How to cure a heel spur folk remedies

Treating the calcaneal spur folk remedies

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May nettles saved from spurs

Spurs more than a centimeter tormented for more than 15 years! The pain was so strong that it was necessary to put a thick layer of foam rubber in the shoes instead of insole. It seemed that he tried all means, both traditional and popular, which did not help. But my wife found out another recipe for spur treatment, which I decided to try.

It is necessary to collect nettle in May and scroll it through a meat grinder. The resulting pulp, put on a sheet of mug and make a compress. Secure with a bandage so that the compress does not fall off. It should be done at night, but I personally continued to walk with him in the daytime.

After 14 days I could not even believe that the pain was much less. Later, he was able to play football for the first time in many years! Imagine!

Video recipe from Svetlana Chernova

Spurs do not torture for 10 years

Bile of a bear

It takes 40 grams of bile of any animal, not birds, 20 grams of vodka and a little shampoo. It's easier to get the pig's bile, to make a mixture by eye. For the night, steam up your legs and make a compress on your heels, bandaged with a bandage, on top of the socks should be worn. The result exceeds all expectations: after the first procedure it becomes easier to walk, and after 3 days of such procedures the pains do not go away!

Ignis and Vaseline


helped to forget about the spurs. It is necessary to excavate the root of the iris flower and about 250 grams of this root to wash and pass through the meat grinder. The resulting gruel should be filled with the same amount of alcohol, cover the vessel with a lid and put in a dark place for two weeks. In two weeks the infusion will be ready. Wet a 4-fold bandage in it and apply to the heel at night. Top with polyethylene and secure with a bandage. The next morning you can remove the bandage.

Next day, instead of iris, you need to attach a medical Vaseline, which can be bought at the pharmacy. And so alternate procedures every other day. The course of treatment of the spur is 20 days, that is, 10 compresses of each remedy.

Simple methods of treating spurs

Honey and dough. It is necessary to take honey, cover the heel with it, then put the dough and wrap it with polyethylene, put on the sock. And so walk a few days. Then you need to wash your foot and repeat it all over again. The spur will take place in two months.

Household soap .You need to take the laundry soap and grate it, then melt it on the fire. This mass is applied to the heel spur in the form of a compress for the night. So it is necessary to do daily until the cure.

Massage .The oldest and simplest recipe for treating spurs is to rub a long heel daily with a spur about the old felt boots.

Source: Newspaper HLS, all-Ukrainian newspaper-healer "Babushka"

Heel spurs: treatment with folk remedies at home

When a problem on the heel appears, treatment with folk remedies is usually quite innocuous: it uses herbs and natural products that eliminate pain and inflammation. But there are supporters of extreme treatment. However, it is dangerous to break the bone growths roughly!

Treatment with herbs

With such a problem as a spur in the heel treatment of folk remedies, primarily due to what nature gives to a person - medicinal herbs. Useful plants can be used either inward in the form of tinctures or decoctions, and locally as compresses and grindings. The main condition of phytotherapy is to take the funds indicated by the courses , in most cases, long.


For the treatment of such trouble as a spiral, the folk remedies are quite diverse. But the favorite plant of herbalists is still lilac. The medicine is prepared by own hand: the dried flowers are poured with vodka 1:10, insist tightly closed in a dark place for 10 days. Take 3 drops a day for 30 drops until the symptoms disappear.

When the disease is a spur of the spiral folk recipes are adopted by the pharmaceutical industry. For example, for the treatment of this disease for a long time well known sabelnik marsh. It has a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, and also promotes the removal of salts that are deposited on damaged fascia.

Pharmacy with tincture of sapelnik apply as follows: 1 tbsp. Spoon diluted in a third of a glass of water, take 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is from 20 to 30 days. The aggravation of symptoms in the first days of treatment is considered the norm.

Compresses and rubbers

With the disease of the spine on the heel, folk treatment gives a great deal of attention to the means of topical application.

All compresses have a complex action and pursue several purposes - getting rid of pain and resorption build-up. Variants of treatment of fasciitis with lotion and rubbing:

  • mix 1 teaspoon of salt-extra, iodine and honey. Rub into the heel for a month;
  • put a thin layer of honey on the heel, attach the tobacco leafs smeared with honey on top, tightly bandage overnight. Apply until the problem disappears( about 5 sessions);
  • rub the unpolished black radish on a fine grater. Apply to the spur at night, in the morning, it is necessary to wash off. Course - 3-5 compresses;
  • scalded crushed 2 sheets of cabbage or burdock mixed with 2 tbsp.spoons of honey and 1 tbsp.spoonful of vinegar. Apply the mixture to the diseased heel.

Treatment with improvised means

For those people who do not have the opportunity to purchase industrial orthopedic products or attend physiotherapy sessions, with such a disease as a spur on the heel, treatment at home can solve many problems of . The main thing is to understand what these methods are for, and not to allow thoughtless application of doubtful advice.

Insoles at home

Unloading a sick joint is a priority for hepatic spurs disease: treatment at home can be quite successful if you make special insoles with your own hands or use improvised means:

  • can be cut out of dense porous rubber in the form of a horseshoe - with a hole in itSpur location;
  • under the heel is also a rubber band wrapped with a bandage, and a rolled flagellum of birch bark, or at least a cotton band;
  • insoles from young horseradish leaves or burdock will also help improve blood circulation.

Soft crushing and resorption of the spur

To get rid of the bony outgrowth with a disease, the spinal spur folk medicine recommends the use of both soft mechanical methods of its crushing and biochemical methods. Methods to reduce the osteophyte:

  • round peas are poured into a sock in one layer. You need to wear it until the build-up disappears;
  • pour vinegar raw egg whole, after softening the shell clean, and the inside of the egg pour and mix thoroughly with this vinegar and 1 tbsp.spoon of vegetable oil. Impregnate the fabric and apply to the spur, wrap with cellophane and heat. Promise resorption spurs for several sessions.

Treatment with warmth and baths

If you have fasciitis and heel spur: how to treat folk remedies with heat? The issue is extremely important, because the heating of the affected area has long been considered a very useful method. Under the influence of high temperature, vessels expand and blood circulation increases. This removes muscle spasms causing pain. But the most amazing effect is lengthening of ligaments and tendons.

Variants of hot baths:

  • paraffinic: the paraffin wax melts on a water bath. The fabric is laid in the pelvis, paraffin is poured onto it. When it cools down to the state of plasticine, cover it with a cloth and put the foot on top. Session time - 20 minutes;
  • with salt + "Pomorin": soar a foot in hot water with 5 tbsp.spoons of salt for 15 minutes. After wipe dry and spread his heels with Pomorin toothpaste. Treat for 10 days;
  • bath + bile: soar in normal hot water, then apply a cloth soaked in medical bile for 10 days.

Physical training and massage

Proper loading of the affected joint is a very important method of controlling plantar fasciitis. Exercises and massage improve blood circulation, salt metabolism, eliminate muscle spasm, stretch the damaged ligaments.

Actual use of loads and for hepatic spur disease: how to treat this illness at home with the help of physiotherapy and massage? Quite simply.


These exercises are used directly for the treatment of the heel spur, as well as to eliminate the causes that caused it, and related diseases, complications:

  1. Get on your knees, buttocks sit on your heels, socks should rest on the floor. To perform swaying movements, after resting on their knees continue;
  2. From the previous position, spread your knees in different directions, continue similar movements;
  3. Stand near the wall and press down on his heels. Perform the torso of the trunk. When tilting, you need to exhale, opening your mouth.


With this simple method, you can not only relieve muscle tension and spasm, but also significantly reduce pain. In addition, correctly and regularly performed massage is able to get rid of the main cause of calcaneal spurs - flat feet. These recommendations are good because you can perform them yourself:

  • daily rubs the aching heel against the felt for a long time;
  • boil a pot of "potatoes in uniforms", put in a basin, actively knead with your feet before cooling down. Wipe your feet, not flushing, draw an iodine net on the sole, put on dry socks. Do it every evening for 7-10 days;
  • with flat feet, massage from the fingers to the heel, massage techniques: kneading, squeezing, pressing, stroking, and the use of special mats and rollers.

With such an unpleasant disease as a spinal spur, folk treatment assumes a rather mild approach to . However, one should not place high hopes on simple therapy and wait for immediate results, especially if the problem is chronic. Here, as elsewhere, we need an individual selection of methods and their regular execution. And do not forget that needs a preliminary statement of the correct diagnosis of .

Spur on the heel than to heal: at home, reviews

Warmings as a method for treating the calcaneal spur

At home, you can do the following heating procedures:

  1. Kilogram of table salt mix with five liters of boiling water. When it boils, cool a little and steam into the resulting foot solution. The course of treatment with such trays is 10 days. Prepared salt solution simply warm up and a pair of legs. The pain will subside already on the fourth procedure, but the treatment course is important to do until the end;
  2. Similarly, you can soar your feet in warmed milk whey;
  3. Preheat alcohol over low heat. Put your feet in it, steam them for 15 minutes. After the procedure, do not wipe your feet, but simply put on socks. If after five such procedures there are no improvements, change the method of treatment.

Compresses as a method for treating the calcaneal spur

To treat spurs on the heels with such compresses:

  1. Grated garlic is applied to the heel. Wrap it with cellophane and fix it with a warm cloth. After three hours, remove the compress. If the heel is very hot during the procedure, remove the garlic and wipe the skin;
  2. Mix in equal proportions crushed garlic with chopped chalk. Undoing the foot in the foot bath, attach the product to the foot. Top with cellophane and warm cloth. Several sessions of such a compress will help to ease pain in the heels;
  3. Leaf the cabbage with honey and attach it to the heel. In the morning, rinse the compress with warm water. Duration of treatment - three days;
  4. In the same proportion, mix sea salt with honey. For the whole night, make a compress, and in the morning, wash it off with water;
  5. Make a cake of flour and honey. Undo the heel and attach the product to it. Over wrap the bag and put on a warm sock. The compress is done all night. For complete recovery, you need to do ten such procedures;
  6. Mix 100 grams of lard or lard with acetic essence( 100 milliliters), a chicken egg with a shell. Insist you need three weeks in a dark place. From time to time, the agent must be mixed. Add the finished medicine to the steamed patient foot with a cotton swab. The course of treatment is one month. When carrying out such a compress on top you need to wear warm socks;
  7. Mix hot boiled potatoes in a uniform with kerosene( 5 grams).Lay out the product on the bag, pribintuyte it to the heel with a spur. Top your socks. Duration of treatment - no more than 12 procedures. After three sessions the pain will begin to subside;
  8. Mix bile( 40 grams) with vodka( 20 grams) and shredded laundry soap( 5 grams).Before going to bed, steaming your feet, attach the resulting product to the heel with a spur and fix it with a bandage. Thanks to such a compressor, after the first session, the first results will be visible. A couple of procedures will be followed by painful sensations;
  9. Put the raw grated potatoes together with the skin on the bandage, and rewind it to the sick heel. Secure the compress with polyethylene. After 24 hours, remove it. To make such a tool work, you need to do about eight such procedures;
  10. Pour a couple of crushed aspirin tablets with an iodine ampoule. With the resulting mixture, treat the heels, put on warm socks and go to bed. Such a compress should be done two times with breaks in one week;
  11. Black radish together with peel grate. Apply the resulting mass to the heel and fix with a bandage. This compress is done at night. In the morning, you need to take off and do your own business.

Massage as a method of treating the calcaneal spur

Treatment of spurs at home can be done with the help of a massage effect on the feet. There are such types of home massage:

  1. Heat a kilogram of large salt and pour it on a flat floor. Stand with your bare feet on hot salt and walk along it for 15 minutes. Such a folk remedy will help to cope with the spur in just a couple of such procedures;
  2. Sitting in a chair, and placing on the floor an old washing board, follow it with stops. It is necessary to rub the feet intensely on the board, focusing on the heels. The duration of one procedure is 10 minutes. Massage the feet should be done twice a day until the spurs completely disappear in the heels;
  3. Boil until cooked a three-liter pot of small potatoes along with the peel. After pouring it into the basin, start kicking with your feet until it cools down. Wipe the heels, draw on them an iodine grid and put on socks. Duration of treatment is 1 week. That this method of treatment was more effective, during the cooking of potatoes it should be strongly salted.

Recipes of remedies that will also help cure the heel spike :

  1. Fresh sheets of plantain tape with a bandage to the injured heel. Remove the leaves when they dry. Duration of treatment is 14 days. The plant excellently pulls salt, so that painful sensations in the heels are removed;
  2. Having unbuttoned your legs, take a dip over the freshly harvested nettles for half an hour. After five such procedures, do not even remember the spur;
  3. Such a medicine will help to cope with spurs in the heels instantly. Mix six bags of magnesia with a liter of water and heat it to 60 degrees. Steam the legs in the bath 10 minutes. Then to the heels attach a compress of liquid valerian and put on terry socks. Duration of treatment - 10 procedures;
  4. After pouring a little ground red pepper into your toes, you have to walk this way throughout the day. Daily wearing of socks with pepper for two weeks will save spurs on the heels;
  5. Pour vodka( 200 grams) pounded pine nuts( 20 grams).Let it infuse for at least ten days in a dark place. Drink tincture of 10 grams before eating three times a day. A couple of days from the spurs there will be no trace.
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Treatment with heating

Heel spurs can be treated with heating, all means and methods give a high result of healing:

  1. boil small potatoes, can clean potatoes. Move in a comfortable pelvis, knead all. After the procedure, dry the heel with iodine. Be sure to then put on socks. Repeat the week;
  2. all folk remedies for fighting disease are good. Excellent help ointment made from eggs, oils and vinegar essences at home. To do this, you need to place the washed egg in a small jar and add the vinegar essence. Close tightly, place in a cold place until the peel is completely dissolved on the egg. This happens after 10 days. Then gently take the egg out of the jar and put it in a bowl. Carefully remove the film, slowly grind, gradually adding essence. Then add forty grams of butter. To stir thoroughly. The ointment is ready. This is a warming ointment. Wash feet, dry. Apply the ointment on the heel. Be sure to wear socks. After such uncomplicated procedures, the calcaneal spur will begin to collapse;
  3. at home, it is advisable to prepare and baths with salt, and with sea. Make a salt solution( per liter of water 3 lodges of salt).Heat it to the temperature until you can keep your legs in it. Sit and warm them for at least 30 minutes. To do this, periodically need to pour hot solution. Then wipe your feet and wrap them around. It is best to conduct this procedure before going to bed;
  4. is excellent in fighting the disease will be a bath of a mixture of acetic essences with turpentine. They must be taken in proportion( 1: 4);
  5. heel dip into a vessel with a mixture and withstand no more than 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure for 3 weeks. Take a short break and treat the spur again;
  6. folk medicine advises to treat the disease, using trays of: wormwood, young mugs and nettles, To do this, you need to prepare a decoction. For 1 liter of water take 1 tbsp.lies.a mixture of these herbs. Cook over low heat broth 20 minutes. Lower the heel into a still warm broth and keep at least 10 minutes. To be healed within a month.

Treating the calcaneal spur with night compresses

The bulk of the cure for the disease falls on compresses that are applied overnight:

  1. good results can be achieved if you treat the heel spur with the root of the iris flower. To do this, take 250 gr.washed root and chop the meat grinder. The resulting mass should be poured with alcohol( 1 tbsp.), Tightly closed. To insist in conditions of complete darkness of 2 weeks, thus it is necessary to shake every 2 days. Then, moistened in a tincture bandage, put on the heel at night. Alternate, once apply a bandage, soaked in tincture, and the next night - Vaseline. And so for 20 days;
  2. means that each landlady can find at home - honey, iodine, Extra salt mix in proportions( 1: 2: 1/2).The resulting mixture in the evening put on the heel, fixing cellophane, then tightly bandaged. In the morning, you need to remove the bandage. So do 7 days. The heel spur will have to surrender;
  3. many methods of cure are beautiful, and cabbage with honey does not take the last place in the fight against the disease. To do this, apply a cabbage leaf to apply ½ st.l.honey and attach to the heel. Keep until morning. In the morning, everything must be washed off with water. And so repeat no more than 3 times;
  4. folk medicine offers to mix triple cologne, iodine, pharmacy valerian in proportion( 1: 2: 2), everything is measured by vials. In this mixture add 5 pcs.bitter pepper. Leave to stand day in the conditions of complete darkness. In case of acute pain, lubricate the heels in the evening, wear socks;
  5. home treatment of the disease can be done with the help of a drug that can be bought at the pharmacy - medical bile. Initially, the heel should be well roasted, then apply a swab moistened with bile. It must be applied only to a sore spot, secured with a bandage. Then wrap the leg with polyethylene, put on the sock. Repeat every night until the pain disappears forever;
  6. to treat a spur expediently by means of means - drug turpentine. To do this, the heel must be carefully rubbed with turpentine, put on a warm sock. All this done at night 2 weeks. After taking a short break, repeat the procedure again;
  7. calcaneal spur perfectly helps to disappear and the leaf of plantain. It must be applied on the back of the heel department. After drying, always change to a fresh sheet. The pain will subside with time.

Treatment with the help of round-the-clock compresses

  1. washed potatoes, grind on the smallest grater. After laying on a bandage, fix it with polyethylene to a sore spot. Change the compress once a day. Apply at least a week;
  2. calcaneal spur is treated and funds that can be purchased at the pharmacy, for example, iodine and aspirin. To do this, you need to crush 2 aspirin tablets and mix them with iodine. Quickly and accurately put on the heel, top bandage and polyethylene. Be sure to wrap a warm scarf. Keep the compress day. It is advisable to repeat everything in a week. And so only 3 times;
  3. to treat a spur at home it is possible and elderberry. It's good to do it in spring and summer. Washed and still wet leaves put on the heel, wound with a bandage. Do this everyday. This is a very good folk remedy;
  4. also it is possible to fall asleep in a sock a potato starch. Starch in the sock should be around the clock. These methods of people's treatment will help to forget about the disease forever;
  5. in the fight against the disease, all means are good, so the nettle is also hurrying to the rescue. Such home treatment is best done in the spring, when the nettle is still young and full of healing powers. For this, young shoots of nettle need to be scrolled through a meat grinder. Milled nettle on a young and clean mug. Then attach all this with a bandage on the heel, and put on the toe on top. It is better to do this before bedtime. But with acute pain, such a compress can be worn for days. Under such treatment conditions, improvement will occur in a couple of weeks.

Treating the calcaneal spur with the

massage. It is possible to treat the spur with the simplest folk method - for every loose minute, heel pounding on the floor. This will increase blood circulation in the lower limbs, which means that calcium metabolism will improve. You can still rub your heel and felt felt boots. With such a mechanical action on the heel spur, it will begin to break down.

Pencil massage also helps to get rid of the problem. It is necessary to find the most painful place on the heel with a slightly rounded lead and constantly massage it. Acute pain is removed faster than chronic pain. But still the pain will recede.

Treatment of folk remedies and methods at home with such a disease as calcaneal spur gives excellent results. However, do not forget that this treatment is long. It is necessary to be patient. But all methods and methods of fighting in folk medicine are magnificent and have passed the test of time. If you decide to use the struggle with folk remedies in tandem with medical treatment, then it is better to consult a doctor in order not to cause a relapse.

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