Contrast shower - an excellent way of hardening

The life of a modern person often turns into a series of stresses and worries, especially if he lives in a big city. Bad ecology, noise, a lot of people around, perturbations at work and in personal relationships do not add health, and after a time the body increasingly starts to hurt. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, you need to monitor yourself, on time to visit doctors, in winter and in the autumn to drink vitamins courses, exercise regularly and rest on time. The same goal is served by a rather old method of maintaining oneself in tonus - hardening with the help of a contrast shower.

This is a very simple but effective way to save not only excellent health, but also beauty. The thing is that water procedures are in principle extremely useful, and if it is also a contrast shower, then the training of the vessels and the entire nervous system, the education of stress resistance, is added to the tone of the skin. Rinsing with cold water is a definite shock to the body, during which adrenaline enters the bloodstream.

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The subsequent ablution of hot causes vasodilation, soothes and warms. As a result, the circulation increases, the skin becomes much smoother, tighter, youthful, elastic, the cells are cleared, the central nervous system is put in order, and the person becomes calmer, more focused and stronger. By the way, contrast shower is useful for the fair sex, in particular to maintain a breast in the form.

The effect of the procedure is noticeable pretty soon. First of all, the body is hardened and less sick, especially seasonal diseases, colds. Stabilization of the functioning of the nervous system gives calmness, consistency, the ability to more effectively cope with everyday difficulties. In addition, any hardening, in particular, a contrast shower, gives a powerful charge of joy and energy, a desire to act and literally "fold mountains."

The rules for tempering are fairly simple. It is necessary to start it with alternating warm and cool water of pleasant and comfortable temperatures. You can not immediately begin to pour warm and icy water, so you can only call a cold. The body should get used gradually and gradually. Over time, it is prescribed to make the water colder. First, stand under the stream of pleasantly hot water for about a minute, then under the water a little colder - half a minute. You can do four such temperature changes. As you get used to the intervals remain the same, a portion of cool water becomes colder. If the shower is taken in the morning, then finish the procedure of hardening followed by cool water. If before going to bed, it's warm.

Contrast shower is a wonderful tool for preserving and acquiring the health, mental strength and balance that are so necessary for each day.

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