Elena Malysheva's advice on receiving goji berries

TV project "To Live Healthily", on one of the leading TV channels of Russian television, dedicated its release to the product, the goji berries, popular in the sphere of healthy lifestyle. The host of this telecast is the professor and doctor of medical sciences Elena Malysheva. About goji berries, she responded not only as a product that helps to lose weight, but also as a tool that positively affects human health. So, what is the benefit of the goji berries on the proposal of Elena Malysheva?

Special attention in the program "Live Healthily" is given to the medicinal properties of popular berries. The doctor notifies that fat for our liver is very toxic, which means that people with excess weight gradually poison their body. According to Elena Malysheva, Tibetan berries contain a lot of dietary fiber, which prevents the ingress of fat cells into the blood.

Therefore, the use of oriental berries contribute to the removal of excess fat from the body and help the liver and does not accumulate it at all. If fatty hepatosis does come, the goji berries help to rid the liver cells of a toxic substance.

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In addition, goji berries contribute to an increase in the general tone of the body, stop aging processes, normalize metabolic processes and strengthen immunity.

Tips from Elena Malysheva

Having ascertained in the useful properties of a miracle product, there may be a question about how to properly brew goji berries? How to take for weight loss? Malysheva will help to find the answer to this question.

Elena Malysheva recommends using any beverages on the basis of goji berries no more than three times a day. In addition to the obvious health effect, these drinks contribute to a significant decrease in appetite, which is quite important when dieting.

All the beauty of goji berries is that they can be consumed not only in pure form, but also add to a wide variety of dishes and drinks.

The most common beverages based on goji berries are: tea, tincture, all kinds of cocktails and wine.

Recipe # 1: tea with goji berries

For tea preparation, take:

  • one tablespoon of dried goji berries;
  • a glass of hot water( but not boiling water);
  • a slice of lemon.

Pour the berries with water and leave to infuse for about 30 minutes.

Recipe # 2: smoothies with goji berries

To prepare smoothies, take:

  • one tablespoon of goji berries;
  • a glass of natural yogurt;
  • a couple tablespoons of any syrup;
  • several ice cubes.

Whisk all the ingredients to a homogeneous consistency with a blender. It is best to drink chilled.

Recipe # 3: tincture based on goji berries

To prepare the tincture, take:

  • 50 g of goji berries;
  • 0.5 liters of vodka.

Pour the berries with vodka and leave to infuse for a week. You can take tincture not more than 20 ml per day.

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