Rules for carrying out procedures for hardening the body

Regular hardening can effectively strengthen health. When carrying out hardening procedures, it is important to follow certain principles of their implementation, so that the effect of the procedures is positive. The most important rules of all procedures are observance of systematic, gradual, sequence of procedures, as well as individual features of the human body and self-control.

The systematic nature of the procedures is the daily implementation. It is very important to influence the body with a certain natural stimulus, which will help achieve the desired result. Systematic procedures enhance the stability of the human nervous system to constantly changing environmental conditions. If there was a forced break in the procedure, then they can resume, starting with "soft" procedures.

The desired effect of the procedures can be achieved only with a gradual increase in the effect of the irritating factor and a consistent increase in its dose. If these rules are not observed, health will not only not be strengthened, but may also worsen severely. This principle should be especially observed when conducting tempering procedures for children and adults who are not accustomed to the effects of natural factors( sun, cold, rain, etc.)

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It is also necessary to pay attention to the individual characteristics of the human body before choosing hardeningprocedures. This is based on the fact that each person has his own reaction to different stimuli. A significant role is played by the age of a person, as the elasticity of blood vessels decreases with age, and some hardening procedures will already be dangerous.

If you carry out procedures in the active mode, you can increase the efficiency of hardening. That is, during the procedures you need to perform various physical exercises. Thanks to this, the body's resistance to an increase in the strength and dose of the stimulus will increase.

When hardening the key to successful achievement of the desired result is a balanced diet. This is necessary, since the body must always maintain a balance of substances necessary for the normal metabolism and functioning of all body systems. As well as with food, the body receives and produces the necessary amount of energy, which is very important for conducting procedures.

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