Treatment of joints

Rapid treatment of gout at home.

It is now known that gout is an inflammatory disease of the tissue joints that cause acute pain and small swelling. Most often the disease develops as a result of long-term deposition in the human body of crystals of uric acid, and mostly the crystals fall into the joints and surrounding tissues. So, if you are still diagnosed with gout disease, you should immediately take the following measures, which are primarily used as a treatment for gout at home:

Relief of pain during a particularly violent attack.

To ensure that you do not have to worry much, try to provide complete peace for inflamed tissues and joints of the body. And, this rest should be carried out until you do not understand exactly what the pain did not start to fall after the attack. Experts say. What is the average time that must pass from the beginning of the attack, about 24 hours.

Try to slightly lift the painful joints of the tissues.

To do this, it is necessary to remove the inflammation that has appeared with the help of ice or cold water. After this, use special non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve muscle pain. The most important tool. Which is contraindicated for gout, this is aspirin, as when taking it, a drastic change in the level of uric acid may occur, and this will only complicate the symptoms of the disease.

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Now you can prevent repeated attacks of gout.

Treatment of gout at home is mainly to ensure that you follow your own indicators. Especially it concerns weight. Try to control your weight as much as possible, as often excess weight is a real risk factor for gout. Well, if you have long been overweight, then to solve this problem you will help a diet with a particularly low content of fatty acids. In order to properly choose your own diet, you need to see a doctor who will help you fight the manifestations of gout. The most important thing is not to fall into a debilitating diet, and start starving unreasonably. In addition, try to avoid various low-calorie diets and modern dietary teas. Such drugs are mainly pathogenic agents, and only increase the amount of uric acid in the body. And this, in turn, will cause another attack of gout.

Also, the treatment of gout at home is based on a restriction on the use of alcohol, especially beer. Alcohol has the ability to reduce the secretion of uric acid from the kidneys, which will cause a sharp increase in the content of uric acid in the patient's body and severe pain. Also, limit the regular consumption of roasted meat and canned seafood. At their core they have a large amount of purine substance and also contribute to an increase in the uric acid content in the body.

In order for rapid treatment of gout without any complications, you should talk with your doctor about how and how long it takes to take this or that drug. Certain methods of treatment, such as treatment of gout with iodine, require careful use of the drug, which can cause unwanted side effects. In particular, tablets that are made to reduce salt and water in the patient's body consist of diuretics and nicotinic acid, the regular use of which, even in small doses, can increase the overall level of uric acid and sudden attacks. So, try to know everything in order and not risk your health if you are not absolutely sure of the effectiveness of this or that remedy, which treats gout at home. It is best to consult your doctor again.

In case of multiple joints, non-steroid antibiotics are prescribed.

If the disease has gone far, the doctor may prescribe stronger remedies that reduce edema and suppress the synthesis of urea:

  • Glucocorticoid,
  • Colchicine.

Acute attacks of gout are removed by injection directly into the joint. The injection is done once, but in some cases it is necessary to repeat it.

If diseases associated with metabolic disorders( for example, diabetes) are identified, the doctor determines the treatment regimen for these diseases.

Control of excess uric acid

To limit the concentration in the body of uric acid are prescribed:

  • Aspirin in small doses to suppress the secretion of uric acid.
  • Butadione has a moderate effect, side effects are possible.
  • Anturan is the most effective drug today. It significantly reduces the presence of uric acid in the blood. A full normalization is possible within 2-3 weeks.
  • Ketazone in parallel has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
  • BENEMID is widely recognized as a very effective remedy. Can be used for a long time constantly. Breaks are prescribed up to 5 months in the case of long-term therapeutic effect.
  • Atofan is able to relieve an acute attack. But it is used very carefully because of side effects.
  • Urodan increases the solubility of urine formations.

Physiotherapy methods

A modern way of treating leg gout involves electromagnetic exposure or electrophoresis .With the help of electrical microcurrents, the salts formed undergo destruction, and uric acid is eliminated from the body. The most modern method of purifying blood is the use of a special apparatus called "Plasmophoresogemosorption".

Another progressive method of treating gout and relief of seizures is the cryoapheresis of .It is based on the use of low temperatures, affecting the blood and its constituent elements. This method:

  • preserves and returns to the bloodstream cellular elements and useful substances in the maximum amount,
  • simultaneously removes uric acid and other components of the final exchange chain from the blood plasma, which must be removed from the body.

As an auxiliary method is treatment in a sanatorium and in a resort. In these places, there are all possibilities for a full range of physiotherapy procedures, including massage and physiotherapy.

If the course of the disease becomes particularly severe, resort to surgical removal of the outgrowths of the diseased joint.

Treatment with folk remedies

Decoctions and infusions

To remove excess urea from the body, folk medicine advises drinking decoctions and infusions, for example:

  • Infusion of cranberry leaves. A glass of boiling water pours 20 g of leaves. Insists half an hour. Drink during the day several times a tablespoon.
  • Juice of dioecious nettle taken three times a day for 1 tsp.
  • Decoction of birch leaves. For two glasses of boiling water, two tablespoons of leaves.10 minutes to boil and insist for half an hour. After filtering, drink a quarter cup while eating.
  • Decoction of garlic and lemon. Very effective. Through the meat grinder, skip four lemons, chop three cloves of garlic. Pour the mixture with boiling water( 7 glasses) and insist 24 hours in a dark place. Take in the morning before meals for 3 tablespoons.l.

Baths and compresses

A good result is obtained when treating gout with herbal baths. They can be cooked from:

  • sage leaves,
  • oat straw.

It is useful to soar your feet in a hot solution with laundry soap( rub half a piece) and salt( half-packs).

A simple and effective compress is prepared from 250 g of salt, which should be boiled in 100 g of water until the water evaporates. Then the medical vaseline( 200 g) is squeezed into the salt, and everything is mixed. Warm the compress on your aching legs and hold for the night.

A good remedy for treating painful cones on the toes is a compress made from chemist's medical bile. After 15 procedures, the pain passes. And as a result of 40-45 procedures, the lump resolves.

A more complex composition of a compress of medical bile( 1 bottle) involves the addition of camphor alcohol( 160 g), red hot pepper( 1 tbsp.).The composition in the bank should stand for a week in a dark cool place.

Stand-alone actions

Short-term measures

Sometimes the pain is removed by applying ice to the affected joint. In other cases, dry heat is more effective( for example, a blanket, a heating pad).But this means for a short while removes manifestations of the disease.

The role of power compensation

A good result in the treatment of gout is compliance with the diet. With it, you can greatly reduce the level of urea in the body. We should not forget about unloading days.

Drinking fluid

You need to drink up to three liters of liquid per day:

Why does gout occur?

Gout is an ailment that occurs when violating purine metabolism in the human body. How does this violation occur?

If the composition of food consumed by humans includes a large number of purines( substances without which no cell of our body can do), too much uric acid is released during processing. And much depends on the timely work of the kidneys.

If the kidneys are healthy, the acid is eliminated from the body with urine without much trouble. If the kidneys function poorly, urate( uric acid salts) begins to accumulate in the body. Surpluses of urate in the form of crystals begin to be deposited in the diartereses, tendons and cartilages of the human body. This is one of the ways of gout.

However, the level of uric acid is not always the cause of gout. In some patients, painful symptoms can be observed, even if its number is normal( here you can read about the symptoms of gout on the legs).Sometimes in the occurrence of gout, the use of a number of medications is guilty.

Treatment of gout with folk methods

The correct use of traditional medicine methods involves the sequential passage of two stages:

  • Use of herbal fees and adherence to a special diet to lower the level of uric acid in the patient's body.

  • Use of drugs designed to stop pain and shorten the duration of a gouty attack.

Only with such a scheme, treatment with folk methods can lead to a persistent positive result.

Phytotherapy in the fight against gout

Folk treatment of gout is unthinkable without the use of herbal and vegetable juice.

  • To alkalinize urine, it is recommended to take pumpkin, squash and cucumber juices.

  • To dissolve urates( uric acid salts), folk healers use the roots of barberry, bearberry, strawberries, immortelle and cranberries in the form of infusions and broths.

  • To prevent re-absorption of urates in the intestine, astragalus, bilberry fruits, horsetail are well assisted, used in the form of medicinal infusions.

  • To prevent the formation of crystals of uric acid, Chinese lemongrass and corn stigmas prepared in the form of infusions are extremely useful.

  • Herbal preparation, prepared according to the following recipe, showed its high efficiency practically in all directions listed above. To prepare it in equal quantities mix the leaves of nettle, birch and strawberry, stigma corn and ordinary croissants.

    A teaspoonful of herbal tea is poured into 200 ml of steep boiling water and insisted for half an hour. Take a third of the glass in the morning, afternoon and evening. The full course of treatment is at least two months.

  • No less effective is the medicinal collection of nine herbs. For its preparation take one teaspoon of leaves of nettle, mint, cowberry, flaxseed, birch buds, roots of elecampane, camomile flowers, St. John's wort and horsetail. Thoroughly mixing the ingredients, they pour a liter of steep boiling water and insist for two hours. Strain, take 200 ml in the morning, afternoon and evening.

  • When gout is very helpful treatment course with linseed oil and strawberry tea. To prepare the drink for a liter of boiled water take fifty grams of leaves of strawberries and drink it instead of regular tea throughout the day, combining with the reception of flaxseed oil( butter take in the morning, afternoon and evening for two tablespoons).The course of treatment lasts not less than a week. After a two-month break, you can repeat it.

Folk Remedies for Gout Affordable to Plants

  • The use of sorrel containing oxalic acid, promotes the dissolution of urate deposited in the joints. To achieve a positive effect, only fresh leaves are used: they can be chewed in large quantities. After some time, the salt, which became the cause of pain, will dissolve, and the pain will pass.

  • Flaxseed infusion will reduce the level of uric acid. For its preparation take two teaspoons of seeds, pour in 1.5 cups of cold water and cook for a quarter of an hour on low heat. Remove from the fire, 10 minutes insist decoction, then pour into a glass bottle and continuously( at least five minutes) shake. After filtering, the broth can be taken one tablespoon every four hours.

Treatment of severe pain with traditional medicine

  • Tincture from the shell of pine nuts is a great way to relieve the pain syndrome. For its preparation, dried cedar shells are poured into a bottle of dark glass to the level of the shoulders, and then poured into vial with vodka or alcohol.

    Insist for ten days, remembering to periodically shake. Take a teaspoonful( before eating), at least three times during the day. With severe pain, the number of receptions can be increased up to five times.

  • Attacks of nocturnal pains well removes blue clay. Clay powder is poured with water and from the resulting clay dough make a cake, which is then placed overnight in an afflicted place. After 7-8 sessions, painful attacks stop.

  • Strong gouty pain can be cured with an ointment prepared according to an old recipe( ointment from gout can be prepared in many other ways).To make it, you need to take the same amount of home-made butter and alcohol.

    Oil( before the formation of foam) is heated in a small saucepan, then removed from heat and poured into alcohol. After that, the mixture must be set on fire. Please note that this procedure is unsafe, since after ignition a high flame column is formed( it is necessary to protect hands and face from it).The product is ready for use immediately after the flame has faded. Keep the drug best in the refrigerator.

    Rub the ointment in the affected joint in a warm room( preferably in front of a working heater or a heated fireplace).After applying the joints do not wrap. The product has great effectiveness, which is confirmed by numerous approving reviews.

  • For severe pain in the big toe, you can use iodine. The place gored with gout generously, in several receptions, is moistened with its tincture( it is best to do this at night).

How to treat gout with folk remedies

  • For the treatment of pains that occur in the arthritic bump on the toe, folk healers are advised to use the following remedy: 10 table spoons of iodine, ammonia and triple cologne are poured into a glass bottle, mixed thoroughly and insisted for at least 24 hours.

    The compound is daily rubbed into the painful buds on the legs in the morning, afternoon and evening. Treatment will have to continue for at least six months. Thanks to the use of this remedy, not only pains have passed in many patients, but the lumps themselves have disappeared.

  • Effective action to relieve pain in the joints has an infusion of willow bark. A tablespoon of ground raw material is poured into 200 ml of steep boiling water and insist for at least an hour. To drink infusion it is necessary within day, having divided on 4 times.

  • Articular pains respond well to "mushroom fat" treatment. Prepare it this way: in a pot with a thick bottom put the cubes of interior fat( 200 g) and 50 g of pine resin-resin. Tumble the resulting mixture on low heat until full fat is thawed. Formed cracklings are obtained with the help of noise.

    After letting the fat cool down a little, a powder made of 100 g of dried fly agarics and a tablespoon( with a slide) of rye flour is added to it. Ready "mushroom fat" can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 years.

Method of treatment with "mushroom fat": The treatment procedure is performed before bedtime. Affected gout joint warmed by massage, preliminary wiping the skin with alcohol tincture of mushrooms( for its preparation 100 g of fresh fly agarics are poured into 100 ml of alcohol and insisted for a month).

After the massage begin to rub the "mushroom fat".Manipulation of fat burning should last at least five minutes. After that, the treated joint is covered with a woolen shawl and goes to bed. Continue treatment is necessary for 10-15 evenings. After this, you need to take a week break, and then again to repeat the course, consisting of 15 sessions.

What is gout?

Gout is a disease associated with impaired metabolism of purine bases( adenine, guanine, xanthine and hypoxanthin), which leads to the accumulation of uric acid in the body. Urates( salts of uric acid), deposited in tissues, cause inflammation and destructive changes.

Symptoms of gout.

Many believe that gout is arthritis. Indeed, an acute attack of gout is described in a lot and colorfully in the literature, and not only medical. Often it starts with a prodroma: causeless agitation or, conversely, depression, nausea, stool, palpitation, difficulty breathing - these symptoms can appear in a few hours or even days before the attack. Then, most often at night, severe pain develops, "gnawing", "turning out" the joints."Favorite" localization for gout is a pseudo-phalanx joint of one finger - in 70% of cases. But the ankle, elbow, knee, interphalangeal joints, and in general any, up to the sternal-rib and intervertebral joints, can be affected.

This is what gout can lead to if you neglect

treatment. The affected area swells, a purple-cyanotic hue appears, the joint becomes very sensitive, any movement is intolerable. There may be chills, fever to subfebrile. In a few days, less often - after a couple of weeks, the attack is over, and the next attack can happen again in three to four months, and maybe in 10-20 years.

The second point of application of gout is the kidneys, which suffer in 50-70% of cases, because they bear the main burden in the matter of releasing the body from uric acid. In the first place - urolithiasis, 30% of patients with gout are familiar with renal colic, not by hearsay. But urates also damage the glomerulus and tubules of the kidneys, which often provokes the development of tubulointerstitial nephritis and glomerulonephritis, which proceed without pain, but rather quickly lead to kidney failure.

Tofusi - the deposition of uric acid crystals in tissues - is another symptom typical of gout. Dense painless nodules are found most often on the auricles, hands, feet and elbows, but the case is described when the tofus, located on the valve flaps, caused heart disease. They can, although rarely, be amazed by sclera, tongue, scrotum, Achilles tendon, and so on. The size can vary from microscopic to several centimeters in diameter, which does not have the best effect on the work of the organ containing tofus.

Gouty tofus( gouty node) on the elbow fold

Prevent exacerbations.

There is a hereditary predisposition to the development of the disease. However, in order for the predisposition to turn into a disease, additional factors are needed.

These include:

  • a diet with a high content of purines;
  • alcohol abuse.

Therefore, the first thing that is recommended for a patient who has gout, is a diet( see more in detail: What you can eat with gout).

You can not : there are a lot of meat, offal, fish, mushrooms, beans. Brewed broths, caviar, smoked meat and canned food, chill are forbidden. It is not recommended coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate. Alcohol is excluded, especially beer.

You can : milk and dairy products, eggs, chicken, vegetables, cereals, pasta, nuts.

It is necessary to drink as much liquid as possible, preferably 2.5-3 liters per day. It can be just water, mineral water, better alkaline, such as Slavyanovskaya and Smirnovskaya, berry and citrus juices,

Sometimes these recommendations are enough to get rid of the symptoms of gout. In practice, supportive drug treatment is often prescribed. It will be anthuran, which promotes the excretion of uric acid, allopurinol, which bolts its synthesis or azathiaprine, is decided by the doctor, having evaluated, first of all, the state of the kidneys. To do this, he will need a series of urine tests, a biochemical blood test, a test of Reberg.

What should I do if I have an acute gout attack?

Speaking about the treatment of gout at home, we have in mind primarily the behavior of an acute attack of gout.

  1. Bed rest, absolute rest, elevated limb position.
  2. The patient's joint - applications with dimexid or ointment Vishnevsky.
  3. Half-starved diet - vegetable broth, kissel, liquid porridge.
  4. Abundant alkaline drink: mineral water, lemon juice, oats decoction - the main thing, as much as possible.
  5. The doctor probably warned that the funds intended for prevention do not help relieve the aggravation. If you regularly took them as prescribed - continue. If not, now is not the time to begin. To reduce pain, find nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in your home medicine cabinet: diclofenac, indomethacin, movalis, nimesulide( the list can be continued), but not aspirin.
  6. In addition, the doctor could recommend the reception of colchicine during the period of exacerbation. If so, we remind you that it should be drunk on a descending scheme: 1 mg( 1 tablet) 3 times - on the first day, in the second and third - 1 mg in the morning and in the evening, and from the fourth day - 1 tablet per night.

Subject to all recommendations, an acute attack will end sooner( within three days) than late( two weeks later).

Even if it seems that you know everything about gout, visits to the doctor can not be avoided anyway: control of the level of uric acid, blood waste and urinalysis will not take much time, but it will allow to find the problem on time and fix it.

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