Nature will help to preserve youth

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It's no secret that the preservation of sexuality, beautiful skin and a harmonious figure is the dream of all women. All these factors are influenced by special female hormones - estrogens. They are responsible for the reproductive function of the body. Thanks to them, the skin remains smooth, the hair is thick, and the body is tight and healthy. Unfortunately, over the years these hormones are produced in the body all the less, and wilting begins. The less estrogen, the more noticeable is aging and age. What to do when these sad changes come. ..

Phytoestrogens are our natural assistants.

These are special substances that stand out from some plants. Since the beginning of the last century, many scientists have become interested in phytoestrogens. And now you can find many drugs with natural estrogens in their composition. But even our great-grandmothers knew that the broths and infusions of some herbs had a very beneficial effect on the female body.

Where are these miracle assistants kept?

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A small amount of phytoestrogens is found in normal daily food. So, to maintain beauty and health, it is enough to eat right. Here are the main useful products:

  • almost all cereals and legumes contain the required amount of these nutrients. The soy is the richest in this respect;
  • vegetables and fruits. Leaders are broccoli, cauliflower. The ginger and celery are not much behind them;
  • dairy products. Here, the best source of phytoestrogens is moldy cheese and solid varieties of this product;
  • vegetable oil. In particular, olive and linseed;
  • all kinds of nuts and seeds;
  • beer and red wine.

If the problems are more serious - it is necessary to seek help from medicinal herbs. Red brush and uterus are horny - for several centuries are the best herbs for women's health. Used in the form of broths and tinctures. The spectrum of action is very great - from the treatment of infertility to the prevention of cancer.

  • Red clover - its extract helps to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.
  • Yarrow - strengthens the walls of blood vessels, thereby helping with heavy menstruation.
  • Primula - the oil of this plant helps to make the menstrual cycle stable. Also helps with hormonal disorders.
  • Shepherd's bag - effectively fights with uterine bleeding.
  • Sage - designed to fight the tides during menopause.

But remember that all these herbs are medicines. And, therefore, you must be careful. And it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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