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In Israel for the first time it will be possible to see an open heart operation in a virtual reality with an overview of 360 degrees.

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Until recently, plunge into virtual reality could only be in games, attractions and movies. Now this technical novelty has come to medicine. My colleagues from the Israeli state hospital "Ichilov" together with the company Samsung have provided everyone with a unique opportunity to visit a surgical operation. At the same time, the viewer can at his desire to see any corner of the operating room. In the hospital "Ichilov" for the first time in Israel, two operations on virtual reality technology with a 360-degree survey were performed. For the shooting, cardiosurgical intervention on the open heart and caesarean section were chosen.

The creators of films sought to show medical activity in the operating room as fully as possible and in more detail. Thus, viewers will be able to see the operation at all its stages and at any possible angle( thanks to a 360 degree view).

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Prof. Roni Gamzo, the general director of the Ichilov hospital, says: "Ichilov" is Israel's leading hospital in all matters related to medical innovation. We are glad that we became the first Israeli hospital, which gives the public the opportunity to see this. Our goal is to make accessible the treatment and obtaining information using all the existing platforms that modern technology can offer at the world level. "

And here is how the project of Oren Maron, the head of the mobile phone department of Samsung Mobile Israel, characterized the project: "As a representative of the company whose motto is to be leading in all innovations, I welcome the cooperation of Samsung Israel and Ichilov Hospital - the two leading companies in their field. Viewing a video with a 360 degree view gives you the opportunity to make the learning process more profound, create a personal presence effect. This is likely to arouse interest throughout the world. "

I fully agree with this opinion. As a physician engaged in the popularization of medical knowledge, I have no doubt that the new imaging technology will increase the interest of the general public in surgery. But its main advantage is that it will help improve the quality of training surgeons. If earlier the student observed the operation at an unusual angle, being at a respectful distance from the operating doctor, now he will see what is happening through the eyes of the surgeon. In this case, he can choose the angle of view himself, considering the operating field from different sides. In addition, students from different countries will have the opportunity to study in detail the operations performed by the best surgeons in the world.

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