What is the cost of effective gout treatment?

What is the cost of effective gout treatment?

Worldwide gout is a serious not only medico-social, but also medical and economic problem given the significant prevalence of this disease and predisposition to the development of acute recurrent arthritis, which lead to long-term disability.

Many literature sources provide data on the effectiveness and appropriateness of using various medicines for gout, but rarely draw attention to the role of the economic factor and human costs in the fight against this ailment. With this in mind, US specialists have carried out research using computer-aided literature analysis and carried out a pharmacoeconomic assessment of the safety, efficacy, costs and benefits of using colchicine in comparison with other methods for treating gout( for more details, see http: //ortopedinfo.ru/content/ mozhno-li-kushat-pri-podagre-arbuz).

It was considered that acute pain syndrome in gouty arthritis is most often treated with colchicine, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs) and corticosteroids. The main age of patients to be examined was 50 years or more. In this study, which was conducted in the United States, scientists compared the efficacy, safety and benefits of colchicine with NSAIDs.

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They noted that these two groups of drugs have a number of side effects, but compared to NSAIDs, colchicine has its advantages and a low level of side effects, especially on the part of the digestive tract. As is known, patients with renal pathology, cardiovascular insufficiency and gastrointestinal diseases very carefully prescribe NSAIDs. Therefore, researchers took into account the benefits of using drugs, taking into account not only the effectiveness, but safety and cost of treatment.

It was found that the monthly cost of treating 100 people with colchicine is $ 33,100, NSAIDs are $ 3000.However, the hospitalization rate for complications from the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system increased by 1.8 and 1.9%, respectively, in patients taking NSAIDs. Thus, the monthly cost of treatment for 100 people also increased to 161,000 $.

So, given the high costs associated with treating patients with gout, it seems reasonable to choose drugs with greater efficacy, lower cost and less risk to the body. The scientists concluded that, despite the higher cost of colchicine, this drug is economically effective in treating acute articular attacks in patients with gout in comparison with NSAIDs, which is associated with an increase in the hospitalization rate due to complications with NSAID therapy.

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