How to get out of the binge at home urgently?

How to get out of the binge at home urgently?

Alcoholism is a real scourge of the 21st century. According to statistics, every fifth family faces this problem.

There are many special clinics and centers where alcohol-dependent people get rid of addiction and return to normal high-grade life, for example the Krasnodar regional branch of the Healthy Youth Center BF t.8( 800) 770 00 95. But what if you need to get out of binge in a short time, and there is no way to contact a medical institution in the next few days? Let's consider some variants how to deduce from a drinking-bout at home conditions urgently.


Make sure that the patient sleeps as much as possible. Sleep contributes to distraction from thoughts about alcohol and general recovery of the body. When giving sedatives, make sure that you do not have access to alcohol. The combination of sleeping pills and alcohol can give an unpredictable and very sad result.

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It is also useful to know how to remove alcohol from the body quickly at home. To do this, you can use safe diuretics, for example, the drug "Furasemid."But it is better to give the patient natural remedies - a decoction of rose hips and a weak green tea with honey. Such drinks not only bring alcohol, but also replenish the supplies of vitamin C, which is so necessary for recovery after excessive intake of alcohol.


You can give the drug "Regidron", it provides not only the elimination of alcohol, but also the activation of all body functions to maintain the proper functioning of the organs during detoxification.

Physical exercises

Active exercises, for example, classes on the simulator, help to quickly break down the products of alcohol breakdown and remove them from the body. The blood begins to circulate faster, which ensures an early recovery. In addition, when the hands and feet are occupied, the thought of libation fades into the background, which is very important for an alcohol-dependent person.


Equally important is the proper nutrition during detoxification. Recommended maximum amount of liquid food: soups, broths, decoctions, steamed vegetables and meat. Very useful is warm milk with honey and decoctions of chamomile.

Distract the person

He must switch his thoughts to something new. It can be like talking with family and friends, and watching an interesting new movie, reading entertaining literature. Do everything possible to attract the attention of an alcohol-dependent person to these valuable things: nature, communication with animals and children.

Be sure to contact the appropriate medical institution as soon as possible. Only this will help to avoid poisoning with ethyl alcohol and other severe consequences of binge drinking.

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