10 unexpected facts about the penis

1. The largest penis of our time

John Falcon is recognized as the most impressive dignity. His farm in an excited state reaches 34-35 cm. The immodest size of the penis sometimes plays a cruel joke with its owner. Once, during a search at the San Francisco airport, John was suspected of carrying illegal baggage between his legs. The honest answer of the record holder that this is his member's bulge, did not satisfy the inspectors. Falcon had to show dignity, plunging the law enforcement officers into shock.

2. Fish Kandiru

This freshwater fish, inhabitant of the Amazonian waters, can be safely called one of the worst enemies of the penis."The Brazilian vampire", as the kandir is called, parasitizes on larger fish, feeding on her blood, but can also get into male dignity( ladies should stop gloating, vaginas are also an attractive place for kandir).What is it that attracts her human genitals? It turns out that it attracts the smell of ammonia emanating from the urethra, the same odor is secreted by the fish in the process of breathing. The only way to get rid of the unwanted tenant in the penis is surgery, otherwise, even a lethal outcome is possible.

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3. Diphallus: two penises at birth

A rare deviation when a person is born with two members, occurs in a man of 5-6 million. Pathology requires surgical intervention, because often none of the penises normally function, and goes in tandem with other deformities. The last of the cases of removal of an extra member was recorded in India. The 24-year-old businessman decided to get rid of the pathology, to finally start a full-fledged sex life.

4. Frenulotomy

Frenulotomy is a widespread urologic operation for the dissection of the frenum, performed with a short frenulum of the penis with a concomitant restriction of the motor activity of the foreskin. The plasticity of the frenulum helps to relieve the patient of sexual problems, significantly improving the quality of his life.

5. The Dignity of Napoleon

Apparently, when Napoleon Bonaparte died, his enterprising doctor cut off the farmer's business during the autopsy. In 1977, the famous penis( or his understudy) was sold for ridiculous money - about 3 thousand dollars. An unusual lot went to a urologist from New Jersey. The mummified dignity of the great emperor at the time of sale reached almost 4 cm. Modern urologists suggest that its original size hardly exceeded 7 cm.

6. Spines on the penis

Unexpected discovery of scientists: evolution deprived men of thorns on the penis! In prehistoric times, male dignity had keratin spikes, which even today can be seen on the genital organs of mice and chimpanzees. Scientists are sure that thorns prevented our ancestors from enjoying sex. Getting rid of the rudiment was the reason for the emergence of the concept of monogamy.

7. Leaders of ancient tribes ate penises

In the ancient world there was a ritual, during which the newly proclaimed leader had to eat the sex of his predecessor in order to take his holy power. It is believed that this practice was stopped by the ancient Jews.

8. Erection in the fetus in the womb

Unexpected fact for both men and women. An erection in a male fetus occurs before birth, in the womb!

9. Foreskin and Langerhans cells

Langerhans cells are abundant in the microflora of male organs. Under normal conditions, they protect against viruses, but in the case of infection, cells are associated with viral particles, exacerbating infection. Therefore, it is believed that circumcision can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases to 60%.

10. Animals with the largest and small penises

Blue whales have a record dignity( their penises reach a length of 3 m).Among land animals, elephants are leading. Adult males can boast organ length of 1.5 m. Mosquitoes possess the most modest advantages( about a quarter of a millimeter).

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10 unexpected facts about the penis

10 unexpected facts about the penisMen's Health

1. The largest penis of our time John Falcon is recognized as the most impressive dignity. His farm in an excited state reaches 34-35 cm. The immodest size of the penis sometimes plays ...

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