Urinary incontinence in men

Incontinence or urinary incontinence in men is a serious problem, a condition of the body that involves an uncontrolled leakage of urine. Allocations can occur during the day, in the morning or evening hours - it does not matter. Some ignorant people believe that masculine and ncontinence is a disease. But this is an erroneous opinion, because incontinence is a pathological condition, a sign that testifies to the development of certain pathologies in a man, the progression of diseases. Urinary incontinence in men is associated with aging, but is not always his companion. About seven percent of men face an illness before the age of 65.After reaching this milieu, many more men are incontinent.

The main types of male incontinence

Medical specialists identify the following forms of urological incontinence:

  • Urgent.
  • Night.
  • Stressful.

In the first case, a person feels frequent and very strong urge to urinate due to significant activity of the muscles of the bladder. It is for urge incontinence that a large amount of fluid is released. Night - is less pronounced and almost not controlled by a man. Sneezing, strong laughter, excessive physical activity can lead to stress, followed by involuntary discharge of a small amount of urine. But this is only an excuse, and the real cause of what is happening lies in the disease of the muscular system of the neck of the bladder.

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Enuresis or bedwetting in an adult male can be acquired or congenital. The first option is constant torment and discomfort, anomalies that have been constantly manifesting from childhood and do not allow them to live peacefully. And you can get this ailment due to the development of prostate disease, against the background of constant stresses, infectious lesions of the urogenital tract.

Male enuresis is also classified into:

  • Permanent - a certain amount of urine is excreted daily.
  • With relapses - that is, it periodically gets worse, but there are also remissions.

To understand the complex mechanism of male incontinence, it is necessary to consider the main causes of such unpleasant, uncomfortable manifestations.

What led to incontinence?

In the elderly( over 60 years), specialists often record pathological conditions of the urinary tract. They are the main cause of the appearance of such symptoms. The main ailments leading to incontinence include:

  • Prostate adenoma, prostatitis.
  • Different forms of cystitis.
  • Stones in the bubble.
  • Oncological diseases of the prostate.

The same group can include the effects of surgery and medical radiation on the pelvic organs.

Often, pharmaceutical preparations - their short-term or long-term administration - can trigger incontinence. Such potentially dangerous means are:

  1. Antidepressants, various tranquilizers.
  2. Diuretics, anti-allergy agents.
  3. Remedies for the treatment of high blood pressure.
  4. Anesthetic drugs related to the narcotic.

We list also other diseases that can lead to active development of problems with urinary excretion:

  • Stroke, diabetes, multiple sclerosis.
  • Tumors and injuries of the spinal cord, alcohol damage to the brain.
  • Encephalitis, Parkinson's disease.
  • Malignant neoplasms of the brain.
  • All possible deviations of the psyche from the norm.
  • Epilepsy and excessive relaxation of pelvic muscles( hypodynamia).

Diagnostics and treatment

A medical specialist, referred to by a man with anxious symptoms of incontinence, may assign for the formation of an accurate clinical picture of ultrasound of the prostate and uroflowmetry, examination of the bladder( cystoscopy), X-ray examination of the genitourinary system and kidneys. Without such a diagnosis it will not be possible to put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment that can be:

  • Diet and the right way of life.
  • Gymnastics, therapeutic exercises.
  • Medicines.
  • Surgical intervention.

Usually, strict adherence to a diet is not required, but from the diet it is necessary to exclude spices, spicy and pickled food, excessively salty and sugary foods. You should limit yourself to drinks that contain caffeine. And the basis of nutrition for incontinence in men should be high-fiber foods. As for the way of life, it is recommended to observe the correct daily routine, less to consume alcohol-containing beverages, to give up smoking.

The doctor will tell you about Kegel's special exercises, the regular performance of which gives tremendous results. Important and taking appropriate medications - antibiotics, antidepressants and antispasmodics.

In case of ineffectiveness of these methods, surgical intervention will be required. Depending on the cause of incontinence, a bladder removal, a sling operation, an implantation of a sphincter( artificial), the introduction of a specific gel-like substance into the wall of the urethra can be prescribed to a man. Do not delay with the reference to the doctor at long signs and cardinal methods of treatment, probably, it will turn out to be avoided.

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