How to use a contrast shower

Doctors consider contrast shower a procedure of medical nature. It strengthens the skin, does not allow to penetrate into the body of viruses and dirt, becoming an obstacle to their path. Heals the internal organs and strengthens them.

Use this shower with the maximum benefit for the body required with certain rules. From the water a person should enjoy, and from hot and cold. Therefore, with the alternation of water, extreme caution is required.

The temperature difference must first be negligible. Increase it should be done gradually. The ideal procedure looks like this:

  • Hot shower - one minute;
  • Cold shower - half a minute;
  • Hot shower - half a minute;
  • Cold shower - minute, etc.

It will be initially difficult to regulate the water temperature in a timely manner. But with the daily use of the shower problem soon disappears. It is important not to forget that the procedure should be started only with hot water, and with cold water. But not in the reverse order!

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It is enough to change the water temperature only 4-5 times. After the end of the contrast shower, the skin is rubbed with a hard towel. It is fraught with a disease to turn the water under the water. It is possible not only to increase the pressure, but also to impair vision.

Taking a shower is best in the morning, because it's an invigorating procedure. The organism should be prepared beforehand by doing a gymnastics. It will warm up, the load will be transferred easily.

Having finished taking a shower, you can not go out immediately. You should stay at home for at least half an hour. If there is no possibility of taking a shower in the morning, you can take it in the evening two hours before bedtime.


Although the procedure is simple and everyone is available for universal it can not be attributed. It has some contraindications:

  • It is forbidden to take a shower during the inflammatory process;
  • Diseases of blood vessels and heart, thrombophlebitis, hypertension and oncology;
  • In the menstrual period;
  • For chronic ailments, even outside the period of exacerbation.

But with a huge desire to stand under a contrast shower to feel its beneficial effect, you need to get a doctor's permission.

Use of the shower

  • Blood circulation is increased;
  • The body cleanses;
  • The metabolism is accelerated;
  • The walls of the vessels are strengthened.

The contrast shower has an irreplaceable effect on all the functions of the human body, improves health and general well-being. Its systematic adoption can prolong years of life.

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