Dream Hips

Female hips, a sign of fertility and sexuality, opened to the gaze of men with the onset of the mini-skirt era. Since then, every woman considers it her duty to achieve perfect hips. Consider what they are, the ideal hips, and how to achieve the desired forms.

At achievement of an ideal each woman faces a question: and how they look, ideal femurs? If at the time of antiquity lush and strong hips were in fashion, in the Renaissance - lush with lovingly drawn great painters dimples of cellulite, and nowadays the fashion for the form of hips varies from puny teenage to strong, mare.

Anatomically the same perfect hips have 2 lumens: the first lumen is where they begin, the second - from 1/4 to 1/3 of the thigh to the knee. The lumens should be small, the hips even, perpendicular to the ground. This is the correct anatomical construction. There are some peculiarities that are genetically laid down. And this is by no means a disadvantage, but a feature, a highlight of a woman.

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The most important enemy of women's hips is cellulite. He was recognized as a terrible flaw, and a woman with cellulite feels almost leper. Good and bad news - cellulite is natural for the female body and the first-second stage, as they are characterized in medicine, is the physiological norm. These stages are characterized by the presence of a fatty layer of a lumpy structure under the skin and not particularly pronounced externally. Cellulite of 3-4 stages is already subject to adjustment by changing food, exercise and eliminating its causes, which in fact are very many.

Another problem is the vascular asterisks. This is the formation of capillaries, which can be prevented by taking care of the circulatory system in the legs, exercise, preventing overweight and lymph flow. The appeared stars can be tried to remove with heparoprotective ointments or radically - electric current in the doctor's office.

For a good state of thighs, a diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, greens, a minimum of fast food and food debris is needed. For the hips, physical exertion, massage, baths are necessary. Harmful sedentary lifestyle, hypothermia( causes cellulite and vascular asterisks) and leg position by the foot.

Women strive for ideal thighs and this desire is justified only by a reasonable approach and taking into account individual, unique features of the hip structure will help to achieve the perfect form of this. It is worth remembering that the fashion for the shape of the hips is as fleeting as the style of the dress, so it is worth considering: is there any sense in chasing the transitory ideal or is it worth choosing the physiologically natural form of one of the most beautiful female parts of the body.

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