Doctor evdokimenko treatment of arthrosis

Doctor Pavel Evdokimenko as a leading expert in the treatment of arthritis

A person who suffers from musculoskeletal problems sooner or later faces a problem: which of the experts entrust care of his health? This is a very important task, because wrong and untimely diagnosed and incorrectly prescribed treatment can permanently damage a patient's life. A person suffering from unbearable pain in arthritis or arthrosis, is ready to believe any charlatan who promises the coming of the long-awaited relief. This approach is fundamentally wrong. Trust your health only to professionals.

Doctor Pavel Valeryevich Evdokimenko

Dr. Pavel Valeryevich Evdokimenko

Leading specialist in the field of treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system - Dr. Evdokimenko. Since 1994 Pavel Valerevich was one of the specialists of the Moscow City Center of Arthrosis, where he gained invaluable experience and many grateful patients. After Doctor Evdokimenko taught at the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples, succeeding and lecturing, and helping those in need of his help to patients. He is the person about whom it is customary to say "the doctor from God."

Today Pavel Valeryevich successfully practices in the clinic "Doctor Norovkov. Private practice".The clinic treats almost all diseases of the joints: kyphosis, scalyosis, cervical radiculitis, joint displacement of various etiologies, Bechterew's disease, arthrosis of the hip joints, gouty arthritis, arthrosis of the knee joints, meniscopathy, osteoporosis and many others. The main distinguishing feature of Dr. Evdokimenko is that he never gives the patient a false hope. However, if the doctor sees a realistic prospect of success in the treatment of the patient, then Pavel Valerievich undertakes to treat even those from whom the other doctors "refused".

Doctor Evdokimenko as the author of the popular scientific literature

His first book, Pavel Valeryevich Evdokimenko, was published in 2001.It is called "Osteochondrosis - Myths and Reality".The book is written in such a way that quite complex things become clear to the common man in the street. Moreover, there is a hope for recovery, a positive psycho-emotional mood. This is sometimes the key to successful treatment.

Dr. Evdokimenko is the author of 10 books and many scientific articles, which are periodically supplemented and reprinted in accordance with all modern trends in medicine and pharmacology.

The most popular book of Dr. Evdokimenko is "Arthritis. Arthrosis ", which was first published in 2003. Three years ago, absolutely all of the author's books were supplemented and republished. The book "Osteoarthritis. Arthritis. "Tells about the difference between these diseases, the origin of the pathology, the current trends in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, preventive measures and many other things useful for patients. The book is easy to read, written in a "light syllable" and does not require working with a dictionary. Everything is very accessible, and therefore this book can become a desktop for people suffering from joint diseases. This book has collected in itself all the long-term experience of Dr. Evdokimenko, who successfully applies his knowledge in practice. The book "Osteoarthritis. Arthritis. "Is worth reading even to those who do not have any pain. Everyone will find something cognitive about it.

Where to buy the books of the author

The total circulation of books sold in our country and beyond is more than 500 000 copies. You can buy books in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Latvia and Ukraine. They are very popular among readers. On the official website of Dr. Evdokimenko new articles and publications of the author are constantly appearing, and therefore Internet users have a constant opportunity to be the first to learn about the latest techniques in the field of modern medicine in the interpretation of Pavel Valerievich.

If you are interested in the works of Dr. Evdokimenko, you suffer from joint diseases and have tried everything that is possible, but have not achieved a positive dynamics in the course of the disease - we recommend that you turn to the real professional of your business for help. The doctor has his own methods of complex treatment of many diseases and successfully applies them in his hard work. These methods include both traditional medicamental methods of exposure, and alternative. Successfully used medical leeches( hirudotherapy), cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, manual therapy, post-isometric relaxation and many others.

Can I get an appointment with the famous doctor

The key to successful treatment depends not only on the doctor, but also on the patient himself, how much he trusts the doctor and believes in the success of the treatment, what the general psychological mood is, the patient's willingness to contact the doctor and comply with all the prescriptions. Pavel Valeryevich is ready to offer to each patient individually the complexes of gymnastic exercises. On how diligent and conscientiously the patient will comply with all the doctor's recommendations, the final result also depends.

All information on how to make an appointment with Dr. Evdokimenko at the reception, you can get from his personal website. It should be noted that the cost of treatment is quite acceptable for the average person. The first method costs 5,000 rubles, and each subsequent 3,000 rubles. The total cost of the course of treatment ranges from 15 to 20,000 rubles, depending on the number of sessions.

Believe in the success of the treatment and be healthy! Let you have nothing and never hurts!

To which doctor should you consult if you have coxarthrosis.

Coxarthrosis( or osteoarthrosis) is a deforming arthrosis of the hip joint, one of the most common pathologies.

There are many reasons for this disease. These include joint dysplasia, congenital hip dislocation, various mechanical injuries, injuries and fractures, consequences of hip fracture( especially in the elderly), and many others. The most common complaint of patients is pain. It has a different duration and intensity. Pay special attention to the fact that often the pain sensations with this form of arthrosis, is localized not in the hip, but in the knee. It is this fact that often becomes fatal. An inexperienced doctor can incorrectly assess the situation and prescribe the wrong, ineffective treatment. In addition to pain in the knee, the patient often experiences other unpleasant symptoms: pain in the joint, in the hip, stiffness of movements, shortening of the affected limb, a person begins to limp. In the early stages, the pain is of a periodic nature and of low intensity. And who wants to go to the doctor once again? This is why the patient often consults a doctor when the process is already "in order".

It is very important to contact the doctor in a timely manner. Then the next question arises. If coxarthrosis is diagnosed, who should I contact for help? A doctor who deals with such issues is called an orthopedic trauma specialist or a rheumatologist. And here the most important thing is not to make a mistake with the choice. Often the result of treatment depends on how qualified the doctor is.

To which doctor to contact: Dr. Evdokimenko

doctor osteoarthritis

Doctor Evdokimenko Pavel Valerevich - experienced manual therapist and rheumatologist with a long record of work. He is the author of many scientific articles and books on health, the author of author's methods of treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and successfully practicing physician. Now Dr. Evdokimenko is engaged in the treatment of various diseases of the joints and spine. Among them: coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, various dislocations of intervertebral joints and disc hernias, meniscus lesions, inflammation of the femoral tendons and many other diseases.

Like any other self-respecting and patient doctor, Dr. Evdokimenko never gives his patients a false hope. There are stages of the disease in which no conservative therapy can help, surgical intervention is required. However, if there is an opportunity to do without an operation, the doctor will tell you in detail about the possibilities of carrying out this or that method of treatment, give the necessary recommendations and detail the scheme of treatment.

Coxarthrosis is a disease that can be treated very hard, but if the patient is on time to see a doctor, then at the early stage of the disease the effectiveness of treatment is about 90%.Treatment of coxarthrosis is quite long, up to 1 year, but very effective. Coxarthrosis in the later stages of the disease is not treated even by such an experienced doctor as Dr. Evdokimenko. Be carefull!!!If the doctor promises you a miraculous healing - run away from him, most likely, he is just a charlatan.

Where to find a doctor and what to have

Doctor Evdokimenko takes in the clinic "Doctor Norovkov. Private practice".Before visiting a doctor, we recommend that you contact the clinic, where the secretary will write you to the reception. In order for the diagnosis to be correct, you need to have the result of a general blood test, all the x-ray images of your joint that you have, if any, MRI photos and rheumatographic analysis.

The first visit to the doctor will cost you about 5000 rubles, and each next - in 3000. Approximate cost of the full course of treatment - from 15 000 rubles and above, is determined for each patient individually.

Let's sum up. When the question arises: whom to turn to for help with coxarthrosis, the only true answer is to an experienced specialist. To the doctor to address follows when the first symptoms of the disease appeared, namely any unpleasant sensations in the field of the hip joints. To whom to address, if you have coxarthrosis, you decide, but the sooner the better. Stay healthy!

Chapters from Dr. Evdokimenko's books

publication dates and listing of all Dr. Evdokimenko's books


Bechterew's disease is ankylosing spondylitis. Causes of Bechterew's disease. Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Bechterew's disease.

Pain in the back and neck. Lumbago, sciatica, sciatica, hernia of intervertebral discs .Symptoms of intervertebral hernia. Examination performed with suspicion of a herniated intervertebral disc. Treatment of disc hernia.

Osteoporosis. Causes of osteoporosis. Symptoms of osteoporosis. Examinations for osteoporosis. Treatment of osteoporosis.

Osteochondrosis of the spine and spondylosis. Symptoms of osteochondrosis and spondylosis. Their diagnosis. Treatment of osteochondrosis and spondylosis.

Scoliosis, kyphosis, stoop, Sheyerman's disease. The causes of curvature of the spine. Causes of stoop. Symptoms of Sheyerman's disease are Mau. Correction of stoop, treatment of Sheyerman-Mau disease.


Pain in the thigh. Diseases that cause pain in the hips, pain in the groin or pain in the buttocks: arthrosis of the hip( coxarthrosis), aseptic necrosis of the femoral head, inflammation of the femoral tendon( trochanteritis), pear-shaped muscle syndrome and arthritis. Their distinctive features.

Pain in the knees. Diseases that cause knee pain: arthrosis of knee joints, meniscus damage, arthritis, circulatory disorders of the knee joints and inflammation of the knee tendons. Their distinctive features.

Pain in the ankles. Subluxation of the ankle, arthritis and arthrosis of the ankle. Their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Arthrosis of the big toe - hallux-valgus, deformity of the toe. The causes of arthrosis of the big toe. Treatment of arthrosis of the thumb.

Osteoarthritis of the knee joints - gonarthrosis. Symptoms of gonarthrosis. Errors in the diagnosis of gonarthrosis. Examination of the patient with gonarthrosis. The causes of gonarthrosis. Treatment of gonarthrosis. The best exercises for the treatment of gonarthrosis.

Osteoarthritis of the hip joint - coxarthrosis. Symptoms of coxarthrosis. The causes of coxarthrosis. Examination of patient with coxarthrosis. Prospects for the treatment of coxarthrosis. Therapeutic treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint. Endoprosthetics of the hip joint.

Aseptic necrosis of the femoral head - hip joint infarction, avascular necrosis. Causes of aseptic necrosis. Diagnosis and treatment of aseptic necrosis. Exercises for the treatment of aseptic necrosis.

Meniscus lesions( meniscopathy).Symptoms of meniscus damage. Diagnosis of meniscus lesions. Treatment of meniscus lesions( treatment of meniscopathy).Exercises to restore the knee in case of meniscus lesions.

Achilles tendon injuries. Interview on the topic of damage to the Achilles tendons and their treatment for the magazine "Athletics".November 2004.Heel spurs( heel pains).The causes of pain in the heels. Diagnosis of calcaneal spurs. Treatment of pain in the heels.


Pain in the fingers of the hands. Causes of pain in the fingers. Diseases that most often cause pain in the fingers. Their distinctive features.

Pain in the wrist. The main causes of pain in the wrist joint.

  • Myths about back and neck pain

    Myths about back and neck pain

    Myths about back and neck pain

    extensive conversation with Dr. Evdokimenko. Myths about osteochondrosis.6 - about Sheirman's disease 12 - how to relieve pain in the neck from spasm of muscles 15 - about chronic pain from muscle spasm 20 - and whether orthopedic mattresses and pillows are needed 24 - small hernia - not hernia 30 - myths about osteoporosis Evdokimenko - Joint painin the diet.http: // G48PMImigVE Books Evdokimenko can be bought here http: // partner = kazmed & from = bar
  • 9:56

    Back pain. Herniated disc. What can not be done with back pain

    Back pain. Herniated disc. What can not be done with back pain

    Back pain. Herniated disc. What can not be done with back pain

    Dr. Evdokimenko talks about the causes of pain in the back. And also about herniated discs, about their size, and about how they deceive patients. Dr. Evdokimenko on the RBC channel.
  • 0:24

    back pain doctor evdokimenko

    back pain doctor evdokimenko

    back pain doctor evdokimenko

    How to restore the spine for 2 weeks, giving it only 27 minutes a day. Here in detail http: // 2weeks
  • 7:29

    Doctor evdokimenko back and neck pain

    Doctor evdokimenko back and neck pain

    Doctor evdokimenko back and neck pain

    Ordered on the official site here - http: // 4DhSa8 I strongly recommend the Shark Fat atpain in the back and neck. Helps just fine. Very grateful to the manufacturers. Thank you very much!
  • 1:51

    Back pain after delivery. Intimate life and back

    Back pain after delivery. Intimate life and back

    Back pain after delivery. Intimate life and back

    opinion of Dr. Evdokimenko
  • Pavel Evdokimenko in the Young Guard 8.04.2015

    Pavel Evdokimenko in the Young Guard 8.04.2015

    Pavel Evdokimenko in the Young Guard 8.04.2015

    Presentation of the new book "ANATOMY OF BOYING: PRINCIPLEBUILDINGS "."ANATOMY OF BOYING: the principle of the umbilical cord" is a very unusual book. It tells about why black and white stripes occur in our life;why one person in life is always lucky, and the other - no. In addition, this book answers the questions that interest us: Is it possible to manage luck? How to make your life happy? Why do some pleasant or unpleasant events occur in our life? Is the world fair? Is there a higher justice? Or is everything in our life determined by chance? Why do good people often have a bad life, and scoundrels, on the contrary, often achieve success? Surely in that or interpretation you have repeatedly asked yourself such questions. But, most likely, they did not really hope to find an answer to them. Well, "Anatomy of luck" will help you find the right answers to all these questions. Read the best book of Dr. Evdokimenko with pleasure! Evdokimenko Pavel Valerevich - practicing rheumatologist, author of the books "The cause of your illness", "The secret formula of health", "Arthrosis", "Arthritis", "Pain in the back and neck", "Pain in the legs. Benefit for the sick "," Pain and numbness in the hands. ", "Being healthy in our country", as well as the author of many articles in the magazines "World of Health", "Your Child", "New Pharmacy", "Athletics", etc.
  • 9: 56Shape

    Back stoop, what should I do?

    Saddle back, what to do, why does scoliosis, kyphosis, stoop? The reasons, consequences and ways to get rid of stoop tells Dr. Evdokimenko P. Suturing in the child, the formation of correct posture, how to treat spine scoliosissee this video, enjoy, subscribe tocash and stay healthy Removing back pain at home:!
  • 1:07

    psoriatic arthritis treatment reviews |rheumatoid arthritis and sun

    psoriatic arthritis treatment reviews |rheumatoid arthritis and sun

    psoriatic arthritis treatment reviews |rheumatoid arthritis and sun

    More detailed information on the product, see our website central protrusion of the c5 c6 disk, ankle bursitis, lumbar osteochondrosis during pregnancy, hair loss in osteochondrosis, therapeutic exercise with shoulder pyloric periarthritis, plexitis symptoms, goutcode of microbes, signs of spondylosis, pain in the back of the video, lfc with radiculitis, radish with gout, osteoporosis milk, abdominal pains with osteochondrosis, reactive arthritis in children, osteochondrosis 4 period, pain under the left scapula symptoms, bursitisheel symptoms, sprain of the arms in the child, radiculitis of the back, subcoracoidal bursitis of the shoulder joint, postmenopausal osteoporosis, reactive arthritis in children, anti-inflammatory drugs for osteoarthritis, temporoarticular arthrosis treatment, arthrosis treatment, doctor evdokimenko, help with gout, knee osteoarthritis, acute painin the lower back on the left, the effects of protrusion of discs, arthritis disease symptoms, subclavian bursitis treatment with folk remedies, purulent ulnar bursitis, a healing session of Kashpirovskystenochondrosis, gout symptoms treatment with folk remedies, book evdokimenko arthrosis, protrusion 0.2 cm, rheumatoid polyarthritis treatment with folk methods, ulnar arthritis symptoms, arthritis colin suglob, sulfasalazine reviews rheumatoid arthritis, doctor treating arthrosis, arthritis of the thumb treatment, arthrosis of the hip joint photo,polyarthritis of 3rd degree, disability in rheumatoid polyarthritis, doloben in case of sprain, osteoporosis of microbes, densitometry, how to eat with osteoarthritis, pictures of knee arthrosis, salt depositionin the hip joint, the methods of treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint, osteoarthritis of the wrist joint, acute pain with gout, arthrosis of the metatarsal joint, back pain, stretching, cervical spine arthrosis treatment, myositis brachial, knee arthritis treatment with folk remedies, after running back pain, treatmentarthritis in russia, whether it is possible to cure mayonnaise, polyarthritis can be curable, pain in the lower back, shoes with arthrosis of the knee joint, gout on the legs, massage with cervical osteochondrosis video, arthritis and sun, fractures in osteoporosis, blumbar puncture aching pain, shoulder scapular periarthrosis, psoriatic arthritis symptoms, treatment of gout with medicines, prevention of radiculitis, polyarthritis of the fingers of the hands folk remedies, arthrosis of the third degree, laser therapy for arthrosis, pain between the ankles, osteoarthritis of the ankle, pain in the left side of the back
  • 16: 40View - Treatment of the Hip Joint

    Watch - Treatment of the Hip Joint

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  • 0:41

    Spine osteochondrosis - Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteochondrosis

    Spine osteochondrosis - Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteochondrosis

    Spinal osteochondrosis - Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteochondrosis

    Corrector of posture with a 49% discount - Press: http: // ........................................................................................................................................................................................., null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null, Osteochondrosis( Disease Or Medical Condition) Osteochondrosis of the spine osteochondrosis of the spine Medicine( Field Of Study) Clinic of Doctor Ignatieff massage at osteochondrosis treatment of osteochondrosis lumbar osteochondrosis what is osteochondrosis osteochondrosis symptoms cervical osteochondrosis osteochondrosis treatment of spine vertebral osteoporosis treatment Oriental medicine massage in Minsk Back pain osteochondrosis therapeutic massage gout treatment migraine treatment pain in heart back pain back painmassage video osteohandroz evdokimenko Personal lumbago painful massage doctor arthrosis back pain RBC
  • 3:12

    Didyulia about Dr. Evdokimenko on HTV

    Didyulya about doctor Evdokimenko on NTV

    Didyulia about doctor Evdokimenko on NTV

    Didyulya about doctor Evdokimenko on NTV.The program shows the medical exercises of Dr. Evdokimenko.
  • 4:30

    Only two exercises eliminate acute back pain in just 5 minutes

    Only two exercises eliminate acute back pain in just 5 minutes

    Only two exercises eliminate acute back pain in just 5 minutes

    In this video, a specialist in medicine showstwo easy and simple exercises, and most importantly, that these exercises do not harm the spine. These exercises can eliminate acute pain in the lower back, remove muscle spasm. Only 5 minutes a day of classes will help to quickly eliminate acute pain in the lumbar region.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything about massage, health and beauty, on the site of the House of Massage -
  • 50: 16Pavil Evdokimenko. Interview.

    Pavel Evdokimenko. Interview.

    Official site: http: // Evdokimenko Pavel Valerievich, rheumatologist and psychophysiologist. Writer. Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences( RAMTS).In 1984 he graduated with honors from the medical assistant department of the Moscow Medical School. In 1994 he graduated from the medical institute, after which he worked at the Moscow City Center for Arthrosis( MGAC), improved his qualifications in the Scientific Research Institute of Rheumatology( rheumatological center).Then he advised and taught therapy at the Department of Internal Medicine of the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples( PFUR), combining advisory activities with active medical work. The general experience of medical practice is more than 20 years. In his books, Dr. Evdokimenko freely shares his knowledge and possible methods of treatment of various diseases of the spine and joints, as well as a number of other diseases. And although many sick doctors often convince that their illnesses are incurable, Dr. Evdokimenko in his books proves that this is not true - in most cases cure is possible without miracles, in perfectly understandable and logical ways. By early 2015, the total circulation of Dr. Evdokimenko's books issued and sold exceeded 700,000.
  • 10:35

    Back pain - training exercises

    Back pain - training exercises

    Back pain - training exercises

    back pain, back pain, pain + back, pain gives back, pain + backlower back pain, back pain, back pain + back pain, back pain + pain,in the back, pain from the back, pain + in the back to the left, pain left side of the back, pain + in the back gives + in the leg, pains + in the back + in the kidney, intervertebralchlarge, grmba, Lombalgia Back pain - training exercises by Vadim Tanasiev is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution4.0InternationalLicense.https: // watch? v = G-lSihcvY8w Based on a work at https: // watch? v = G-lSihcvY8w. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https: // watch? V = G-lSihcvY8w. Copy this code to let your visitors know!

Pain in the elbow. The main causes of pain in the elbow joint. Diseases that most often cause pain in the elbow. Their distinctive features.

Osteoarthritis of the wrist joint. Its occurrence. Symptoms and treatment of arthrosis of the wrist joint.

Shoulder-bladder periarthritis - inflammation of tendons of the shoulder, capsulitis, humeroscapular periarthrosis. Causes and symptoms of humeroparous periarthritis. Diagnosis of humeroparous periarthritis. Treatment of humeroparous periarthritis. Exercises to restore the mobility of the shoulder joint.

Polyostoarthrosis of the fingers - multiple arthrosis of the joints of the fingers, "knobby fingers".The causes of arthrosis of the fingers. The nodes of Geberden and Bushehr.

Carpal tunnel syndrome - carpal tunnel syndrome. Causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. Methods for diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome. Prognosis and consequences of carpal tunnel syndrome. Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome and its recurrence.

Epicondylitis of the elbow joint is the elbow of the tennis player. The causes of epicondylitis elbow joint. Its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.


Osteoarthritis and arthritis - what is it. What distinguishes arthrosis from arthritis. Signs of arthrosis( symptoms of arthrosis).The most characteristic signs of arthritis( symptoms of arthritis).Surveys required for differential diagnosis between arthritis and arthrosis. Other causes of pain in the joints.

Gout, or gouty arthritis. What is gout. Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of gout. Diet for gout.

Rheumatic polymyalgia. Symptoms of rheumatic polymyalgia. Diagnosis of rheumatic polymyalgia. Complications of rheumatic polymyalgia. Treatment of rheumatic polymyalgia.

Rheumatoid arthritis. Causes of rheumatoid arthritis. Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatism of joints. Symptoms of rheumatism. Treatment of rheumatism. Prevention of recurrence of rheumatism. Nutrition for rheumatism.


Diet for arthrosis( nutrition for arthrosis).Harmful foods. Metabolic disorders with arthrosis. Tips for proper nutrition with arthrosis.

Treatment of intervertebral hernia( disc hernia).Therapeutic methods of treatment of a herniated disc. Operations with herniated disc. Postoperative restoration of the spine.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Basic therapy of rheumatoid arthritis. Anti-inflammatory drugs used in the treatment of arthritis. Methods of physical and mechanical effect on the immune system, physiotherapeutic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Diet with rheumatoid arthritis.

Manual therapy. Osteopathy and chiropractic. The benefit and harm of manual therapy. Contraindications to manual therapy.

Anti-inflammatory drugs used in diseases of the back and joints. Their benefit. Rules of application. Contraindications to the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Chondroprotectors( glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate) are preparations for the treatment of arthrosis. Their benefit. Rules of application. Dosages and duration of administration.


Beginning of the book "Be Healthy in Our Country".How not to fall into the hands of businessmen from medicine, how to improve their health without drugs, get rid of diseases and prolong their lives.

Herniated spine, protrusion of the intervertebral disc. How you can be deceived with a diagnosis.

Osteochondrosis of the spine: a disease that does not exist. Unexpected information about osteochondrosis.

Pain In The Back Dr. Evdokimenko

Unco-vertebral arthrosis of the cervical spine

Unco-vertebral arthrosis of the cervical spineOsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis

Features of unco-vertebral arthrosis of the cervical spine Unco-vertebral arthrosis of the cervical spine is a degenerative-dystrophic lesion of one or several intervertebral discs and / or fac...

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Uncovertebral arthrosis of the cervical spine

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Unco-vertebral arthrosis

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