Beautiful complexion at home

Modern ecology, stressful situations, unbalanced nutrition and lack of sleep - all these factors affect the skin of the face in the best way. Would you like to have a healthy and youthful complexion? Then first you need to understand the reasons why your skin loses a healthy blush and becomes gray.

Face care

Take for yourself the rule of every day to look after the skin of the face. Buy inexpensive but high-quality facial care products. You will need a lotion, tonic, cream, suitable for your skin type, vitamin complex or serum and face masks. Such a minimum set of funds should be for every girl. Biorevitalization procedure will also be useful, which will help to preserve and prolong the natural beauty of your face. Prices for biorevitalization are quite democratic.

Masks applied to the face daily is not recommended, enough two times a week. It is not necessary to buy them in the store, you can cook at home. The Internet is full of recipes for home-made masks. To clean the pores and prevent inflammation, use steam trays with herbs. It is best to use a decoction of marigold or chamomile. To do this, cover your head with a blanket or towel and hold your face over the steam for only 15 minutes. After a few applications, your skin will heal, acne and inflammation will pass.

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Fresh air

If the skin does not have acne and other inflammations, and the complexion is gray, you should pay attention to your daily habits. First of all, the skin needs fresh air. Allocate time for walks. If there is no time for walks, then it is more often to ventilate the room.


Everyone has long known that sunburn is bad for the skin. Therefore, protect your face with special creams from harmful rays. In the summer, before going out, be sure to apply a cream with UVA and UVB rays written. Thus, you will save your face from unnecessary facial wrinkles and burns.


Do not forget to drink water, preferably often in small sips. Consumption of the right amount of water per day will make the skin of the face fresh and prevent the appearance of early wrinkles. At night you can not drink, because in the morning you can wake up with small edema on your face.


Proper nutrition has a great effect on the skin condition. Smoked and fried foods are harmful primarily for your stomach. And if problems with the stomach, it will immediately manifest on the face in the form of acne or red spots. Experts recommend eating foods often and in small amounts and not gorge for 3 hours before bedtime. Also add as much greenery, fruit and other healthy foods as possible to your diet. If you eat right, the skin of your face will shine.

Physical Exercises

If possible, exercise. Thus, you will improve the body and this, of course, after some time will positively affect the skin of the face.

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