Treatment of back pain with vitamins of group B

The task of treating back pain is to effectively anesthetize and speedily activate the patient, which helps early regression of symptoms and a drop in the risk of chronic pain. Neurorubin is a combination of high therapeutic doses of B vitamins for the effective treatment of pain syndromes. It is issued in two hospital forms: Neurorubin-Forte Laktab, Neurorubin ampoules.

The formula Neurorubin is based on experimental calculations of vitamin deficiencies of different origin and severity of various neurological syndromes.

A biologically active formula in living organisms is pyrophosphoric thiamine ester. Thiamine itself in the body is transformed into three forms: thiamine monophosphate( TMF), thiamine diphosphate( TPP) and thiamine triphosphate( TTP).

In the treatment of patients with back pain, the preparation of Neurorubin( Mepha, Switzerland) in addition to NSAIDs and muscle relaxants is included in a dose of 3.0 ml intramuscularly No. 5 daily, and then No. 5 every other day. Do not include these drugs for patients with gastrointestinal ulcers, allergic reactions to B vitamins. Patients are examined before treatment, during and after the course of therapy.

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In the clinical picture, before the beginning of treatment, the pronounced pain syndrome appears, which makes it difficult to walk and actively move the patient and is accompanied by numbness of the limbs. There is reflex scoliosis, antalgic postures in the palpation of paravertebral muscles, their overstrain, Lasega's syndrome and muscle-tonic syndrome( Lasega's test is accompanied by local pain in the waist and back, the muscles are tense, with local hypertonia).

By the end of the second week of treatment( 14-15 days) in most patients, the volume of movements increases, the pain syndrome decreases substantially( practically absent), and by the 18-20th day neurological symptoms are reduced in patients. Side effects, as a rule, are absent.

Painful vertebral syndromes require a comprehensive stage-by-stage treatment and the use of various methods and therapies. The use of a complex of B vitamins in the form of the drug Neurorubin( Mepha, Switzerland) in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs promotes the rapid recovery of vertebrodynamics and the early regress of pain manifestations.

Neurorubin in patients with vertebrogenic pain syndromes potentiates the effect of NSAIDs, increasing the analgesic effect and reducing manifestations of paresthesia and muscle spasm. All this contributes to the rapid recovery of patients, improving their performance and quality of life. This drug does not have a negative effect on the functional state of other organs, is well tolerated by patients and is recommended in the complex treatment of painful back syndromes.

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