How to choose and buy a home tonometer

The tonometer is a device for measuring blood pressure inside vessels. The tonometer is necessary for people who have diseases associated with increased or decreased blood pressure, and also for the prevention of such diseases. To date, about 20% of the world's population suffer from hypertension, and this figure is constantly growing. Regular measurement of pressure can prevent the development of the disease. We bring to your attention an article that will help you choose the right tonometer and buy it.

According to statistics, high blood pressure is one of the most common causes of death. In addition, the disease is rapidly growing younger. If before hypertension was considered for the most part a disease of the elderly, now it is often found even in those who are not yet thirty. The disease affects the cardiovascular system, and as a result leads to strokes and heart attacks. Hypertension quietly steals life, because the disease is initially simply not noticed and begins treatment when it's too late. Therefore, the diagnosis of the disease plays a key role in its treatment.
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Mechanical tonometers

To date, do not lose popularity mechanical tonometers, which are usually used by doctors. In addition, many are attracted by its low cost. But only a person can measure pressure by such a device, specially trained for this. Patients who try to use a mechanical tonometer often make mistakes in the measurement technique.

Electronic blood pressure monitors

Electronic tonometers have been specially designed for home use. The principle of operation of such a device is that the sensor registers air fluctuations in a cuff on the arm, then the data is processed by the processor and displayed on the screen. Such a tonometer is convenient in that it can be used at convenient times almost everywhere - during a trip, at work, etc.

Automatic tonometers

Automatic tonometers also differ in the principle of action. Such a tonometer with the help of a compressor sets the desired pressure inside the cuff and, by analyzing the pulse signals, determines the systolic and diastolic pressure. Among the advantages of this tonometer can be called a lower perception of noise than in electronic tonometers, as well as the ability to measure pressure through a thin sleeve.

Semi-automatic tonometers

Semi-automatic tonometer acts on the same principle as automatic, the only difference is that the cuff of the semi-automatic tonometer should be manually pumped into the cuff. It is this type of tonometer that is best suited for the prevention of disease, if the device is needed for everyday use, it is better to choose an automatic tonometer, since it not only ensures the accuracy of the result, but is also easy to use.

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