Is it possible to do massage with osteochondrosis

Massage with osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is a rather insidious disease. It is pursued not only by pain in the back area, but also by a violation of the normal activity of the lungs, kidneys, and heart. On the basis of osteochondrosis, depression can occur, due to transmitted nerves, which are related to the brain. Do not ignore any signs of this disease, because it can depend on the state of the body as a whole. The main cause of pain lies in the disruptive process of the intervertebral column. Flexibility of the spine depends entirely on the cartilaginous structure of a person, so you need to take care that it does not become defective, you need to do massage with osteochondrosis.

Symptoms of

If you have any thoughts about osteochondrosis, always consult a doctor. The first month of the disease can be invisible - it is an easy numbness of some parts of the vertebra. Proceeding from the fact in which department of the vertebra began to develop osteochondrosis, such signs can be felt:

  1. a person feels dizzy, pain, a sense of anxiety, and the brain lacks oxygen. It is in these days that the syndrome of a depressive state develops, a person falls in spirit and lacks vital energy;
  2. cervical osteochondrosis is a headache, visual impairment simultaneously with hearing.
  3. thoracic osteochondrosis - pain in the region of the heart, numbness of the hands.
  4. lumbar osteochondrosis - pain in the legs and pelvis during walking and inclination
Self-massage All this can be considered a violation of the spine, it breaks down, as it can not cope with elementary loads.

Muscular disorders of the aetiology of the vertebrae

The main role of the vertebra is to move and maintain the body, so much attention is paid to such violations, they can not be ignored. So, first you need to consider the segments that perform the function of the motor system. With the help of various structures, the vertebrae move relative to each other:

  • disks between the vertebrae;
  • articular double processes;
  • ligaments that perform the connective function.

Reasons for deviation from the norm

Any curvature of the spinal column means physical abnormalities in the region of the musculoskeletal system. The reasons for the deviations are different. They are divided into categories:

  • the cause in muscles: stoop, which became the result of weak back muscles, scoliosis, in case of muscle paralysis on one side;
  • vertebral causes: vertebral deformity( congenital or consequence of rickets, tuberculosis spondylitis) or severe trauma;
  • extra-vertebral causes: scoliosis after a change in the position of the pelvis( one foot shorter than the other, inflammation of the hip joint);

If you do a regular back massage with osteochondrosis, you can completely get rid of the strong tension of the spinal muscles, as well as vertebral aberrations. Also, due to the massage, you can get rid of the congealing of muscle fibers and muscle pain.

Massage Technique

Osteochondrosis of the vertebra is expressed by severe pain. For example, in the case of a disorder of the cervical vertebra, a person encounters intolerable colic in the shoulder and shoulder area, and also experiences a severe headache. Many neurologists advise massage with osteochondrosis of the spine, but this matter must be entrusted to a specialist, do not engage in self-medication - this can provoke the most irreversible consequences.

If everything is right to do, it will help restore normal functioning of the vertebra, and also improve blood circulation. If a person feels better, this does not mean that you can stop treatment. In any case, you need to continue to go to massage and be examined by a doctor.

Massage of the cervical spine with osteochondrosis

In our time, osteochondrosis seriously "rejuvenated".This disease, which is already very widespread, now very often affects people of working age. It should be remembered that in 9 cases out of 10 back pain, in one way or another is associated with osteochondrosis. We have already considered this disease in detail, at the same time we will focus on such a component of treatment as the massage of the cervical spine.

General information about the disease

Since osteochondrosis can manifest itself in different ways, the massage technique should be selected individually

Osteochondrosis is a disease of the spine, in which a degenerative process occurs in the intervertebral discs. The reasons for the development of osteochondrosis are well known to everyone - usually this is an excessive load on the spine( during sports, or due to professional duties), or vice versa - a serious lack of movement( sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle).

The development of the disease is explained by the fact that the intervertebral disc does not have its own blood vessels, it is fed by diffusion from surrounding tissues. Lack of motor activity leads to that, then the natural processes in the cartilage are violated, as a result of which premature aging begins. On the other hand, excessive loads cause damage to the intervertebral discs, resulting in reduced elasticity and strength. In both cases, the result is the appearance of cracks in the outer shell of the disc, through which the pulpous nucleus of the disc falls, leading to the appearance of an intervertebral hernia.

Specificity of the cervical department of

It should be remembered that the neck in general is a fairly vulnerable part of the human body. A large number of blood vessels and nerve channels pass through a relatively small volume. Therefore, the appearance of even a small protrusion, not to mention a full-fledged hernia, never goes unnoticed. On the other hand, the manifestations of osteochondrosis in the cervical section do not always express themselves unambiguously, so it is not uncommon for a person to simply cure a disease that does not exist without suspecting that the problem is in the spine.

In general, the signs of the appearance of osteochondrosis in the cervical spine are pain in the neck, occiput and interblade area, attacks of dizziness, limitation of mobility of the neck. Perhaps the appearance of other rather unexpected signs, for example - increased blood pressure. At the same time, the heart is healthy, as all studies show. But a person begins to persistently "treat pressure", although the reason is quite different.

What can massage help?

Massage, with the treatment of the neck, is more often more effective than exercise therapy

Massage in the treatment of the neck, is often more effective than the exercise therapy

In the treatment of such a disease, the primary task of the doctor is first of all the removal of the pain syndrome. After the pain has been removed or weakened, the real treatment begins, the main task of which is to prevent the progression and relapse of the disease. For this, two main methods are used: physical therapy and massage.

In the case of the neck, exercise therapy is often not so effective, but massage can fully fulfill the tasks assigned to it:

  • weakening or elimination of pain;
  • improved blood circulation in the affected area;
  • elimination of spasms of the muscles of the back and neck;
  • strengthening of the neck muscles.

Specificity of massage of the cervicothoracic spine

The method of performing the massage depends largely on the clinical picture of the disease and on what stage it is. Since osteochondrosis can manifest itself in different ways, then the technique of classical massage should be selected individually. In addition, you need to trust only real experts who can properly perform the massage of the cervical spine, the price in this case is receding into the background - you should not save in such a situation. In the general case, with therapeutic massage, all the usual methods of classical massage are used - stroking, rubbing, kneading, squeezing, vibration.

It should also be remembered that a backbone massage, the video of which you can see below, is usually performed when the acute period of the illness has already passed. Otherwise, there is a risk not to reduce, but to strengthen the pain syndrome. In addition, the performance of the massage should take into account the presence of the patient's concomitant diseases, such as hypertension, circulatory disorders, etc.

In cases where the pain is expressed only on one side, massage should begin with a healthy part of the neck and only then you can go to the painful part, but in the end the neck is equally massaged on both sides. In addition, the exit points of small and large occipital nerves must necessarily be affected, since they suffer from cervical osteochondrosis.

A good effect is also provided by the addition of classical therapeutic massage elements of segmental and acupressure.

In addition, it should be taken into account that in the case when the cause of pain is the instability of the cervical spine, massage should be performed carefully. In this case, you can trust only a highly qualified specialist.

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Is it possible to massage at home with osteochondrosis?

Massage One of the most effective methods of complex therapy of osteochondrosis is massage. It has a multifaceted positive effect on all tissues of the spine, improves their blood supply and properties.

Mechanism of the effect of massage on the spine with osteochondrosis

The mechanical effect on the back or neck tissue causes a number of effects that have a curative effect on the spine in osteochondrosis. These include:

  • strengthening of the blood supply to the back tissues - massage causes warming up of the skin and subcutaneous tissue,speed passing through blood vessels, opens unused vessels( collaterals).As a result, this leads to increased nutrition( trophism) of cartilages of intervertebral discs, bone tissue and muscles;
  • reduction of lymphatic stasis( lymph drainage) is an important effect in which prerequisites are created to relieve edema and inflammation of the ridge tissues;
  • increase the elasticity of cartilage and connective tissue ligament between the vertebrae;
  • relaxation of striated back muscles, spasmodic in osteochondrosis - this is possible due to the warming action of the massage;
  • muscle strengthening in the initial stages of osteochondrosis or vertebral instability is achieved through toning massage and special gymnastic exercises.

Indication for massage is the osteochondrosis of any part of the spine, the type and technique is determined by the attending physician in accordance with the state of the ridge and the severity of pathological changes such as the presence of intervertebral hernia, marked infringement of the spinal roots, subluxation of the vertebral spine joints, etc.


There are several conditions,which the holding of massage is undesirable and can cause adverse consequences:

  • acute pain, initiated by infringement of spine rootsRSA or pronounced inflammation;
  • presence of one or more hernias of the disk between the vertebrae;
  • joint dislocation between the processes of the vertebrae;
  • general intoxication of the body against infection with fever and fever;
  • severe somatic diseases of internal organs in the stage of decompensation( cardiac or renal insufficiency, liver pathology).

It is important when performing a massage correctly and adequately choose its appearance and technique.

Conditions for carrying out the

In addition to the technique of performing the massage, the conditions in which it is performed are very important, they must ensure maximum comfort and relaxation of the patient. It is necessary to adhere to such rules:

  • selection of lighting - the light should not be bright and sharp, the best option is a reflected, soft yellow light;
  • compliance with the temperature regime - since the patient is in a semi-nude state, the temperature for his comfort is 22-23 ° C;
  • a place for massage - a horizontal surface is used, which should not be too soft, couch is best suited;
  • prevention of noise - massage is desirable to be carried out in silence, it is supposed, easy soft music for the best relaxation of the patient.
All these conditions are strictly observed in the massage parlor or in the office in the medical clinic.

Back massage for osteochondrosis at home

Usually, with osteochondrosis, massage is prescribed by a long course with everyday exercise. This gives certain inconveniences to the patient - everyday trips to the salon or office, which can adversely affect the results of treatment, especially in the winter. Therefore, it is allowed to perform a massage at home under the following conditions:

  • the beginning of this procedure, the type, technique and duration of the massage course is determined by the attending physician;
  • massage should be performed only by a certified masseur, who will accurately and correctly follow all the doctor's recommendations;
  • at home it is necessary to prepare a room with conditions corresponding to the above recommendations regarding lighting, couches and silence.

Back massage at home with osteochondrosis is a good therapeutic measure for osteochondrosis, which can be more expensive than in the salon or office. However, this is offset by the lack of daily trips to massage facilities.

Can I do a massage with osteochondrosis?

In the last material "How to cope with the exacerbation of cervical osteochondrosis?" We got acquainted with the basic principles of osteochondrosis treatment, which can effectively help you cope with the pain in exacerbation of cervical osteochondrosis at home.

Today we will talk about massage and self-massage, which occupy an important place in the independent treatment of cervical osteochondrosis and osteochondrosis of other parts of the spine.

I decided not to clog your head with unnecessary information about what massage is, what types of massage exist, what techniques are used, etc.

Today I will share with you only the information that you really need in the fight against osteochondrosis at home.

What are the positive effects of massage with osteochondrosis of the spine?

With proper application, massage has the following positive effects in osteochondrosis of the spine:

  • increases blood and lymph circulation in muscles and ligaments;
  • eliminates muscle tension and improves muscle contractile function;
  • strengthens the ligaments and increases the mobility of the spine;
  • increases metabolism in muscles, ligaments and intervertebral discs;
  • restores spinal efficiency.

Please note that there are contraindications to the massage.

it is necessary to take into account, because this procedure affects not only the spine, but also the whole organism.

If you decide to go for a massage, you should definitely know this information, since not all massage therapists can ask you about the presence of this or that disease.

Here is the main list of contraindications to massage:

  • acute diseases, which are accompanied by fever and general malaise;
  • exacerbation of any chronic disease, including osteochondrosis;
  • blood disease;
  • aneurysms of the aorta and large vessels;
  • oncology;
  • deficiency of kidney and liver.

Warning. Massage is performed in the stage of remission, that is, without exacerbation of the osteochondrosis of the spine( when pain is absent).

Spinal massage can be performed in 2 ways

  • massage with massage therapist and
  • self-massage.

Let's look at each method of massage of the spine from a practical point of view.

Massage of the spine with the help of a massage therapist is more effective, because:

  • it is conducted by a specialist who knows the techniques and techniques of massage, while you do not own it so artfully;
  • you are in a relaxed state, which is very important during the massage;
  • the masseur is available all your back, whereas you can massage yourself only those parts of the spine to which you reach.

The disadvantages of this method of massage of the spine are obvious:

  • is the cost of money and the
  • is time consuming.

A good masseur, as a rule, is worth "good money".And not every masseur will come to your house, so you often need to spend time on the road to it.

Therefore, if you can not afford such a waste of money and / or time, then at least use self-massage of the spine.

is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Yes, it's not as effective, but it's better than nothing at all!

It's time to master the self-massage of the spine!

The basic rules of self-massage of the spine, which you must observe:

  • you must be relaxed, no one and nothing should distract you. Concentrate on your body and in the process of massage. Imagine how your muscles relax and the spine is relieved of stress. Thus, you mentally send impulses to the spine and muscles, which enhances relaxation and the effect of massage;
  • with a massage of the cervical spine all movements should go from the nape down to the shoulders. With back massage - from the spine to the sides and from the top down. So you will go on a current of a lymph to lymphonoduses and to improve a lymph drainage;
  • breathe freely, calmly, without delay;
  • self-massage procedure can last from 5 to 20 minutes, it is advisable to perform it daily or at least every other day.

There are 4 main massage techniques that you can use for self-massage of the spine:

  1. stroking - light sliding with the palm pressed over the skin, while the skin does not move. The main effect is the opening of the capillaries and an improvement in the outflow of blood.the method starts and ends the self-massage of the spine;
  2. grinding - the displacement of tissues in different directions, is carried out with both hands. The main effect is an increase in local blood circulation and better nutrition and oxygen delivery to tissues;
  3. kneading - gripping, lifting and squeezing the fabric, without jerks and very smoothly. The main effect is an increase in the tone and contractile function of the muscles;
  4. vibration - giving a jitter of the massaged body part. The main effect is an increase in metabolism in tissues, an increase in muscle tone.

Examples of self-massage of the spine for each day

Now the most interesting. I will give you two very simple examples of self-massage for each department of the spine. Each of them should be performed for 2-3 minutes.

Cervical spine

  1. Sit on a chair, the back is even, legs parallel to each other. In the direction from the nape downwards and then to the shoulders, stroke the back surface of the neck with one or two palms pressed alternately, smoothly.
  2. Stay in the same position. Put four fingers of each hand on each side of the spine at the back of the neck. Fingers tightly pressed against each other. Circular movements move in the direction from the nape downwards and then to the shoulders.

Thoracic spine

  1. For this example, you will need a towel. The back should be naked. Fold the towel along several times to keep it comfortable. Sit flat, legs parallel to each other. Arrange the towel from behind on your back just above your shoulders and start rubbing towards the waist. Repeat several times and then triturate, holding the towel with one hand on top, the other on the bottom.
  2. The situation is the same. One hand bring back from above or through the neck( as you prefer), and hold the second hand, if necessary for convenience. Blend the area between the blades from top to bottom on one side, then the other hand on the other side. Do not try to push your hand as far as possible, so that you will begin to lean to the side and there will be no effect. Do as the hand reaches out.

The lumbar spine of the spine

It is possible to do in the standing positions while standing, while the body needs to be slightly deflected back, sitting or lying on its side.

  1. Take a convenient starting position for you. Place the palms along the spine on both sides. Run smooth rubbing from top to bottom.
  2. Take a convenient starting position for you. Hook your hands in the lock and massaged along the backbone along the spine from top to bottom on one side, then on the other.

And finally. ..

I recommend that you perform a self-massage not only for that part of the spine that gives you problems, but for all other parts of the spine, too. This approach will give you the best result in terms of treatment, and in terms of prevention of osteochondrosis.

Do not be lazy, be sure to start doing these exercises today. Moreover, do them right now!

And you immediately feel like your back thanks you. Love yourself, take care of yourself and your body, and in time you will see a change in yourself for the better!

I hope this article "Is it possible to do massage with osteochondrosis?" Was useful for you. If so, then I did not in vain try and prepare it for you.

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Try now to self-massage and write in comments about your first feelings

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Massage for cervical osteochondrosis

Principles of treatment of osteochondrosis

During the exacerbation of cervical osteochondrosis, the main focus is on drug therapy and compliance with the sparing regimen, whose goal is to stop the pain syndrome, the effects of compression and ischemia of the peripheral nervous system. After the acute period, the treatment should not stop, even if the patient does not bother. In order to achieve long-term remission and to minimize the number of exacerbations, it is necessary to constantly apply such methods as therapeutic massage and gymnastics, stretching, physiotherapy, sanatorium treatment.

Massage with cervical osteochondrosis is quite effective therapeutic and prophylactic measure, provided it is correctly performed and combined with other methods of treatment. It allows you to significantly reduce the rigidity of the neck muscles, improve blood circulation and lymph circulation in tissues located in the immediate vicinity of the cervical spine. With hypotrophy associated with spinal syndrome, massage of the upper extremities helps to strengthen the muscles, improve their trophism and innervation.

Nevertheless, whether it is possible to do massage in each specific situation should be determined by the attending physician, since this medical manipulation has contraindications. With osteochondrosis of the cervical department, the most effective is therapeutic( classical) massage. It is shown to most patients after the exacerbation subsides, and is performed every day by a course of 10-15 procedures. In the absence of exacerbation, it is desirable to repeat courses every 4-6 months, if the patient has no contraindications.

Contraindications for therapeutic massage

  • the presence of severe pain syndrome associated with exacerbation of osteochondrosis;
  • persistent hypertension;
  • severe cardiovascular pathology in the decompensation stage;
  • infectious diseases that occur with fever;
  • skin diseases( pustular lesions, dermatitis, neoplasm).

Massage Technique

For the procedure the patient should take a position lying on his stomach or sitting, with a special chair. The neck muscles should be completely relaxed, the head slightly tilted forward. Massage of the neck-collar zone, neck and occipital part of the head is performed.

  1. In the beginning strokes are made, the direction of movement goes from the nape to the upper back and shoulders. Such strokes should be 10-12, covered by the posterior and lateral surface of the neck. Efforts applied to the surface of the neck are small and do not cause the skin to shift relative to the muscles.
  2. After strokes, they move to longitudinal squeezing. This technique requires more significant effort, so it should be done with caution, especially at the first sessions. Squeezing is performed by phalanxes of bent fingers along the spine 4-6 times on each side.
  3. The next technique is kneading. The muscles of the neck are grasped and fingers or by circular movements with bent phalanges. The group of muscles is first stretched along the spine, after which they pass to the side groups.
  4. Then, longitudinal rubbing with thumb-pads 6-8 times, grasping the posterior and lateral surfaces of the neck. If the patient has pain, then the effort should be weakened. The same images are massaged shoulder-straps. After stroking them, squeezing and grinding of the upper trapezium muscle bundles on both sides is done.
  5. Finish neck massage with strokes, then move to the occipital region. Make circular strokes with spread fingers, then do small-intensity squeezing. At the end, rubbing the occipital part of the head. The duration of the session is 25-35 minutes.


During the exacerbation of cervical osteochondrosis, accompanied by acute pain, so-called acupressure massage can be used. This technique consists in stimulation of biologically active points by pressure on them by different parts of the fingers. As a rule, finger pressure is performed in areas that are anatomically distant from the place where pain is localized.

The pressure on the active points is carried out with varying intensity and duration and depends on the severity of the pain syndrome. With severe pain, the pressure is more intense, sometimes painful for the patient, and reaches 5 minutes. As the pain subsides, the effect becomes less intense and lasts up to 3 minutes. A good effect of this procedure is given with headache due to the deficiency of the vertebral artery.

The optimal option is to entrust the performance of a massage, both classical and point-wise to a qualified specialist, and go to a medical institution where there is a massage room. If for any reason you can not get professional help, then at home you can do the following types of massage:

  • Self-massage. The techniques of classical massage are adapted so that the patient can perform them himself. You can manipulate in a standing or sitting position. Begin by stroking the palms of the scalp to the upper back. Then go to the squeezing, which is done just like stroking, only more intensively with the redistribution of the load on the thumb. Then rubbing with pads pressed against each other, making circular motions on the back and side surfaces of the neck. Finish self-massage kneading. Muscles, grasping together with the skin, and fingering with pads of fingers. This technique should cover the back and side muscles of the neck. The duration of one session is 20-25 minutes, self-massage is done every day for 2 weeks.
  • Use of massagers. For the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis, you can use some massagers. These can be simple devices like Kuznetsov's applicator or a roller massager. They are very simple to use and do not require any complicated actions. It is enough, just for a few minutes to lie on the massager, after which blood supply and metabolic processes are improved at the site of exposure.
  • Honey massage. This method involves applying honey to the skin of the neck. After that, little effort is put on this area with the palms, pressing and tearing them away from the surface of the skin. Manipulation continues until the honey is absorbed into the skin, usually 5-10 minutes. The therapeutic effect is caused not so much by the mechanical action on the affected tissues, as by the action of the biologically active substances that are contained in honey, and have an anti-inflammatory effect.
See also:

This provides action strictly on a certain area, which increases efficiency.

Action and Scheme of Acupressure

You can act on the body points with the pressure that you need in your situation. Specialists distinguish: strong, medium and weak.

  • Strong influence - it is responsible for anesthesia and such a point massage lasts for osteochondrosis three to five minutes.
  • The average guarantees a calming effect, the duration of the massage is two to three minutes.
  • Weak effect - is used for preventive purposes, in more serious cases its effect is meaningless.

Whether it is possible to do massage at an osteochondrosis, after all during a complication of the given illness, especially its cervical variety, there are attacks of sharp pain. They increase at the time of movement, grabbing the neck and hand. In this case, you should go to the doctor in charge, perhaps you will be allowed and prescribe the massage of the cervical spine, as it strengthens the muscles, and removes painful manifestations. Selection of the method is possible only under the supervision of a specialist.

If the complex is selected, and you do not have the opportunity to visit the master regularly, you can conduct the procedure yourself. To have an idea of ​​how kneading happens, you can watch a video of neck massage with osteochondrosis. To make a point impact, you need to follow a certain pattern:

  • Initially focus on the fen-fu point( located just below the occiput), for about one minute, it is necessary to screw in accordance with the clockwise direction, holding it for a minute and doing the opposite.
  • Now the point of fen - chi, it passes at a width of five centimeters from the mastoid process of the temporal bone of the skull. A similar effect.
  • The next point is me - men, an interval of five centimeters from feng - fu. Repeat screwing in the same pattern.
  • The last point is yes - zhui, C7 protruding vertebra. Screw in with the utmost care.

Contraindications for massage

After a therapeutic massage with osteochondrosis, you can feel weakness and lightheadedness, so try to rest a little. With such a disease, kneading is a more effective way of helping than physical education and medication. Just remember that this all acts at the initial stage of the development of the disease. If osteochondrosis is started, then one massage will not be enough.

Remember that doing anything without consulting a doctor is silly. This you only lead to complications. The specialist will conduct a competent diagnosis and develop a correct course of therapy.

Procedures such as kneading and massaging can be prescribed to the patient, but possibly vice versa, because any action entails its limitations and prohibitions. So massage with cervical osteochondrosis contraindications is weighty:

  • Presence of a tumor.
  • Patient with an open form of tuberculosis.
  • Presence of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Available warts, moles and skin lesions at the massage site.

Approximate location of points for neck massage with osteochondrosis

Self-massage technique

A useful, effective and at the same time convenient method of massage is self-massage for osteochondrosis of the cervical region. The patient himself chooses the time and place of the procedure, determines the pressure on the affected area - this is quite comfortable. An important rule that must be observed when self-massage is the exact observance of the doctor's prescriptions. Massaging should start from the hair growth zone to the area below the shoulders. Step-by-step massage technique for cervical osteochondrosis:

  • Careful stroking of the inflamed area by pressing the palm harder against the skin integuments( massage for half a minute).
  • Massage, the edge of the palm, trying to squeeze as tightly as possible to the skin( even the use of small pads of thumbs).
  • Fingers make stretching the skin, slightly pulling it from side to side of the spine.
  • Reinforce the skin in the area of ​​inflammation, only look, so that movements do not cause unpleasant sensations. If there is a pain syndrome - immediately stop the exposure.
  • Now you should repeat the first stage of the massage.

One of the important remarks: if you have neck problems and you are diagnosed with osteochondrosis, massage of the cervical spine will be difficult to perform on your own, it's better to find an expert for yourself. But if you decide to practice self-massage, stick solely to such movements of hands:

  • Circular( with the help of four fingers of two hands).
  • Dotted( from vertebrae to sides).

Self-massage can be done on the hands, shoulders and on the collar zone, occasionally it is produced in the nape of the neck.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage for cervical osteochondrosis, in particular, the collar zone, should be done in the morning. The procedure will take about ten to fifteen minutes.

  • Initially made circular "ironing" from the side of the neck.
  • The grinding is then carried out in the same direction.
  • And to the conclusion of massage it is necessary to stretch muscular tissues well. Just remember that you should not squeeze, there are vital - important arteries here. With excessive pressure, you can easily lose consciousness.

Pathological changes in the discs with osteochondrosis.

Massage of the cervical osteochondrosis relaxes muscles and stimulates to work. This procedure normalizes blood circulation in the zone of the ridge and intervertebral discs. If you add to the massage trips to the pool, a positive result will double, and you will soon achieve a complete recovery of health.

With such an ailment as osteochondrosis - massage at home should be done constantly. This will be a good preventive way, because it removes unnecessary load from the muscles and improves their tone. Often, massage is done by courses( at least 10 sessions), during breaks you can add an easy charge useful for the body. The degenerative ailment of the cartilaginous tissue is one of the frequent phenomena, so there are many questions, and can massage be done with cervical osteochondrosis?

Let's try to answer. With a massage, we get a more effective result than with exercise therapy( LFK).When performing an action, first of all, a person waits, when the pain subsides, only then you can proceed to the main treatment. Massage prevents the development of osteochondrosis and acts directly on the area of ​​inflammation. For this reason, massage can be done and even necessary.

An exception can only be the acute stage of the disease with severe pain. In such situations, before the symptomatology softens, complete rest and medication is used.

Massagers and their varieties

Unfortunately, in the context of the economic crisis, funds for the constant passage of courses of massage therapy from professionals are not always enough. Independently, this procedure is not everyone can do. Massagers will be the optimal solution. They are not too expensive, and in operation are as simple as possible.

When osteochondrosis of the cervical department a massager - it will be able to muffle an attack of pain. At the moment there are different types of similar devices:

Cervical massage - an excellent method of treating osteochondrosis |Portal "Aesthetics Beauty for women and men"

509.04.13 / 10: 08 Will massage help with cervical osteochondrosis if it is considered that the degenerative process occurring in the fibrous-cartilaginous disk is not reversible?

Skeptics in this regard have their own opinion - in general, they call the massage an ineffective procedure. Any conviction has a basis, because there are also those who leave the massage room without any improvement, even after having completed several courses.

What is the reason for the inefficiency? Perhaps, in the low qualification of a masseur - it is difficult to say. However, it can be said with certainty that often massage with cervical osteochondrosis does not bring any effect through the fault of the patient who does not follow the recommendations of the doctor and the masseur properly.

Is it worth it to do massage

What should I do - do I have to do neck osteochondrosis massage or not? Experts say that yes - a massage of cervical osteochondrosis is mandatory in the presence of a testimony. And in order to get the maximum benefit, it is necessary to follow the elementary rules and follow the recommendations. Of course, you do not have to wait for a miracle if you decide to massage the cervical spine, because a disease that has been earned for years will not recede in several sessions. Massage cervical osteochondrosis - this is not a panacea, but not a vain procedure.

When can I massage

To begin massage of a cervical zone follows only during a calm of symptoms as during exacerbations procedure is counter-indicative. Massage of the cervical osteochondrosis can not stop the degradation of the disc, so do not expect a miracle. The task of a specialist who performs neck-and-neck massage involves improving blood circulation and lymph flow in this area, as well as reducing hypertension in the neck muscles, back muscles, and paravertebral muscles.

Thus, the result should be a decrease in the intensity of the pain syndrome. Reduce pain and improve the functional state of the affected area - this is the main goal, which bears the neck-and-neck massage. Massage of the cervical osteochondrosis is performed in the supine or sitting position.

The main field of activity of the masseur is the cervical-collar zone and the occipital region. Positively affect massage in the back area.

How to do massage of the cervical-collar zone correctly? It is better, of course, to massage the neck zone from a professional - a masseur with qualifications. Massage of the neck and collar zone involves the use of traditional techniques, including acupressure, which you can not do yourself without having the skills. If there is occipital neuralgia, accompanied by headaches, it is desirable to massage the output points related to the occipital nerve.

What gives massage

Massage of the neck and collar zone is massaging the cervical and shoulder zones. In addition to treating osteochondrosis, it normalizes blood pressure, treats migraines. Therefore, a comprehensive effect can give exactly the right massage.

The neck-collar zone is the location of many receptors( sympathetic and parasympathetic centers of the thoracic region).Proceeding from this, having received the necessary treatment and competent massage, the cervical-collar zone will begin to function correctly, i.e.duly respond to treatment, and uses its resources to relieve tension in the back, correct posture.

To whom treatment with massage

is indicated Massage, the cervical-collar zone at which begins to relax, is useful to people, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and not engaged in physical exercises. Because of this, the brain does not receive a sufficient flow of blood, and this causes a different kind of malaise.

Neck and trapezius muscles massage on both sides. It is carried out by stroking, squeezing and kneading. Collar massage requires that the masseur know and know a lot, because there are arteries on the neck, which can not be subjected to coarse or incorrect influences.

Collar massage, a video lesson of which can be found on the Internet, is allowed to be done at home. With a massage of the cervical region, pain may occur, but do not be afraid of it. Soreness arises from pressing on the points determining the presence of the disease. Despite the soreness that you just need to endure, collar massage will greatly facilitate and improve overall well-being. After each procedure, the collar zone, the massage you are doing, will be less painful. In return, neck massage stimulates the appearance of vivacity and increased efficiency.

Massage of the neck zone will relieve insomnia and irritability. The neck, arms, shoulders and back will become much more flexible if you do a massage. The cervical department is the most mobile part of the spine, so massage of the cervical department will also save from stoop. If you spend a year from 1 to 3 courses, which include a comprehensive treatment and massage of the cervical region, then the regal bearing and the flying gait are provided. If the zone of instability was the collar zone - massage is simply necessary.

Vulnerable part of the spine

Speaking of traumatic injuries, the cervical section in this sense is the most vulnerable part of the spine. And if the muscular corset of the cervical region is weakened, which increases the risk of injury, strengthen it will help massage. The neck department can be restored by applying a collar massage. Video lessons clearly show the entire procedure of neck massage.

Physiological actions are greatly enhanced if you do a competent neck massage( video search on the Internet).However, depending on what kind of disease is present, and what degree of neglect, the number of sessions, including therapeutic treatment and neck-and-neck massage, and the intensity of their sessions, depends.

To the note. We recommend that you contact a professional masseuse, and only after receiving detailed consultation and approval with his careful, turn to video lessons.

Strengthening the effect of

To fix and enhance the effect that is obtained from the massage on the cervical section, it is better to go through the procedure of acupressure. The specialist will be able to professionally influence the points, the location of which is the collar zone. One point massage takes about two minutes. Both techniques carried out in combination are particularly effective. If you want to find out how to properly massage your neck, the video materials laid out on the Internet will visually show the whole procedure from beginning to end.

It should not be forgotten, however, that massage with cervical osteochondrosis can not be used as an independent method of cure. It is necessary to combine with such types of treatment as traction and manual therapy, physiotherapy and other methods of influencing the sick area, such as the collar zone. Massage in itself is not an integrated approach. Therefore, only consolidation of efforts of the doctor, masseur and patient will give the expected result.

Can I massage my neck with osteochondrosis?.


In the form of a massage, you can roll, lying on your back, a bottle of hot water wrapped in a towel.

Vasily Ushakov

Of course you can, and triturate with lilac flowers, or sabernik, aira, ledum, mattress, belozor.


Of course you can, but it's better to contact a specialist.


In general it is possible and necessary, but it is worth remembering that mechanical massagers can make things worse.
If there is a weakness in the ligaments, the presence of protrusions and hernias in the cervical region is a contraindication for masseurs.
And so. Required gymnastics to strengthen the muscles of the neck, the pool, you can independently knead your neck with your hands.

Max Plankoff

You can. BUT the pens are much more effective. .

Martha Makeeva

yes it is possible, but after the

OPERATING PROCESS has passed Olga Oliynyk( Maletina)

Everything in the complex- massage, special exercises. The complex can be selected. Do without stress. Massage is manual, expensive.

alpina xxxx

Cervical massage will help to get rid of such ailments. Its main purpose is to remove muscular clamps in this area, improve blood circulation, and relieve pain in the occiput. Neck massage allows you to get rid of fatigue, overwork, headaches, dizziness, it is an excellent tool in the treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis. During such massage the blood flow in the brain is stimulated, due to this the arterial pressure is normalized, therefore it is often prescribed for hypertension.
The basic techniques that are used during cervical massage are kneading, rubbing and stroking. During this procedure, the muscles of the neck are toned and strengthened, this is especially important with sedentary work, since in this case the load on the neck increases.
This massage lasts approximately 10 minutes, massage techniques are constantly changing. The procedure should be carried out especially carefully, as the spine is very fragile, and the skin in this area is very sensitive. The expert should correctly calculate the effort with which massage techniques are performed, so as not to cause harm.
The effect of neck massage can be felt after the first procedure - there is a feeling of lightness and relaxation.
During the first massage sessions, painful sensations may occur. Gradually they will cease - this means that the existing problems are eliminated.
To get rid of the pain syndrome and strengthen the neck muscles, you can use a massage massage with light massaging movements, and you can also use a massager-track. It is a tape that consists of rollers. The massager can massage only the lateral and posterior surfaces of the neck.
Very nice and useful effect will have a hydro massage of the cervical department. The massage effect is provided by water jets that flow under pressure. To improve the result, the water temperature during the session can vary.
Neck massage also has a cosmetic effect. It is known that the skin on the neck is very thin and prone to appearing on it early wrinkles, the massage tones the skin and, if performed regularly, helps prevent their appearance.

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