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Sick knees with knee bend

Sore knees when squatting

Knee pain while squatting is perhaps the most common complaint after weight training at a fitness club. The knee joint is very complex in structure, and therefore it is easy to damage - not only with the fall, but also with improperly performing exercises.

Why are knees ached while squatting?

The complaint of pain in the knee joint can be heard not only from a person of advanced age, but also from a young and healthy athlete. The reasons for such an annoying phenomenon can be very different:

  1. Wrong technique for doing squats, lunges and other exercises. When doing exercises, it is important to make sure that the knees look straight ahead( during the squat, the knees should be parallel to the foot and not go out for it) and not at an acute angle, because in this position too much load is placed on the joint, which contributes to the appearanceunpleasant sensations. If you feel pain in the knee joint when squatting, and not before or after it, chances are high that your problem is exactly this.
  2. Sharp, sharp knee pain when squatting can indicate that you have sustained a serious injury - stretching or even rupturing the ligaments in the joint. In case the pain during squats is very strong and does not subside even after stopping the exercise, it is necessary to apply dry cold( ice wrapped in polyethylene and cloth) and contact a trauma doctor.
  3. If the pain in the knee is constant, and is strengthened when you squat or descend the stairs, chances are that you have Osgood-Schlatter disease. This disease often begins after a knee injury, but sometimes develops and for no apparent reason. Usually such a disease passes for 2-3 weeks and very rarely passes into a chronic form.
  4. If knees crunch while squatting, this can be an alarming symptom of developing arthrosis. In the first stages it is just a crunch and pain that pass after training, but already at this stage it is necessary to consult a doctor for qualified help.
  5. Excessive load - squats with heavy burdening, overweight, training at the limit of possibilities can also contribute to knee pains after squats. The load should be determined on the basis of its physical capabilities and never work at the limit, because as a result you will get no faster result, and serious health problems.
  6. For women, the actual cause of crunch in the knees when squatting is often the habit of walking on excessively high heels( above 5-6 cm).
  7. In addition, almost always a crunch or knee pain, if not a consequence of an injury, indicates a lack of vitamins and salt deposition, which requires changing the type of food to a more useful option( include more fruits and vegetables in the diet, and exclude sweet, salted, smoked, floury and fatty).

How to cope with pain in the knee?

Joints, especially the knee, require very careful treatment, why in any case it is recommended to consult a doctor. However, you can get rid of knee pain and folk methods, but they should be used as ancillary, and not as a substitute for the option offered by the doctor. The methods are as follows:

  • compresses from milk mixed with bran in a 1: 1 ratio. Such a compress should be fixed on a fixed knee for at least half an hour and repeated on a daily basis;
  • daily take warm baths for the knees. If desired, a decoction of herbs or essential oils can be added to the bath, and after 20-30 minutes, wipe dry thoroughly and spread the knee with any unrefined oil;
  • if you have a suspicion of arthrosis, be sure to perform an exercise "bicycle" or "scissors" 1-2 times a day;
  • Knee pain with squat
  • there is such an effective and simple exercise for strengthening the knees: put a pancake weighing 5-15 kg on the floor( start with the smallest weight, gradually increasing it), sit in front of him on the bench, and first move the inside of the toe( heel at the same time from the floordo not tear off), and then external( pancake should be returned to the place by hand).Repeat the exercise 20 times for each leg;
  • if problems with the knee became serious, it makes sense to undergo a course of physiotherapy;
  • ask your doctor, you should probably take special supplements;
  • with regular pain can try to use special orthopedic plasters on herbs.

The main thing is to control the load, and do not allow exercises "through pain", because the knee joint needs to be kept healthy and working until old age! After sit-ups, knees ache: why?

  • 4 How is the

diagnosed Knee joints are considered to be one of the most complex in their structure, since they are the ones with the greatest traffic load.

Many professional athletes and those who are just starting to exercise often complain that their knees are sore while squatting.

Many people mistakenly think that knees can be pumped up or strengthened. In fact, there are no muscles in the knee joints that can be inflated. You can only work on the muscles that are in close proximity to them. Squats will help pump up the legs and ass girls who want to be more slender and attractive.

Why do pains occur?

There are many reasons that lead to pain in the knee during or after the squats. The most common are:

  1. Injuries, namely tears or sprains.
  2. Improper execution of the exercise.
  3. The reason for the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the knee area after squats can be the presence of excess weight.
  4. Excessive load during this exercise.
  5. Pains can cause excessive salt deposits in the joints and a lack of vitamins.
  6. Permanent pains in the knee joint, which increase after squats, can occur against the background of the development of the Oslud-Schlatter disease.
  7. Very often pains appear when doing bar exercises, which bodybuilders do in order to pump up the muscles of the buttocks and thighs.

The correct technique of squats with the bar

Among a large number of exercises on the simulators to pump the muscles of the legs and buttocks, the exercises with the barbell will most effectively help. Experts recommend that during the performance of sit-ups with the bar follow certain rules, so you can avoid injuries. First you need to put your feet to the width of the shoulders, while the socks should be about 30 degrees turned out. After that, you have to sit down, your knees should be wider than your socks.

The barbell should be placed on the shoulders not high, at the level of the shoulder blades. If it is higher, then the load on the spine and limbs will increase significantly. When lifting, you first need to lift the pelvis, then straighten the legs and the whole body. It is the incorrect lifting that can lead to knee injuries.

It is important to understand that with even minor pains, squats should be stopped.

The main advice for those who decided to pump up their knees, that is, to strengthen the joints and muscles that are adjacent to these joints: it's necessary to warm up before the main exercises.

How to treat knee injuries after sit-ups

  1. JollyRoger Newbie

    Hello everyone, last time I went to the gym about 5 years ago in the student years of month 3, then I had to leave this business because there was not enough time. Approximately from this time, my left knee cracked. And crunches when I get up from the squat, there is no pain, but there is a very unpleasant feeling( as if inside the knee something is clinging to each other, as well as a strong crackling, especially in silence).It took 5 years and the crunch did not go away, actually he did not really bother me and until I decided to start practicing again. I tried to crouch just with the stamp, the sensation is just tin, so probably felt like a greased woodcutter. The question is, is it possible to replace squats with something else? I tried to press my legs lying down, like a better one, but he will not replace the base squat( I'm also not doing anything, and I'm unlikely to do it, first because of the same knee, and in the second forum users advised him to exclude it because itbase for lifters. In general, from the base, I just had a bench press, and it does not please me. .
  2. Fain_Again The experienced

    The leg press is a normal theme - you can progress seriously in the scales, and you can develop your legs comprehensively on it.angle, method and width of the setting of the legs). You do not need to unbend the knees in full, works(so the load on the knees is less and the tension from the muscles is not removed) + As you need, you can add a squat only at the top of the amplitude - if such cases are with the knees
  3. Yes, you can still add traction on the straight legs(hamstring) with medium weights.
  4. is it possible to compensate for squats by 100%?
  5. Fain_Again Experienced

    None. Squats for that and the main exercise - because the whole body is involved - legs, back, cortical muscles( press) and hands. But it is the legs, the bench, you can work well + the top squat + traction of the straights. If you have problems with the knee, you should not fool like everyone else, surgery and knee rehabilitation know a very expensive exercise, and not everyone can afford it.# 5
  6. LastManStanding Moderator Team forum

    It's great to download / gloss your knee. You will not spend more than a month on rehabilitation. MB is better to ask about this, and not about "what to replace"?
  7. JollyRoger Newbie

    LastManStanding said: ↑ It's great to download / gloss your knee. You will not spend more than a month on rehabilitation. MB is better to ask about this, and not about "what to replace"? Click to open. .. By the way, yes, what thoughts about this? Just at first thought the garbage itself will pass, and it took 5 years and all the same, no matter how late it was not to heal.
  8. Fain_Again Experienced

    I xs as it can be downloaded in this case. The crunch is most likely associated with a lesion of the cartilage in the knee. So, you'd better go to the doctor first.
  9. and you rightly sit down at all?) Maybe at random) from that and it hurts)
  10. Kip New

    LastManStanding said( a): ↑ It's great to download / gloss your knee. You will not spend more than a month on rehabilitation. MB is better to ask about this, not about "what to replace"? Click to open. .. LastManStanding, please tell us about rehabilitation! And then my knees hurt something for me yesterday.
  11. x3mal Persona Grata

    з.ы.I do not do it, and I'm unlikely to do it, first because of the same tribe, and in the second forum users advised to exclude it.this is the base for lifters. Click to expand. .. The stanova for the builder is the same as the one for the lifter, if you learn how to do it, make sure that the knee does not bother - this should be your exercise number 1. P.S.Try different variations, squatting techniques. For example, I now fucked my shoulder - in all exercises on the chest hurts. I found a way out - I do bench presses in half-amplitude, so that the shoulders do not fall below the parallel of the floor - in simple terms, dozhimy. And the breast says thank you, and does not bother the shoulder. Paul Shark and LastManStanding like this.
  12. LastManStanding Moderator Team forum

    With regards to recovery of the knee. It is advisable, of course, to go to the doctor, examine the joint and find out the exact cause of the pain. If there is no desire( he would go where he went), then you can immediately try to treat yourself, because the causes of pain, as a rule, not so much. First of all, personally, I would advise every morning to start with a gentle massage of the knee where pain is felt. After this, it is desirable 10-15 minutes to unravel the lower limb, to do rotational movements. This will increase the flow of blood and improve the mobility of the joint. On training days it is desirable to systematically perform leg extension in the simulator. The mode of movement is markedly slow. It is necessary to perform 4-5 approaches with low weight for 20-25 repetitions in the approach. Before each workout, you should thoroughly knead the damaged joint - start with a light massage, then go to the leg bend / extension or turn the knees counterclockwise at a slow pace. Of the reconstructive ointments, I would like to single out Nikofleks and Hondroksid having good veterinary analogues Alesan gel cooling-warming and Alesan cream for the joints, respectively. If the first means warms up the injured place well, provoking a local blood flow, then the second provides the joint with chondroitin, which takes a direct part in the formation of the cartilaginous tissue of the joint. Recommend to use food additives( bitch, how I hate them) I will not and do not want. Not a bad effect, in my opinion, has a combined drug( glucosamine + chondroitin) called Teraflex, which can be freely purchased in the pharmacy network. Given the high price of this drug, as well as the fact that it takes a long time( 1-2 months) to achieve results, I do not consider its use justified. Instead, you can take gelatin, which I already mentioned, answering the question of restoring the shoulder. Since gelatin contains collagen, its reception is relevant for any problems associated with damage to the joints and ligaments. And, of course, do not forget to maintain a constant flow of blood and high mobility in the damaged joint: massage the joint more often and do warm-up exercises. While the pain does not completely disappear, it is better to exclude from the training process all the exercises that directly or indirectly cause pain. .. huyaseb pissed. ..:) Well, in some ways somehow. ..

Since most of the causes of pain in the knee are associated with injuries, treatment should be directed to their elimination. For example, when stretching or tearing ligaments, when there is a sharp pain, it is necessary to apply a cold compress to the site of the injury. It will help reduce pain and swelling, and also prevent the formation of intra-articular hemorrhages.

If the pain is too strong, you can take painkillers.

It is compulsory for the affected joint to apply a tight bandage. The most dangerous and requiring long-term treatment is the tearing or stretching of the cruciate anterior ligament.

If pains occur during squats with a barbell, you must bandage the knee joints with elastic bandages before starting exercises. In the case when the pain becomes too strong, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, after removal of acute pain, physioprocedures are used in many cases.

In the case when the pains pass right after stopping the exercises, then squats can be continued, but it is necessary to reduce the initial load, especially with regard to training with the bar.

Treatment of pains that occur against the background of

. The cause of pain in the knee may be arthritis, for the arrest of an attack, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. But you need to consider that such a disease should be treated by a specialist.

For arthrosis, it is necessary to do special exercises, in most cases the so-called scissors and a bicycle are used, the latter involves carrying out circular rotation of the legs bent at the knees."Scissors" refers to the measured strokes of the legs, while they must be fully straightened.


If the cause of pain is the deposition of salts, you should limit the consumption of salty, spicy dishes. Try to adhere to the rules of healthy eating, include in your daily diet more fruits, vegetables and fish dishes.

If the pain in the knee after squats appeared because of excess weight, then in this case it is necessary not only to switch to diet food, but also to restrict the intake of salt. In addition, it is recommended to drink only filtered water, since the chlorine and lime contained in the tap water adversely affect the joints.

Traditional methods for treating knee pains after sit-ups

If you have unpleasant sensations in your knee while doing sit-ups, you should always contact your doctor to find out the cause of their squats, the only way you can determine what to do in each case. In addition to traditional medicine methods, there are various methods offered by traditional medicine.

One such method is the application of a compress of milk and bran, in a ratio of 1: 1.It is applied to the knee joint and held for half an hour, the procedure should be performed daily. A good effect is provided by warm baths, with broths of medicinal herbs or essential oils.

It should be remembered that these methods need to be applied in conjunction with the basic treatment that the doctor prescribes.

How is the

diagnosed? To determine the exact cause of knee pain during squats, a radiological investigation is usually prescribed. This method allows to determine the presence of ruptures, sprains, dislocations and fractures.

To check for any meniscus damage, you can use ultrasound.

The main thing is to determine the cause in time and eliminate it, until irreversible disturbances occurred in the cartilaginous or bone structures of the knee joint. Do not forget that the health of the knees depends not only on the ability to squat, but also on the ability to walk. If the functionality of these joints is lost, it can completely change your lifestyle and even lead to disability! In order not to ask later why I did not take timely measures, it is better to see a doctor and take the prescribed treatment responsibly.


Replacing sit-ups with a barbell?| |Debilding( questions and answers) |Do4a.com - Second Breath


crazy knee pains after sit-ups

St. Andrew

I suggest - stop the exercise if you do not want to become an invalid

athlete gorgeous vonyuchevich

Get into a wheelchair.
Buy crutches
Go to the doctor

Kostya Sarukov

Well, keep on guessing, Therapist and traumatologist will kill you if you ask them

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Whether we stand, sit, run or perform various physical exercises, a huge load always rests on the knee joints. For this complex and lasting mechanism to serve to a very old age, it is necessary to take care of it and to seek help from a doctor at the slightest infringement. So, if you hurt your knees when squatting, the cause of discomfort may be mechanical damage or internal diseases of the joints. To establish the correct diagnosis will help the osteopath, who diagnoses and treats various diseases of the musculoskeletal system with the help of the most sensitive and safe tool - their hands.
Sharp sharp knee pain during squatting can be observed with stretching and rupturing of ligaments or damage to the bone itself - as a result of a fall, injury, sharp or awkward movement.
Aching, gradually worsening with time pain can indicate the development of various joint diseases, which can be caused by wear of the cartilage layers or inflammatory disease. When swelling, a characteristic crunch in the joints and a deterioration in its mobility, it is very important to begin treatment in the early stages, while still it is possible to slow down or stop the destructive process, avoiding traumatic surgical intervention.
To eliminate knee pain when squatting, it is sometimes enough to adjust blood circulation, restore metabolic processes and strengthen the muscular system. And in some situations, complex treatment of the spine or hormonal correction is required and - in any of these cases the osteopath will help.


go to the bench press, or to the front squat, there is not much weight on the boom and you can score a quadriceps better than simple squats with a space weight.

Sergey Glazovsky

Yes, training should be postponed for a while. Two months, no less. The usual surgeon will give nothing. It is necessary to look for a sports surgeon. Honor Robert Mack Stewart Think. He writes about the damage to the joints and their treatment.


to the doctor, from microcracks to arthritis. We are not Dr. House here, so we can diagnose


to rest.maybe the technique failed.acute pain to the doctor!

Alexey Kudryashov

Squats are contraindicated in such a problem. Replace bench press with the legs and half-squat!

classes in the gym. How to replace the squat with the rod

Ivan Khomyakov

squat with dumbbells, lunges in the simulator, press with the feet in the simulator

Snezhana Ivanova

attacks, press kicking, deadlift, sumo. .

Olesya Mishchenko

I can not understand this girl asks orguy?!in any case you need to re-bend the knee. You can try to extend the legs sitting in the machine and unbend legs lying on the simulator.and indeed, in the simulator is a coach, a cat.can advise you.and what happened to the knee?

Alexandr Dryodolsky

Stanovaya perfectly stimulates growth, press with feet with a lot of weight, stanovaya sumo, and all where the knee does not hurt.add a bicycle.


squats with a barbell on the chest, presses kicking the squats in a hack machine.bandage knee ointment, rubbing. For a year everything should already heal. Bandage protect your knees, stretch

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