Cough remedy - how to make the right choice?

Cough remedy - how to make the right choice?

Take medicine only on the advice of a doctor. However, very often people themselves choose to choose these or other drugs. Most often this happens with the symptoms of colds. At the first manifestations people try to find a remedy that will stop the disease and prevent it from spilling over into other more neglected forms.

It is not uncommon for a cough to be a harbinger of a cold. At its first manifestations people try to eliminate it. In order to do this effectively, the choice of a particular tool is very important. And in order to know how to treat, you need to know what we are going to treat. In the case of a cough, you need to identify what kind of cough you see. There are several of them.

Types of cough

Conditionally, you can divide the cough into two types, namely, wet and dry. In order to determine what a cough is, one should listen to the sounds that accompany it.

Dry cough accompanied by a dry sound. With this cough, a person experiences unpleasant or even painful sensations in the throat. In the case of such a cough, sputum is not secreted. Dry cough is one of the first manifestations of colds.

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A wet cough is accompanied by a more sonorous sound and sputum secretion. Such productive cough is observed at the stage of human recovery. It promotes the purification of the lungs and bronchi.

Proceeding from this conditional classification, it is recommended to have in the home medicine cabinet two different means for both cases.

Composition of the preparation

Regardless of the type of cough, the composition of the chosen product is very important for its treatment. In most of the medicines, manufacturers add many auxiliary components for greater efficiency. However, individual components, in particular additional ones, can cause an allergic reaction. Moreover, during the period of illness the weakened organism is more prone to such phenomena. That is why it is recommended to give preference to preparations with a relatively simple composition, which includes no more than 3 components. This is especially important for people prone to various allergies.

Especially caution should be used preparations containing menthol or camphor oil. These ingredients are often found in the composition of various cough remedies. The thing is that these components most often cause allergic reactions. In addition, even if a person does not have allergies, these ingredients have a strong irritant effect on the mucous membrane. They can also cause respiratory arrest and other undesirable complications.

Form release

Means for coughing can be in liquid form or solid, can be produced as syrups, sprays, powders, lozenges or tablets. In principle, the form of release does not affect the effectiveness of the drug. Form matters except in the case of children. For children, the best option is syrups and sprays. The use of tablets or lozenges can be dangerous and lead to asphyxia.

As a conclusion, it should be noted that cough is only one of the symptoms of the disease. For its complete treatment, an integrated approach is required. It is necessary to fight not with symptoms, but with the causes of the disease. For effective and safe treatment it is recommended to consult with the doctor on this matter.

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