What are goji berries and how to distinguish them from barberry?

Goji berries are the berries of Chinese wood, needle-shaped shrubbery of Solanaceae family, which grows around the world. Berries are grown in China, Mongolia, Europe and even Russia. It is believed that the most valuable berries grow in the Chinese province of Ningxia, the Himalayas and Tibet. They have a high value because they grow in a unique soil composition. Harvesting takes place from May to September, but berries collected from August to September are considered especially valuable.

In China and Tibet, these berries have long been used in non-traditional medicine and as a useful food additive. They are equated to a natural complex of vitamins. In Europe and Russia, the popularity of goji berries has come relatively recently and information on the beneficial properties of these fruits is now being actively disseminated. We often call goji berries "ordinary daisy" or "wolfberry".

Goji berries have a unique chemical composition. They contain a huge amount of useful substances, vitamins and minerals, namely:

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  • 4 polysaccharide;
  • 21 mineral;
  • 6 monosaccharides;
  • 6 carotenoids;
  • beta-carotene;Vitamins B, C and E;
  • 18 amino acids.

Differences of goji berries from barberry

In appearance they are very similar, however, it is still possible to distinguish them. Let's figure out how the goji berries differ from barberry.

  1. The fruits of barberry are flattened and sourish to the taste.
  2. Goji berries have a chubby elongated shape with pointed tips and they taste sweet with light bitterness.
  3. Goji berries should be monophonic and not too bright colors, which means that the berries are not colored.
  4. The size of the berries varies from 1 and 2 centimeters. The smaller berries, as a rule, should be cheaper.
  5. Inside one berry should be at least 10 small yellow seeds.
  6. Goji berries to the touch should be dry and hard enough.
  7. When brewing the real berries goji do not sink, but float to the surface of the water.

Knowing the main differences, of course, does not give a 100% guarantee of purchasing a natural and quality product, but it will save you from purchasing a low-quality and cheap counterfeit for an unjustified cost.

To purchase the original product, only trusted manufacturers and suppliers should be contacted.

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