Diet for those over 30

Throughout your years, you notice that after a usual portion of food weight increased? The explanation is simple - the older the organism, the less it is able to break down fats. Therefore, all women over 30 need to change their diet to reduce fat intake.

You can not eat sweet or fat, it is recommended to eliminate fried foods and replace it with baked or boiled. You need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, try to exclude flour from the diet. Snack can only low-calorie foods.


For breakfast - tea or coffee, a serving of vegetable salad, half a can of cottage cheese( 125 g).

Lunch - you can eat a couple of fruits and vegetables.

You can dine with low-fat soup( from vegetables, beets, okroshka) and a piece of meat( beef).Sometimes you can eat liver, but not fried. Add a little garnish, for example, green peas, and a salad of vegetables.

For a mid-morning snack a couple of fruits and yogurt.

We have supper with a slice of bread from bran, vegetables with a spoon of vegetable oil, cottage cheese.

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Compliance with the

diet During the day, you need to drink about 8 glasses of water to help the body break down fats. Do not eat sugar, it is better to replace it with honey. In day use a couple of apples, plums and tangerines, dividing into 4 meals. Green vegetables to consume without restrictions. The diet is fully provided with all the necessary vitamins and amino acids, so it is suitable for long-term use.

Than you can have a snack?

Good for snacks is suitable for ordinary dried apricots .This is a fairly high-calorie product, so 5-6 pieces should not be consumed. Dried apricots have a good effect on the cardiovascular system.

Nuts will not add you extra pounds, so suitable for eating as snacks. The best is almonds, but unsalted. The almond contains protein, and therefore it is suitable for vegetarians.

Yoghurt - a wonderful and useful snack. It is better to choose natural yogurt with the lowest sugar content, the more it is always possible to add berries to it.

Carrots improves eyesight and hair, cleanses the skin, and is an indispensable snack. In the day you need to consume 100 g of carrots.

Banana is useful for memory and thinking, removes toxins from the body, reduces cholesterol in the blood, increases immunity.

What can not snack?

All sorts of chocolate bars are very caloric and will greatly harm your figure, they need to be eliminated completely. And the chocolate itself can be eaten no more than a square a day, and it is better to choose a dark bitter. Replace fatty, high-calorie cheese with other less fat, they will saturate the body with energy. Naturally, it is better to exclude flour.

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