Aromatherapy instead of drugs?

Aromatherapy instead of medications?

In recent years, interest in the science sector such as aromatherapy has grown significantly worldwide. Someone selflessly tries to prove that aromatherapy is something of a kind of exoteric, occult powers, slightly casting off sorcery and shamanism. Many experts say that it should be regarded as a separate branch of medicine and predict a very promising future for it. For a long time, aromatherapy has received such an abundance of positive and negative characteristics, so overgrown with speculation and prejudice, that the majority of people know nothing about it at all.

Meanwhile, with the help of aromatherapy it is possible to prevent certain diseases or to affect beneficially the already existing diseases. Of course, in no case can we not say that aromatherapy is a panacea, and with the help of essential oils you can cure everything. This is not true. But not to take into account the effects of essential oils is simply impossible. Specialists distinguish the following types of action:

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Psycho-emotional impact of essential oils

In this case, it is about the effect on the nervous system of the human body. Very often, the cause of this or that disease is the stress that accompanies our rapid pace of life. To date, there is no more effective means of getting rid of stress than aromatherapy and psychotherapy. Essential oils significantly increase the production of hormones of happiness - endorphins, and, for example, juniper and geranium oils have a unique ability to directly affect stress hormones.

Therapeutic effect of essential oils

It should be noted that all, without exception, essential oils have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Rosemary oil allows faster recovery of cells after strokes and heart attacks, fennel normalizes the hormonal level of the body, eucalyptus enhances the amount of oxygen entering the cells, lavender increases immunity - and this is only a small fraction of what essential oils are capable of when properly applied!

As we can see, with the help of aromatherapy it is possible to achieve good results in the fight against many diseases, it is important only to be able to use them correctly. First of all, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions for use and not to violate the recommended dosage. It must be understood that essential oils can not be used as an independent means, they need a base, the basis on which they will be applied. It can be like any other base oil, and your favorite hand or face cream. You can not neglect possible contraindications and, of course, it is desirable to have at least a minimum of knowledge about what oil and how you are going to apply.

In numerous women's forums, you can find a huge number of tips and recipes on the use of aromatherapy to address such an age-old female problem as weight loss. It will be better, of course, if aromatherapy goes in addition to a diet or other method of losing weight. Aromatherapy helps to significantly reduce appetite, improves metabolism and allows you to adjust the figure after losing weight. Moreover, in addition to breathing in oils, they can be rubbed, you can take baths with them - all this is not only pleasant, but also very useful for the body!

Aromatherapy is not yet as often an independent part of traditional medicine, but it is fully capable of it. Essential oils are natural, with proper use can help in the treatment of many diseases, both physiological and psychological. In general, treatment with essential oils is not from the realm of fantasy, it's the reality of today!

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