Ylang-ylang oil - properties and applications

Kananga tropical tree, related to magnolia, gives us an essential oil known all over the world under the name of ylang-ylang, very popular in aromatherapy. This name comes from the Malay name of the tree "alang-ilang", which means "flower of all flowers".The tree is also called the crown of the East. Many people consider the flowers of this plant to be magical. They are often used in all sorts of rituals. They say that they can give happiness. Essential oil of ylang-ylang differs a sharp aroma. Many people can not bear it.

Properties and application of ylang ylang oil

  • If you are constantly exposed to negative emotions, then it is simply necessary for you. This product quickly repairs the nervous system. Having inhaled the aroma of oil, you will immediately feel how you have become easy on the soul. If you are always in a tense situation, then it will not be so hard on you to "crush".
  • Sometimes physicians recommend using the described product as an antidepressant. Unlike various pharmaceuticals, it is not capable of harming the body.
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  • We would like to mention that ylang-ylang oil is considered an excellent aphrodisiac. It excellently enhances sexual attraction. Thanks to him you can feel the true taste of love.
  • If you use the described product, you can get rid of problems with sleep. It is worth saying that it attracts positive energy.
  • Ylang-ylang essential oil stabilizes the cycle and softens the unpleasant symptoms of PMS.Critical days will not seem so painful to you.
  • This product helps with migraine and lowers blood pressure. In addition, it is necessary for young creatures. If your kid has any unreasonable fears, then thanks to the ylang-ylang oil, he will quickly get rid of them.


You should not lose sight of the fact that he has contraindications. It can be used only for external use. Drink the oil of this plant is in no case impossible. This essence is concentrated enough. Therefore, you should not inhale it in its pure form. Otherwise, you can damage the nasal mucosa. To avoid this, you need to add any other oils to the ylang-ylang oil.

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