How to get rid of a calcaneal spur forever

How to get rid of the calcaneal spur - can it be cured, how and how fast is the

Heel spur, this is a painful disease that significantly reduces the quality of a person's life. Bony growth on the heel is a consequence of inflammation of the plantar fascia, and it is this inflammation that causes pain, and not the calcaneal spur itself.

It is with the inflammatory process associated manifestations of the disease. Due to the wearing of wrong footwear, the presence of flat feet, excessive weight or trauma, on the plantar fascia in the place of its attachment to the calcaneus, micro-ruptures of collagen fibers, of which the fascia consists, begin to occur. As a result of these pathological changes, in this place the fascia becomes calcified by turning into a heel spur.

Is it possible to cure the heel spine

This is the most important question that patients ask their doctor who is treating them, and a positive response to it is very important for any sick person. Of course, this disease is treated with various methods.

The main thing in treatment is to remove the inflammatory process, and for this it is necessary to eliminate the cause of its appearance. In this case, the bone protrusion itself is not necessary to clean. Although, it is also possible to do quickly and painlessly through modern endoscopic surgery. But surgical removal of the bony outgrowth does not guarantee getting rid of this disease forever. When using any kind of treatment, one must adhere to a certain way of life in order not to face this problem again.

That is, it is possible to get rid of plantar fasciitis, at least from pain in the heel, but it will be necessary to make efforts to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Methods of treatment of heel spurs

There are many methods of treatment of this disease. Choose among this variety the most effective should be the attending physician, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient, the degree of neglect of the disease. The modern treatment complex for plantar fasciitis includes:

A new look at the treatment of calcaneal spur How to get rid of pain in the heel in 2 weeks? More. ..
  1. Reduction of physical stress on the legs.
  2. Therapeutic exercises for stretching the plantar fascia.
  3. Use of comfortable shoes, orthopedic insoles and heel pads.
  4. Use of night orthoses and immobilization.
  5. Steroid therapy.
  6. Physiotherapy.
  7. Surgical methods of treatment.

External application of various anti-inflammatory agents is also used. Usually choose any cream, ointment or gel from a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or hormonal drugs. It can be:

  • ibuprofen
  • diclofenac
  • indomethacin and so on

Hormonal ointments are widely used hydrocortisone ointment 1%.But hormonal drugs are most often used not for external use, but for insertion directly into the most painful place on the heel. This, so-called, drug blockade. But they are used after other conservative methods of treatment are not as effective as we would like. And patients hardly want to immediately agree to such a painful, although it brings a long-lasting relief procedure.

Physiotherapy methods for calcaneal spurs

Physiotherapy methods are often used for treatment. There are a lot of them. They all have almost the same effects:

  1. Improve circulation in the diseased foot.
  2. Reduces painful sensations.
  3. Relieve inflammation.

Recently, a new method of physiotherapeutic influence on the heel spur - shock-wave therapy( UVT) has been widely used. It has such advantages:

  • does not cause pain to the patient.
  • is available to every
  • . There is no proven harm.

. Many patients, after passing the course of treatment, mark positive effects, reducing pain in the heel after a while. However, some note the lack of effectiveness. The disadvantage of SWT therapy is its high cost.

Also, from physical therapy methods of therapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, therapy with the help of high-frequency current on the heel( UHF-therapy) are used.

Helps with heel spur massage of the affected foot in combination with special exercises of therapeutic gymnastics.

Alternative therapies

How to get rid of the heel spur

Excruciating pain in walking is the main symptom of the calcaneal spur. The disease is a bone growth, which, however, does not appear visually. And although from the point of view of aesthetics, the calcaneal spur does not disfigure the leg, it is very difficult to live with constant discomfort.

Causes of calcaneal spur

Painful sensations are manifested not so much because of the calcaneal spur, but because of the accompanying inflammatory process, because the bone growth builds on the inflamed tissues. A person feels this as "a nail that has stuck into the heel" or "a sharp stone, stitching a foot."

Such "troubles" are provoked by the following factors:

  • overweight;
  • is a professional sporting activity;
  • age from 40 years.

One way or another, but the origin of the heel spur is caused by excessive stress on the heel zone. Aggravates risk and age: the older a person, the more likely he "gets" a spur.

How to get rid of the calcaneal spur folk remedies

Simple charging

It is necessary to perform only one exercise, namely - gently knock on the floor with a heel. This will help to normalize blood circulation and accelerate the exchange of calcium. If the pain is very strong, then tapping can be replaced by rolling a small ball or rubbing the heel against felt. The main thing: to practice every day.

Bathing the heel

It will be necessary to prepare a bath: pour a little iodine into a shallow container. Needed for 10 min.lower the heel there, and after the procedure put on a warm sock.

"Magic" insole

For its production, a foil of tea packaging is needed. The foil should be folded several times, pressed to the heel and fastened with a sock. With such an insole, you need to walk for 4 days, then the pain will become less intense.

Egg-creamy ointment

You need to thoroughly wash the chicken egg, place it in a small jar and pour it with vinegar. After 10 days in the refrigerator, the eggs dissolve. You need to remove the film of eggs, grind it and mix with the remaining vinegar. In the mixture should be added about 40 g of butter. The resulting ointment should be applied to the heels, and then wear warm socks. Homemade medicine can be stored in the refrigerator for 24 months.

Nut tincture

A beverage is prepared from pine nuts - they will need 20 g. Nuts should be poured in 200 ml of vodka and put for 10 days in a dark place. It is enough to use 1 tbsp.l.infusion three times a day before meals. The effectiveness of the drink is due to the fact that it normalizes the metabolic processes, thereby reducing the inflammatory process and reducing the level of pain.

Compresses with calcaneal spur

There are many different types of compresses that relieve pain in the heel spur. Among them the most effective are the following:

  • finely grate the unclean black radish. At night, apply mass to the bandage or clean strip of tissue, wrap the foot. Then warm the compress with cellophane and put on the sock. In the morning, rinse with warm water. The average duration of treatment is 3-5 days;
  • attach unwashed sheet of plantain to the heel of the underside and fix it with a bandage or a sock. Since the sheet will fade, it needs to be changed regularly. During the treatment in the first days the pain intensifies, but already on the fifth day there comes relief. Course duration - 14 days;
  • prepare a mixture of 50 ml of iodine, 1 tbsp.l.honey and 1 tsp.of fine salt. The resulting mass to put on a clean strip of cloth or bandage, attach to the foot, wrap with cellophane and secure with a sock. It takes 15-20 minutes.walk around in such a state at home, and then wash off the mixture with water. Apply the compress in the morning after waking up for a week;
  • crumble 2 tablets of aspirin, pour the resulting powder with a small amount of 3% iodine. Apply the formed mass to the diseased area, wrap with bandage and cellophane, put on the sock. To be treated this way, you need 3 consecutive days, and then take a break for a week;
  • finely grate the unclean potatoes. Mass it on the heel, fixing with a bandage. Top with cellophane and put on a sock. Potato compress should be "worn" at least 12 hours daily for a week.

Beats - means, treats

It is possible to be treated this way both independently and with the help of the "assistant".In the first case, it is necessary to put a foot on the leg so that the heel "looks" upwards. To the calcaneal spur it is necessary to attach the left index finger and palpably 2-3 times to strike it with the fist of the right hand. After such procedure there is an inflammation, therefore it should be performed no more often than once in 7 days. In the case of an assistant, all the "work" he does.

An alternative way is to have some agricultural activity: you just need to dig. But you need to pick up such a shovel, with the equipment on which the heel will be loaded.

Physiotherapy methods for getting rid of the calcaneal spur

If self-relief from the calcaneal spur was unsuccessful, it makes sense to go to the hospital. Modern physiotherapy methods used by doctors are primarily aimed at:

  • improving blood circulation;
  • reduced pain intensity;
  • elimination of the inflammatory process.

The most commonly used shock wave therapy. Among its advantages are painless and harmless, but the procedure itself is quite expensive. Some patients report that pain and discomfort in the heel area have come to naught, but others indicate a complete absence of any positive effect from shock wave therapy.

There is also a widespread massage of heels, which contributes to increased blood flow, increased tissue elasticity and calcium absorption spurs. It is carried out as follows:

  • firmly grasp the heel with your fingers, as if by forceps. Move your fingers down and up, pressing down on the heel;
  • grasping the heel with your fingers, making massaging circular motions with your fingertips;
  • continuing to hold the heel "in a vice", press the heel with the phalanges of the fingers, massaging it from two sides;
  • with effort to massage a heel from both parties an edge of the big finger;
  • hear the heel, trying to move it a little, shift;
  • stroking, kneading the entire foot.

The disadvantage of the massage is the pain that occurs during the procedure, so it is so important to find a qualified masseur. To increase the effectiveness of treatment should be during this period to wear orthopedic heel pads or insoles. Also, for a while, you should forget about serious sports, limiting yourself to simple exercises.

Heel spur is a serious ailment, from which it is necessary to get rid by all means. After all, the disease itself will not pass, and the accompanying symptoms will intensify. In the case of treatment of the calcaneal spur, the motto is: "The sooner, the better."

Folk medicine - treatment of calcaneal spur, accretions folk remedies

Heel spurs - bony growths in the form of a spine or beak on the sole of the calcaneus or at the attachment site of the Achilles tendon. Treating heel spurs is a long process. Excess weight, diseases of the spine and large joints of the lower extremities, flat feet - all this can provoke the appearance of the heel spur.

Treatment of heel spurs, excrescences folk remedies:

Potatoes from spurs on their feet.

Cook 6-8 potatoes in a "uniform", drain, rastolkite and dilute with kerosene until the density of soft mashed potatoes. In this hot mashed potatoes and put your heels. Hold until it cools( 15-20 minutes).Then wipe your feet with a warm damp cloth, put on woolen socks and - into bed. Someone has enough and 3-4 procedures. The largest number of procedures is 12.

Means for calcaneal spur.

For treatment, 10 h. Spoons of honey, 10 tsp, oatmeal and a little patience are needed. The procedure is done at night. Take 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tsp oatmeal flour, mix, it turns out a small lozenge. Preliminarily we steam our feet, wipe them dry and apply them to the sick heel. We fix the cake with a bandage, polyethylene and put on socks. We do this 10 times. After a complete course of pain will pass.

Compresses from spurs on legs.

Wet compresses should be applied to the spur. To prepare a means for compresses, you first need to get the juice aloe .For this purpose, a plant that is 5 years old is suitable. Cut off the aloe leaves and let them through the meat grinder. The resulting mass is pressed through a kapron stocking. At a dose of the medicine you need 500 g of this juice. In the juice pour half a liter of pure alcohol, 5 bottles of this valerian( sold at the pharmacy), 10 tablets of analgin and aspirin( tablets should be 0.5 grams, with another weight, calculate another dosage) and 2 tablespoons of ground red pepper. Tablets pre-rastolkite, otherwise it will be difficult to dissolve them. All mix, pour into a 2-liter jar and tightly close the lid. Put the bank in a dark place and let it be exactly 2 weeks. When the infusion is ready, apply moist compresses overnight to the area of ​​the spur. Well soak the gauze in the infusion and attach to the spur, top the cellophane and fix it with a bandage, put a sock on top. With the regular use of this remedy, the spur will soon resolve.

Aspirin with iodine from growths on legs.

To get rid of growths, cones, etc., pour into the powder 6 tablets of aspirin, dilute them in 50 mg of 5 percent iodine, in the morning and evening lubricate the sore spots. The course of treatment is a month. To make bumps, outgrowths and spurs completely resolved, you need to drink silicon-activated water. Use it for cooking, tea, etc. Salts will begin to gradually go away and your legs will stop bothering you. Also make lotions on sore spots with a gauze bandage soaked in flint water.

Camphoric oil from the growths on the big toes.

To get rid of the build-up on the big toes, use the following recipe. Spread the lump first with camphor oil, and then with iodine( in no case the reverse!).Do this after you have strewed and dried your feet. If you carry out this procedure regularly, then after a while the cones will disappear.

Chicken bile from the growths on the big toes.

First steam and dry your feet. Then you can make an iodine grid on the cones. Then you need to start making compresses from fresh chicken bile, in extreme cases you can buy a medical chicken bile from the pharmacy. Put compresses every night, moisten cotton and put on a large place. Wrap the cellophane, and then with a warm rag, and into the toe. For 1.5-2 months, the cones completely disappear.

Honey with yolk from calcaneal spur.

In the morning make a mixture of eggs and honey. Take the yolk of a chicken egg( preferably from a domestic chicken), add 1 tbsp.l.natural honey, everything is good to grind. Put this mixture in the refrigerator. In the evening, steam up your legs, then wipe them dry, compress on the heels of this mixture and warm your feet until morning. In the morning, remove everything, Do the procedure until the spur dissolves. Before application, the mixture should be slightly heated in a water bath.

Trays from calcaneal spur.

550 mg of distilled water.0.75 grams of salicylic acid, 50-grinded baby soap, 500 g of purified turpentine, 100 g of alcohol( 96%).The solution is prepared as follows. Distilled water in the dishes is brought to a boil. Then it is poured into it, stirring, salicylic acid, add 50 g of crushed soap and stir until it dissolves completely. The hot solution is poured into the dishes with turpentine and then alcohol is added. All mix thoroughly. Keep the contents in a glass container with a tightly closed lid out of the reach of children. When preparing the solution and use, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. For foot baths, put a basin filled with water 37 ~ 39 ° С, sometimes up to 40 ° С, add to it, well shaken well, an emulsion at a rate of 1 ml per 1 liter of water, with tolerance being adjusted to 3-4 ml per 1 liter. Baths are done daily for 15 minutes, 12-15 procedures per course. If there are ulcers, scrapes, irritations, the baths are contraindicated. The use of the baths removes the inflammatory process, and with it the pain also disappears. Nettle from the spur.

If you have spurs on your legs, try a very simple remedy: in the evenings, after hitting your feet, trample them over a bundle of two-nettle nettles thrown to the floor for 30 minutes. Enough 5 sessions.

Composition that will relieve the calcaneal spur.

In a vial of dark glass, pour the vinegar essence to half( 70%).Put there 6 dark blades, broken in half. Wait for 1-1,5 months. During this time, in a tightly closed bottle, the liquid will turn brown. Wadded wand wetting solution and lubricate several times a day spurs, spines. Do this until complete disappearance.

Red pepper from the spur on the heel.

Heel spurs are absorbed if a pinch of red pepper is poured into the toe, under the heel. Walk with him all day. Soon there will come a relief.

The tea mushroom will relieve spur.

First, put your feet in hot water with a small amount of soda, then attach a small piece of mushroom or simply gauze moistened in a tea mushroom. After 3-4 hours the gauze dries, and it needs to be moistened again. In 10 days you will completely get rid of the spur.

An ancient recipe from the heel spurs.

Collect pine shoots with pollen and cones, young cones ate and forest heather. All the dried to grind and mix in equal parts.1 tbsp.mixture pour 1 liter of water, bring to a boil and keep on low heat for 10 minutes. Pour hot water into the large basin, add the broth and steam the legs for 20-30 minutes, pouring hot water as needed. Do this for the night after a day, take about 10-15 procedures and get rid of calcaneal spurs.

Recipes from corns, spurs, callouses are on the FORUM.

With heel spurs will help beef meat.

Fight off the pulp with a hammer and apply to a problem place overnight. On top - polyethylene and bandage bandage. That all has passed, there are enough 3 procedures.

Lilac against a spur

With a heel spur make compresses of lilac tincture. Dried lilac flowers pour vodka in the ratio of 1:10.Insist 8-10 days in a tightly closed vessel.

Magnesia will defeat the heel spine

Procedure for overnight. Buy in a pharmacy 6 bags of magnesia and dissolve in 1 liter of water. Warm up the solution of magnesia( somewhere up to t 60 °), pour into the pelvis and lower the heels into it, soar about 10 minutes. Then, dryly wipe the heels, apply a compress from the solution of liquid valerian to them. A good warm( wear warm socks) and so on all night, in the morning to remove the compress.3a 10 procedures you will forget about pains in the heels, heel spur you will leave

Getting rid of the spur in 2 weeks.

Spurs - a fairly common disease, especially often annoying older people. Try a proven recipe: take 100 ml of alcohol, 100 g of salt and 10 g of acetic essence, add water to 3 liters. Water to warm and pour into the basin. Temperature - to put up with your feet. Soar your feet until the water cools. Keep the composition in a glass tightly closed container. Reusing, reheat, add 1 tbsp.spoon of essence and 1 tbsp spoon of alcohol. From spurs you will be cured for 2 weeks of daily procedures.

If you have a proven folk recipes for getting rid of spurs on your legs, write. Thank you in advance.

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If at the word "spur" in your imagination there is only an accessory of a rider's costume or a cheat sheet for an exam in a university, then you can not read further. With your heels, you're all right! But those who are less fortunate and who do not want to get rid of the spur on the heel, our advice can be very useful.

Spur on the heel represents a kind of bone outgrowth on the sole in the heel bone region. This sprout often resembles a sharp spike and plagued its "owner" a lot, causing acute pain while walking. Heel spurs can appear at any age if your weight exceeds the norm of kilograms by 15. The risk group also includes those diagnosed with flat feet and various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. But most often this trouble happens to women and men of middle and old age.

In folk medicine there are many effective remedies against spur on the heel. But it should be remembered: all these tools are good only for the most patient and purposeful. The fact is that the procedures that help get rid of the spur should be done regularly for a long time - from ten days and longer. If you are ready for this, then the folk recipes published below from the spur on the heel are for you.

Kerosene from the spur on the heel

A few extreme remedies: hot boiled potatoes( about 1 kg), cooked uncleaned, mashed in a puree and diluted with kerosene until the density of liquid semolina. Healing mixture is to be transferred to the basin and the sick legs soak in it until the "puree" becomes slightly warm. Wet a towel in hot water and wipe your legs. Put on woolen socks, pouring in each sock on a pinch of red pepper. In these socks walk all day, and you can also sleep in them.

The kerosene-potato course of treatment of the heel spur is calculated for about ten days.

Another recipe based on kerosene includes also ammonia, vegetable oil, coarse salt and small-fine bitter pepper.

Take 200 ml of kerosene, 100 ml of ammonia, 250 ml of unrefined sunflower oil, a handful of salt and a heap of pods of small bitter pepper. Dissolve the salt in ammonia, chop the pepper into a gruel, combine everything with kerosene and oil in a glass or enameled container. Close the lid tightly and insist for three days. In this mixture, abundantly wet gauze, folded in several layers, and apply compresses on the heels layer by layer: gauze, waxed paper for compresses, dry cloth, warm sock. Doing such compresses until the spur does not leave your heels alone - about 7-10 days.

Honey from the spur on the heel

To replace honey-oat dough: mix a glass of unsafared honey with oatmeal in such a proportion that the result is two elastic cakes. In a hot soda solution, soak your feet, wipe dry thoroughly. Cakes are pribintovat to diseased heels, from above "pack" food polyethylene film or wax paper for compresses. Wear warm soft socks and leave in such condition for the night. The course of treatment of heel spurs with honey-oat compresses - ten days.

Rye bread with yogurt from spur on heel

An ancient folk recipe from the spur on the heel: soak the rye bread in curdled milk for as long as it takes to get a thick cereal and milk porridge. Thicker thick layer to impose on a dense rag. The resulting compress should be applied to the sole of the foot, wrapped on top of the other - dry - with a rag, wrapped in polyethylene and put on very thick and warm socks. So do it every day at night for a week. They say that it helps very well to get rid of the calcaneal spur forever.

Fat from the spur on the heel

Fresh lard is an effective remedy for spur on the heel. Monthly for a month pribintovyvat thin plates of fat to diseased heels, wear warm socks on top. The action of bacon can be strengthened, if you soak your feet in hot soda before the procedure, and pour red pepper into your socks and walk in them until evening.

Like any other disease, the heel spur is easier to prevent than treat. As a preventive measure, you need to monitor your weight, wear comfortable, foot-sized shoes, and observe the water-salt balance. And most importantly, do not miss the moment when the problem is just coming on: the heel spur in the embryo is much easier to defeat than to get rid of the old build-up.

How will get rid of calcaneal spurs?

carina Ivanova

forever - only X-ray therapy.

Aleksandra /catalog/shpornet/ is cream-balm SPPORNET and PYATKOSHPOR - are sold in any pharmacy. Two weeks of smearing at night and everything is ok.


Regular visit to the pedicure salon will help you

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Honey, iodine, salt: take one tablespoon with the top of honey, 1 bubble of iodine( 50 grams), 1 teaspoon of extra salt "Extra".All stir, apply on cotton wool( can be bandaged), attach to the heel, top the cellophane and tightly bandage, so that at night the bandage does not slip. In the morning resemble, without removing the bandage, 15 minutes, then take off. This amount of ointment is calculated 5 times. For five nights you can get rid of spurs. It is recommended to repeat the treatment in six months if the spurs appear again.
Cabbage, honey: spurs on the heels disappear from such a compress - take a leaf from a small cabbage fork, pour a teaspoon of honey on it. Attach to the heel, secure and warm. The procedures should be done at least 3 times a night.
Trays of grass, fly agaric: brew wormwood, nettle, burdock and marshmallow, soar their feet. Treatment is long, up to a month, but everything disappears forever. You can apply fresh fly agaric to the heels, too, all will pass.
Salo for the treatment of the heel spur: 100 gr.melt the old fat in a skillet, add a raw chicken egg, 100 gr.vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey. Give this lotion so much 48 hours. Then, steal a sick leg and apply a lotion for the night. To strengthen the action, sleep better in sock. A week later the spur will disappear.


It's better to go to the doctors. I once came there and they set me on fire!


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