Why did the Japanese long?

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Why did the Japanese long?

The life expectancy of the Japanese is one of the highest in the world. This spurred scientists from the Tokyo Institute of Health to take a thorough study of this phenomenon, and to develop a number of useful tips for preserving health. Studies have shown that the daily consumption of several fruit and vegetable servings in their raw form have a beneficial effect on the body.

As it turned out, vegetables have an orange and green color:

  • peas;
  • carrots;
  • pumpkin;
  • spinach.

Also here are cooked vegetables and cereals. These products contain the optimal level of vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fiber. And, of course, for normal working capacity of the body you need to observe the measure of food.

The preferred product of fatty origin is olive and sunflower oil. The process of slowing down the aging of cells has a teaspoon of fresh oil consumed every day. Meat products, cheese, butter and butter do not take priority place in the Japanese menu.

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Cell oxygen consumption is the main energy element of cellular life. According to scientists, the development of a complex of breathing exercises contributes to the preservation of an active lifestyle. It's usually better to take a walk in the fresh air for the rule.

One of the postulates of longevity is a complete rejection of smoking and alcohol. It is necessary to normalize your emotional state with a large number of positive emotions that help strengthen the immune system. Long-living people usually have a clear mind. And this is the result of regular training of the cognitive and thought processes of the brain.

Psychologists are recommended to master the technique of relaxation. It is unreasonably asserted that the accumulation of negative feelings, inadequate behavior, affects the life expectancy in the direction of decline and its full value. Of no small importance is a deep and stable sleep. It gives an opportunity to restore the working capacity of the body, normalizes internal organs.

An obstacle to many types of diseases is such a significant measure as hardening. Experts advise wearing clothes that exclude overheating of the body.

Any kind of positive emotions, flowers, gifts, meetings with positive and cheerful people activate the production of serotinin. Regulation of the vascular tone, normalization of the nervous system and stimulation of the production of blood elements belongs to this hormone.

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