What leads to alcohol: when you need the encoding and treatment?

Often during a feast one can hear from a person such a phrase: "I know my measure".But as practice shows, such people even have no idea about their measure. In narcology there is a typology of alcohol consumption depending on its quantity and action per person. In the typology 5 groups are distinguished:

  • constantly drinking;
  • strongly drinking;
  • moderately drinking;
  • accidentally drinking;
  • not drinking.

In order to understand everything, it is necessary to disassemble each group in more detail.

Constantly drinking: people who drink 500 ml of vodka more than once a week - need an encoding from alcohol

For such people, if they have a chance to drink, they do not miss it. If you constantly lead this way of life then, a person begins to change in his appearance. There are neurological disorders.

A person loses his personality, nothing is interesting to him, except for booze. From such a person turns away: family, friends, acquaintances. The interest to work disappears. Thus, a person simply ruins his life. They get used to alcohol so much that it turns into addiction - they need an encoding for alcohol( more on http: //www.alkogolyu.net/ lechenie-alkogolizma / lichnost-alkogolika-do-i-posle-lecheniya-kodirovka-ot-pyanstva) and full treatment for alcoholism.

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Strongly drinking: people who drink about 300 ml of vodka every week - need treatment for drunkenness

For such people, alcohol has an important role in their lives. Such people basically drink alcoholic beverages from a young age, trying very hard to get drunk. When a person "drank heavily" he enters a stage of very strong intoxication, thereby losing complete control over his actions.

Such people start to drink alcohol somewhere at the age of 16, from this moment, the habit begins, and if a person does not drink alcohol, he begins to get very nervous. Strongly drinking person, always becomes an initiator of getting drunk, even if there is no reasonable reason. Such people like to drink very much, in the morning they are rarely ill, but if they are too much, it is inevitable. These people need to think about the treatment of alcoholism.

In moderation drinkers: in Russia this category includes people who consume 150 ml of vodka about 4 times a month, not more than

This category is very difficult to determine by doctors, as not all doctors agree on this point. Such people differ from the previous groups in that they like to drink. They get a good mood, but they do not get drunk to such a state that they do not remember anything. Such people basically do not take a sudden decision to drink. But if there is a talk about drinking, then people of such a plan will wholeheartedly support such a proposal.

Moderately drinking people do not set themselves the goal of getting drunk. Alcohol is a non-primary criterion in their life. But on the weekends, to symbolically drink five drops, is welcome.

Accidental drinkers: people who drink 250 ml of vodka, not more often than once a month

People of this plan are also hard to attribute to drinkers, since they drink very rarely mainly because they simply do not like the taste of alcohol. When such a person drank, he does not like the state of intoxication, and he is no longer in a hurry to increase the dose. People of this category basically drink for one reason to support their friends in the company.

If such a person drank, then for the morning he will have a terrible state of health both physically and psychologically. According to statistics, such people by the age of 40 become "not drinking", they have a complete aversion to alcohol, as well as to people who, due to their intoxication, behave inappropriately, still such people can not stand the smell of fumes.

Not drinkers: a group of people who do not drink alcohol

If a person on such holidays as: New Year, birthday and others, drinks a glass of champagne, he is still a part of this group. The percentage of alcohol is so small that it can not even be counted.

There are many reasons why people do not drink alcohol, but all these reasons can be divided into three groups: biological, medical and convictive. For biological reasons, people simply can not tolerate alcohol. For example, when you drink alcohol, a person's mood worsens. Also, this can be manifested by the fact that a person having drunk alcohol can not digest it because of what the poisoning of the organism takes place.

A person can also refuse to drink alcohol because of personal beliefs. Basically, this happens when a child has grown up in a family of alcoholics, and seeing what kind of parents he is trying to avoid in his adult life. Also, this choice of a person can be influenced by upbringing or religion.

But when circumstances develop so that a person needs a drink, he can afford it. Basically, these people drink a little, so that in the company of drinking people do not seem "white crow".Also these people get drunk very quickly and can not control themselves. But as practice has shown, such people basically do not drink at all, but try to come up with not existing diseases, so that no one pestered them with questions and suggestions.

What leads to alcohol: when you need the encoding and treatment?

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