Therapeutic exercises for the spine of Bubnovsky for beginners

Bubnovsky's Gymnastics for Beginners

Bubnovsky gymnastics for beginners

Today, many health professionals are ready to share their experiences, developing techniques to maintain the body in the norm. One of them is Bubnovsky S. M. He is the creator of the system of alternative orthopedics and neurology based on the performance of certain sets of exercises. If, in the traditional sense, such diseases are treated with tablets, ointments and corsets, then Bubnovsky's joint exercises for beginners suggest lifting the reserve forces of the body, activating them with special exercises.

Gymnastics by the method of Bubnovsky

The main merit of Dr. Bubnovsky is that he proposed muscular and bone ailments with kinesitherapy, i.e.movement. Now the patient does not entrust his health to the doctor, but personally makes efforts for his own recovery. Of course, Bubnovsky's adaptive gymnastics, in addition to its general version, has a hundred individual varieties.

Doctor Bubnovsky: gymnastics for beginners for the spine

Among the most different types of exercises, Bubnovsky's gymnastics for beginners is distinguished by its softness and focus on pain reduction. Consider the exercises that are offered in the system:

  1. Relaxation and deflection of the back. Stand on your knees, rest your hands on the floor, on the exhalation bend your back, on inhalation - bend over. Perform the exercise smoothly, gently, just 20 times.
  2. Stretching muscles. Stand on your knees, rest your palms on the floor, pull your right leg back, while sitting on your left leg. It must be pulled forward as far as possible. Repeat for each leg 20 times.
  3. Slopes. Stand on your knees, rest your hands on the floor, pull the body forward as much as possible, without trough in the lower back. Keep your balance.
  4. Stretching of the back muscles. Sit on all fours, then exhale flex your arms in the elbows and pull the body to the floor. As you exhale, stretch out your arms while sitting down on your heels. Repeat 5-6 times.
  5. "Half-sign".Lie on your back, hands along the body. On exhalation, lift the pelvis as high as possible by making a half-stitch, and lower the pelvis on the inhalation. Repeat 20 times.

This complex of gymnastics system Bubnovsky has long proven its effectiveness in the fight against pain in the back area, as well as in the quality of their prevention.

Adaptive gymnastics of Bubnovsky for beginners

If you are just starting to heal your joints according to the proposed system, you should first start a course of adaptive gymnastics, which will help you easily get used to the stresses and prepare your body for them.

  1. Sit on your heels, relax and breathe, rising on inspiration and performing circular movements with your hands. Exhalation - sitting on the heels. Repeat 20 times.
  2. Place your hands on your stomach, and through tight lips compress the "PF!" Sound as you exhale. Repeat 20 times.
  3. Lying on the back, knees bent, hands behind the head. On exhalation, break away from the floor, inhale - return. Repeat 20 times.
  4. Lying on the back, knees bent, hands behind the head. On an exhalation raise the pelvis, at the same time shifting the knees. Repeat 20 times.
  5. The situation is same. It is necessary to be grouped on an exhalation: to lift a trunk and legs and to try to reduce knees and elbows. Repeat 20 times.
  6. Lying on the right side, rest on the floor with your lower arm and group, pulling your knees to your chest. Repeat 20 times for each side.

Gymnastics for joints according to Bubnovsky if in the public domain on the Internet, and on DVD-disks. It is much more convenient to deal with such a virtual trainer, because there are things that are better to see once than to hear or read a hundred times. Do not forget about the regime of breathing, calmness and smoothness of each movement, and then the system will be effective and painless.

The effectiveness of adaptive gymnastics Bubnovsky

In modern society, where the majority prefer a sedentary lifestyle, age-related diseases of the joints and spine are considered normal. Nevertheless, to keep the joy of movement for many years, to get rid of joint pain and restore mobility to them - it is possible.

The doctor of medical sciences, professor, Sergey Mikhailovich Bubnovsky has developed a special method of gymnastics treatment. Such treatment requires some physical preparation from a person. For such preliminary preparation, adaptive Bubnovsky gymnastics for beginners is intended.

Dr. Bubnovsky

All over Russia there are special Bubnovsky health centers that help people regain health and get rid of pain without medication. He studied many of the world's existing methods of working with the musculoskeletal system. Based on his knowledge and personal experience, he developed his own method of treating the spine and joints.

Gymnastics Bubnovsky

In the 24 years after the accident Sergei Mikhailovich Bubnovsky became disabled. The trouble was the impetus to find an effective recovery system after spinal injuries. The doctor was able to develop his own rehabilitation programs based solely on the resources of the human body, without surgical and drug treatment.

The essence of the method of Sergei Mikhailovich Bubnovsky

Dr. Bubnovsky offers treatment without pills and injections. The basis of his treatment is gymnastics. Special trainings are selected individually for each patient, taking into account his features and diagnosis. Before starting treatment, patients undergo a special course of adaptive gymnastics for Bubnovsky for beginners. The method of Bubnovsky put thousands of people of different age groups on their feet. Treatment of movement has its name - kinesitherapy.

The program of gymnastics is designed so that the exercises gradually become more complicated, and their number increases as the body becomes accustomed. For those who have not previously engaged there is adaptive gymnastics Bubnovsky for beginners.

Gymnastics for beginners

A prerequisite for performing gymnastics is the statement of the correct breathing. Breathing can be mastered by everyone. A little effort and proper breathing during exercise will become a habit.

Gymnastics Bubnovsky

Adaptive gymnastics

Exercises, which are adaptive exercises for Bubnovsky, are very simple. If you are going to do gymnastics for the prevention or treatment of the spine and joints, you need to master them.

Bubnovsky's method is very popular. However, to achieve the effect, it is necessary to carefully and carefully perform the exercises. Few have enough willpower for such a simple thing as daily gymnastics.

Exercises that make up adaptive gymnastics include different types of exercises:

Breathing Exercises

For example, cleansing breathing. To do this, you need to put your hands on your stomach and exhale through tightly compressed lips with Pfff sound. Breathing exercises help calm, help to focus.

Training the muscles of the press

Classes dedicated to the muscles of the press, you need to do, as they say athletes, belly. It should be ensured that the muscles of the press work during the workout, because the same exercises can be performed by straining the muscles of the back. In this case, it will not be possible to achieve the desired effect.

Strength exercises

Push-ups, press. These exercises are aimed at creating reliable support from the own muscles for the spine and joints. The stronger and stronger the muscles, the more part of the load they can take on themselves.

Gymnastics Bubnovsky

Classes aimed at relaxing

In the process of gymnastics, you must relax your muscles. For this special exercises are highlighted. For example, povylyat tail. To perform it, you need to stand on all fours and turn the hip from side to side, as if the dog wags its tail. During exercise, the back relaxes well.

Do not think that gymnastics is easy. Some movements from the adaptive gymnastics complex are difficult to perform.

Adaptive gymnastics according to Bubnovsky consists of 55 exercises. Much more efficiently, they are performed on video lessons that are available free of charge on the network. They should be approached with the utmost care and seriousness. They will form the basis of all subsequent therapy, prepare the body for subsequent workloads.

Anesthetic gymnastic complex

At the initial stage, the patient is offered a minimal load.



Starting position: the fence resting on the floor, kneeling. Exhale - we arch our back with a wheel, we breathe in - we bend in the lower back. Perform slowly 20 times.


Made from the same starting position as the kitty. The right leg is pulled back, then it should be pulled out and squatted on the left. Carefully stretch forward as far as possible. Repeats 20 times for each leg.

Slopes forward

Standing on all fours, we stretch our whole body forward, trying to keep the balance. In the lower back can not be bent.

Stretching for the back

From the starting position, standing on all fours. Inhale, after which on exhalation it is necessary to bend your arms in the elbows, pressing against the floor. Again, inhale and exhale on the exhale, and simultaneously sit on the heels. This exercise is repeated 6 times.


Starting position: lying on the back with bent knees, hands behind the head. On exhalation, lifting the trunk to the elbows touching the knees. Exercise is repeated until you feel a slight burning sensation in the muscles of the press.

Press the press


Lying on the back with arms stretched along the trunk, we perform lifting of the pelvis on exhalation as high as possible and return to the initial position on inspiration. The exercise is repeated 20 times.

When performing gymnastics, it is important to carefully monitor your breathing and perform exercises in a qualitative way. It is from your efforts that the effectiveness of treatment depends. Gymnastics lessons on Bubnovsky return the joy of movement without anesthetics.

Adaptive gymnastics of Bubnovsky for joints - video lessons for beginners

gymnastics in the Bubnovsky Modern medicine has developed many techniques for maintaining the overall health of the body.

The joint exercises of Dr. Bubnovsky is a unique and effective method, related to their number. It is so simple and accessible that even a beginner will easily master it.

Sergey Bubnovsky is the developer of the system based on the performance of certain therapeutic exercises.

What is the essence of the

system This system is related to alternative neurology and orthopedics.

It allows you to treat chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system without pharmacological drugs and the use of corsets, while raising the internal reserves of your body.

Dr. Bubnovsky has created a completely new technique for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases - kinesitherapy , the main focus is the elimination of the main cause of joint diseases - hypodynamia.

Properly performing exercises causes the recovery and activation of deep muscles. This method has already helped many people of different age groups and saved thousands of patients from the operation on the spine.

The system is often called extreme rehabilitation .

Classes on the Bubnovsky system can heal osteochondrosis, herniated intervertebral discs, rheumatoid arthritis, deforming coxarthrosis, various types of posture disorder in children and many other diseases.

gymnastics Qigong for beginners and advanced On how to perform gymnastics Qigong for the spine to benefit, not harm you can learn in our article.

What you need to know before taking Movasin - instructions for use, reviews of doctors and patients, pluses and minuses of medication and other useful information.

Pain therapy for the spine

The Bubnovsky gymnastic complex consists of several groups of exercises. The first of them - anesthetic consists of:

  1. The first exercise of is to relax and flex the back. When performing this exercise, they kneel and rest their hands on the floor. Then slowly bend your back, exhaling, on the inspiration bend. Exercise is performed without sudden movements, smoothly. It is recommended to perform the exercise 20 times in one approach.
  2. The second exercise of the is stretching the muscles. When you do it, you get on all fours, pull your right leg back and sit on your left foot. Given their capabilities, the left leg is pulled forward, sinking lower. Exercise should be done 20 times per foot. It is better to do the exercise without jerks, smoothly overcoming painful sensations.
  3. The third exercise - slopes. A person stands on all fours and tries to pull the trunk as far forward as possible, without bending the lower back and keeping his balance.
  4. The fourth exercise of the is stretching the back muscles. When it is carried out, they first get on all fours, then fold in the following stretching of the back muscles way: when the inhalation is performed, the arms in the elbow joints are bent and the body tilts to the floor;on the exhalation of the hands straighten and at the same time sit down on the heels. In this position, the muscles of the back begin to stretch. Repeat the exercise up to six times.
  5. The fifth exercise - for the press. Do it lying on your back. Knees bend, hands are wound behind the head. On exhalation they raise their torso to the elbows of their knees. Perform the exercise before the sensation of a slight burning sensation in the muscles. Then the load is gradually increased, overcoming these sensations. For the best effect of the exercise under the lower back for the duration of the exercise, put an ice pack.
  6. The sixth exercise - "The halter".Do it lying on your back. Hands put along the trunk. When exhaling, the pelvis is raised as high as possible. Make a "half-bridge".On inhaling, the pelvis is lowered. Perform the exercise up to 30 repetitions.

We offer you to watch a training video on the subject of how Bubnovsky joint exercises are performed for therapeutic purposes.

The basic complex of exercises

Gymnastics consists of several sets of exercises for different parts of the body.

Exercises for the upper limb belt

For work with the upper limb belt in the Bubnovsky gymnastics technique , push-ups from the floor are used.

Using this exercise, you can restore blood circulation in the vertebral arteries, get rid of headache, vegetative-vascular dystonia, pain in the lumbar region, fatigue. Also, this exercise helps build muscle mass of the shoulder girdle.

It is necessary to pay attention to the number of repetitions and the technique of performing the exercise.

Exercise rules:

  1. The person lies on the floor of the , the hands are located at the chest level near the trunk with the palms facing down. Legs are straightened, closed. Do not round the back of your hands straighten.
  2. Look forward. When inhaling, flex your arms and lower your torso. Then exhale sharply and extend arms, torso lift. Poorly prepared people at the initial stage of classes perform this exercise in a lightened way, with an emphasis on the knees.
  3. You can not perform the exercise with the bent back of the or the lowered head, since headaches may occur. The ideal way to perform the exercise is to hold the body in the same plane when lifting and lowering. It is necessary to perform five to ten repetitions in a row.
  4. After this, kneels on the heels of and performs a three-fold exercise on the cleansing breath. Fulfillment: during inspiration, the arms are raised vertically upward and raised on their knees. Exercising a sharp exhalation, hands are lowered and sit down on the heels.

Exercise for abdominal muscles

This exercise improves the functioning of the gallbladder, intestinal peristalsis, normalizes the circulation of the cervical and thoracic spine.

How to perform the exercise:

  1. The person lies on the back of the with slightly bent legs in the knees. Hands are pulled behind the head, shoulders are pressed to the ears. The chin is pressed to the chest.
  2. It is important not to perform the nodding movements of the head .The head is fixed relative to the spine. Breathing in, the scapula is torn off the floor with hands.
  3. All movements are performed by the in the maximum amplitude of the .In the upper point at the maximum stress, a sharp exhalation is carried out and the stomach is compressed. This contributes to a deep reduction and relaxation of abdominal muscles.
  4. Perform the exercise either by the time - within half a minute, or by the number of repetitions - from 5 to 10. It is recommended to perform this exercise on an empty stomach.

It is not necessary to perform purifying respiration after this exercise, as during its execution the muscles of the chest are so well used.

Exercise for the muscles of the back and hamstrings of the thigh


  1. The person lies on the belly of the with slightly bent at the elbows stretched along the body with his hands. Palms are located at the level of the waist and rest against the floor. The head of the exercises for the back looks ahead.
  2. By exhaling the , make 20 flops with one leg then the other. Then they raise two legs at the same time. The legs are kept straight. The number of repetitions is limited by the possibilities.
  3. It is important to ensure that the thigh rips from the floor of the , rather than just bending the leg in the knee joint.
The author of the technique suggests doing exercises in such a scheme: push-ups - on Monday, working out the muscles of the abdominal press - on Tuesday, and exercises for the back and hamstrings - on Wednesday.

To learn the practical experience of using joint gymnastics Bubnovsky, we offer you to watch a video.

Exercises for the neck

neck hurts

Gymnastics for the neck of Dr. Bubnovsky: exercise complex

Dr. Bubnovsky managed to integrate the most effective world restoration methods into a single complex and created a unique method of gymnastics. Dan. ..

Adaptive gymnastics for beginners

For the beginner, who decided to start treating his joints with the help of Bubnovsky's system, the author developed adaptive gymnastics for beginners, so that an untrained person could accustom himself to stresses.

Complex of exercises for beginners:

  1. The first exercise. The man sits on his heels, relaxes and breathes. When carrying out an inspiration, perform circular movements with your hands. Exhalation is carried out sitting on the heels. Repeat exercise 20 times.
  2. The second exercise is respiratory. The palms are placed on the stomach and, exhaling through the tightly compressed lips, produce the sound of "PF!".Repeat 20 times.
  3. The third exercise. A man lies on his back with his knees bent and his hands folded behind his head. When exhaling, they break away from the floor, when they breathe in, they return to their original position. Repeat 20 times.
  4. Fourth exercise .The person lies in the starting position with bent knees and hands laid behind the head. Exhaling, raise the pelvis, while moving the knees. Repeat 20 times.
  5. The fifth exercise is .Initial position on the back. Raise the body and legs, trying to close your knees and elbows. All this is carried out during exhalation. Repeat 20 times.
  6. Sixth exercise .Lying on his right side, they rest with their right hand on the floor and pull their knees to their chests. Repeat 20 times on each side.
Gymnastics Bubnovsky for beginners It is necessary to always observe the breathing regime and perform exercises smoothly. In this case, your training will be effective and painless.

Completing the sessions is recommended by the use of water procedures, such as a contrast shower with an obligatory cold component at the end;a sauna with an infusion of water on the stones for intense sweating, ending with a dip in the pool with cold water or rinsing in a cold shower.

Short-term cold loads tone the vessels and improve the performance of the heart, brain, liver and kidneys.

On the video course for those who have basic exercises while hard.

How to treat patients

Patients' comments about Bubnovsky's gymnastics are positive.

Already began to think that the remaining days will have to live with constant joint pain. Recently also a stroke has happened. I was at home with many physical exercises to return the body to its former strength and obedience to the brain.

However, when I started to study in the adaptive gymnastics system, I realized that I could achieve much greater results at the same time. The main thing is not to be lazy and work hard to achieve the goal.

Sergey Pavlovich, 49

Adaptive gymnastics is actually recognized abroad. It is very effective and is a real way of restoring joints. The main thing is that the person wants to use a healthy body, and was stubborn on the way to this.

Orthopedist Leonid Sergeevich, 46

Gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky is so good that it allows not only to struggle with joint problems, but also helps to get out after very difficult conditions. She can even stroke a stroke.

Neurologist Ekaterina Yuryevna, 53


Professor Bubnovsky and his joint gymnastics helped to cure not one thousand people. Gymnastics Bubnovsky is a unique technique, with

Exercises of Bubnovsky regular implementation of which, a person can get rid of the problems associated with various joint diseases.

The main advantage of of this technique is that a person does not need to trust his health to a doctor, he makes his own efforts for his own recovery, and only from him and his diligence depends the effect.

Gymnastics is selected individually for each person, taking into account its individual characteristics, the degree of physical development, the stage of the development of the disease, general well-being. How safe is gymnastics? S.D.Bubnovsky

While most specialists recommend that you stay at rest and move as little as possible during an exacerbation of the spine, the doctor of medical sciences Bubnovsky offers to treat everything only by movement. The complex of physical exercises for the spine is strictly individual, depends on the age of the patient and the severity of the disease.

Sergey Mikhailovich is sure that the exercises developed for him for the spine can not cause any harm to human health, as they develop tendons and muscles, through which joints and bones feed. Despite this, it is better to consult with your doctor before starting the exercises for the spine. All activities are best performed under the supervision of an experienced instructor - kinesiologist.

Gymnastics of Professor Bubnovsky does not contain sharp movements and jumps, but necessarily includes exercises for the development of joints and muscles, reducing back pain, and also anti-stress complex Qigong. Therapeutic exercises for the spine are indicated for patients with a sedentary lifestyle, as well as the postpartum period for the recovery of the body. Regular exercise for 3 months normalizes blood pressure, relieves back pain, and improves mood and vitality.

The therapeutic exercise of Dr. Bubnovsky can be performed by patients of any age. Specially designed exercises help to restore coordination of movements and control over the body. After the treatment, the patients return to the joy of a healthy life, and the likelihood of recurrence of diseases of the spine is very low.

Adaptive gymnastics

The whole complex of these physical exercises is aimed at beginners. To achieve the desired result, the professor recommends adhering to the following rules:

  • all exercises should be performed on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning or after work;
  • the time allotted for doing exercises should not be less than 20 minutes;
  • profuse sweating is a sign of the effectiveness of performing an exercise;
  • after the physical exercises should be taken water procedures( sauna, bath, contrast shower).

Pros and features of the

The above presented gymnastics has a number of advantages in comparison with other complex exercises. First of all, this is the minimum load on muscles and joints. If the exercises are performed correctly, the risk of injury is excluded. When performing therapeutic exercises, the muscular corset is restored, the work of the bone system is supported.

The undeniable advantage of gymnastics is its simplicity. Even a person with zero level of preparation will be able to master the technique, the complex of exercises does not include complex elements that can not be learned by a newcomer. You can study at home or in a group, for each exercise there is a video that will help you learn the correct technique. Each lesson increases the number of exercises, and their complexity increases.

Gradually, exercises involve the entire articular apparatus, strengthening not only the muscles of the spine. Wait for tangible results can only be a few months. The joint gymnastics acts on the body gradually, by a method of small physical exertion, slowly returning joints mobility.

General recommendations of

Bubnovsky's unique therapeutic methods contribute to the complex improvement of the whole organism. The systematics of training is very important, but the author gives a few more tips on how to maintain your health in a normal way and increase the effectiveness of the exercises:

  • walks barefoot;
  • hardening procedures, which are best conducted in the open air;
  • sleep in a well-ventilated area;
  • daily morning charge;
  • refusal of alcoholic beverages and smoking;
  • rational nutrition;
  • intake of up to 3 liters of water;
  • visit to the sauna.

Dr Bubnovsky's exercises can be found in this article.

Bubnovsky's Gymnastics for Beginners: Adaptive and Exercises for the Spine, Neck and Joints( video and reviews)

Bubnovsky SMbelieves that in order to recover and live a full life, it is necessary to start actively engaged in the healing process. Because only an active and integrated approach to cure is able to give recovery. Having included in the regime of the day an effective complex of adaptive gymnastics, and performing it regularly, you can get rid of not only the pain syndrome, but also be cured completely.

The method of adaptive gymnastics Bubnovsky, in fact, is an extreme rehabilitation, with diseases of the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system.

The essence of gymnastics by the method of Dr. Bubnovsky

Dr. Bubnovsky S.М.created a truly new approach to the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and bone apparatus. His technique is based on a complex of rehabilitation exercises that effectively help not only to avoid surgical intervention, but also to completely cure.

Regularly performing a set of exercises to restore the functionality of the spine by the method of kinesitherapy, mobility of knee joints returns, and deep muscles are trained. Movement, correct relaxation of the muscles of the corset and a gradual load, train and return flexibility to the spine. The spinal column, clothed in a corset, strong, trained muscles, is fully restored.

Initially, of course, it is necessary to correctly diagnose abnormalities in the musculoskeletal apparatus, for this purpose, myofascial diagnosis is performed, which determines the location of the pathological change. The program, compiled according to the results of the diagnosis is individual for each patient, as it is selected for a specific disease. Regular execution of exercises restores not only a full-fledged work of the spine and joints, at the same time the work of all systems of the human body is activated.

Curative gymnastics for beginners for the spine

Performing exercises of therapeutic gymnastics according to the presented method, it is first necessary to remove the pain syndrome and only then go to the complex of adaptive exercises. One of the important conditions is compliance with breathing, this affects the quality of training for low back pain. First you need to warm up the body to prepare it for the gym, while also removing the pain syndrome, the exercises are done smoothly, slowly, with a maximum amplitude.

  • deflections of the spine: standing on all fours, arching and bending back. On exhalation - to bend, on inhalation - inside to bend;
  • then you need to stretch the muscles: on all fours, stretch the legs one at a time, alternately dropping onto the second leg;
  • exercise aimed at strengthening the dorsal muscles and their stretching: stretching the back: standing on all fours tilt the trunk down with bent hands, then straightening his arms, sit down to the heel against the heels;
  • exercise to strengthen the press: lying on his back, with his hands over his head and bent knees, as much as possible to touch the elbows of the knees, reach for them;
  • lying on the back with arms outstretched along the trunk, raise the pelvis, "half-twitch".

Exercises of adaptive gymnastics of Professor Bubnovsky

Using active physical activity in diseases of the musculoskeletal system can be completely cured, gymnastics for the elderly are also recommended. According to Bubnovsky's technique in adaptive gymnastics exercises are used, allowing to use groups of muscles, which makes up the corset for the bone skeleton. Exercise can be respiratory, since Bubnovsky emphasizes the importance of proper breathing in the process of gymnastics. Then, to work out a group of muscles in the press zone, from the initial lying position, when the lower or upper parts of the body are raised alternately.

The development of the press area is facilitated by the ascent of the pelvic area, the slopes from the standing position on all fours. Different legs with legs, when lying on the back, on the side, very good scissors exercise, because it involves a large group of muscle corset. To strengthen the muscles of the hands apply push-ups, from the wall, from the floor. And mandatory stretching exercises for muscles.

Constantly doing adaptive exercises of gymnastics, you can significantly improve blood circulation in the place of the pathological process. Improve blood flow and filling blood vessels, activate biochemical processes in the inflamed tissues of the spine, joints.

Thus, the physical condition of the bone apparatus improves, and the inflamed areas are almost completely restored. Using Bubnovsky's technique in the rehabilitation process, surgical intervention can be avoided, the muscular framework can be significantly improved and the path of full recovery can be made.

Contraindications to the performance of the exercises

Before starting physical exercises to restore the musculoskeletal apparatus, it is necessary to consult with a specialist, to determine the degree of exercise and the number of repetitions in the exercises. It is recommended to begin gymnastics only when acute pains are removed, all exercises to do slowly, smoothly. It should be categorically avoided rapid and abrupt movements, in order to avoid injury to untrained muscles.

The load should be increased gradually, after the full mastering of the complex of exercises. Since the method of Dr. Bubnovsky implies active physical activity, it is primarily contraindicated in patients with elevated temperature, oncological patients and in the presence of certain diseases of the circulatory system. If a lot of pain resumed during the exercise, then stop training. With cardiovascular diseases, as well as with exacerbation of any chronic disease, it is not recommended to conduct gymnastics SM Bubnovsky.

Teaching videos of adaptive gymnastics by Sergey Bubnovsky

Training videos on adaptive gymnastics in full can explain not only the importance of this extraordinary approach to the problem of spinal diseases, but also will tell you clearly about the correctness of the exercises. Individual exercises are recommended for knee joints.

Joint gymnastics

A full complex of exercises for joints, allows not only to restore the work of the musculoskeletal system and to strengthen all the joints of the body, but also to improve overall health. It is important to start the exercises with a small load, and only then gradually increase it.

Exercises for the neck

The video shows a series of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck. Carrying out this complex, you can not only get rid of the pain, but also completely restore mobility and get rid of cervical osteochondrosis. It is important to do gymnastics systematically to achieve results.

Learning how to breathe properly

You can learn how to breathe properly while performing therapeutic exercises by reading this video, where Bubnovsky demonstrates the basic techniques. As already mentioned, the effectiveness of gymnastics increases dramatically with the right breathing during classes.


Hope: I'm constantly working on a computer, my back problems started. After reading about the method of Dr. SM.Bubnovsky, began to engage in gymnastics. Pain passed, I feel better.

Valery: Working as a driver, earned a vertebral hernia, doctors as one recommended surgery. I decided first to try Bubnovsky's new method. I am engaged in the second month, there are improvements. Yes, and I feel more young.

Marina: I'm generally lazy at heart, when my back aches, I lay down and relaxed. A friend, after watching the program about special exercises, advised me to start moving. And, strangely enough, it helps, pains go away, I'm more trained and athletic now.

Raisa: I suffered a knee joint injury at the dacha, could not walk, I saw on TV a broadcast about Bubnovsky and his medical exercises, after I started practicing, everything went by. But I do not leave training.

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