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Sauerkraut and its use in gout

Gout refers to chronic diseases. In Greek, this word literally means "trap for the feet."The disease causes a violation of purine metabolism in the body. At a gout there are changes in fabrics, mainly joints and kidneys are amazed.

In most people with a disease, the disease is diagnosed when acute aches and pains in the joints begin. In this case, the joints swell and can not fully perform their functions. After an attack, they are restored, and the pain symptoms fade until the next attack. In addition to medicines, various diets play an important role in the treatment of the disease. Gout, alas, is completely incurable, but with the help of certain products it is possible to mitigate its consequences and slow the dynamics of the development of the disease.

The right diet is the key to successful, effective treatment of

These words are winged for all who choose to fight any chronic diseases. Correctly selected food for gout will significantly reduce the risks of exacerbation of the disease. The result of the diet should be a decrease in the amount of uric acid in the human body, the excess of which is the leading cause of the disease. The consumption of protein with gout should be sharply reduced. To what extent - always consult with specialists. The amount of protein necessary for life depends directly on the body weight and is calculated based on the weight of a person.

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The use of table salt should also be significantly limited, and with this disease it will be necessary to calculate the amount of water consumed - depending on whether the person has a gout of heart disease and kidney disease. When gout, food is usually recommended to use in boiled form, avoiding overeating. Almost completely will have to exclude from the diet fatty fish and meat, legumes, products where there is a large amount of oxalic acid, smoked products, sausages, alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee and much more.

People suffering from gout are recommended to use the following products:

  • alkaline mineral water;
  • milk, dairy products;
  • various kinds of nuts( except peanuts);
  • low-fat types of cottage cheese, cheese;
  • low-fat fish, meat, fruit and vegetable juices.

A special place in the list of products useful for gout is white cabbage fresh and sauerkraut. It is versatile in the treatment of various ailments, as it restores, normalizes metabolism, improves bowel function, positively affects the maintenance and correction of acid-base balance in the body. No less useful for gout and sea kale, which removes toxins from the intestine and successfully fights inflammatory diseases. Cabbage is an excellent tool in the prevention of various ailments.

About 35 species and all - with the healing properties of

There are over 35 types of cabbage in the world, but the white cabbage occupies a special place among them - not only as the most widespread vegetable crop, but also as the most useful. It is a highly nutritious dietary product and must be included in the diet for gout. Adherents of traditional medicine often argue: fresh or sour cabbage is most needed for people suffering from gout. It is important to remember here: everything depends on the specific nature of the organism and the presence of other diseases in it, since there are ailments in which eating cabbage is categorically contraindicated, for example: with a number of kidney diseases, inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Fresh and sauerkraut, thanks to the substances contained in it, removes from the body salts of uric acid, an excess of which in the body causes the appearance and development of gout. It is necessary to remember: to achieve the desired result, cabbage can not be subjected to heat treatment, because in that case it loses a significant part of the useful substances.

Juice of sauerkraut is a very effective assistant in opposing the disease. This product contains a lot of healthful nutrients for the body, which are very useful for gout. It is important to know: the juice of white cabbage and its brine differ significantly in the quality level of fighting with diseases. The former has a higher concentration, its use is much more effective in gout and other diseases.

To prepare sauerkraut, use fresh cabbage leaves and salt. They can be shredded or cut into heads, in four parts, or even use whole cabbage. The natural supplements used in its preparation are different: cumin, bay leaf, dill, sweet pepper and so on. The main thing is that they are included in the list of those spices that can be consumed with gout. Apples and cranberries are excellent tools in the fight against it, because their use when sour cabbage is considered the best option for cooking a healthful dish.

Few people know, but sauerkraut can be cooked quite easily without the use of salt, the use of which for gout should be strictly controlled. And one more important detail: for the sour use cabbage cabbage late-ripening varieties, as they are not only excellent for canning, but also much longer than ripening, retain their useful properties.

Laminaria - the first remedy in the fight against chronic diseases

This statement of traditional medicine has a very good reason. Not only sauerkraut, but also sea cabbage effectively helps with gout, so people suffering from this disease must necessarily use it - both separately and as part of vegetable salads, including in the daily diet. Sea kale is harvested all summer and in the first autumn month. Its thallus is caught by means of special devices, cleaned, dried in the sun, coarsely crushed and subjected to further processing.

Sea kale, as well as white cabbage, removes salts of uric acid from the body, normalizes metabolic processes in it, thereby positively affecting the activity of the joints. Laminaria with gout can also be used as a powder. There is a universal course of treatment, it is used for various inflammatory diseases. Half a teaspoon of sea kale powder is stirred in a glass of water and taken from two weeks to a month daily, but no more than once a day.

The feeling of hunger, as a rule, accompanies all diets. And here to help people suffering from gout, too, comes kelp. To get a miracle drink that reduces the feeling of hunger, enough sea kale to pour cold water and let it brew for only one day. The resulting liquid is drunk in the amount of one or two sips - and the feeling of hunger will certainly recede.

Treatment of gout is a very complex, responsible process. Both medications and folk remedies can cause complications in the body. Before using any products, diets patients must necessarily consult with your doctor. The use of any, even the most effective, means must be agreed with specialists.

The question of whether it is possible to eat sauerkraut for gout, worries many people suffering from this disease. After all, the failure of normal metabolism in the body often causes gout, which, in turn, leads to a disruption in the structure of tissues, articular joints and kidneys. Moreover, it is painful sensations in the joints, sometimes reaching acute pain, often the first to signal about the approaching disease.

With developing gout, a person feels not only pain, but also difficult work of the affected joint, which is not able to fully work, as the tissues around it are slightly swollen. With the end of the attack, the pain recedes, the joint work is adjusted until the next relapse. Modern medicine can not completely cure this disease: gouty arthritis is only chronic, so today only a slight slowdown in its development and alleviation of symptoms is possible. For this, medicinal treatment and specially developed diets are used.

Health food for gout

If the patient is given the right therapeutic diet, then it becomes possible to alleviate the painful manifestations of gout. The beginning of any therapeutic diet for gouty arthritis will be the correct calculation of the required amount of fluid consumed by the patient. Water will be able to regulate the level of uric acid in the body, the excess of which is the root cause of gout, and limiting the intake of edible salt will help to normalize the amount of water. In this case, the presence of a patient's heart or kidney problems should be considered.

General rules for dieting with gout:

  1. Food in the disease should be consumed mostly boiled: the protein in the disease must come into the body in limited quantities. To what extent to reduce the use of protein, defines a dietician, because protein is necessary for the normal functioning of the body, and the amount of its consumption is determined in accordance with the weight of the patient.
  2. From the diet should be completely eliminated foods that contain a large amount of acid: smoked products, fatty fish, alcohol, coffee, tea. To replace these products doctors recommend alkaline mineral water, fruit and vegetable juices, dairy products, nuts( with the exception of peanuts), low-fat meat and fish.
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Cabbage in therapeutic nutrition

Cabbage is a special place in the therapeutic diet. Cabbage is used for medicinal purposes when it is necessary to maintain and adjust the acid-base balance in the body, restore and normalize the metabolism, improve the functioning of the intestine. Thanks to the availability of these properties, cabbage has become an indispensable tool in the prevention of very many diseases, but with gout it is a mandatory product in the diet.

In what form should you eat cabbage?

Cabbage juice can become an effective assistant in the treatment of gout. Juice retains in its composition a huge amount of nutrient components that the body needs to fight gout. Despite the popular belief that white cabbage juice is equally useful with pickled cabbage brine, the difference between them is more than significant. Fresh cabbage juice has a greater therapeutic effect than sour sauce, due to lack of salt, therefore, in the treatment of gout, preference should be given to the juice of fresh white cabbage.

So, is it possible to eat sauerkraut with gout? The answer to this simple question is purely individual for each patient.

Sauerkraut has a pronounced ability to excrete salts of uric acid from the body, because of an overabundance of which gout begins.

Therefore, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the patient's body and the presence of additional diseases for which consumption of sauerkraut is prohibited. Such diseases can be diseases of the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract.

Doctors, dietitians are of the opinion that sauerkraut with gout is a useful product, so when preparing it, you must adhere to certain rules that will not deprive it of its medicinal properties.

To cook sauerkraut, use the leaves of this vegetable and salt. This is the basic condition for cooking. Cabbage varieties are suitable for leaven much better than early ones, since the finished product lasts longer the curative effect. The further procedure can be different, on medicinal properties of cabbage it will not be reflected in any way. It is much more important to carefully consider the spices used in cooking: cumin, bay leaf, dill, sweet pepper. It is very important to clarify whether the patient has contraindications to their use. An excellent seasoning for sauerkraut will be apples and cranberries: they are not only allowed for gout, but are also an effective remedy against this disease.

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Sea kale in the fight against gout

The sea kale, also known as laminaria, is no less useful. It promotes the excretion of toxic substances from the intestine and successfully fights against inflammatory processes that occur when the digestive system is disturbed. Folk medicine believes with full confidence sea kale is the most faithful ally in the fight against various chronic diseases, including gout. Therefore, people suffering from this disease, you should enter kelp in your daily diet.

How to use kelp?

This plant is harvested all summer until the beginning of autumn. Algae is cleaned, dried in the sun and coarsely crushed. After the semi-finished product is used for cooking various dishes. Like white cabbage, kelp extracts uric acid salts from the body, thereby contributing to the normalization of the digestive system and joints. For the treatment of gout, many use sea kale as a powder. In this case, preparing a solution for oral administration is provided: half a tablespoon of laminaria powder is poured with a glass of water and taken once a day for two weeks.


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Summing up

Gout - the disease is very serious, and its treatment is a complicated process and not always successful. It is important to remember that complications of gout are always possible, so the use of any of the mentioned means, however harmless it may seem, requires compulsory consultation with the attending physician.

Cabbage, cabbage, cauliflower, Peking cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cabbage broccoli, kohlrabi, red cabbage

A bit of history

Cabbage white

The native land of cabbage is the countries of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts of Europe and Asia. The word "cabbage" comes from the ancient Celtic "cap" - the head.

Cabbage is one of the oldest plants that has been cultivated in many countries of the world. In our time, cabbage is the most commonly used vegetable after potatoes. The medicinal properties of cabbage have long been known. And always it was popular - and in ancient times, even so much that legends and myths developed about it.

Ancient Roman historian Mark Caton in his works "On Agriculture" called cabbage the first of all vegetables. In his opinion, cabbage combines the qualities, "the most health-promoting."Cato was sure that it was thanks to the cabbage that the Romans dispensed medicines for centuries.

Mathematician Pythagoras in his sayings mentioned that cabbage is able to maintain a cheerful, calm and cheerful disposition in a person. In ancient Russia in the peasant calendar, special days were dedicated to skits.

Experimental and clinical data

In cabbage, you can find a wide range of valuable substances for the body, determining its medicinal and nutritional properties. It contains a rich set of vitamins - B1, B2, B6, C, PP, K, U, pantothenic and folic acids, provitamin A, minerals( potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron salts), fiber, sugars, enzymes,organic acids, phytoncides.

Cabbage is rich in vitamin C, and most importantly - this vitamin is preserved in long-term storage in both fresh and salted form. Due to the presence of ascorbic acid, cabbage promotes the excretion of cholesterol from the body and prevents the development of atherosclerosis .

Scientists have found in cabbage tartronic acid , which normalizes fat metabolism in the human body. It can rightly be called a product that preserves youth! Cabbage contains few carbohydrates, so it is suitable for menus of people suffering from diabetes. Mineral salts of potassium contribute to the removal of excess fluid from the body - in cabbage, the high content of this mineral. In addition, potassium improves the functioning of the heart.

Useful properties of cabbage, application of

More Avicenna wrote that the ash of cabbage stems dries and has an analgesic property. This is how he described in his works the medicinal properties of cabbage: "Cabbage promotes healing and prevents the spread of malignant ulcers. It is good to put egg whites on burns. Decoction of leaves and cabbage seeds is used for shaking. And with gout, cabbage is placed on the joints with the survivor. Decoction of cabbage and its seeds slows intoxication and helps against dandruff. Cabbage drives urine and menses. "

Cabbage has long been used to treat many diseases.

Juice from cabbage leaves with honey is used for tuberculosis, liver diseases, gastritis and gastric ulcer .Scientific medicine in Sweden officially uses a decoction of cabbage seeds for gout and polyarthritis.

The Romans attributed cabbage to the ability to treat insomnia, calm headaches, and cure deafness. It was used to treat intestinal distress and constipation. The slightly boiled vegetable was used for relaxation, and the cabbage, boiled for a long time, was used for fixing. And in Russian folk remedies, there are many recipes for the treatment with cabbage of epilepsy and the removal of warts with raw cabbage juice. Also, cabbage helps the stomach very much in digesting food.

Fresh cabbage and its juice are useful for respiratory diseases, hemorrhoids, for diseases of the spleen and liver, for insomnia, burns, eczema, scrofula .The antifungal effect of fresh cabbage juice is also proved.

Sauerkraut is very useful for teeth and gums. Cabbage, both fresh and sour, has vitamin properties and contributes to the improvement of the secretory activity of the glands of the digestive tract. The most interesting is that cabbage can be consumed in any quantity, but nutritionists still recommend eating cabbage late in the evening, as it strengthens intestinal motility due to the content of a significant amount of fiber.

Quail cabbage is strongly advised to use as a dietary product for cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases .

Juice of sauerkraut is used as a laxative: it is recommended to drink 1-2 cups on an empty stomach.

In folk medicine, fresh and sauerkraut is used for diseases of the liver, stomach, kidneys, and also for dagra.

Types of cabbage

Red cabbage

Red cabbage is a kind of white cabbage, its closest relative. The pigment anthocyanin gives an unusual violet color to the cabbage. This kind of cabbage was bred by breeders as far back as the 16th century, in Western Europe. Sometimes this cabbage is called "blue cabbage": because of the reaction with alkali, it turns blue. In the case of the addition of red cabbage to acid, it acquires a crimson color.

This kind of cabbage is very rich in vitamin C - experts say that the content of this vitamin in it is twice more than in white cabbage. Carotene in it is 4 times more than in white cabbage. This cabbage is rich in magnesium and potassium salts. It contains iron, sugars, as well as proteins, enzymes, fiber and phytoncides.

For therapeutic purposes, it is used to remove phlegm from the body and in the treatment of internal organs and chiri. Using red cabbage, you can prevent stomach flaccidity and eliminate constipation. Even in ancient Rome cabbage was used in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, with coughing and hoarseness of the voice.

Cabbage Leaf( Beijing)

Peking cabbage is similar to a salad of inoculum, but the quantity of vitamins considerably exceeds it. It contains a large set of vitamins of group A, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12.Cabbage Peking contains vitamin PP, which is rarely found in pure form. The lack of this vitamin leads to a slowing down of the reaction of neural connections and an increase in nervous excitability. This vitamin is in rye bread and radish. Anyone who for some reason does not eat rye bread or radish, deprives himself of the opportunity to get a vitamin PP.In the Peking cabbage, a lot of citric acid and carotene, which makes it a natural preservative.

Nutritionists have included this type of cabbage in the number of dietary products because of the high content of fiber and vitamins. When growing, farmers almost do not use harmful chemicals, because Peking cabbage is resistant to diseases and pests.

Citric acid in a vegetable can cause exacerbation of gastritis in people with high acidity. Specialists do not recommend the abuse of greens and for enterocolitis and colitis , including infectious nature.

Remember that Peking cabbage does not combine with dairy products, so do not use milk based sauces and do not make salads with cheeses: this can cause indigestion. In all other cases, moderate consumption of cabbage will only be beneficial for your health.

Cabbage Brussels

This cabbage is distinguished by its original and beautiful kind of head size walnut. This kind of cabbage was bred in Belgium, and then it began to travel across Europe, "visiting" Germany, France, Holland and finally reaching the USA and England. The farmers liked these delicious little kochanchiki, and they gladly began to grow them.

In addition, this round little cabbage is the record holder for the content of minerals such as magnesium, iron and potassium salts, unlike other cabbages. Even protein and vitamin C in it is 3 times more than that of her sister - white cabbage. Broth from Brussels sprouts on nutrition and taste is not inferior to chicken broth.

Like other types of cabbage, it contains vitamin B1, B6, B2, PP, enzymes, fiber, carbohydrates, carotene.

Brussels sprouts are considered a valuable dietary product, which is especially useful for patients who underwent a surgical operation. Doctors believe that it stimulates the healing process of wounds.

Due to the abundance of potassium salts, it is an important component in nutrition of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Patients with diabetes recommended to add brussels sprouts to the diet, as it contributes to the strengthening and recovery of the pancreas function .

Cabbage colored

In the 11th century the famous doctor Avicenna recommended in winter to use as much as possible cauliflower. For a long time this cabbage was actively used for food only in the Middle East, and only in the 16th century it appeared in Europe.

Cauliflower, like its relatives, contains many useful and nutritious substances, for example, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, PP.In addition, it contains many nitrogenous compounds and enzymes, contains pantothenic acid and mineral salts, as well as important trace elements, such as magnesium, iodine and cobalt.

Specialists recommend actively include cauliflower in the diet of people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Cauliflower is also good for for baby food .


Broccoli is a type of cauliflower. Externally, they are very similar, differ only in the color of the inflorescence. This cabbage was born in Calabria( Italy), and only in the XVIII century it appeared in Europe - first in Germany, and then in other regions.

Broccoli, like cauliflower, contains a valuable set of vitamins and minerals, but it exceeds its nutritional value.

The protein content in broccoli is 1.5 times higher;it has more mineral salts and vitamin C and 50 times more carotene. Therefore, the dietary and medicinal properties of broccoli are higher than that of cauliflower.

Scientists say that the constant use of broccoli prevents the development of atherosclerosis, and, as a consequence, the onset of early old age. Physicians strongly recommend to include it in their diet to people, suffering from radiation sickness .


Kohlrabi, by nature, reminds us of all the known turnips, only the color is light green. The taste of kohlrabi is similar to that of white cabbage cabbage, but it is a little sweeter and juicier. In ancient times, the Romans called kohlrabi - "stalk turnip".

Kohlrabi is rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, mineral salts( calcium and phosphorus).It also contains enzymes and fiber. Nutritionists are advised to include kohlrabi in the children's diet, due to the calcium content in it, which is known to be vital for proper formation of the skeleton and teeth of .

Physicians highly recommend the use of kohlrabi to pregnant women, due to the large number of mineral salts of phosphorus and calcium contained in it.

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