Is it possible to cure cervical osteochondrosis

How to cure cervical osteochondrosis? Is it possible?

The first question that the patient asks the doctor when he first hears about the established diagnosis: "Doctor, but how to cure osteochondrosis of the cervical department, or will the illness remain forever?".What awaits the answer: "Do not worry, you'll be completely healthy soon."Desire is natural, but not all so simple. Read further answers to the main questions on the complete disposal of the disease.

cervical osteochondrosis

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Treat or cure?

From the medical point of view, all diseases are divided into 2 types according to their course:

  1. Acute occur suddenly on a background of complete health and with proper treatment can result in complete recovery.

  2. Chronic waves are wavy( with remissions and exacerbations), a complete recovery may not happen.

Osteochondrosis of the spine, including its cervical region, belongs to the group of chronic diseases.

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If the process of destruction of the cervical has begun, then to turn it back, unfortunately, is impossible. The biggest thing a doctor and patient can do is slow the rate of disk destruction. However, paying proper attention to its health, to lead a full-fledged way of life is absolutely real. How to do this? We must actively treat the disease.

Main tasks and methods of treatment

The effective treatment of cervical osteochondrosis, which will help to live without pain and lead an active lifestyle, has 3 tasks:

  1. pain relief;

  2. elimination of inflammation and swelling in the pinched spine;

  3. slowing of aging, hardening and destruction of the intervertebral disc.

Pain relief

  • In severe cases with a very severe pain syndrome, Novocain blockades will help. They are carried out exclusively by a doctor and in a hospital - this is important, because during the procedure there can be severe allergic reactions requiring specialized care.
  • If pain is mild, then nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( diclofenac, ibuprofen, nimesulide) in the form of injections and gels for external use are used to relieve the condition. These medicinal substances have a double action: they remove edema, inflammation in the stiffened root and anesthetize.
  • It helps to relieve painful sensations of cervical stasis for 2 hours a day. For this purpose, the orthopedic collar( Shantz collar and the like) is ideally suited, and it also serves as a soft stretcher for the cervical vertebrae, which allows to remove the compression of the pinched nerves.

Elimination of inflammation and edema

This goal of treatment can be achieved through a combination of drugs and physiotherapy procedures.

Drugs include a large group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. A specific drug should be prescribed by a doctor taking into account existing contraindications and individual reactions. To improve the functioning of nerve tissue, B vitamins are used as injections.

Physiotherapy procedures are usually administered immediately after an acute period. All methods of physiological treatment can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. classic, which for years proved their effectiveness;

  2. are alternative and new, which only just win the trust of doctors.

The classical methods include UHF, electrophoresis, phonophoresis. Their dignity in accessibility and harmlessness;deficiencies are not always a quick result( especially in complex cases of cervical osteochondrosis).

Relatively new methods:

  • hirudotherapy, acupuncture - methods that are "on the verge" between official and alternative medicine;
  • spinal traction( autogravitational therapy);
  • shock wave therapy.

Such services are provided by any modern private neurological clinic. To use them in treatment or not depends, first of all, on financial possibilities of the patient.

traction of the cervical spine

Extension of the cervical spine

Deceleration of aging and fracture of the intervertebral disc

The most popular methods for achieving these goals: chondroprotectors, massage, exercise therapy. All of them can be used only after removing the edema and inflammation in the roots of the spinal nerves.

A separate word I want to say about the popular chondroprotectors, which are part of the Russian scheme for the treatment of osteochondrosis. These are such drugs as chondroxide, artra, structum, dona, teraflex. They showed inconsistent results in assessing their effectiveness in the treatment of spinal osteochondrosis. Researchers agree in one - the destroyed intervertebral disc chondroprotectors will not be restored. Although in some patients, their use reduced pain in the spine and improved its mobility.

A massage performed by a specialist and a set of exercises of therapeutic gymnastics, developed by a physician for a specific patient, are aimed at achieving the main goal of treatment - slowing down the rate of destruction of the intervertebral disc - and confirmed the effectiveness in the course of scientific research. And physical exercises to strengthen the muscular corset neck provide a guaranteed improvement in the condition of the connective tissue of the spine.

What can I do at home?

At home, each patient can help the recovery process by applying simple techniques in addition to prescribing the doctor.

The simplest procedure at home is warming up. It can be dry, when the neck and shoulders are wrapped in a woolen kerchief, and moist( as a compress).For wet heating, you can use scalded horseradish leaves, which are applied to the diseased area, covered with film or cellophane, then wrapped around the scarf. Also for this purpose mustard mustard, warming ointments( for example, finalgon), pepper plaster.

To improve blood circulation in the cervical region, Kuznetsov's applicator will apply to the supratenal region or light self-massage with a roller. It is forbidden to use vibrating massage in the neck area.

Orthopedic pillow and mattress are good assistants in the fight against osteochondrosis and can reduce pain in the neck during and after sleep.

Did anyone manage to cure an ailment? Real feedback from

All patients with cervical osteochondrosis can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. with the syndrome of pinching the roots of the spinal nerves, but without other complications;

  2. with protrusion and herniated intervertebral discs.

Patients of the first category often give positive responses even about the standard scheme of treatment of cervical osteochondrosis. In 80% of cases it is effective, and if the patient adheres to the recommendations of a doctor in the stage of remission, then repeated exacerbations can easily be avoided. In this category of patients, non-traditional methods of treatment work well.

In patients with complications in the form of protrusions and disc herniations, the percentage of effectiveness of even complex conservative treatment regimens does not exceed 50%.But alternative methods, on the contrary, show a somewhat higher percentage of effectiveness than in patients of the first category.

Let's sum up

Let's return to the main question of the article: how to cure cervical osteochondrosis? Answer: do everything possible to maintain and improve your health, although the osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is completely incurable. Together with the attending physician, it is possible to slow the destruction of the intervertebral disc and feel freedom of movement until death.

How to cure cervical osteochondrosis

What is cervical osteochondrosis, unfortunately, is known to many of us. Long stay in a vertical static position, lowered head while working at the computer, a long "sitting" in front of the TV are all factors that contribute to the emergence and development of this unpleasant disease. Over time, any patient who has encountered a problem, the question arises: how to cure cervical osteochondrosis? !The article will be devoted to the search for ways to solve this problem.

Stages of the development of the disease

The disease under investigation develops in stages:

  • so, cervical osteochondrosis of 1 degree is characterized by the defeat of only cartilaginous tissue, the patient thus feels only minor muscular discomfort, mild malaise;the symptomatology is erased, so very few people turn to a specialist at this stage
  • cervical osteochondrosis of the 2nd degree entails destruction of the fibrous ring, a significant decrease in the distance between the vertebrae, as a rule, the last ones are jammed and there are unpleasant painful symptoms of
  • and, finally, cervical osteochondrosis of the third degreeis expressed in the subsequent successive destruction of the vertebrae, the change in the shape of their bodies, the proliferation of bone processes, the intervertebral hernia is variable;the patient feels considerable difficulty and pain when trying to turn his neck in either direction


Cervical osteochondrosis

The following are the main signs of the disease:

  1. pain in the problem area - "lumbago" can give in the hand or the
  2. scapula
  3. muscle strain - numbness of the tongue - it feelsin the process of eating or talking
  4. paresis of the muscles of the hands and feet, accompanies any activity

What to do

Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis requires a competent integrated approach. At the early stages of the development of the disease, medication is usually not applied. A number of simple spectrum of preventive procedures is enough:

  1. Organization of a healthy lifestyle,
  2. Proper nutrition( should refrain from too sharp, fatty, high-calorie food),
  3. Gymnastics( already doing a simple morning exercise lasting 10-15 minutes will significantly improve your physical state),
  4. Refuse to lift weights - this is an incredible burden on all parts of the spine,
  5. Fighting bad habits,
  6. Take the right posture during sleep( orthopedic help will help youe mattresses), as well as during operation of the computer,
  7. Watch out for walk.

Application of medicines

Unfortunately, with age, osteochondrosis progresses. In due course it is necessary to understand, how to cure a cervical osteochondrosis medicamentally. In this case, the treatment will be aimed at combating the pathological property. First, it is necessary to reduce pain( anesthetize), reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process, and also intensify the metabolism in the cervical region.

Applicable groups of drugs such as:

  • vitamin complexes
  • chondroprotective agents
  • analgesics
  • muscle relaxants( medications that are aimed at relieving muscle spasms)

Often experts prescribe drugs containing aspirin. Such remedies relieve pain, heat and fight with mild ailment.

A sedative pill may be included in the course.

Recall that how to cure osteochondrosis of the cervical department with the help of medications, only the doctor knows, and it is he who should develop the complex to fight the disease.


Finding the answer to the question - whether it is possible to cure cervical osteochondrosis - leads us to such a technique as blockade. In fact, this procedure is the introduction of a specific drug in a zone affected by a progressive pathological process. We emphasize that this action should only be performed by a highly qualified specialist with a higher medical education. Injection helps to reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process, as well as reduce pain.

How and what to treat osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

Osteochondrosis is a lesion of intervertebral disks of a degenerative-dystrophic nature, and neck section is the most vulnerable part of the spinal column, which has anatomically different structure of very closely adjacent vertebrae andweak muscular corset.

Therefore, even with small additional loads on the neck, may occur vertebrae, leading to compression of the vessels and nerves.

And because through the holes in the transverse processes of the vertebrae in this department there are vertebral arteries participating in the blood supply to the brain, pinching of the vertebrae in this department or squeezing holes with osteophytes that grows is fraught with very serious consequences.

Stenosis of the spinal canal A serious problem is spinal stenosis. You should know to prevent the development of stenosis to old age.

Here you will find exhaustive information about the use of chondroprotectors for arthrosis.

Drug treatment

Ketonal in ampoules The treatment of this pathology with the help of pharmacological agents has two goals: to reduce the severity of the pain syndrome and to remove inflammation in the area of ​​the nerve roots.

In addition, spasm of paravertebral muscles is eliminated, but it is a concomitant task aimed at the implementation of the first two.

The main group of drugs used in the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs : aspirin, ibuprofen, indomethacin, paracetamol, diclofenac, nimesulide and others.

These drugs in osteochondrosis not only reduce inflammation due to the suppression of the synthesis of its mediators, but also have a direct analgesic effect.

Often, NSAIDs are used in combination with antispasmodic , which help relieve muscle tension in the paravertebral zone.

Effective relief of pain and muscle tension can be remedied by the administration of local anesthetic : novocaine, lidocaine and others. Widely used blockades in the combination of anesthetics with corticosteroid drugs, which in addition to the analgesic effect also expressed anti-inflammatory effect of .

Therapeutic gymnastics

Since the main cause of osteochondrosis in the cervical region is the non-physiological position of the body in the sedentary lifestyle and the constant tension of the muscles of the posterior surface, it is necessary to perform daily exercise exercises.

It should be remembered that the implementation of circular rotational movements of the head, especially sharp, fraught with injury to the neck.

With regular exercise complex sitting, standing and lying, the muscle tension is removed, and blood circulation in the collar zone improves. In addition, the mobility of the vertebrae itself improves. To prevent the development of osteochondrosis or slowing down the course of the disease, it is necessary to do in warm-ups in the mornings and during the working day.


Systematic self-massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical region also contributes to a significant alleviation of its symptoms.

To learn the basics of massage and avoid the typical mistakes for beginners, the video tutorial can help:

It should be remembered that in some cases the massage is contraindicated. In particular, when the patient has:

  • vascular disease: thrombophlebitis and severe atherosclerosis with aneurysms;
  • the course of hypertension;
  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • moles, warts and other skin defects in the area of ​​massage.


Reflexotherapy stimulates the production of endogenous opiates with an analgesic effect by the body. Also acupuncture contributes to the synthesis of serotonin, in addition to its other functions of improving mood, and cortisol, which has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, acupuncture improves microcirculation and, normalizing blood circulation, reduces the severity of edema in the inflamed area and promotes tissue regeneration processes.

And one more effect of reflexology is the normalization of muscle tone.

Extension( traction) of the spine

Extension of the spine allows you to increase the distance between the vertebrae.

Competent performance of stretching allows to reduce mechanical compression of nerve roots and to extend spasmed muscle fibers, as a result, improving blood circulation and normalizing metabolic processes.

The method of traction treatment is dry and underwater.

For treatment in both cases a specialized simulator is used, an example of which you see in the photo.


Physiotherapy procedures in the treatment of osteochondrosis supplement the basic treatment, helping to significantly alleviate the patient's condition and allowing to reduce doses of drugs, thereby reducing the risk of side effects and allergies.

Wellness is achieved through various physical and natural factors.

For osteochondrosis, uses ultraviolet irradiation , ultrasound therapy, point or zone vibration massage, magnetotherapy, shock wave therapy, electrotherapy, detensor therapy, and balneotherapy.

As a rule, combination of physiotherapy methods is prescribed for osteochondrosis.

For example, for the relief of severe pain, a combination of dia- dynamic current therapy and electrophoresis with lidocaine or novocaine is used.

How to cure osteochondrosis? Cervical, thoracic, lumbar.| |

Hondroz Published: 26 January 2015

Unfortunately, osteochondrosis is not such a simple disease as, for example, a cold. Cure the disease will not succeed, only by following someone's recommendations and taking certain pills. To cure such a difficult disease, necessarily needs an individual approach to .

Specificity of osteochondrosis is such that treatment will be needed permanently .It will not be possible to take a week's medication and forget about the disease forever. Osteochondrosis is the ruined spine of , as a detail that has worn out over time and now requires regular supervision.

However, this problem can be looked at entirely from the other side. The disease is treatable, there are many classic and non-traditional methods of getting rid of it. To forget about the disease, you will need serious complex treatment, exercise, dieting with osteochondrosis, a healthy lifestyle.

Competent treatment and physical activity very harden the body. Sooner or later the disease will recede , and all efforts spent on recovery triple will pay off in the form of good health .The correct way of life will remain in habit, and strengthened immunity will not allow other diseases to hit the body in the future.

How to cure osteochondrosis of the cervical region?

Injuries of the cervical spine are very dangerous .The fact is that the cervical section is the most mobile in the whole spine, and also has a large number of nerve endings, "tied up" in this department.

Quickly cure cervical osteochondrosis, alas, will not work. For the treatment of the cervical department will need patience, since overdoing this case, you can very seriously damage your body .

Of course, first you need to test the traditional treatment and taking the advice of the attending physician, start taking medication. Preparations from cervical osteochondrosis are quite capable to relieve symptoms and return to a full life. The main thing is to observe the dosage and recommendations from the doctor.

In the event that the use of honey.drugs did not bring results, it is worth paying attention to non-traditional methods of treatment. Not for nothing, treatment of cervical osteochondrosis by folk medicine, is popular as successfully as classical treatment. After all, if you think, osteochondrosis has always existed and by trial and error, people have been able to discover effective means that helped them in the past.

In the future, after receiving the result and eliminating pain symptoms, it will be advisable to start fixing the treatment. How to cure osteochondrosis of the neck, so that he stopped reminding himself? Very simple. To do this, you will need to accustom yourself to regular cervical gymnastics. Getting enough load, the muscles will always be in a tone, so that the cervical spine of the will always be clamped by a tight muscular corset .

The question "how to cure cervical osteochondrosis" is asked by many people. But a ready answer to this question can not be obtained. Only regular training and prevention of the disease will be able to give a lasting result.

How to cure osteochondrosis of the thoracic region?

Thoracic osteochondrosis occurs much less often than its "colleagues", but this is no less unpleasant. If you properly concentrate on the treatment of this disease, then it may well retreat.

The main effort will need to be directed to strengthening the muscles of the back. For this, it's not a bad idea to get a habit of pushing up regularly. Thanks to push-ups( especially deep, when the hands are just above the floor, and the body descends almost to the end), strengthens the central muscles of the back of the , preventing the disease from continuing to develop.

The number of push-ups can be any. The idea is to do as many pushups as possible in one approach, and make a small number of times, for more attempts.

It turns out, as it were, an endurance training - and this is exactly what you need.

Physical exercises will necessarily need to be combined with traditional treatment of breast osteochondrosis. This way will achieve the necessary effect of .

How to cure osteochondrosis of the thoracic region forever? Again, nothing at all. Only regular prevention will help to forget about it. That is, the disease will remain, but will not remind you of itself .

How to cure lumbar osteochondrosis?

To treat a waist from an osteochondrosis as it is necessary very cautiously .Because of problems in this part of the spine, can seriously damage 's internal organs, or the back can simply "pinch" so hard that a person can not move.

How to cure osteochondrosis of the lumbar region? Here, it will be very important to gradually exercise, strengthen the back and only then more serious techniques that will help to consolidate the result.

Loin can bring a very strong pain, so it is advisable to use injections of lumbar osteochondrosis, which will help to remove pain and significantly strengthen this site.

It should not be forgotten that treatment should be smooth and gradual. At first it will not be easy, but sooner or later there will be an improvement.

Everyone wants to know how to quickly cure the back from osteochondrosis, but the rush here is completely useless. Qualitative treatment with subsequent fixing of the result and regular prevention will help to leave the osteochondrosis in the past!

How to treat osteochondrosis? And in general, can it be cured?


The osteochondrosis of the spine is a disease in which the intervertebral discs and other tissues of the spine are affected. Under osteochondrosis is understood as a dystrophic process in intervertebral discs. Gradually losing its elastic properties, the disc flattened. As a result, the distance between the vertebrae decreases, and the nerve roots and blood vessels that leave the spinal cord are clamped - pain arises, and the phenomenon of edema begins to increase in the area of ​​the clamping of the neurovascular bundle, which leads to even more infringement and pain. With osteochondrosis of the spine, muscles and many internal organs are involved in the pathological process. This is due to the fact that the vascular-neural bundle is impaired - the blood supply and innervation of internal organs and muscles are impaired. For example, with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, the patient often has headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, visual impairment. In osteochondrosis of the thoracic region - difficulty breathing and cardiac activity;lumbar - a violation of the digestive system, kidneys, decreased potency. Most susceptible to osteochondrosis people suffering from metabolic disorders, as well as various hormonal and vascular disorders, because this kind of diseases cause disruption of nutrition of intervertebral discs. If you do not take any measures, then eventually the edges of the condensed intervertebral disc begin to protrude beyond the spinal column, and the neurovascular bundle leaving the spinal cord will be permanently injured. This is how the formation of the intervertebral hernia occurs. Move more, daily do several exercises to strengthen and flexibility of the spine( it is better if they are individually picked up by a specialist).Watch your posture even when sitting in a chair. Sleep on a hard mattress. A soft mattress warms the intervertebral discs and makes them easily shiftable. Every day, with special exercises, strengthen the muscles of the back, avoid the monotonous position of the spine. Eat well. To get rid of physical suffering, take an ordinary rolling pin to roll the dough into the right hand and slowly, gradually strengthening, tap on the right shoulder, shoulder blade, spine. Then we do the same with the left side of the body. This can be done in the evening, sitting in front of the TV, in the morning, while preparing breakfast. The main thing is that regularly. Lie down on the floor on the rolling pin and try to "ride" on it back and forth for 15-20 minutes. The next day, it may be painful to repeat this procedure, but it should be so. And do not forget about the regularity of these exercises. Folk remedies for osteochondrosis for external use:
1. take a glass bottle, fill it with 50 g of calendula grass, pour a glass of camphor alcohol, a glass of triple cologne and a glass of vodka( or moonshine).Close the stopper and put the bottle in a dark place. After 2 weeks the tincture is ready.
2. fruits of coriander, birch buds, mint grass, dandelion root - equally. Preparation: 3 tbsp.spoon powdered in a powder collection pour 100 ml of boiling water, boil on low heat with constant stirring for 5 minutes, mix with melted internal pork fat( can be replaced with butter) and vegetable oil at 75 grams, cool, store in a refrigerator.
3. Birch trees, the root of the snake mountaineer, the grass of St. John's wort, the poplar buds - equally. Preparation: 3 tbsp.spoon powdered in a powder collection pour 100 ml of boiling water, boil on low heat with constant stirring for 5 minutes, mix with melted internal pork fat and vegetable oil for 75 grams, cool, store in a refrigerator.
4. Calendula flowers, labiramon flowers, mint grass, hop cones, celandine grass, eucalyptus leaf - equally. Preparation: 3 tbsp.spoon powdered in a powder collection pour 100 ml of boiling water, boil on low heat with constant stirring for 5 minutes, mix with melted internal pork fat and vegetable oil for 75 grams, cool, store in a refrigerator.


Buy a massage mat and sleep on it, helps

Tais Athenian

You can alleviate the condition( Xefokam 3days do, fastemgel anoint, after the removal of inflammation massage)


Osteochondrosis can not be completely cured, but you can brake. ..just need to watch yourself, special gymnastics, move more, special massage, cleanse the body of toxins and monitor food( less acute and salty), in fact, consult a neurologist and nutritionist, they will pick up what is best for you. ...

Alexander L

To treat it is necessary and it is possible but it is impossible to cure.


Do respiratory gymnastics for Strelnikova helps on yourself experienced.


Triturate with Fenalgonchik and MASSAGE - necessarily..All will pass...!


As an option-psihoterapiya..

Alexey Solntsev

Osteochondrosis is a chronic disease. The basis is a degenerative change in the cartilaginous tissue of the intervertebral discs. Treatment of osteochondrosis is carried out depending on the phase of the process - acute and improved.
In an acute period, diclofenac, orthophene, vitamins, analgesics( analgesics), external - ointments and creams( finalgon, reopyrin ointment, indomethacin, etc.) are recommended.
In the period of improvement - Rumalon, vitamins, physiotherapy, massage, therapeutic physical culture, underwater traction.
In acute period and in the phase of remission of the process, a good effect is provided by acupuncture.
To prevent exacerbations, correct behavior is important. Special physical exercises, proper seating at the table, sleep on a hard mattress, correct lifting of any weights, coordinated movements.
Osteochondrosis is a nervous disease. Correctly organized regimen, rational nutrition, stress prevention contribute to the fact that exacerbations become rare, pass faster, and periods of improvement become prolonged.


I cured osteochondrosis! !!!Yoga, an active lifestyle, a regime, sleep for at least 8 hours, go to bed and get up at the same time of the day, on an orthopedic hard mattress it is desirable to temper, and a healthy diet( minimum of salt, vegetables, broiled meat, not overeat)allows you to get rid of all the causes of osteochondrosis - psychological clamping, curving, salt deposition, a change in the cartilage tissues.
But this rhythm of life is life-long, or after years of trouble they can return. Although they did not return to me, even though I stopped a healthy lifestyle about 8 years ago. All neurologists confirmed absence of osteochondrosis. Before it treated an osteochondrosis for many years lay in hospitals on 2 times a year a minimum.


Osteochondrosis is from a sedentary lifestyle, incorrect posture, sedentary work. If the table behind which you are working on the computer is not properly installed and the chair too, it should necessarily be with the armrest. In general, properly in the norm, equip your workplace. Twice a year it is desirable to do a massage, if severe pain, then at night a shot of Diclofelac( but not more than 5 punctures), but it is better to contact a neurologist and undergo a comprehensive treatment.

Is it possible to cure cervical osteochondrosis? How?


Osteochondrosis is the transformation of cartilage into bone. It is an inflammatory process that can only be stopped and not allowed to develop.
To remove the pain attack is the main thing in this case and to identify the causes of the exacerbation.
Here is my more detailed article, that would not paint.:)
Treatment of osteochondrosis of the spine

Alexey Chertov

Probably but very tezhelo-Acupuncture!massages procedure-nyxes!
Smor at what stage

Ludmila Petrova

massage of the collar zone, ointments. ... and it is better to go to the doctor not too lazy to go. B-xikam tablets, drink with caution.

Natalia Belova

Go to a neurologist, he will prescribe a treatment, and do not engage in self-medication is very dangerous.


there are different methods and ways to calm the pain, but for a while, and finally from it you can not get rid of

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