Ideal neckline - reality!

Make a sensation in a sexy outfit with a deep neckline and impress everyone with its flawless neckline. We offer simple procedures and secret stunts of makeup artists that help to achieve an incredible effect. Even it will be possible to optically increase the bust!


1. The skin of the neck and décolleté is susceptible to wilting. Therefore, in the morning and in the evening, moisturize it with cream. If you are under 30, use a cream for simple facial skin care. But if you have crossed this age, apply a cream intended for the skin of the neck and decollete before going to bed. Such preparations are rich in rice proteins and phytocollagen, which will help the skin to become supple.

2. Arrange skin rejuvenating therapy. Apply overnight cream mask, giving the effect of push-up. The drug contains particles that penetrate deep into the skin and expand. Wrinkles are smoothed out, and the skin will become more elastic.

Super-elastic bust

If you are dreaming of demonstrating an attractive cleavage or do not want to wear a bra under a tight dress, take care that the bust is elastic. This will help the simplest domestic ways. Take a contrast shower - for a minute with an interval of 10 seconds change the temperature of the water( then hot, then cold), around the circle, massage the head with water chest. Finish with cool water. You can rub your chest with ice cubes in a cellophane bag. It visibly strengthens the skin.

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Secret tricks of

1. Sunburn on the body is always seductive. Therefore, it is necessary to put on the face and decollete skin tanning, giving a tint of natural tan. The day before applying the drug, make a peeling, then the tan will be distributed evenly.

2. It is possible to give the skin a dark shade with the help of bronzing powder. Choose a color that is darker than the natural shade of your skin. A good effect can be achieved using a powder of several shades. Mix them with a brush and apply to the decollete zone. If you want to seductively emphasize the roundness and visually give the breast volume, apply the powder first to the cleavage, and then brush as if you draw the letter Y. You can use the blush for this.

3. To get a brilliant effect in the literal sense of the word, apply a cream or oil with particles of gold or silver. These components reflect light and hide skin imperfections. But know the measure - too much sparkles look unnatural. From wrinkles in the décolleté area, you can distract attention by emphasizing the clavicle and shoulders with gold.

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