All about prostate adenoma

There are many men in the world who live and do not suspect that they have a change in the prostate gland functioning, and some kind of new growth appears in it. The prostate is the organ that is located between the bladder and the perineum. In the middle of the prostate, passes the urethra. From the correct work of this body depends on the entire sex life of a man, as well as the emergence of such problems as premature ejaculation, a weak erection and impotence.

Adenoma is a disease of the prostate gland that is characterized by the formation of a benign neoplasm in the breast tissue. In this case, the urethra narrows, and the outflow of urine is disturbed.

The cause of the disease has not yet been found. Usually, this disease begins much earlier, after 40 years, but it is diagnosed after 65-68 years, when there are already obvious signs of the disease. The disease occurs frequently, according to statistics, 70% of men after 65-70 years become ill with this disease.

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Symptoms of the disease

Many men of age are familiar with these unpleasant symptoms. Clinic of prostate adenoma:

  • Urination is frequent, even at night;
  • Urine is difficult;
  • Desires to urinate, sometimes false;
  • When urinating, the urine stream is sluggish and intermittent;
  • Urine is excreted in droplets;
  • After the patient urinates completely, the entire bladder is not emptied;
  • Urine with blood;
  • In rectal palpation, the prostate is enlarged.

Complications of

If the disease is not treated in a timely manner, it can lead to bad consequences:

  • Urine retention( in many patients this is the first sign of the disease);
  • Diseases of the urinary bladder;
  • Kidney failure;
  • Education of stones.

Methods of investigation

If a prostate adenoma is suspected, the patient is carefully examined, and malignant neoplasms of the prostate are excluded. For this, the patient is made to urine culture, kidney scintigraphy, ultrasound and prostate biopsy and examine the urodynamics.

Methods of treatment

To improve the outflow of urine, appropriate treatment is performed. To do this, use 2 methods.


If symptoms are mild, prescribe medications that reduce spasm of the muscles of the bladder neck and urethra( prazosin).But the effect of treatment will be small, since the most effective treatment is the operation. Recently, laser treatment and ultrahigh-frequency hyperthermia have begun to be used, but these methods have not been studied well yet.

Surgical treatment of

80% of patients are treated surgically. The most effective method is a prostate resection. If the patient is severely weakened and there is no possibility of resection, a stent can be inserted into the fixed department of the urethra. The stent is placed under local anesthesia. Surgical method also has its complications, 5% of patients have a chance of impotence, and 15% have frequent urination.

It is recommended after surgery to drink plenty of fluids and to abstain from sexual intercourse until 3 weeks. Do not be frightened when there is no ejaculation, because sperm can be thrown into the bladder. All these phenomena are temporary, gradually everything comes back to normal and the patient completely recovers.

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