Goji berries for weight loss: benefit and harm

Dereza vulgaris, "Ninyansky dereza", wolfberry - all these are names of the same fruits - popular Tibetan goji berries. These berries are considered to be one of the most useful medicinal plants in the whole world, which are grown on the lawns of the prolific gorge of the Himalayas.

Oblong red berries in its composition have a whole set of medicinal substances. They contain nutrients: calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and other medicinal components. Also, it should be noted that goji berries are record holders for antioxidant content in comparison with other products.

Today goji berries are actively distributed around the world. Many doctors call Tibetan berries panacea for various diseases, and nutritionists say the ability of berries to fight with extra pounds. Let's look at the benefits of goji berries together.

The benefits of

Because of its rich composition, goji berries have a variety of medicinal properties. Systematic and moderate consumption of berries contributes to: •

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  • lowering of blood sugar level;
  • accelerate the metabolism;
  • slowing down the aging process of the body;
  • skin improvement and vision improvement;
  • normalization of liver function;
  • effective combustion of subcutaneous fat;
  • sleep adjustment, accumulation of energy and energy;
  • increased potency - in men, and in women - libido;
  • improvement in general well-being and mood.


Significant damage to the body of goji berries is not capable of causing. At the use it is necessary to adhere to the daily norm of berries and not to abuse them. The daily norm of berries for an adult is 20-30 grams. Remember that everything is useful in moderation. Do not consume eastern berries to pregnant women and nursing mothers, as berries are a strong enough allergen and can cause an allergic reaction of the body.

Reflection on losing weight

The use of the yoga for weight loss is based on the high content of antioxidants and polysaccharides, which are an integral part in maintaining a healthy diet. Goji berries activate the activity of the intestines, help to cleanse the body of toxic substances, disintegrate products, cholesterol, heavy metals and radionuclides. Adding goji berries to your diet - the benefits will become obvious. Thanks to the moderate and systematic use of berries, you can not only achieve the figure of your dreams, but also nourish the body with a variety of medicinal substances and trace elements that are very important for the healthy functioning of all internal organs. Taking goji berries for weight loss, do not abuse them, as they are a high-calorie product and can harm your figure.

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