Baths with gout feet

Bath application for gout

Gout is a type of inflammation of all joints from fingers to toes. This disease, characterized by the deposition in various areas of the body of salts of uric acid, namely - urate. Also, this disease is called a disease of the kings, as they knew about it even in the time of Hippocrates. In our time, gout is not a common disease. Most people who suffer from gout are men over 40 years old. Gout helps to get rid of gout. Baths with gout bring considerable relief to the sick.

Causes of

manifestation of gout

As it was said, gout most often occurs in men 40-50 years old and in people who consume excessive amounts of meat, fish, legumes and alcohol. It is rare for people who have all the food in their daily diet to avoid such a disease. In addition, gout is transmitted genetically, especially in the male line. Another important factor that can affect the appearance of the disease, is overweight.

Symptoms of gout

The main sign of gout is the inflammation of the big toe.

Often, after the abuse of alcohol or meat, there may be a gout attack, accompanied by special pain in the joint. Most likely, gout will hit the thumb on the leg or the elbow and knee joints. The skin will change in color in this case, the joint will swell, the temperature around the inflamed joint and edema will rise, it will be almost impossible to touch the affected area because of the acute pain following it. If you observe all these symptoms, then you need either to turn to a highly qualified specialist, or to take up your own health by starting to use the baths, a description of which you will find further.

Gout and baths: cooking recipes

therapeutic baths for gout
  1. Take a bath with the following decoctions: pour 200 g of dried herb 3 l of water and continue to cook for 15 minutes, then pass the resulting broth through gauze, add it to the bath and, after mixing, take a bath for about 20 minutes, then hide andlie down about an hour.
  2. It will be very useful if you take a warm bath with a chemist's daisy. Do the following: 100 g of chamomile, pour 2 liters of water and boil on low heat for 10 minutes. Then strain and add 200 g of salt. Pour the broth into the bathroom and take at a temperature of 37-39 ° C.If you have a gouty swelling of the hands and feet, a local bath is recommended. They can be taken more hot for 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to take 10-12 such baths.
  3. Another healing bath with oats straw broth.1 kg of straw cook in 10 liters of water, strain. This bath is taken in the same way as described above. The course can be repeated after some intervals.
  4. Bath with decoction of the root of nettle dioecious - another effective method for gout.200-300 g of nettle pour hot water and insist for about half an hour, then cool, filter. Take as described above. Such baths are especially useful for problems with hands and feet.
  5. Warm baths with the addition of the roots of the forest doe can be quite effective. Prepare the decoction as follows: 100 g of roots are poured a few liters of water, infused, then filtered. Accept according to the standard scheme.
  6. You can take a bath with a decoction of medicinal soap.200 g pour 3 liters of cold water, insist for an hour, boil. Accept according to the standard scheme used before.
  7. In addition, you can make a bath with the addition of decoction of cranberry leaves.200 grams of dried leaves, grind to a powder, pour the resulting powder 2 liters of water, bring to a boil, cool and pass through the cheesecloth. Take a bath with the resulting broth at 38 ° C for 20 minutes. In view of the fact that leaves of cranberries contain a large amount of phenolic glycosides, ascorbic and organic acids, such a bath will relieve pain and microbes in the joint, eliminate inflammation and lower the temperature. leaves of black currant for gout
  8. A tub of blackcurrant leaves can exert a positive effect on inflammation. As in the case of other tinctures for baths, first find about 400 g of dry leaves of black currant, chop them, pour 2 liters of boiling water. Leave to infuse for about 15 minutes, pass through the cheesecloth. Then add the tincture to the bath, taking it according to the standard scheme. Thanks to the content of essential oil, vitamins and organic acid in the currant, this procedure will have an analgesic effect.
  9. There is another way to cure gout with the help of a bath with a decoction of grass of a forest geranium. First of all you will need to find 300 g of wood geranium, then grind until it turns into a powder. Bay 2 liters of boiling water, you need to leave to infuse broth for 15 minutes. Strain and take a bath according to the system already known to you.
  10. When gout is very useful decoction of the roots of cinnamon, as it contains a fairly large amount of ascorbic and organic acid, vitamin B, PP, P and various micro- and macro elements. In addition, dog rose extremely positively affects tissue repair. Take 200 g of roots of cinnamon cinnamon, chop them and pour boiling water. Then take the bath in the usual system.
  11. Next bath for gout - with decoction of stony bones, namely - its upper part. For the decoction, cook 300 g of stony drupe, dry it, then crush it thoroughly. Fill the crushed grass with boiling water, leave it to stand for 40 minutes, clean it with gauze. Take this bath about 10 times.

In addition to the trays with all the herbs and plants listed, you can also use:

  • herb ordinary heather;
  • herbs of medicinal sage;
  • herbs of fragrant rue;
  • herb poisonous milestone.

The system of conducting procedures of this kind is already known to you.

If none of the above procedures has had any effect on the disease that develops in you, you should definitely seek help from a specialist. Be Healthy!

How to treat with diet and other ways gout on the legs

In the inflamed joint, salts of uric acid accumulate and destroy the cartilaginous tissue

In the inflamed joint, salts of uric acid accumulate and destroy the cartilaginous tissue.

Gout is a disease of the joints of the feet, feet and hands that develops against the background of disturbed metabolism and urate deposition on the articular surfaces of bones. More common is gout on the big toe.

This disease affects men and women of adulthood from the age of forty. How to treat gout on the legs, and what to do to prevent the disease? This question is asked by many people who have noticed the symptoms of this disease.

Causes of gout

Gout on the legs is the primary, that is, an independent disease of a hereditary nature, and secondary, that is, the consequence of manifestations of other diseases and misuse of medicines. The reasons for the development of gout, its manifestations in primary and secondary illness can be completely different.

  1. Gout is susceptible to women experiencing menopause. The disease develops against the background of hormonal imbalance in the body.
  2. Gout of the legs often develops in people with excess weight, abusing alcohol and suffering from hypodynamia and overeating.
  3. Gout on the legs are susceptible to people experiencing nervous fatigue due to frequent or chronic stress.
  4. Gout on the legs can be hereditary. This is especially common in families who refuse active lifestyles and moderate consumption of food.
  5. Secondary gout arises against diabetes mellitus, hypertension, psoriasis, kidney failure, obesity, metabolic syndrome, kidney disease, heart and blood.
  6. People who take diuretics for a long time, cyclosporins and small doses of aspirin are susceptible to a secondary leg gout.

With gout, the kidneys do not have time to excrete uric acid, and it accumulates in the body.

Symptoms of the disease

During an acute attack, the leg swells and is very sore Most often gout develops in the joints of the feet, gouty attacks affect the big toes. To provoke an attack, large loads can be applied to the limbs, joint trauma, alcohol consumption or diuretics, surgical interventions.

With gout, usually, attacks occur at night. An attack begins with acute pain, which is rapidly increasing. Then around the joints swelling and reddening of soft tissues, an increase in temperature, there is a general weakness. All these are signs of gout.

Manifestations of arthritic soreness of the joints pass in a week without medical intervention. The interval of recurrence of attacks varies, from six months to several years. If you do not treat this joint disease, then acute attacks are repeated more and more often. With gout, signs such as trauma and inflammation of the soft tissues around the affected joint are observed, numbness of the leg area due to the pressure of the inflamed tissues on the nerve endings near the joint.

Tofusi( small subcutaneous nodes) that form in the patient are also signs of gout on the legs. They can arise near the elbows, heels, in the cartilaginous tissue of the ears and in the internal organs. Sometimes there is an opening of tofus, from them the whitish curdled substance is allocated. In the most difficult cases, trophic ulcers are formed on the skin area above the inflamed joint, this fact aggravates the course and treatment of the disease.

With the development of the disease limb movement is difficult, the patient is difficult to move, there is a risk of fracture of the affected bone. Each new attack can lead to complication of the disease.

At the next stage the disease passes into a chronic stage. The joint is strongly deformed, it is difficult for the patient to pick up the shoes. Simultaneously there are concomitant diseases: phlebitis, nephritis, atherosclerosis, urolithiasis, damage to the nervous system and eyes.

Diagnosis and treatment methods

Diagnosis of the disease if there are the following symptoms:

  • with an elevated uric acid content in the patient's blood;
  • when tofusov( subcutaneous seals);
  • for radiography of acute arthritis;
  • in the presence of urate crystals in the intra-articular cavity;
  • for the detection of X-ray negative concretions in the renal pelvis.

If there are two symptoms from this list, gout is diagnosed. This disease is considered incurable, that is, you can only talk about controlling acute attacks. Therefore, it is better not to bring the joints to a critical state, and this requires the prevention of the disease.

Some products provoke an acute attack of the disease

Treatment of gout should be carried out in a complex. This combination of purifying diet, diet, herbal medicine, therapeutic baths, massages with medicamental therapy. Diet with gout on the legs excludes from the food products with a high content of purines. First of all, it's beer, wine and red meat dishes. Contraindicated beans and cauliflower, smoked meat and canned foods, salted cheeses, cakes and chocolate. Contraindicated use of strong tea and coffee, sorrel, grapes and raspberries, figs, spices.

The list of allowed products is also impressive. So, using fantasy, you can make from them a fully-fledged and tasty menu. The diet for gout is based on the following list of products:

Useful menu for the patient
  • from vegetables allowed cucumber, zucchini and eggplant, carrots and potatoes, beetroot and white cabbage;
  • from fruits - orange and tangerine, green apple and pear, melon and watermelon, peach and apricot, all berries;
  • from dairy - kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream and milk;
  • dietary meat - rabbit, chicken, turkey not more than 3 times a week;
  • boiled fish of low-fat varieties, squid and shrimp not more than 3 times a week;
  • cottage cheese and low-fat cheese;
  • eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils;
  • from cereals - buckwheat, rice, millet, oatmeal, wheat, and from flour products - pasta, bread;
  • greens( except spinach) in small quantities;
  • fruit, vegetable and berry juices, herbal teas from mint, linden, rose hips.

To ease the course of the disease you need to get rid of extra pounds. For this purpose it is better to eat often, but in small portions, observing a diet.

Unloading days for gout

The approximate menu of a day of discharge for gout can be as follows:

  • for breakfast - 3 apples and 1 cup of kefir;
  • for lunch - 300 g of cottage cheese, 3 cucumbers, 1 glass of fruit compote;
  • for a snack - 2 apples, 2 slices of watermelon;
  • for the first dinner - 200 g cottage cheese, 3 cucumbers, 1 apple;
  • for the second dinner - 1 cup kefir, 2 apples.

Very beneficial for gout strawberries, it can be eaten up to 1 kg daily. In the cold season, it will be useful to drink tea from dried strawberries, you can drink several glasses a day. It is recommended to drink and teas from the peel of a green apple, which free the body from excess uric acid.

Unloading an apple day In the treatment of gout help unloading days on the apple, cucumber, watermelon diet. One or two hungry days quickly relieve acute pain in gouty attacks. The diet for gout is based on an increase in the fluid intake to 2 liters per day.

Medical treatment of gout removes pain and inflammation. Most often the doctor prescribes tablets of allopurinol, fulflex, colchicine. Effectively helps in the therapy of the appointment of anti-inflammatory and analgesic cream fullfleksa.

From physiotherapeutic agents for the treatment of gout on the legs, the following are used:

  • lotions with a solution of dimexide during the exacerbation of the disease;
  • applications of mud, paraffin, ozocerite during the remission period;
  • electrophoresis, magnets, balneotherapy.

If the question arises, how to treat the disease with the defeat of several joints simultaneously, then doctors have to resort to the appointment of antibiotics, as well as drugs that reduce the blood uric acid.

How to cure an ail with folk remedies: compresses and decoctions

Traditional medicine provides invaluable help in treating the symptoms of this insidious disease. Effective treatment of the disease with the help of urinotherapy. Healers also advise the use of compresses, decoctions and tinctures.

With urinotherapy, daily baths are used for patients with urine. Compresses are made from honey and salt, taken for 1 tablespoon, this mixture is spread on gauze and put on a sore spot. Effective in the treatment of the disease application on the affected joint of red clay mixed with two tablespoons of wine vinegar.

From infusions, the most effective is an infusion of cranberry leaves. For its preparation, brew 1 cup of boiling water in 1 glass of boiling water and spoon the leaves and insist for a quarter of an hour. The next day, a new infusion of cranberries is prepared. People's medicine men do not know the best remedy for gout. In the same way, a decoction of black currant leaves is prepared.

For compresses use raw fish fillets

For compresses use raw fish fillets

And here is another herbal tea recipe for gout: mix 20 g of burdock roots, veronica grass, violet flowers, grass root, grind. Half of the resulting mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water and press for a quarter of an hour. Drink each day for 3 cups, starting to take the broth on an empty stomach in the morning.

Folk methods: rubbers and baths

The following recipes are suitable for grinding:

  • to insist in 5 parts of vodka 1 part of red mushroom for five days, then strain and rub into a sore spot;
  • to insist 2 weeks in the dishes of dark glass in 1 liter of vodka a glass of dried bees, strain and rub into the diseased joint;
  • the affected limb to treat with animal fat, wrap it with a linen cloth soaked in bee tincture, cover the leg with cellophane, wrap it with a woolen scarf.

Herbal baths made from sage leaves and chamomile flowers are good for gout. An effective way to heal is to soar your feet in a decoction of oat straw or in a solution from a piece of laundry soap and half a pack of salt. Usually, the relief of the disease comes after 4-5 procedures, if the disease is not much started. Otherwise, it may take from 20 to 40 procedures. Important note: after every 20 procedures, interrupt treatment for 3 weeks.

There are also simple home methods for removing an acute attack of gout. For example, dissolve 5 tablets of aspirin in 1 tablespoon of iodine, obtained by mixing the patient overnight with a diseased joint.

Well help to remove the attack of the foot bath of 3 liters of water with 9 drops of iodine and 3 teaspoons of soda. No less effective is a handful of activated carbon tablets, ground on a coffee grinder and mixed with a spoonful of linseed oil. This means for the night is smeared with a sick leg, wrapped with cellophane, and over a warm kerchief. In the morning after awakening, considerable relief comes, the pain recedes.

Gout is a fairly common leg disease, less often it appears on the hands. The origin of the disease stretches from a long time ago, when the meal of wealthy people basically consisted of fatty and high-calorie food, and in the absence of physical exertion, the situation was only aggravated. So what are the causes of gout? First of all, it is a factor of heredity, although in comparison with the past centuries, in the modern world this disease affects mainly not more than 5% of the entire population of the globe. Most people suffer from gout, who consume meat and fish products intensively.

The daily diet, with such constituent products, leads to an increase in the protein level, which means that the formation of uric acid salts increases - this is one of the main reasons. Also endocrine diseases, metabolic disorders, excess weight, alcohol abuse and diets with a high content of purines become triggers in the onset of the disease.

Edema - a signal symptom of

In the case of impaired metabolism, urates( uric acid salts) begin to accumulate and settle in the joint bag. This deposition leads to the appearance of swelling in the joint, where this pathological process occurs. Puffiness is often accompanied by redness, which indicates inflammation in the joint.

The complex of therapeutic measures, which is applied against gout, includes manipulations that help in the first place to relieve the inflammatory process, to remove swelling and pain syndrome, which of course arises in swelling.

Medications and doctor's advice

First aid for swelling - place ice on the site of gout localization, wrapping it in a dry cloth. The patient needs to drink a lot, water helps to remove excess uric acid from the body.

You can and should use alkaline mineral water, jelly and milk. The total amount of liquid must not be less than 3 liters. The use of fresh fruits, especially cherries and blueberries also reduce the inflammatory process.

Full rest is recommended, while the inflamed limb should be kept on a raised platform and not disturbed by it. The leg or arm( depending on where the "gout" is located) should be kept in a raised state. For this purpose, a roller or cushion is suitable.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed such as:

  • Ibuprofen;
  • Nimesulide;
  • Diclofenac and others.

Locally apply ointments based on dimexid, as well as liniment Vishnevsky or fullflex. It is necessary to comply with the diet, no sauces, meat, shellfish, exclude legumes and mushrooms, and of course no alcohol, especially beer, in which there is an increased content of purines. Serious problem is excessive weight, it will hinder the healing process.

Folk remedies

Of the popular methods of treating gout on the legs and hands, the most popular are:

  • Lilac flowers - fill a half-liter bottle with flowers and pour 60% alcohol. Infuse the mixture for one month. Take 30 drops 3-4 times, also this infusion can be rubbed and make compresses on the affected joints.
  • Chamomile broth - in a ratio of 100 grams of decoction to 10 liters of water and 200 grams of salt from all this, a therapeutic bath is made to relieve the inflammation of gout in the hands and feet.
  • The roots of the wrestler are very strong from the known folk methods that reduce the swelling and help to remove the edema, and also removes uric acid from the body. One hundred grams of roots are poured with 1 liter of vodka or the alcohol diluted to 500C.Infuse in a dark place for 3-4 days until the tincture becomes dark brown, it can rub the diseased extremities of the hands or feet no more than once a day for about 1 tsp. Rinse best for the night and rub until until absorbed, then wrap it in warm cloth. This tool strengthens blood circulation and can not be abused.
  • From dry mustard, honey and soda in equal proportions, you can also prepare an effective compress to relieve swelling with gout. Kashitsu, which turned out after mixing, is applied to the affected area, covered with a film and fixed with a cloth or bandage. Leave such a compress can be on all night, the swelling in the morning should decrease significantly.

Iodine therapy

Iodine is a pharmacy and inexpensive remedy that brings visible results in the fight against gout. Its properties make it possible to disinfect not only open wounds, but also penetrate deeply into tissues, effectively acting on internal inflammation.

Gout: causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of the disease


Nowadays gout is considered not only a male disease, but also a female one due to overeating, alcohol abuse, the use of a large number of drugs and diuretics - diureticspreparations.

In the human body is the production and retention of uric acid, its crystallization and deposition in the joints in the form of sodium salt - sodium monourate. Gout can affect both the joints and the entire body. Uric acid is a white powder, poorly soluble in water.

Causes of gout

  • Obesity and metabolic and metabolic disorders.
  • Eating high-calorie fried meat and fish food, abusing animals and vegetable fats and alcohol.
  • Great physical exertion on the joints.
  • Hereditary factors.
  • Injury of hands or feet, frequent football, long walk or driving.
  • Surgical intervention and dehydration of damaged tissue in the joint, where salt and uric acid begin to accumulate.
  • Hypertension, because hypertensive patients often use diuretics.
  • Frequent visits to saunas, saunas, steam rooms, as the result of overheating and sweating dramatically dehydrates the body, as well as frequent trips to countries with hot climates.
  • With frequent hypothermia of the joints, because in them urates can turn into urates with a drop in body temperature by half a degree.

Adenine and guanine are compounds that are part of the purine bases of RNA and human DNA.In the human body with a violation of metabolism, uric acid is obtained just from purines.

Symptoms of gout

When gout is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • A strong pain syndrome that first affects the joint of the finger of the limb or the hand, moving further to the elbow or knee, shoulder or hip joint affected by uric acid crystals.
  • Local veins swell, swollen joints and periarticular tissues, there is hyperemia( redness) of the skin.
  • With instant heat, cutting, tearing, pulsating and baking pain spread to all bones and limbs.
  • Appears fever and intense pain when you touch the joints.
  • With chronic gout - tofu and nodules are formed under the skin, with attacks - they become soft.

After rare pain attacks, frequent and prolonged gouty attacks occur, lasting several hours or weeks. In the chronic stage, gout affects small and large joints and simultaneously develops chronic arthritis.

In people suffering from gout, the disease can be accompanied by diabetes, the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessels due to the concentration of low density lipoproteins in the blood and high cholesterol.

Diagnosis of gout

Diagnose gout by frequency of painful attacks, with the detection of urate monosodium crystals in synovial fluid, but without the presence of microorganisms in it. Tofusi confirm chemical studies or polarization microscopy. There should be confirmation of 6-12 signs of gout by clinical, laboratory radiology. On the roentgenogram, subcortical cysts without erosion will be visible. There is hyperuricemia - asymmetric inflammation of the joints.

With gout, the following complications develop:

  • Gouty glomerulosclerosis and urate kidney stones appear. It appears: nephropathy, gouty nephritis, pyelonephritis.
  • Kidney function and purine metabolism( gouty kidney) is disturbed, with diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension - manifested by acute kidney failure.
  • Gouty arthritis and destructive polyarthritis, joints are deformed.
  • Osteoporosis( thinning of bone tissue).Tofusy on joints or soft tissues. They cover the wings of the nose, the auricle, fingers, feet, internal organs - the heart, kidneys, etc.

Gout is a companion of ischemic heart disease and arterial hypertension.

Treatment of gout

In the treatment of gout, acute attacks stop, medication, phytotherapy, apitherapy and diet therapy are performed, preventive maintenance of repeated exacerbations.

1. How to stop an acute attack of gout

Coping an attack is performed using:

  • the appointment of abundant alkaline drink at least 2-2.5 liters per day and complete rest;
  • applying compresses from a solution( 50%) of Dimexide to anesthetize and relieve inflammation;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs: diclofenac sodium, naproxen, pyroxicam, indomethocin;
  • analgesic drugs: Nimesil and Colchicine;
  • pyrazolone and indole preparations: Reopyrin, Butadione, Ketazone and Phenylbutazone;
  • Prednisolone, if there is resistance to drugs - 20-30 mg / day, then the dose is reduced. In small doses, simultaneous use of Butadion and Indocid is recommended;
  • excretion of lactic acid from the body with the drug Allopurenol and a special diet.

Initially, the attack is stopped with large doses of drugs, then the dose is reduced in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor. Contraindications to the use of medicines are taken into account. For example, Colchicine is not used in the presence of severe lesions of the liver and kidneys, ulcerous diseases of the stomach and duodenum.

Decoction from the collection: flowers of cornflower blue and calendula, peony and juniper fruit, buckthorn bark - 5.0 grams. Elderberry black flowers and nettle leaves are dioecious - 10.0 grams each. Willow bark and grass horsetail field, birch leaves - 20.0 grams. Steam 1 tsp.collecting a glass of boiling water, bring to a boil and take every 2 hours for 1 glass of broth from inflammation and pain.

2. How to treat gout between attacks

Between seizures connect complex therapy with medications, diet, physical effects, massage, phytotherapy and apitherapy and sanatorium treatment.

A doubtful diagnosis or an easy attack of gout does not require long-term drug treatment. Treatment is carried out for 2 days with Colchicine( 1 mg / day) or Indometacin( 75 mg / day).

Before applying antipodal agents, it is necessary to establish the type of impaired purine metabolism: metabolic, renal or mixed.

To prevent the formation of uric acid, it is necessary to apply allopurenol 100-900 mg / day continuously( with a break for summer 1-2 months), depending on the degree of hyperuricemia:

  • mild degree - 200-300 mg / day;
  • moderate moderate degree - 300-400 mg / day;
  • severe degree - 600-900 mg / day.

For renal hyperuricemia apply: Etamide, Probenecid( Benedemid), Benzbromarone and salicylates - 4 g / day, Allamaron - 1 table.once a day. To dissolve uric acid stones and prevent the formation of new ones, use Uralit( Magurlit or Blemaren).

3. Phytotherapy for gout

Drugs from medical herbs should be alternated every 3-4 weeks.

  • Tincture of lilac flowers: fill a loose half-liter jar of lilac and pour alcohol or vodka. Insist 21 days in a dark cabinet, filter. Take 30 drops with water before meals - 3 months.
  • Tincture : the inner bark of young branches of aspen( 1 part) is poured with alcohol 70%( 10 parts), insist. Drink with water for 25-30 drops three times a day.
  • Infusion of horsetail field: pour boiling water( 2 items) raw materials - 4 tsp, wrap and insist for 2 hours, filter. They drink 5-6 times a day - 1 tbsp.l.(Contraindicated in nephritis and nephrosis).
  • Drink from apples: cut apples( 3-5) with skin, pour boiling water and insist 4 hours. Drink like tea.
  • Seasoned tea diuretic and diaphoretic: for a glass of boiling water - 1 tsp.turns, insist 15 minutes.
  • Infusion of flax seeds : for 2 tsp.seeds - 1.5 tbsp.boiling water, cook for 15 minutes and insist 10 minutes, then shake well( 5 min) and filter. Take 1 tbsp.l.up to 5 times a day.
  • Infusion from the leaves of black currant : for 500 ml of boiling water - 1 tbsp.l.leaves. Wrap and insist for 2 hours. Take half a glass 4-5 times a day as a diaphoretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, to release the body from purines and excess uric acid. Contraindicated in gastritis with high acidity and gastrointestinal ulcers.
  • It is useful to take birch and juice of fresh nettles, infusion of blueberries, cowberry leaves, infusion or celery from the celery, bear ears, on an empty stomach juice from 0.5-1 lemon with boiling water( 1/4 cent.)
  • Herb infusion: mix flowers: chamomile, linden, elderberry black - 20 g. Fill with boiling water and tightly close the container with a lid. Tired in a bath for 15 minutes. After cooling, squeeze. Add boiled water to the desired volume with a feed to water ratio of 1:10 or 1:20.Accept 2 items / day. Store in the refrigerator no more than 3 days.

4. Baths for gout

  • Bath from sage : boil in 6 l of water - 100 g of sage. Cool down to an acceptable temperature and soar hands or feet 30-60 minutes, each time pouring hot broth. Perform before bedtime and put on woolen gloves or socks.
  • Baths from chamomile flowers from gouty tumors of limbs: 10 liters of boiled water - 100 g of chamomile and 200 g of sea salt.
  • Baths : from walnut leaves - per 1 liter of boiling water - 250 g of leaves;from the grass of the string - 1 tbsp.boiling water - 75 g of grass, 10 minutes, filter, add boiling water.
  • Baths from berries and juniper branches : 10 liters - 50 grams of raw materials, boil for 30 minutes under a lid and add to the bath.
  • Baths from needles, twigs and cones of pine : pour cold water raw material( 1.5 kg) for a full bath, 750 grams of raw material - for a half bath. Insist 12 hours and add to the bath.
  • Raspaya bath: is dissolved in a bath with a water temperature of -37 ° C, sea salt is 2 kg. Take 5-20 minutes.
  • Bath from stems and leaves of Jerusalem artichoke: on a saucepan of 5-8 liters add the sliced ​​raw material - 1-1,5 kg. The mixture is boiled for 25 minutes, filtered and added to the bath. Take 10-15 minutes. You can make baths only for the feet or brushes.

5. Compresses and rubbing from gout

  • For compresses and rubbing use alcohol tinctures : lilac, birch buds. Mix menthol( 2.5 g), anesthesin( 1.5 g), novocaine( 1.5 g) and alcohol 90%( 100 ml) and lubricate the joints twice a day with pain syndromes.
  • Compress : liquid honey( 100 g) is mixed with mummy( 0.5 g) and compresses at night. In the morning take an hour before eating 0.2 g of mummy. Perform 2 courses for 10 days with a break - 5 days.
  • Rubbing : ground nettle roots( 1 tbsp.) Are mixed with sunflower oil( 1/2 tbsp.), Boiled for half an hour at minimum heat and filtered.
  • Rubbing : Camphor( 50 g) and dry mustard( 50 g) is added to the alcohol( 100 ml).Then beat the egg white with 3 eggs and mix with the spice.
  • Rubbing in the joints: turpentine turpentine, alcohol 70%, olive oil, 5 g of camphor mixed and shaken well. Rub into the joints to dryness.
  • Apply rubbing from birch buds to alcohol , broths from the kidneys are drunk as tea for sweating.

6. Use of ointments for gout

  • Ointment from birch buds: unpasteurized and unsalted cow oil( 820 g) is mixed into a pot of clay with birch buds layer by layer( 1 cm) by 4/5 volume. Close the lid and cover the hole with a dough. Put the pot in a heated Russian oven or a warm oven for a day. Then the contents are well wrung out and add camphor - 30 g, powdered into powder. Store in a cool place under the lid. Ointment lubricate all the problem joints.
  • Ointment from hop cone powder : butter or a salt without salt mixed with hop cones powder - 1 tbsp.l. Use of pain.

7. Apitherapy, electrotherapy and massage for gout

  • Apitherapy. Daily honey is consumed by 1 dessert spoon in the absence of diabetes.
  • Compress. Pour dry dead bees( 1 tbsp) with wheat vodka( 1 l) and insist in the dark for 2 weeks. Joint grease and apply a compress of bee tincture, top covered with compress paper and woolen scarf.
  • As electrotherapy massage the patient's joint with a circle of ebonite for 10 minutes - 10-15 days and finish with a massage with rubbing the above-mentioned flours.
  • As warming physiotherapy apply UHF, microwave, magnetotherapy.

8. Diet for gout

Gout is often exacerbated by diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension, so when making a diet, these ailments are taken into account.

How to eat properly with foot gout

Gout is often exacerbated by against diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension, so when making a diet, these ailments are taken into account.

Not included in the menu when exacerbated:

  • By-products: liver, kidney, tongue, brains.
  • Meat of young animals and poultry: veal and chicken.
  • Fatty grades of meat and fish, soups and broths from them.
  • Legumes rich in purines: peas, beans, beans, lentils, sorrel and spinach.
  • Apricots and watermelons, grapes and pears, melons and raisins, alcoholic beverages and confectionery, honey and sugar - with diabetes( optional).
  • With hypertension( in addition) - broths of meat and alcohol, carbonated drinks and fats, snacks: spicy, salted and fatty, fish caviar, cocoa and cream, cream ice cream and fatty meat, fatty cakes and lard. And also: fish fat, dough, cream and sour cream, grape juice and chocolate, spinach and sorrel, radish and radish.
  • To prevent uric acid from rising in the blood plasma, and its urine output does not decrease, consumption of animal fats and salt is limited. Prohibited hungry days and excessive overeating, because with increasing uricemia, a gout attack is resumed.

Prohibited hungry days and excessive overeating, as with increasing uricemia, a gout attack is resumed. Therefore, in the chronic course of gout are included in the menu:

  • Lean boiled meat and fish - 2-3 times for 7-8 days.
  • Milk and dairy products.
  • Flour and cereals, white bread( small amount).
  • Vegetables: potatoes, cabbage, zucchini, pumpkin, melon, watermelon.
  • Fruits: apples, apricots, plums, pears, peaches, oranges.
  • Berries: grapes, cherries, cherries, strawberries and blueberries.

Gout treatment with folk remedies. Cones on legs. How to treat gout.

Gout is a disease with metabolic disorders as a result of malnutrition. In the absence of enzyme, dissolving salts of uric acid, in the joint cavity and partially in the kidneys, microcrystals of uric acid are precipitated. In the body there are entire depots of urinary stones.

All the processes of stone congestion - as a consequence of obesity, endocrine diseases, diabetes, kidney failure, metabolic disorders.

If there is a scaling problem, you need to monitor the blood levels of uric acid: in men the threshold should not exceed 0.42 mmol / l, and in women the maximum limit is 0.37 mmol / l.

Excess sugar, salt, meat and fatty foods exacerbate the joints. Useful for the joints of dairy products, as well as food rich in vitamin E - fish, nuts, vegetable oils.


1 - A good remedy that helps with painful bumps on the toes is a compress with medical bile. Buy at the pharmacy one bottle of medical bile and tie the bump of the compress with bile for the night. The pain disappears after 10-15 procedures, in order to resolve the cone itself - you need about 35-45 procedures.

2 - To get rid of cones grown on toes, you will need to prepare the following composition. Combine 160 grams of camphor alcohol, 1 bottle of bile medical, 1 pepper, 4 pods of ground pepper, put everything in a jar and put it in a cool dark place for a week. Compresses for cones do for 10 days at night. Then make a 3-month break and repeat again the treatment with compresses.


In a mortar crush 5 laurel leaves and pour 100 ml of ammonia, insist 7 days. Spread the joint, wipe it off and get a lump of it every evening, and draw an iodine grid at night on the joint. The treatment is long.


Ordinary simple soap, grated on a grater and lubricate the joint well. After washing off the soap and draw an iodine mesh. The course of treatment is about 30 days. This will help remove the pain and inflammation of the joint.


To powder 30 tablets of "Analgin" and dissolve in 250 ml of 10% iodine solution. Prepare the medicated medicine as often as possible painful bones.


Do 4 times a week for foot baths. For 3 liters of hot boiling water, 9 drops of iodine and dilute 3 tsp.baking soda. The duration of foot baths is 7 minutes. After painful joints, apply a 5% solution of iodine or lugol. Feet warm wrap, wrap paper and go to bed. In the morning, grease the bones for 4 hours with olive oil can vaseline. It is advisable to comply with the milk-vegetable diet. Determine the duration of treatment yourself.


Legs should be soaked( to redness), wipe, wait a bit, and wipe the moisture again, then grease with paste. It is absorbed well and the bandage is not required. Procedure for night. Approximately a course of two weeks helps to get rid of growths and heel spurs, but if the disease is more chronic, then the treatment will be longer.

Treatment of gout with folk remedies

1 - Lubricate the lump on the leg with camphor oil and iodine( exactly in this sequence!), Pre-steaming legs.

2 - You can apply propolis, softened with hands, to the cones of the legs, giving propolis the shape of the stone and wrapping it around with a dry bandage for the night. Also suitable is a tincture of propolis, which is sold in pharmacies, but in this case there should be a moist compress.

3 - Pour one fresh chicken egg in a glass with strong wine vinegar( 100 ml).Put in a cool dark place for 3-4 days, until the shell dissolves. The contents of the egg left in the film to reach, punch and pour the contents into the bowl, and grind to foam. Then add to the beaten egg vinegar together with the dissolved shell in the form of a precipitate, and 100 g turpentine. And vinegar and boiling water pour slowly in small portions, stirring well. The resulting mass is poured into a dark bottle with a tight-fitting stopper. If there is no dark, then the container should be wrapped in paper or cloth. Store the prepared medicine in a refrigerator or other cool place. Make a hot saline solution( dissolved in 0.5 liters of hot water is more salt or salt).Slightly cool, and dampening a woolen rag in it, rub the bump, wipe with a towel. Then lubricate the affected joint with the prepared medicine before shaking it well. Wrap it with a woolen cloth, creating a warm hat and fix it until the morning. The course of treatment is 7-10 days in a row. With old growths, the treatment should be repeated several times with interruptions.

4 - An affordable method of treating ossicles is absolutely for everyone - it's greasing with starved saliva. Lubricate and bumps, and heel spurs.

5 - It is able to become a good remedy against growths on joints and ordinary potatoes. On a cone to impose a gruel of the grated potato, or in the form of trays for feet. Pour the pan two-thirds clean with potatoes, and pour a quarter of the water. Boil the contents for fifteen minutes, then add 300 ml of the decoction to the basin with hot water and then pour it on as it cools. Cleaning should be applied directly to the bump and be careful not to get burned. The duration of the procedure is at least half an hour. If you do these baths several times a day, the bumps on your feet in a couple of weeks will not be a concern.

6 - In the popular treatment of cones on joints, you can use a special ointment. To do this, a fresh chicken egg with a white shell should be poured with vinegar and put in a dark place for a couple of weeks. The egg should dissolve during this time. Then the shell in which it left to be thrown away, and the protein and yolk to connect with 1 tbsp.melted lard and 10 g of turpentine ointment. Apply the ointment on the bumps in a day, alternating with an iodine net.

7 - You can prepare a slurry from: lemon juice( 2 parts), 3% iodine( 1 part), chopped aspirin( 2 tablets) at home. Apply the resulting product in the form of a compress, then cover with cellophane and wrap it with a woolen shawl. Carry out treatment for three days, then make a week break.

8 - Use for warming warm honey, heated in a water bath. Spread on the cone and massage patting for 10 min.wash and wrap at night.

9 - With your hands, knead the washed sorrel, And put the gruel onto the bumps. Sorrel sorrel is destroying the salts solvable in the joints. Course of the month.

Simultaneously with the treatment of gout with compresses, it is necessary to take the salt-removing anti-inflammatory composition

* - It is necessary to take all the components in equal proportions: blackberry, linden, chamomile, and St. John's wort. Pour 2 tablespoons.shredded collection of one glass of boiling water, let it brew for 20-30 minutes.and drink 100 ml 3 times a day.

* - Birch juice, berries from cranberries, cranberries, broth of cranberry leaves and tincture on blackberry whips, the root of elecampane are useful in this.

* - Wild strawberry is a great curative property. When gout is especially useful juice from fresh berries. But since the berries are only available in early summer, you can replace them with infusion from the leaves of wild strawberry, prepared in advance for the whole winter. Pour 2 tbsp.spoons of raw materials, 200 ml of boiling water and steamed for 15-20 minutes in a water bath. Received infusion drink during the day in three meals for half an hour before meals.

* - Drink a daily infusion of black currant leaves: pour 25 g of raw material 0.5 liters of boiling water, 30 minutes.persist, strain and drink 4-5 times a day for 1/2 cup. For the winter, store the leaves of currant.

* - Infusion of cowberry leaf. Brew 1 tsp.cranberry leaf boiling water, insist night. And in the morning drink in 30 minutes.before eating half a glass, and in the evening the second half. The course of treatment is a month. Within a month, it is impossible to exclude salted, fried, smoked food from the diet.

For gouty pains, baths of medicinal herbs

* - will be useful. Pour 100 g of sage leaves, 6 l of boiling water, and let stand for 10 minutes on low heat. Then cool to a temperature, so as not to burn yourself and get into the infusion of aching joints.

* - Pour a mixture of flowers of chamomile pharmacy - 100 g and table salt or sea salt - 200 g, 10 l of boiling water. Cool to a temperature so as not to burn yourself and get into the infusion of aching joints. This bath is a great help, with pain in the joints and when they swell. Procedures should be performed daily at bedtime, lasting from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

* - Pour 100g of Mullein seeds into 2L water and boil for 25 minutes. And soar in this healing water sick joints, the course to complete cure.

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