Sneakers with flat feet

Symptoms and treatment of flatfoot

Let's talk about such a disease as flat feet. What are the symptoms of flatfoot? What causes lead to the disease, and if you find signs of flat feet, the treatment by which methods will be most effective. The source of danger for the deformation of the foot is shoes, and not only on the heel. Flat feet are carried by wearing boots, ugg boots, sandals, and ballet shoes. Of all people who suffer from deformity of the thumb of the foot, 90% are women. In some cases, the cause of flat feet is heredity, trauma, but in most cases - shoes with high heels.

Flat feet in children. Treatment should be timely!

Some children at an early age can notice valgus deformity. To treat this disease you need to make a lot of effort. Intrauterine deformity is rarely diagnosed. In many cases, this disease is acquired. Diseases are exposed to the child from the very first steps. The muscular apparatus, not yet fully formed, undergoes a heavy load, which it can not cope with. Often parents do not notice the changes, miss the time when the disease can be managed with the help of socks orthopedic shoes, physiotherapy.

What shoes should I wear when I'm flat feet?

For the baby, with his first steps, choose the right shoes: from genuine leather, with a solid heel that well fixes the ankle joint. The heel must be square, with the instep. On the ankle, the clasp should be firmly fixed. For the prevention of flatfoot, allow the child to run barefoot on sand, stones, rug several times a day.

Basic symptoms of flatfoot

Contact the orthopedist if you notice the following symptoms:

  • increased the width of the foot
  • you quickly tire when walking, when you just stand on your feet, feel a sense of heaviness, the pain
  • in the evenings swell the feet and ankles
  • if you notice that the sole of the soleor heel worn
  • when you feel discomfort when wearing shoes with high heels.

What shoes should I wear when I'm flat-footed?

Our ancestors did not suffer from flat feet. This can be explained by the fact that the human foot is designed for walking barefoot on pebbles, sand and on the ground, but not on asphalt. This also adds the wearing of "wrong" shoes, and the foot is deformed. But this does not mean that we must abandon the laminate flooring. Just need to pick up those shoes that will not harm your feet. Orthopedists categorically forbid wearing shoes with stilettos! Instead, they should be a stable and wide heel, whose height should be 2.5-3cm, and for children - no more than 1cm. Despite warnings, women do not give up shoes with high heels.

In this case, you can find a compromise:

  1. Do not wear tight shoes
  2. It is necessary that the heel is snug against the shoes.
  3. Shoes try to buy in the afternoon. Legs slightly increase in size in the evening.

Many say that flat feet and jogging, things are completely incompatible, but on a par with that there is a lot of evidence that it is this kind of sport that can affect the cure of the disease and even become its prevention. Running with flat feet is simply necessary, it will help to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the foot and prevent progress, only to do it properly and, and specially designed for running shoes.

Running and flat feet - you need the advice of

. In order for the race not to bring only harm, and flat feet did not worsen, it is better to consult with a specialist on this issue first.

We recommend!

For the treatment and prevention of bones on the feet( Hallux Valgus), our readers have successfully used the Socks ValgoSocks .What is their advantage:

  • Professional bone repair on the leg
  • Straighten the thumb and joint
  • Effectively relieve the transverse flatfoot
  • Relieve pain and swelling
  • Keep the natural mobility of the foot( as opposed to the tire)
  • Designed for around the clock wearing

The main difference between this corrector is that its action is directed not only to straighten the thumb, but also to combat transverse flatfoot. Thus, the socks of ValgoSocks are struggling not only with the "bone", but also with the cause that causes its appearance.

There are certain indications and contraindications, and even the degree of the disease, given which he will give an opinion, whether run and flat feet are compatible, which is especially important for children.

In case the flat feet allow you to practice such an exercise as running, you can safely do it.

The choice of shoes

You can start with simple banal moccasins on a thin sole, this is the so-called "running barefoot".And for the run itself you can use both treadmills in the stadium, and just a forest path. Such running shoes will allow you to feel the soil as much as possible and give you a certain weight on the arch.

Read more & gt; & gt; We recommend!

For the treatment and prevention of bones on the legs( Hallux Valgus) and transverse flatfoot, our readers successfully use the technique developed by leading German orthopedic doctors. Having carefully studied this method, we decided to offer it to your attention. Read more. ..

A novelty today is the moccasins for running with separate fingers, such products can be used for children and adults or just for those people who are trying to strengthen the figure or lose weight thanks to this sport.

It is not forbidden to use sneakers when using flat feet, which are simply sold in the market, but before purchasing such products, special insoles must be prepared, which are pre-made to order. Sneakers in some cases will help strengthen the arch, and equally benefit health, the main thing is that they were designed specifically for running and fit in size.

It's simple, the main preparation is

It's not dangerous to run with flatfoot, but on the contrary it's useful, many experts say, but before you start something, you need preliminary preparation. With flat feet running should be started smoothly and slowly, gradually increasing the duration and distance. Do not start with a sharp run, it will only throw the person back and minimize the whole benefit of this event.

So how do you train with flatfoot?

After the sneakers or other shoes are already sitting on your leg, it's best to choose the treadmills with the shortest distance for training. Multiplicity of the procedure with flatfoot should not exceed two or three times during the week, and the legs after all should not be tired. The bar of speed and distance during running, should be increased gradually and everything will happen as naturally as possible. This is the whole principle, which will be especially useful for children.

  1. The preference for flat-footed running is best given to moccasins on thin soles than using sneakers with a thick protector that does not allow strengthening the arch of the foot. Yes, and the sneakers themselves will not let us master the whole essence of the exercises with flatfoot, because it is recommended to land only on the pads of the fingers, and only then the whole surface of the foot. It should be repelled with a soft, front part, springy movement, which is very important in the lessons for children.
  2. A great entertainment for children with flatfoot, when the weather does not predispose to classes, can be jumping rope, which will certainly help to strengthen muscles and ligaments, but it is not worth changing for them, it's best to alternate. They also help with flat feet in children exercises, during which you need to stand on your toes.
  3. Running - involves a power stretch, which will help to defeat or prevent flat feet. To do this, do not need sneakers or any other shoes. Sock should be pulled as high as possible and thus the foot should resemble an "arch", after such a warm-up you can continue running.
  4. Beginning with flatfoot still provides for the beginning of the training of the drumstick massage, which will exclude the overgrowth of the ligament of the foot, especially in children, and will not experience any discomfort. Flattening refers to diseases in which the load should be dosed. So if there is a flatfoot, then running should be without loads, it is best if it lasts about half an hour at a pace of light jogging, the most optimal on the dirt road.

How I got rid of the stone on my legs in 3 weeks without surgery!

  • Forgot about bulging bones on the legs
  • Bending of the big toes and joints
  • Cured the transverse flatfoot
  • Has lost the pain in the bones on the legs and their swelling
  • I avoided surgery and walking around the doctors
  • I was able to wear my favorite shoes

My name is Oksana Fyodorova. In 2002, I received the title "Miss Universe", and after only a couple of years the bones on my legs deprived me of the opportunity to even put on shoes. As I then thought - the career is over. .. However, I managed to find a solution that turned out ridiculously simple and accessible to everyone who faced such a problem. As I did, you can read in my sensational interview to an online magazine that is on this link ( this is worthy of attention, believe me). Read the interview. ..

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For the treatment and prevention of bones on the legs( Hallux Valgus) and transverse flatfoot, our readers successfully use the technique developed by leading German orthopedic doctors. Having carefully studied this method, we decided to offer it to your attention. Read more. ..



I can not imagine how it is possible to run around in forest trails in shoes with a thin sole - after all, if a stone falls under your feet, it will be very painful. ..



With flat feet,running. The son began with small distances and slowly, and then gradually increased the run and distance. All this is very effective.

Running and flat feet: an alternative approach

Flatness can be corrected - this will help to avoid sneakers with support and mastering the technique of "barefoot" jogging. We cite the experience of people who have been cured in this way, as well as recommendations for choosing the outfit and for classes.

There is a lot of evidence that running helps with flatfoot

"I know people who strengthened the vaults of the feet when they got rid of sneakers with supporting devices. .. because with the support of the legs they begin to be lazy," says marathon runner Grant Campbell."I had a flat foot, and I corrected it, slowly getting used to running barefoot more often and wearing minimally affecting shoes, such as Vibram FiveFingers."

To correct flatfoot in this way, you need the highest purpose."I started with a completely flat right foot and a weakened left foot, and for 40 thousand kilometers both stops gained functional arches," says another marathon runner Erskine Leyer.- For five years of running barefoot on ultramarathon distances, I saw many flat-footed runners who strengthened the arch of the foot, just listening to the sensations from the soles of the feet and practicing the correct landing, loading the leg and detaching from the ground. "

If you are not ready to go to a big goal, then go on to describe how to choose sneakers with support, and even with a flatfoot you can get the benefit and joy of running. We turn to the recommendations for correcting flat feet.

What kind of shoes do you need?

"Running barefoot is a style that, oddly enough, uses shoes," says Dr. Douglas N. Graham, a specialist in health and natural hygiene.- Feels like a leg, it looks like socks with a very flexible protective sole. "First of all, Graham has in mind moccasins with separate fingers. In Russia, they are still rare, but there are other options.

Recommendations for classes

"Running is not dangerous for flat feet, but you need to prepare the body," advises Graham."The best results and the least problems that can throw you back, gives a smooth increase in speed, distance and duration."Here are the following recommendations:

  • Begin with the shortest distances, running two or three times a week - so that in the following days do not feel a strong discomfort in the legs. Plank increase smoothly, and the improvement will occur naturally.
  • Get used to special footwear for "barefoot" running, putting it on whenever possible.
  • Learn the barefoot running technique: when landing, touch the ground with a finger pad, then with the rest of the foot( slightly), before springing off the ground from the toe of the
  • . In the off-season, when the weather prevents you from running systematically, you can replace jumping with a ropeand power exercises with lifting on socks.

We also recommend a special stretch for the stop - pull the socks as far as possible, arching the foot with the "arch".And remember: the main thing - patience, love and attention to the body, with which the result will definitely come.

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Choosing the size of shoes for running

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Can I run with flatfoot? Useful or harmful? Just advise, some sneakers. Thank you!

Inna Solodilova

There are complexes of exercises that correct flat feet( read), another special orthopedic insoles are appointed by the surgeon. It is necessary to consult a surgeon, he will do an x-ray, he will establish the form of flat feet, a degree, give recommendations, he should ask all the questions( write them down on a sheet, when you go to the reception, and then forget, usually worry)

Alexander Leonov

you can run.
sneakers any you can, to your taste, the main thing is the right size to take))) buy( if not) and put the appropriate orthopedic insole there. They can be put in ordinary shoes. Bear in mind, the flatfoot may be longitudinal and transverse and the insole should be used different, so it is best to consult with an orthopedic doctor.

Theater Obraztsov

Yes you can.
At home, it's good to do exercises for the foot.
Hand pull the foot behind your fingers to yourself, forming the arch of the foot with an arc.


As they say - "not only mono, but also Nuno"! !
It's all about properly selected running shoes, namely sneakers! Here, http: //
, I picked myself crosses with a high bead and orthopedic insole and shock absorbing soles! Class - I run and enjoy 5 km at a time and not any painful manifestations!

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