The leg in a plaster hurts

In a plaster of a leg

Mila Saliy

If a pain unbearable, it is necessary to remove a gypsum and to look( for example there can be a gangrene, etc.) or it was incorrectly imposed a gypsum. ... Address to other doctor.

Sore leg after fracture.

Marina Karpukhina( Masko)

Physiotherapy, hirudotherapy and a good homeopath. All this can be done simultaneously. Can be sick for a long time. Homeopathy can take away the pain. Only find a good doctor.


must pass by itself. Do not hurt your leg yet.she needs a rest

Artem Morozov

It is noramalno she will be ill all her life, but all the same it is worth going to a doctor an irish or better traumatologist.


My husband was prescribed a massage course after a fracture - manual, vacuum, like with dirt, another procedure in the district clinic( Moscow).All through pain. The doctor said: "Endure, it will pass through the pain!" And walk - to develop a leg. Now he does not even remember which leg was broken.


Let them prescribe physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy, and may be ill for the rest of their life! If there are even cases of phantom pain in people who have lost the whole limb - legs or hands are not at all, but it hurts as if it's in place!


I already had a double ankle fracture, but at least without bias. After removing the plaster, I went to physio. But, honestly, there were no such pains. Only the first time could not easily step over, to walk on bumps, in general, limped a couple of months. So I understand, the muscles for two months in the cast have completely weakened. There were no bruises and edemas. And the husband does not go to physio??To me then some kind of black dirt helped me a lot, I was assigned to it right after the removal of the plaster.

Strongly aches in the plaster of the

Maxim Chebykin

provide peace, if the pain does not pass, that is, the leg will hurt if it does not disturb drinking an anesthetic and go to a taxi injury if there is no such opportunity today, and do bad things anti-inflammatory( nurafen), but if it's completely bad, then fast.


and why did they stand up. ..

man broke his leg, put a plaster cast. My leg hurts terribly. What can I take?

Tatjana Zaika

powder NIMESIL famously helps. . and the trauma specialist had to recommend a remedy. . so what?

Abyifoz Loutiywz

Try the "Ketanov".From acute dental pain just helps. It in general anesthetizing.

Get lost Beautifully



Perhaps the plaster cast is wrong. Is it dangerous! AGAIN to the doctor.


Descend necessarily to the doctor, show perseverance. Let them examine the foot and take a picture again. And do it all faster.
I had such a problem, after a fracture in the plaster my leg hurt, I told the doctor that it was very painful. But he missed my complaints. Then it turned out that there was a serious problem. I was very sorry that at that time I was not persistent, did not consult another doctor.
I drank the ketans from the pain, and then I regained the liver for a few years. ...

Lamb Davi

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