Cryotherapy - cold treatment

Even the ancient progenitors used ice baths to rejuvenate, which was the beginning of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a procedure for treating the body with the help of cold. Indeed, the cold activates the immune system, mobilizes the nervous and endocrine systems, promotes the body's resistance to overload and stress, improves mood and well-being. Relaxing effect, fight against cellulite, excess weight, rejuvenation, general improvement of well-being is cryotherapy!

Cryotherapy is performed with a traditional temperature effect and exposure to an inert gas of nitrogen, cooled air at a temperature of minus 150-190 degrees Celsius. Liquid nitrogen is non-toxic, odorless.

During the procedure, the cold provokes a vasospasm, and then their expansion. This also stimulates the blood supply, and the metabolic processes are accelerated. As a result, the skin gets amino acids.

Cryotherapy is divided into types: general and local.

General cryotherapy

  • Immersion of the body into the gas in a special cryocamera.
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  • Procedure lasting 2-3 minutes.
  • Temperature stress( minus 110-160 degrees Celsius), without damage.
  • Wellness, rejuvenating effect on the whole body.

The number of procedures for cryotherapy - 10-25 for prevention, 20-30 for the treatment of diseases.

As a result of the general cryotherapy, heat formation increases, skin nutrition improves, the work of the heart, vessels, and fats are burned. This procedure can be useful for spine disease, rehabilitation after trauma, after inflammation of the joints, skin diseases.

Total cryotherapy is considered one of the most effective in combating excess kilograms. The result with excess weight can be compared with laborious physical loads.

Local cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy is nothing more than the application of cold in home cosmetology. It compresses from the ice with injuries, rubbing the icy places. Cold massages are done from 2 to 5 minutes. Cryomassage with ice is very useful for preventing edema, for relieving pain, as an anti-inflammatory and regenerative agent. Cryotherapy sessions are recommended to be completed with masks, injections, wraps, for the treatment of excess weight and cellulite.

Cryomassage is actively used for body rejuvenation. Among cosmetic procedures, one can meet cryoelectrophoresis - a procedure where frozen fluids are injected under a layer of skin using a pulsating current.


It is worth remembering about contraindications and to be careful: diseases of the cardiovascular system, acute diseases, thromboses.

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