How not to die before time

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In the times of Ancient Rome and the Middle Ages, people lived on average a little over 20 years. In the 18-19th centuries, the average life expectancy approached the 30-year mark, and the average life span reached 45 years old by 1900.By the end of the 20th century, people began to live much longer: the average figure reached the value of 70 years or more. Epidemics that claimed millions of lives, wars and other external factors were the main causes of high mortality for many centuries. And to date, the most important culprits of premature death are diseases caused by civilization.

For an easy and comfortable life a modern person increasingly has to pay with his own health. Polluted environment, poisoned by exhaust gases and industrial waste air, food stuffed with all sorts of preservatives and flavor enhancers, a sedentary lifestyle make their "black" business subtle and imperceptible to the person himself. A person begins to think about all this only when the illness begins to overwhelm his body. What diseases often die Russians?

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In the first line of cardiovascular diseases. This, above all, stroke and myocardial infarction. External causes occupy the second place among all deaths of Russians. These external factors include, first of all, injuries and poisoning. It should be noted that the cause of a significant part of injuries and poisoning is alcohol intoxication.

Malignant formations rank third in the pedestal of deaths in our country. Diseases of the respiratory system and digestive organs, respectively, occupy the fourth and fifth places. Let's note still that in our country almost half of Russians grow old prematurely. This means that their calendar age is far behind biological age.

What affects the state of the human body and life expectancy?

The World Health Organization states that 50% is the impact of an individual's lifestyle. The next factor affecting the state of human health is heredity. It is about 20%.Another 20% is occupied by such factor as climate and ecology. And, only 10% of the impact is on health services.

These figures lead to the conclusion: how much a person will be healthy and how long he is able to live depends, in the main, on himself. On how optimally correctly he organizes his life.

Most of the diseases that people die from can be prevented. So why do people continue to ache and die? From laziness, from unwillingness to deal with one's health, from a lack of basic knowledge, from one's own ignorance? After all, in order to prevent disease, it is important to know what exactly contributes to its occurrence.

What are the risk factors for the development of diseases leading to premature departure from life? What prevents a person to stay healthy and die only by natural death - death from aging?

What dangers lead to illness and death?

  1. Hypertension, i.e.when the arterial pressure in a person is elevated.
  2. Incorrect, unbalanced power.
  3. Increased presence in the blood of fats and cholesterol, i.e.hyperlipidemia.
  4. Hypodinamy - low mobility, lack of physical activity.
  5. The use of tobacco products.
  6. Alcohol, its excessive use.
  7. Poor quality of drinking water.
  8. Contaminated air.

It is known that eliminating the above risk factors( if possible, completely, if impossible at least partially), a person can not only improve his state of health, prevent many diseases, but also extend his life by about 15 years.

How to live long without suffering from ailments?

  1. Monitor your blood pressure. More often it is measured. Maintaining normal blood pressure will prevent the most dangerous diseases caused by high blood pressure on arterial vessels: heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, retinopathy, vascular aneurysm, etc.
  2. Control your weight, do not allow it to increase above the norm. To eat not according to the principle "just to fill the stomach," but according to the principle "how much health it will give me."
  3. Control the content of cholesterol and various other fats in the blood. This will prevent the development of such an insidious disease as atherosclerosis and its consequences( ischemia, heart attack, stroke).
  4. To engage in physical education, mobile activities. Physical exercise for a person should be as good a habit as brushing your teeth or eating food.
  5. Refuse the habit of smoking, remembering that only in our country because of smoking each year over 220,000 people die.
  6. Do not abuse alcohol. Alcohol is the strongest psychotropic substance. The constant use of it leads to a severe psychological and physical illness caused by addiction - alcoholism.
  7. Eat filtered or spring water.
  8. It is often to go to nature, in the forest. To go in for sports on fresh air, thereby clearing the lungs.

These are the basic simple rules for ensuring a full, healthy life. It is clear that in modern conditions, being 100% healthy is not easy, there are factors beyond our control. However, it is entirely within our power to make our life brighter and more interesting, simply becoming a bit healthier, following the above rules.

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