How to get rid of alcohol dependence?

How to get rid of alcohol dependence?

In fact, a magic pill that relieves alcohol dependence simply does not exist. Therefore, when treating alcoholism in Moscow, the addiction center "12st"( tel 8 800 775-68-21) pays full attention to the patient's personality.

After all, alcoholism is a disease of the soul rather than the physical. With a person it is necessary to establish a close contact in which state it would not be.

But sometimes a person does not want to go to the contact, they say, he is already so good. In this case, try to use folk remedies to treat alcohol dependence. For example, it can be plants with vomiting effect. So, a man was given tincture on the vomitic root. Also for this purpose, a bay leaf, a crow eye, and wormwood were used.

Here is an example of one of the recipes from alcohol dependence. Mix in a proportion of 3: 1: 1 such herbs:

  • thyme;
  • bitter wormwood;
  • centroid.

All this is ground, one teaspoon of our mixture is poured into one quarter of a liter of very hot water. Then we insist for three hours and then drink two tablespoons about three times a day preferably before eating. You need to take this tincture for about three months to achieve the effect of alcohol aversion.

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Another option is the lap recipe. To cook it, we will collect a teaspoon dried kohlenya, then pour a glass of boiling water and steamed on low heat for about ten minutes. The broth is allowed to cool. We add to alcoholic beverages: one canteen per one hundred milliliters. This mixture causes vomiting. And, accordingly, causes negative emotions from drinking alcohol. But such treatment is possible only in the absence of contraindications in the patient. These include, gastritis, epilepsy and others.

Bugs were very popular in the treatment of alcohol. It could be either ordinary domestic or forest. They insisted on vodka. This infusion had an emetic effect.

Still folk medicine used to treat ordinary fish( most often it was a pike).Live fish poured vodka and insisted. Then they gave the drunkard.

It is also possible to use the stone of amethyst in the treatment of this ailment. He was worn around his neck and worn constantly. This is certainly not a panacea, but some element of autosuggestion worked.

Basics for the treatment of alcoholism:

  • If possible, monitor the patient so that he does not start drinking again, especially in the first few days;
  • during recovery from an alcoholic can be a so-called breaking, do not let him drink at this time;
  • be patient and attentive to the patient;
  • give signs of attention, speak as you love it.

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