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Valgus foot in children. Treatment and massage of feet for flat-valgus deformation. Orthopedic shoes. Tips Komarovsky

We motivate a child from childhood to perform light gymnastics in the morning.

The above exercises should be performed in a complex manner. First you together with the kid will make them, and when the baby grows up, it will be able to carry out medical movements.

At 6 months old woman becomes a full-fledged person who already knows how to express her feelings, starts to crawl, learns to concentrate, learns relatives and people close to him. Watching the crumbs in this period is a pleasure!

How and in what quantity should the baby gain weight? What to do if the crumb eats sluggish and treasured grams in any not added are told here.

It is very difficult for newborns to get involved in the normal rhythm of their parents' lives. Breasts confuse day and night, fathers and mother do not let me sleep. How to enter the baby in a normal rhythm of life read here /razvitie/son/ rebenok-putaet-den-i-noch.htm.

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Pleasant and useful gymnastics

Along with massage and special exercises , therapeutic gymnastics helps to eliminate pathology. There is a whole gymnastic complex of exercises for those already able to stand children.

Baths with a corrugated surface - good leg training.

The easiest and most enjoyable exercise is the jumping and walking on a small corrugated rug spread on the bottom of the bathtub. Exercise perfectly strengthens the feet of the baby, without creating unnecessary strain on the still fragile bone joints of the child. It is necessary to hold a gymnastic complex several times a day. Recommendations on what better exercises to use for treatment of valgus feet at your kid should be given to a pediatric orthopedist.

It is also necessary to visit all the physiotherapy procedures prescribed by the doctor and not engage in self-treatment of the baby.


"A few months ago, my baby, who was then 10 months old, was diagnosed with a" valgus deformation of the foot. "We prescribed a massage, ozocerite and amplipulse baths, shoes were written to wear.5 months already struggling with the problem. There are shifts for the better. Massage in combination with physiotherapy gives a very good effect! Do not neglect these methods of treatment! »

The correct footwear in the treatment is very important.

. A child having an incorrect foot placement, it is absolutely necessary for to wear a special, individually selected orthopedic footwear. The feature of the latter is the presence of rigid side fixators of feet and heels, insteps, individually selected functional insoles, a small wide heel. Parents themselves should not choose such shoes - this should be done by a knowledgeable specialist. He is obliged to talk about the duration of wearing corrective shoes( you can not always wear it - you can atrophy muscles).Even a healthy baby, doctors recommend wearing orthopedic shoes, starting with the first steps.

To walk or not walk barefoot?

Famous pediatrician EO Komarovsky speaks in favor of walking at home with valgus feet barefoot: "This has a positive effect not only as a hardening procedure, but also as a help in forming the foot," he says. Only the surfaces on which the child walks should not be smooth and absolutely even. The practice of walking barefoot or in thin socks is used in performing exercises of therapeutic gymnastics.

Walking barefoot is an important aspect that parents should not miss.

Elina supports Yevgenia Olegovich:

"When diagnosed as" flat-valgus setting of the feet, "the orthopedist prescribed to walk in special shoes, tightly fixing the ankle joint, but we refused to walk in such shoes because the daughter was uncomfortable and began to be capricious only at one sightthese shoes. We did not have a search for weight and, in addition, we trained a lot with her and walked barefoot with the support. So we decided: orthopedic shoes - not for us. Now there are significant improvements, but I believe that the difficult question of whether it is possible to do without rigid shoes or not, should be decided individually for each child in a dialogue with the orthopedist. "

Prevent the emergence and development of the disease

How can I avoid the appearance of the acquired flat-valgus foot in a child? Prevention of the defect is reduced to the following measures:

  • not put the baby on the legs before 7-8 months;
  • conduct daily hardening;
  • do muscle strengthening and ligament gymnastics;
  • to conduct preventive massage;

Treatment of valgus deformities of feet in children by gymnastics and massages( Komarovsky's advice)

Healing massage

Treatment of this disease occurs using many methods, but among them a special place is occupied by massage, which is accentuated byDoctor Komarovsky. This massage is able to regulate the tone of the muscles of the feet and shins, remove excessive tension, make the muscles more hardy and durable, improve blood supply.

In order to relieve crumbs from flat-valgus deformation of the foot, a back, lumbar region, gluteal region, muscles and joints of the legs, feet are massaged.

However, this treatment does not focus on the above, because attention is also required by other problem areas.

Doctor Komarovsky advises before you start massaging children, put them on your tummy in such a way that their feet hang from the edge of the changing table or massage table, and a small pillow in the form of a roller is placed under the shin.

Back massage starts with strokes along the spine. Then, light rubbing, but the massage legs should be carried out in the following sequence:

  • stroking each leg entirely;
  • stroking the hips from the dimple to the top and the outside;
  • kneading muscles of the entire back;
  • rubbing of skin;
  • alternating patches of palms with open and closed fingers;
  • trailing stroking.

An important place is massage in children and shins. Do not be afraid to do something wrong. In the network there is a sufficient number of both photos and videos, where in minute detail the technology of performing a particular part of the movements is indicated.

Easy gymnastics

From a young age, it is necessary to motivate the baby to the fact that he needs an easy gymnastics, which is desirable to be carried out in the morning. Any invented or peeped exercises should be aimed at complex execution. This also involves a specific treatment of flat-valgus deformation of the foot. In any case, gymnastics should be useful and easy to perform.

Reflex baths

Certain treatment consists of jumping and walking on small reflector mats. This is necessary to strengthen the baby's foot without creating excessive loads on the unstable joints. This issue should be handled exclusively by a pediatric orthopedist. Also, the treatment will consist of a mandatory visit to all physiotherapy procedures.

The correct shoe

Treatment of flat-valgus deformity involves wearing the correct or orthopedic footwear. This footwear has a number of features, which consists in:

  • lateral rigid fixings of the heel and foot;
  • individually selected functional insoles;Instep supporters;
  • small wide heel.

It should be noted that wearing orthopedic shoes can only be a certain time, a segment of which is set by the attending physician. Constantly wearing these shoes, you can provoke atrophy of the muscles of the legs.

Many pediatric orthopedists hold the opinion that at home the baby does not need shoes. It is necessary to understand that under the word shoes professionals mean home slippers. In particular, shoes are necessary for the street, and at home there is an additional effect of tempering the child's body. Nevertheless, it is necessary to ensure that the surface along which the baby walks is smooth, but not smooth. Walking in thin socks is allowed.

The pathology of the thumb

In addition to the disease of the feet in medicine, the flat-valgus deformity of the thumb differs. This disease is accompanied by a pathological change in the joint. As a result, the disease provokes a shift of the thumb inside. During this process, the toddler experiences severe pain.

It should be noted that with this disease there is a shift not only of the big toe, but also all the others.

The causes of flat-valgus deformity of the thumb can be endocrine changes, human genetics, osteoporosis. This pathology or flat-valgus deformity of the big toe can provoke a strong weakness in the joints of the foot and its muscles. In particular, especially heavy loading for a stipulated finger creates wearing of footwear with a sharp nose.

There are several stages of this disease:

  1. Represents a deviation to the outside of the big toe to 15 degrees.
  2. Denoted by the deviation of the same finger from 15 to 20 degrees.
  3. The deviation can reach 20-30 degrees.
  4. Angle exceeding 30 degrees.

Quite often the latter stage is accompanied by all sorts of complications:

  • fingers become like hammers;
  • will appear corn;
  • will begin to develop painful sensations while walking.

Easier to prevent

If flat-valgus deformation of the foot is an acquired disease, it could be avoided as follows:

  • refuse to put the baby on the legs, starting at 7 or 8 months;
  • conduct daily hardening;
  • strengthening ligaments and muscles by gymnastics;
  • conduct preventive massage;

Valgus platypodia in children: symptoms, massage, prevention

Valgus flatfoot is a disease in which the heel bone of the foot bulges outwards. Usually, the disease is spread among children who are under five years old. In newborns, the foot is completely flat, since it has not yet fully formed. To determine whether the child has valgus flatfoot can only a professional doctor.


Depending on the nature of the deformation, flat feet can be:

  • longitudinal - accompanied by a flattening of the longitudinal arch of the feet;
  • transverse - the front sections of the feet stop take a flattened( worn) appearance;
  • combined - during such a flatfoot there are signs of the first and second type, but they are rarely accompanied by pain.

You can learn the longitudinal by the following signs: gait disturbance, pain during palpation, change in the shape of the foot, the child constantly asks for handles, because he feels fatigue and pain in the legs.

The main signs of transverse flatfoot are: the forefoot significantly expands, takes a hammer-like appearance, the tendons of the muscles responsible for extension of the fingers are stretched, the baby complains of constant pain in the foot.

If the baby has signs of longitudinal and transverse flatfoot, doctors tend to combine diagnosis. Its name is also longitudinal-transverse. Such a diagnosis is rare in small children, and if it does, children rarely complain about inconveniences, because such a deformation of the feet does not cause any discomfort.

Symptoms of

To determine whether there is flat feet in children or not, the orthopedist uses a special method - planotography. During the determination of the diagnosis, the feet are lubricated with a solution, after which the baby should stand on blank sheets of paper. The doctor analyzes the colored print.

When determining the disease in a child only by this method, you can make a mistake and prescribe the wrong treatment, therefore, in conjunction with this method, other methods of determining the disease are used.

Looking at the photo, it is evident that, the smaller the child, the stronger the imprint of his foot resembles a flatfoot. This is especially true for children whose age does not exceed four years. Therefore, the orthopedist, in addition to the fingerprints during a direct examination, relies on the presence of other symptoms:

  • the child will clumble - when the baby goes, his foot( specifically - the sock) turns outward. In children, this happens because of the poorly formed musculature on the foot, the child is unable to maintain its correct position( parallel to each other) while walking, the leg is staggering.
  • When the child goes, he comes to the edge of the foot, which is on the inside. This gait is easily noticed even by a specialist.

The causes of

  • are congenital. This kind of disease is more likely an exception. Diagnosed rarely - in 3% of cases;
  • inappropriate shoes. Parents are obliged to take note that the child's shoes must have heels, with a small size( 0.5 cm), soft instep, hard back;
  • second-hand shoes. Many children are given shoes by friends or relatives, saying that she was only worn several times. Worn shoes incorrectly distribute the load of the foot in children, thereby provoking valgus flatfoot;
  • reduced activity of the child. The fewer children go, the more likely they are to form a valgus flatfoot;
  • wrong power supply. Absence of D - vitamins and phosphorus - calcium elements in the body of babies.



The most common method of treating flat feet is therapeutic gymnastics. Specialists have developed a set of exercises, which over time can lead to the formation of a regular and natural shape of the foot. Some exercises:

  • walking on the inside and outside of the foot;
  • walking on socks and heels;
  • rolls from the socks to the heels and back;
  • separate walking on socks and heels.

Flat feet should be treated in a complex. Not only one gymnastics, but also other methods. Massage will speed up the treatment of the disease better if massage procedures are performed by a professional. The number of courses should be prescribed by a pediatric orthopedist. Properly selected orthopedic shoes will improve the gait of the baby. The modern market is filled with companies engaged in the production of useful shoes for both adults and children, so it's easy to find the necessary pair for a child.

If the platypodia of a child is diagnosed in neglected form, the physician prescribes courses of electrophoresis, miostimulation and massage in combination with therapeutic gymnastics. These procedures will not harm the baby, since the doctor, when prescribing treatment, takes into account the age of the patient and his physical development.


Treatment of flat feet of a child is not limited to a medical office. Parents are able to conduct classes to eliminate flat feet at home, thereby speeding up the recovery of the baby. You can buy studded mats and drive a child through them, massaging your feet. It is allowed to carry out treatment with the help of the same gymnastics, which is carried out in the medical office - it will not harm the child.


In order to achieve the most positive results with flat feet, massage the child should be done daily. The main goal is relaxation and kneading of the muscles of the back and legs. Depending on the type of valgus platypodia, the appropriate massage is selected. General massage techniques:

  • initial( initial) position: the child lies on the stomach. Stroke lightly the back of the baby, gradually strengthen the movements, rubbing the small body( but do not hurt the baby).Lightly pressing, rub the skin in the direction from the sacrum towards the axillary hollows. Slightly pinch the back of the baby, without disregarding the intervertebral and scapula. After warming the skin( this you will understand when a pink color appears), pick up a little skin from the bottom of your back and wave it upward. So several times. Finish massaging the back with light strokes;
  • foot massage is the next step. Do not change the position of your child. Stroke the legs from the hip to the foot for 30 seconds, pinch, strum, pat, and mash. Finish the massage should also be light strokes;
  • massage of the ankle and lower leg. We leave the original position as before. The overall complex of actions remains unchanged( ironing, rubbing, kneading, performing vibrating actions, pinching, rubbing, ironing).It is especially necessary to stretch the muscles of the lower leg. After the drumstick was massaged, a foot massage should be done. Each stop should be alternately grated. On the feet, press the pads of the fingers, carefully stretching every joint and finger of the baby. Ankle and ankle massage is done in such a sequence: caviar massage, kneading of the Achilles tendons of the outer side of the shin, after which the inner part of the foot comes in, then it is necessary to stretch the sole, return to the cavity side of the leg and again to the sole of the foot.

After you have finished massaging, turn the baby over on the back of the abdomen and repeat the whole complex of actions again. It should be noted that on the front side of the legs should be excluded from vibration and reduce the strength of rubbing and kneading.

Therapeutic massage improves lymphatic flow and circulation, restores the tone of ligaments and muscles.


  • practice barefoot walking on a sand or stone surface. It is not necessary to do this on the street, you can buy in the shops artificial stones or a rug, built of stones, as shown in the photo, and let the kid stamp feet.

Stop is better formed in natural conditions, and thanks to various inventions these conditions can be created artificially;

  • limit the passive image of your child. It is necessary that a child often play mobile games, let him jump, run, move, and not sit at the computer;
  • choose the right shoes for children;
  • do not allow children to wear other people's shoes;
  • provide kid with proper nutrition. Let the child receive food with a high content of phosphorus and calcium;
  • temper the baby. Poor immunity provokes not only the appearance of infectious, colds, but also weakens all muscles, so it is necessary to harden small children;
  • more often go to the sea. If this is not possible, then hit the feet of the kids in the water containing sea salt. This substance leads to a tonus of muscles and blood vessels of the body, improves blood circulation.

The formation of the foot in children occurs before the age of 5 years. Therefore, as soon as you notice the symptoms of flat feet, you should immediately contact a qualified doctor to avoid complications. It is the doctor who can correctly and comprehensively prescribe a treatment for the baby, saving him from life-long clubfoot.

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Let's treat!

To begin with, you need to understand what is valgus? Valgus flatfoot is any deformation that causes the curvature of the feet inward. This deformation, usually, occurs even in childhood, almost a few months after the start of walking. What is the reason? One of the main - this is a big load on the fast-growing, but not yet strengthened bones and muscles of small legs. The main deformities with valgus occur in the knees of children. If you look at the child with valgus flatfoot from the side, you can see the overextension in the knees. Over time, the foot is deformed, in which the flat-lingual position develops - the heels deviate outwards. Then a flatfoot develops. With the development of the disease, the gait is broken - it seems to become insecure, awkward, the child has fast fatigue and pain in the legs. If you notice that the thumb of the foot in the child moves outward, and the bone with which the finger forms the joint, moves inward - this may mean that it is a valgus of the feet. Specialists, depending on the deformation, distinguish several degrees of this disease. With valgus, the first sign of the pain that appears is the squeezing of the bones and muscles in the joint area with shoes. This symptom is distinguished by the difficulty of walking, in especially neglected forms, also, arthrosis can develop. Even at a young age, there are the first "bell" of valgus feet, and by the middle age there are already specific signs. Valgus stop looks like a lump in the front leg. Also, this disease can be obtained by inheritance. But, often, the appearance of valgus feet, due to walking on high heels. Often, many methods of conservative treatment can not stop the development of valgus. Currently, specialists assign an individual type of operation, depending on the degree of deformation.

Consider the symptoms of valgus.

Valgus deformation has rather pronounced signs. First of all, the affected areas turn outward. In this case, all the load goes to the outer edge of the foot, the gait changes significantly, which depends on the degree of deformity of the limb. Often, you can watch shuffling your feet. If the disease is congenital, then changes can already be noticed to 3-4 months of life of the baby. When the disease is poorly expressed, it can be detected after the first year of the baby. It is then that the kid makes his first little steps. Also, congenital valgus has a great number of uncertain causes and symptoms. While the acquired has specific and obvious reasons. Very often, the valgus develops after flat feet. The reason for this is overweight, foot injuries and uncomfortable shoes. Also, the development of valgus is facilitated by any trauma in the ankle joint and disorders of neuromuscular regulation.

What are the consequences of valgus?

Answer to this question. All is simple - fast fatigue at walking, displacement of a basin and a backbone, strong pains and possible physical inability.

Treatment and its methods.

For the prevention of valgus, a special way is the special osteopathic methods, namely, special footwear, orthopedic insole and regular massage. A distinctive feature of valgus deformity is a change in muscles with a subsequent impairment of blood circulation. In the case where the deformation exists for a long time, changes in the foot are already irreversible. That's why massage, especially some of its types, are simply irreplaceable. It is necessary to understand that if the valgus of the feet has arisen, then various creams, so advertised in our time, will not help here. They are only aids in the treatment of this disease.


Massages can be accented on the muscles of the back, waist, buttocks, the inner surface of the legs.

Toning massage of the lower leg and inner thigh is performed by certain courses( about 20 sessions), then a break of several weeks is required. Muscles recover during exercise and massage. In normal operation, the legs are strengthened and this helps stabilize the joints and straighten the bones.

Massage with the soles of the soles, walking on the stone-like and needle-like surfaces, standing and walking on socks, walking with a toy between the legs-all this is also used for valgus deformation. It is also very useful to jump on a ball with widely spaced legs and sit in the same position. When complex treatment comes a positive result. With valgus, it will be useful to practice swimming and taking coniferous-salt baths. Insoles should always be changed with the growth of the foot.

In some cases, an operation is possible. This operation is performed with a normal or slightly increased interplanar angle and provides a positive cosmetic and functional effect.

A very important role in the prevention of valgus in children is played by the proper selection of shoes and carrying out a massage.

Several key factors in choosing the right pediatric orthopedic footwear:

- Flexible sole with a folding area in the toe section;- High rigid back and legs, with ankle fixation;- Presence of locks in the toe part, in the ascent and the area of ​​the ankle;- No arch computations( instep)

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