimal. To make such rugs from the flatfoot themselves use improvised means( buttons, pencils, sponges, ropes, beads, pebbles, etc.).

Orthopedic mat is recommended by orthopedic doctors for the prevention of flat feet, both in children and adults.

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For the treatment and prevention of bones on the legs( Hallux Valgus), our readers have successfully used Socks ValgoSocks .What is their advantage:

  • Professional bone repair on the leg
  • Straighten the thumb and joint
  • Effectively relieve the transverse flatfoot
  • Relieve the pain and swelling
  • Keep the natural mobility of the foot( as opposed to the tire)
  • Calculated for round-the-clock wearing

The main difference of this corrector inThe fact that its action is directed not only to straighten the thumb, but also to combat transverse flatfoot. Thus, the socks of ValgoSocks are struggling not only with the "bone", but also with the cause that causes its appearance.

This device will teach you the right walk and balance, and adults will help in stimulating active points on the feet, which affect the health of the body as a whole.

Basic principles of manufacturing with your own hands

Ideas that can be used to make a mat from flat feet( a massage path) can be different. Specialists distinguish 2 types of rugs for children: therapeutic and preventive.

The difference between therapeutic and preventive mats made by hand consists of the materials from which they are made:

  • for therapeutic mats are used solid materials( beads, coffee, pebbles);
  • in turn, orthopedic carpet for the purpose of prevention are used softer( cotton wool, sintepon, cereals).

Cereal products

Mats from flatfoot prevention can be done using conventional cereals. We take, for example rice, buckwheat, peas, beans. A flat-foot mat is best done with a lot of sector hands. Each sector is filled with different cereals.

Products with pebbles

Mats from flat feet using pebbles are ideal for preventing the health of your baby's feet. This orthopedic carpet from flat feet made with your own hands is suitable for rooms with high humidity, for example bathrooms.

For its creation we need pebbles, glue( preferably transparent), for the basis we take a rubber mat. We paste pebbles on a rug in a different order, trying to completely fill its area. Pebbles should be without special protrusions. The pebbles of different shades will look original, they are decorated in different patterns.

Massage orthopedic mat with your hands using the salt test

Having manufactured it with their own hands, it will promote the treatment of flat feet in children, and also look unusual in the interior. First of all, it is worth making many different figures from the salted dough. It can be pebbles of various sizes, if you have baking molds you can use them.

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For the treatment and prevention of bones on the legs( Hallux Valgus) and transverse flatfoot, our readers successfully use the technique developed by leading German orthopedic doctors. Having carefully studied this method, we decided to offer it to your attention. Read more. ..

To extrude from the test, for example clouds, flowers, the main thing is that the figures do not have sharp corners. Then we give the molds time to dry and freeze. Take the paint( gouache) and decorate the figures made with their own hands, after the paint has dried, cover the upper layer of toys with a clear varnish.

The next step is to attach the parts to the base with a super glue. If you get a lot of figures, then stick them with a little distance from each other.

It is worth recalling that walking along such a path should in no way cause pain and cause puffiness in the feet of children.


Flat feet in children is now a very common disease. Such paths helped our child avoid this phenomenon.

Olga, 24, Volgograd

To us, orthopedic doctors recommended the purchase of an orthopedic massage mat. I looked them in the store at the clinic and the prices turned out to be not cheap. And then somehow I stumbled upon your article, I decided to try to make a rug by myself.

Smasteril for a little daughter with a flower mat, squeezing a salty dough with your hands. It turned out quite cool and interesting, while the cost of its production is very minimal. Thanks for the idea!

Anna, 58 years old, Moscow

Doctors recommend using massage lanes for prevention from 1 year. Also, such a carpet will help the child to keep balance and activate active points on the foot. Thanks to your advice, I made a path for my grandson using a pebble. He is very pleased.

How I got rid of the stone on my legs in 3 weeks without surgery!

  • Forgot about bulging bones on legs
  • Bending of big toes and joints
  • Cured transverse flatfoot
  • Has lost pain in bones on legs and their swelling
  • Avoided surgery and walking by doctors
  • Again could wear favorite shoes

My name is Oksana Fyodorova. In 2002, I received the title "Miss Universe", and after only a couple of years the bones on my legs deprived me of the opportunity to even put on shoes. As I then thought - the career is over. .. However, I managed to find a solution that turned out ridiculously simple and accessible to everyone who faced such a problem. As I did, you can read in my sensational interview to an online magazine which is on this link ( it is worthy of attention, believe me). Read the interview. ..

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For the treatment and prevention of bones on the legs( Hallux Valgus) and transverse flatfoot, our readers successfully use the technique developed by leading German orthopedic doctors. Having carefully studied this method, we decided to offer it to your attention. Read more. ..


Orthopedic mats for children from the flatfoot

Our orthopedic mats for children from flat feet are created so that the child is not only useful but also nice to step on. A pleasant surprise is the low cost of massage baby foot mats offered by our orthopedic center.

It is enough to buy one or several pieces and put them near the sofa, in the playroom for children - and a real sea shore will be at your house every day!

The main reasons for our popularity among customers:

"Sea Bottom" massage mat - surface types

Surface of the "Seashell" massage mat

Surface consisting of a relief simulating the Venus gallina shell of various sizes, is the massage surface of a mild therapeutic effect. It is used for gymnastics of feet feet in children up to 3 years.

Surface of the massage mat "Stars"

Surface consisting of a relief imitating shells of the mollusk Nana neritea and chitinous shell of sea stars of a real size, is a massage surface of deep therapeutic effect, used for the prevention and treatment of flat feet in children over 3 years old and adults.

Surface of the massage mat "Corals"

Surface consisting of a relief imitating two types of hard corals: the coral brain of Diploria labyrinthiformus and the red Corallium rubrum coral in the shell of shells of Stellaria solaris and Lambis Chiragra on sea pebbles. The rug is characterized by large differences in height between the elements and a smaller support area, which increases the pressure on the contiguous points of the feet and enhances the massaging effect. Carpet "Corals" has a spinning rotational effect and is ideal for training the muscle tone of feet in the cabin of the exercise room and at home. It is indicated for children over 3 years old and adults.

Surface of the massage mat "Water World"

The relief surface of the rug imitates the silhouettes of sea animals - sharks, dolphins, whales, and also turtles and fishes on a rocky bottom. Walking on the rug "Water World" strengthens the arch of the foot, contributes to the development of all muscles and the improvement of coordination of movements. It is indicated for children over 3 years old and adults.

Surface of the massage mat "Seahorses"

The relief surface of the rug simulates the silhouettes of sea horses against the background of sand, small stones and shells. It is a massage surface of the basic type with a mild therapeutic effect. Ideal for performing preparatory exercises and warming up muscles before exercises on rugs with more pronounced relief. It is used for gymnastics of feet feet in young children.

For the possibility of increasing the area of ​​the massager is provided for the fastening of individual elements among themselves.

Massage orthopedic mat for children "Seabed" can be used for the treatment and prevention of flatfoot alone, under an individual program and in groups with an instructor.

Five kinds of surface give an excellent sensorimotor effect when combined using a massager.

Recommended options for laying out massage mats

Reasons to buy a children's orthopedic foot mat

If your child has a flatfoot or you want to protect him from this, the best way is to buy a children's orthopedic mat for the feet.

Our products have long proven their effectiveness in the prevention, treatment of flatfoot and the formation of the correct structure of the foot in children from 1 to 14 years:

  • The list of tasks that are successfully performed by the mats that distribute the Perseus orthopedic center can be listed for a very long time:strengthening the muscular system of the foot, removing puffiness and heaviness in the legs, preventing and treating static and venous insufficiency in adults, hypermobility of the joints, treatment of muscle imbalance, insufficient neuralof the stimulus and the lack of coordination;
  • Our massage products are made of hypoallergenic materials and do not contain metal, so they can not do any harm to children;
  • The protuberances of any of our orthopedic relief rugs are arranged in such a way as to perfectly match the characteristics of the structure of the child and more effectively to combat flatfoot;
  • Prices for our goods and services are always low, so we buy again and again.

A pleasant side effect can be called an increase in the general tone of the body and strengthening the mental health of the child.

It should be noted that to improve the effectiveness of treatment of children and accelerate the recovery should be regularly engaged.

We can not only buy flat mats, the price for which is always very attractive, but also to order their delivery by courier to any address in the city of Moscow, in the Moscow region and by mail - to anywhere in Russia.

  • Five different types of the surface of the massager and the ability to dock individual areas among themselves will allow you to pick up a suitable model of a foot mat with an orthopedic effect that will bring the greatest effect in his case;
  • They will help cure not only children's flat feet, but also a number of other diseases and will be an excellent means of preventing diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • On our site you will find photo types of massage surfaces and a huge number of exercises for performing foot gymnastics in a game form that will make the healing process into a game and will not bore children or you;
  • All mats, the sale of which we carry out, have quality certificates and are made of environmentally friendly materials, their shelf life is unlimited. Games on our carpet for orthopedic exercises, it is quite possible, can become a pleasant tradition that will preserve the health of your entire family!

If you are looking for where to buy an orthopedic mat for children of the highest quality - congratulations, you have found. To receive any information on the goods, learn about the indications and contraindications to their use, and also make an order on our website or by phone +7( 495) 469-94-32.

© 2009 - 2016 "Perseus Orto" The "Sea Bottom" massage mat was developed by the specialists of the LLC "Orthopedic Center" Perseus "on the basis of the latest technologies, taking into account all the requirements for simulators of this type. The product is made of environmentally friendly sheet material based on foam polyethylene, it has a hygienic quality certificate No. 33 VL 02.224.P. 000311.04.08 from 04.04.08, according to TU 9396-001-5866435-2008.

Phone: +7( 495) 469-94-32, e-mail: info @ persey-orto.ru, Adress: 107065, Moscow, ul. Ussuriyskaya, 14, к.2


Orthopedic massage mat for children from flatfoot

  • 6 Do not forget about the rules of

Do not forget to remind everyone of the well-known postulate that the disease is easier to prevent than the long and expensive treatment. This threefold concerns flat feet in children. Flat foot in most cases is formed from an early age, from the moment when the baby takes the first steps.

Prevention - the basis of the

Basics Prevention, like treatment, involves the impact on the disease of a set of measures. The pediatrician and orthopedist will not only help to identify predisposing pathology, but also to determine the directions of your active work.

Most likely, you will recommend therapeutic exercises, advise you to buy special socks or insoles and, finally, buy a massage mat from flat feet.

Massage mat, not only for massage

Orthopedic mats come in two types. The first - these are created for the prevention of flat feet and treatment of diseases of internal organs. The second - therapeutic, the main purpose of which is the struggle with a flat foot. It is these rugs made of rubber rubber that industry produces.

What are the objectives of the proposed device for treatment?

Even the ancient Chinese doctors knew that on the sole there are a lot of biologically active points, representing in a literal sense all the internal organs of man. Therefore, regular effects on the foot not only massage the joints and ligaments, but also stimulate the internal organs. Walking along such a path is suitable as an unloading for both an office worker and an IT specialist.

Thanks to this massage, you can escape from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, joint and vascular diseases.

If the employee is forced to sit most of the time - you can simply put the mat under your feet. If the child uses the product, because the bones and ligaments are still immature, the problems of the musculoskeletal system are well amenable to correction.

What are the rugs?

The main features are mobility and compactness. Moreover, recently on the market appeared modular designs, similar to large puzzles. In this case, the product will not only become a means of treatment, but also an excellent developing game.

By the way, when buying a mat for a child, make sure that it is a bright, attractive thing.

Sometimes on sale it is possible to see rugs with a picture from the tracks. This option will help train coordination of movements.

mat selection

The market offers many forms, models, colors and a wide range of manufacturers. To choose a quality product, you must follow several rules:

  • Buy products in a specialized store. So you will avoid fakes and purchase of a rug from poor-quality synthetic materials. Sniff it, literally. The smell of substandard purchase you will feel immediately.
  • If you buy a mat for children, pay attention to the color scheme.
  • The mat to be purchased should be easy to care for, made of natural materials.
  • And the last. Remember that this is a piece of personal use. Try to use it only yourself. And if someone has walked on it yet - thoroughly wash and dry.

Very often industrial products are rather expensive and do not always bear a feeling of warmth and comfort for the baby. This does not contribute to his desire to walk on the rug and the positive perception of classes.

Carpet for love and care

If you are a mother-needlewoman, or a passion for needlework woke up, when you realized that your main purpose is to be a mother, then you can make such a universal orthopedic assistant from flatfoot with your own hands, at the same time saving you. Moreover, you will have a unique thing in your house, filled with the energy of mother's warmth and care.

How do I do this item myself?

The simplest version of an orthopedic rug with your own hands can be a product filled with various cereals and legumes.

Firstly, massage elements of different sizes will be provided, secondly, it can be said to be a natural product; third, the filler can always be replaced in case of wear, deterioration or damage by humidity.

The filler is best dried in the oven and packed in polyethylene. Do not follow this, made-for-yourself orthopedic mat used in the bathroom or in wet rooms. Otherwise, the croup will absorb moisture and become porridge. For the bathroom you should still purchase the product in the store.

Ideas Fold

For an orthopedic rug made for medical purposes, it is better to use small sea pebbles, coffee, chestnuts.

Next, we select the basis. You can use any strong natural fabric. Ideally suitable cottage. Rummage in your closets, you probably will find there old jeans that you do not want to wear, and throw it away. Sew a double case and quilter it in the form of squares, filling the voids with prepared packets.

You can also take any ready-made textile base. An oilcloth can be attached from below. Sew threads into several additions of buttons of different textures and sizes. Be creative - and on your rug, made by yourself, a mosaic of different colors and shades will be born.

After fantasy, you can make a pattern in the form of tracks, then your child will be doubly interesting to make an exciting walk around the room.

Hairbrushes, sponges for washing dishes, plastic lids, pencils, sticks for sushi - all household trivia are as if created for the rug by hand.

You can make with your own hands an orthopedic mat of any length, such as you are comfortable with.

The daddy will help

The rug from a pebble can be made using the foamed basis or a plywood, having pasted on it in an arbitrary order transparent glue sea pebbles.

And the last method of treatment and prevention can not be used independently. Only a complex effect can give a tangible effect in the treatment of flat feet.

At the same time, children's orthopedic mats, especially those made by themselves, go for prevention as best they can.

Do not forget about the rules

Using an industrial rug or made by yourself, observe several mandatory rules:

  • Become on the mat only with clean feet.
  • Keep the mat within reach of the child's sight.
  • To walk on it you need at least 5-6 times a day for 10-15 minutes.

Never force a child to engage in force. You will achieve nothing but disgust. It is better to offer some enticing game.

Contraindications to the use of an orthopedic mat by children and adults are scrapes, calluses, wounds of the soles, as well as fungal diseases.


We make a massage mat for children with our own hands with a flatfoot

Hello, dear readers of the site

Miracle Podelki.ru!

Very often young parents face such a problem as flat feet in their children. And doctors recommend wearing orthopedic shoes, correct, with a hard back, and also do foot massage regularly for prevention.

And on this we will consider options today how to make a massage mat for children with their own hands with flat feet in the nursery or in the kindergarten.

Children's massage mat is a wonderful tool that can be made at home from waste material and regularly engage with your child with flatfoot prevention with pleasure and joy!

The fact that the child's legs will be very useful after waking up and throughout the day to massage the legs, feet. The rug will be called upon to help to do this, especially in urban apartments, where there is a flat surface of the floor, which does not help the children. Very good for walking bare feet on the ground, grass, sand, pebbles.the small muscles of the baby's feet are trained, but not over the flat floor of the apartment.

The first version of a massage mat for a child from cereals

How to do. We take a natural cloth of rectangular or square shape and sew it so that it would be 3-4 divisions. Pour the beans or dry peas there and sew on the contour so that the grain does not spill out. Be sure to do one, and preferably two covers for such a rug. And the baby with his bare feet can walk as much as necessary on such a floor covering.

The second option - a rug of buttons for massage of the baby's feet and prevention of flatfoot

There are various creative children's crafts made of buttons. But just the same buttons can be used with practical use.

How to make a massage mat with your own hands from buttons. To do this, we take and sew on cotton or linen cloth buttons of different diameters, shapes, colors. Nashivaem densely thick. And we stole to the floor and walk with legs. The base can be dense, thin, the main thing - convenient!

The third version of the mat for stop massage - plastic caps and plugs

You can also use a large amount of such waste material like plastic caps, plastic kinder surprises eggs, corks making them the same flooring on the fabric. Look at how it looks in reality. All the caps can be glued to the fabric or other material flexibly with the help of a super glue or sewed with thread and a gypsy needle.

We also used the shingle of the sea! This method is perfect for bathing in the bathroom. In the basin we poured a sea pebble and poured water into the bathroom. The child, under the supervision of adults, stamping his feet on these pebbles is both fun and useful for the health of the baby.

Rug for massage of children's legs from stones - a pebble.

And here is the massage mat for the child made by Julia's mother Lebedeva for her little son with her own hands with great love!

Julia took old jeans, ripped them, stitched the base and then sewed them on top: sponges, a sieve for a sink, toys made from foam, and much more.

And here's the video as a little boy running around on this rug!

Health to your kids! Peace and prosperity to your homes and family!

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For adults, use products made of Altaic birch, children's( up to 3 years old) mat should be made, for example, from rubber materials, for older children( from 3 years old) - a mat on a silicone base. Choose products that are certified and approved by the Ministry of Health.

Children's massage mat should be characterized by regular use - it is necessary to properly form and strengthen arches, stimulate blood circulation, prevent flat feet, strengthen immunity.

Children's massage mat can have both a soft and rigid relief structure.

The latter are used for correction of postural disorders, and soft for the prevention and treatment of flat feet.

Specialists claim that choosing a massage mat for the prevention and treatment of flat feet, it is necessary to give preference to non-standard products: products containing several massage blocks - with different types of massage surfaces, bulges, villi, etc.

Read more & gt; & gt; We recommend!

For the treatment and prevention of bones on the legs( Hallux Valgus) and transverse flatfoot, our readers successfully use the technique developed by leading German orthopedic doctors. Having carefully studied this method, we decided to offer it to your attention. Read more. ..

For the best results, remember the regularity. It is recommended to start from 3 to 5 minutes, gradually increasing the duration. Carry out any movement: go on the spot, jump, sway. Children are even more interesting to use them, classes can be conducted in the form of a game.

Make a massage mat yourself

At home you can make your own children's mat or even entire tracks of non-standard format, according to which your child will run from one room to another, while providing prevention of posture and flatfoot violations.

Massage lanes have many healing properties that are achieved with daily even 5-10-minute sessions.

There are many options for making a custom massage mat with your own hands( and from several different rugs you can combine, build whole massage paths):

  1. from the lids from plastic bottles sewn with fishing line or glued on dense material bottoms up( from colored caps you can think of any interestingor non-standard design);
  2. from smooth pebbles pasted on a dense surface;
  3. of buttons of different shapes and sizes sewn onto fabric;
  4. from different types of fabric( flannel, jeans, wool, velvet, fleece, satin) make whole applications of non-standard type;
  5. from various kinds of cereals( buckwheat, rice, beans, peas, chickpeas), packed in very dense pouches;
  6. of colored pencils or markers glued or sewn onto fabric;

In conclusion, I would like to note that massage mats, of course, will not replace a full-fledged professional massage, but they will be an excellent alternative, because they can be used daily, increasing the effectiveness of treatment.


Наталья, 29 years old, Krasnodar

I bought myself a reflex massage mat. Heard of him many positive reviews. I love to walk barefoot, so this wonder-mat helped me feel this effect of walking on small pebbles, sand. The process itself is very relaxing, the soles of the feet are massaged well. My legs have stopped swelling as before, there is no such fatigue after a hard working day. Every day I try to massage my legs - this has become a good habit for me. I advise everyone to get a similar helper.

Victor, 53, Volgograd

I, of course, do not expect a miracle from this invention, but I can massage my feet. For example, in the evening in front of a TV or computer you want to trample on it. Excess massage mat just will not, as a treatment, it is unlikely to help, but as prevention - very even not bad.

Nina, 34, Kiev

The properties of massage mats for the feet are heard. Therefore, for my child, I decided to make a massage mat myself, because on specialized sites such products are worth a lot. I made several kinds: for dense matter I found buttons, colored pencils, sponges( usual for dishes, with different surfaces - rough and soft), made appliqués from fabrics. It turned out very bright and healthy. A child loves to walk on it.

How I got rid of the stone on my legs for 3 weeks without surgery!

  • Forgot about bulging bones on the legs
  • Bending of the big toes and joints
  • Cured the transverse platypodia
  • Has lost the pain in the bones on the legs and their swelling
  • I avoided surgery and walking around the doctors
  • Again I was able to wear my favorite shoes

My name is Oksana Fedorova. In 2002, I received the title "Miss Universe", and after only a couple of years the bones on my legs deprived me of the opportunity to even put on shoes. As I then thought - the career is over. .. However, I managed to find a solution that turned out ridiculously simple and accessible to everyone who faced such a problem. As I did, you can read in my sensational interview to an online magazine that is on this link ( this is worthy of attention, believe me). Read the interview. ..

We recommend!

For the treatment and prevention of bones on the legs( Hallux Valgus) and transverse flatfoot, our readers successfully use the technique developed by leading German orthopedic doctors. Having carefully studied this method, we decided to offer it to your attention. Read more. ..



For the birthday gave a massage mat from pebbles. Hardly got used, but now it is my daily obligatory procedure

To answer


I already for a long time conceived about purchase of such rug to the kid simply for prophylaxis, and itself on it or him would go, or I on the plodopodia already for a long time have given up a hand. But they are quite expensive, but now I think that I did not think of it beforehand to do it myself?



So I too do not do my flat foot for a long time, but the child grows up. If you show your imagination, you can generally make a whole quest with the help of such rugs.



As they say, "smart thinking comes only after".I and itself such. Many times I looked at such rugs in online stores, but even thought did not flash, do it yourself, but how simple!



The idea to make a massage mat from a button never came to my mind. But it's so simple, convenient and not expensive. We made a rug with my granddaughter together. It turned out very nicely. Now every morning we go on it in turn. She really likes this massage.



I'm pretty sure that massage mats help not only in prevention, but also in the treatment of flat feet! My son was helped by a "strip" for training legs from a sand bath, a rug of buttons, pebbles, a rubber bath mat and a log. Of course, in conjunction with massages and orthopedic footwear, but we have a diagnosis withdrawn.


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