Chondroprotectors in osteochondrosis of the spine

Chondroprotectors for osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

Chondroprotectors in osteochondrosis are quite an important part of general therapy. What are these drugs and why is their use so important? What kind of drugs proved to be the most effective?

In order to answer these questions, you need to understand the etiology of osteochondrosis. It is also important to know about the pathological processes that occur in the human body in this disease. It must be remembered that osteochondrosis of the cervical region is more common than other forms of this disease. This review contains the most relevant information that each patient must possess.

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine: etiology and pathogenesis

Osteochondrosis is a disease characterized by dystrophic changes of articular cartilages. In most cases, the localization of the pathological process is observed in the intervertebral discs. Other joints of a person are much less likely to be affected. The cause of this pathological process is considered to be a sedentary lifestyle of patients, certain age-related changes and mechanical damage to the intervertebral discs. Among other causes of this pathology can be called flat feet, excessive body weight of the patient, irrational work of various muscles of the spine and many others.

Every modern person is at risk. Sedentary lifestyle, irregular and irrational nutrition, too soft pillows and mattresses - this is not a complete list of the causes of the emergence of pathological processes in the joints and cartilage of man. Cartilages of the spine lose their elasticity, change the shape and density, which interferes with the normal operation of the musculoskeletal system.

The most common form of the disease is osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. This is due to certain features of the anatomical structure. The cervical region is the most vulnerable and susceptible to various destructive-dystrophic processes.

In the immediate vicinity of the cervical spine are the arteries that supply the human brain. The slightest infringement of nerves can lead to severe consequences for the patient.

What symptoms should make the patient prick up

Osteochondrosis today is significantly "younger".Increasingly, young people under the age of 30 turn to doctors and complain about unpleasant sensations of varying intensity in the spine. The patient feels constant pain in the area of ​​affected joints, a feeling of stiffness and discomfort during movement. Often, these symptoms are added sensation of aching in the limbs. In osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, the patient may experience a number of characteristic symptoms, which, at first glance, have nothing to do with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The patient complains of persistent headaches and dizziness, as well as impairment of vision: a feeling of "sand" in the eyes, the appearance of "flies" or multicolored spots in front of them. The patient may experience sharp jumps in blood pressure or false pain in the heart, pain in the arm or shovel, a feeling of stiffness and discomfort.

At the first manifestations of the disease should consult a specialist. Early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment and prevention of the negative consequences of the disease. There are a number of surveys that allow an accurate differential diagnosis to be made.

The most significant diagnostic methods for osteochondrosis are considered to be radiographic examination, computed tomography( CT) and magnetic resonance imaging( MRI), which allow visualization of the spinal joints and the underlying tissue.

Treatment of the cervical spine

The effectiveness of therapy depends largely on the willingness of the patient to effectively "cooperate" with the attending physician. Getting rid of this ailment is quite long and requires the patient full dedication. In most cases, the treatment of the disease is conservative, but there are situations where immediate surgical intervention is required. It is important to know that the sooner you seek help, the more chances you have for positive results.

Treatment has several directions and consists of a number of activities. Massage, physiotherapy, physiotherapy and medication are used effectively. The latter, above all, is aimed at eliminating the pain syndrome. For this purpose, analgesics and antispasmodics and their combined forms are used.

If these drugs are ineffective, then non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. These medications only relieve pain. They also effectively fight the cause of the onset of pain syndrome - an inflammatory process.

If the pain still does not pass, the doctor decides to use the blockade. What it is? This is the direct introduction of certain drugs in the area of ​​localization of the pathological process( directly into the joint).For blockade use a combination of analgesic drugs and long-acting corticosteroids. Such a procedure is very effective, but it can only be carried out by qualified medical personnel in a hospital or outpatient setting.

It is considered effective to use various ointments and gels for osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

This method is more accessible to the patient. It allows at any time to use a remedy for the removal of the pain syndrome. The use of ointments is justified by the fact that they are able to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes, which is important in the treatment of joint diseases.

Chondroprotectors in the complex treatment of the disease

There is a certain group of drugs that contribute to the regenerative processes of the cartilaginous tissue of various joints. These medications are called chondoprotectors. How effective are chondroprotectors in cervical osteochondrosis, a debatable question. Some doctors consider the effectiveness of this group of drugs very questionable. Other experts, on the contrary, argue that the use of chondroprotectors in the complex treatment of joint diseases not only helps regenerate the cartilaginous tissue of the joints, but also enhances the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect of other medicines. The patient's responses are also very diverse. Some argue that the use of the drug did not give the desired result, while others, on the contrary, indicate a "miraculous cure."

One of this detachment of preparations for the regeneration of cartilage tissue

How effective are these drugs? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. The effectiveness of chondroprotectors depends on many factors. This is the professionalism of the doctor who must find the most suitable preparation and dosage for the patient and the patient's readiness to comply with all the doctor's recommendations. Unconditional is the fact that the use of chondroprotectors is effective only in the early stages of the disease, when the pathological processes in the cartilaginous tissue are reversible.

There are a huge number of chondroprotectors: ointments, tablets for oral use, intra-articular injections and many other forms of medicines. Advertising chondroprotektora daily can be seen on TV. Do not forget that the best chondroprotectors are those that are chosen for you by a doctor individually and are suitable for you personally. You do not need to rely on the reviews of your friends and neighbors when choosing medicines. Moreover, it is not recommended to engage in self-medication. In this case, you can not only not get the desired result, but also significantly damage your health.

Action and benefit of chondroprotectors

If the drugs prescribed to you by a doctor, then you can expect a positive trend in the course of the disease. Chondroprotectors for osteochondrosis of the cervical spine are used at the initial stage of the disease as part of complex therapy. It must be understood that it is impossible to cure the disease solely with the drugs of this group. One should be ready to use chondroprotectors with long courses, sometimes up to 4 months. Otherwise, treatment is ineffective.

Along with the use of chondroprotectors and other drugs, the patient must actively help his body. Therapeutic physical training and physiotherapy, dietary nutrition and normalization of body weight, active and active way of life, observance of the work and rest regime, rejection of bad habits, etc. - this is not a complete list of "auxiliary tools" for full recovery or achievement of sustainableremission.

Chondroprotectors in osteochondrosis promote the restoration of cartilaginous tissue of the intervertebral joints. They eliminate pain syndrome and prevent further destruction. Applied such drugs and after surgery for the intervertebral hernia - as an auxiliary tool in the overall therapy of the patient.

Chondroprotectors are not an expensive pleasure, and often patients themselves change their preparations for others. This approach is fundamentally wrong! Discuss the situation with your doctor and he will be able to advise you on more affordable analogs of expensive drugs.

These drugs have virtually no contraindications and are suitable for all people. The exception is pregnant and lactating women and people with individual intolerance to individual components of the drug. In all other cases, chondroprotectors are well tolerated by patients and do not cause adverse reactions of the body. And yet, before taking any medications, you must definitely get a specialist consultation.

Types and indications for the use of hondoprotective drugs

Osteochondrosis is a scourge of a modern urban resident. The initial stage is diagnosed even in 10-year-old children. The main reasons for the appearance: a sedentary lifestyle, spinal injuries, a lack of vitamins, excess weight.

The development of osteochondrosis is affected by the level of chondroitin in the cartilages of the spine, on which the elasticity of these cartilages and the level of moisture in them depend. Thus, there appeared medicinal preparations for the treatment of osteochondrosis( chondroprotectors) containing chondroitin in their composition.

This is an innovation in pharmacology. Doctors perceive it differently. When the osteochondrosis of the spine, the discs between the vertebrae suffer. They are deformed, become thin, brittle. Behind them the cartilages become smaller, which leads to a malfunction in the operation of the spinal cord spine outgrowths. There is an osteochondrosis of the spine. So, physicians have developed hondoprotectors for the treatment of this disease.

Therapeutic characteristics of chondroprotective drugs

Chondroprotectors, which are most often used, are medicines from the bones of animals( fish), ligaments, and their blood. Despite this, physicians are not completely sure of them with osteochondrosis of the spine, since the chondroprotectors act on the synovial fluid( it is in the joint bag), and there is no such liquid in the spine.

Good results are shown when using these medicines for arthrosis. It is better if you simultaneously use the ointment and take chondroprotectors inside.

It is worth paying attention to the mass( which is very high) of the molecules of these drugs. Because of the increased weight to overcome the distance to the cartilage in the spine a lot of time passes. Therefore, in order to cure osteochondrosis of the spine, it is required to take chondroprotectors( in tablets) in large doses.

Drug medications with chondroitin vary in dosage. For example, Mukasan( intraarticular chondroprotector) should be administered 100 mg once a day, and orally 750 mg 3 times. If such medications are used in the first days of the disease, then a higher effect can be achieved. Alas, the treatment of osteochondrosis starts at the height of the disease.

In osteochondrosis, it is necessary to take chondroprotective drugs in large doses, since cartilage is poorly restored. It is impossible to completely recover from osteochondrosis, but it is possible to stop the destruction of discs with chondroprotective drugs.

Rapidly anesthetize and have a stronger anti-inflammatory effect than chondroprotectors, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This can be seen in the study of all drugs that are taken with osteochondrosis of the spine. However, cardinally such drugs will not change the situation with osteochondrosis.

Osteochondrosis is a scourge of a modern urban resident. Get rid of it will help hondoprotectors - drugs of a new generation.

Even though chondroprotectors give a greater effect, they are well tolerated by patients, they have no side effects, they have to be used for a long time. These drugs normalize bone exchange, synthesis of glucosamines is enhanced. More lipids, fibrin, which feed the spine, are produced.

Minus chondroprotective drugs are not small doses that adversely affect the liver. Doctors want to find other uses of chondroprotectors, combining these medicines with all sorts of therapies.

Types of chondroprotectors

Chondroprotectors differ in composition and are divided into several types.

  1. Form one is a solution with chondroitin sulfate.
  2. Kind 2 - drugs from the bone marrow of animals( fish).
  3. The third type is chondroprotectors based on mucopolysaccharides.
  4. The fourth type is a preparation based on glucosamine.
  5. Kind five - preparations with vitamins, chondroitin, glucosamine.
  6. Kind six - a preparation from an osteochondrosis with a chondroitin and anti-inflammatory components.

The first type of drugs include: Structum, Chondrolon, Mucosate, Chondroxide. To the second Rumalon, Alflutol. The third type belongs to Arteparon. Means with glucosamine Arthron flex, Dona. Arthron complex, Teraflex, Formula-C is a medicine with vitamins, chondroitin, glucosamine in the composition. Chondroitin has the drug Artrodar.

Glucosamine-based drugs are the most popular. A quick effect and the best result is the simultaneous use of chondroprotectors and such physiotherapeutic methods as phonophoresis, iontophoresis, magnetophoresis.

Domestic and foreign manufacturers produce a large list of chondroprotectors. Most often, the following drugs are used to treat cervical osteochondrosis: Don Arthra;Structum;Chondrolon;Teraflex;Chondroitin AKOS.

Don is produced in the form of injections and powder. Manufacturer Italy. The drug from osteochondrosis Hondrolon and Chondroitin AKOS is made in Russia. Chondrolon injection, chondroitin ACOS capsules. Structum( France) and Teraflex( Great Britain) are capsules. Arthra( in tablets) is manufactured by the United States.

Medical contraindications

Chondroprotectors are contraindicated: with intolerance of constituent components;with inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines;during pregnancy;during breastfeeding.

Recommendations for the use of

For the best effect from the use of chondroprotectors, it is necessary: ​​to walk on foot;

  • take breaks between movements;
  • perform therapeutic gymnastics;
  • eat right;
  • avoid sudden changes in temperature and hypothermia of patients with joints.
  • Hiking is best done within 30 minutes for 2-3 kilometers per day. Between the movements( for an hour) rest lying down or sitting for a quarter of an hour. Do gymnastics, but do the simplest exercises.

    Keep an eye on the food. Choose raw foods and less food ready for consumption. Drink multivitamins. Follow the above recommendations with the use of chondroprotectors and the result will not be long to wait.

    How to choose chondroprotectors for osteochondrosis - comparison of preparations

    Preparations for oral administration:

    • Arthra of American manufacture. Produced in the form of tablets. Each tablet contains chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine in a 1: 1 ratio. Scheme of admission: 2 tablets a day. Duration of admission is determined by the attending physician.
    • Structum is a preparation of French manufacturers. Available in the form of capsules. Each capsule contains 250 or 500 mg of chondroitin sulfate. Scheme of admission: 1000 mg of chondroitin sulfate per day. Duration of admission is determined by the attending physician.
    • Teraflex English made. One of the most popular chondroprotectors. Available in the form of capsules. Each capsule contains chondroitin sulfate( 400 mg) and glucosamine( 500 mg).Scheme of admission: 2-3 tablets a day. Duration of admission is determined by the attending physician.
    • Dona made in Spain. Available in powder or capsule form. Scheme of admission: 1 sachet( 1500 mg of glucosamine) or 6 capsules( total: 1500 mg of glucosamine) per day.

    Preparations for Injection:

    • Dona .It is available in the form of ampoules with a pharmacological solution. Contains only glucosamine( 400 mg in one ampoule).Used only in combination with a special solvent. Intended for intramuscular injection. Scheme of admission: 3 injections per week. Recommended course: 12 injections. Frequency of application: 2-3 times a year.
    • Chondrolon manufactured in Russia. It is available in the form of ampoules with a pharmacological solution. Contains only chondroitin sulfate 100 mg in one ampoule. It is used for intramuscular injection. Recommended course: 20-25 injections. The exact number of injections and the schedule of application is prescribed by the attending physician.

    Gels and ointments chondroprotectors:

    • Chondroxide ointment or gel is a preparation of Russian manufacturers. It is available in the form of a light yellow ointment. Contains chondroitin sulfate 0.05 g per 1 g of ointment. It is used to treat and prevent osteochondrosis of the spine. Scheme of application: 2-3 times a day is applied to the skin in the vicinity of the lesion, rubbed in until completely absorbed. Duration of use: 2-3 weeks. The gel is absorbed more quickly, and the ointment is suitable for combining with self-massage.
    • Chondroart ointment from Belarusian manufacturers. Produced in aluminum tubes of 15 and 25 g. Contains chondroitin sulfate 5 g per 100 g of ointment. Scheme of application: apply externally, 2-3 times a day, at a rate of 1-2 g per plot of 100-200 square centimeters of skin.

    Substitutes of intra-articular fluid:

    These are preparations of the type Fermatron, Synvisc, Ostenil and others. They are more often used for arthrosis than for osteochondrosis. Sometimes there is enough intraarticular injection, but more often the course consists of 3-5 procedures.

    How to choose a chondroprotector for osteochondrosis

    The list of chondroprotectors for the spine is quite extensive. Choose the drugs from this list should be guided by the complexity of the case, the individual characteristics of the organism, its financial position - in fact it is important to go through the entire course!

    The most popular drugs:

    The most common drugs are the following. However, remember that only the attending physician will help to make the right choice!

    • Teraflex - indications for use: arthrosis, osteochondrosis, trauma,
    • Arthra - with arthrosis and osteochondrosis,
    • Formula-CH - the drug is prescribed in the complex, it is intended for prevention of osteochondrosis.

    Inexpensive drugs:

    Those who want to buy inexpensive but effective drugs, it is recommended to pay attention to medicines of domestic manufacturers. For example:

    • The ampulla of the Russian Chondrolon can be purchased for $ 26.6, while the ampule of the Spanish drug Don will cost at least $ 50.
    • The Russian drug in the form of chondroitin ACOS tablets costs on the average 9-10 $, and for such popular preparations in capsules as Artra, Structum or Terafleks it is necessary to give not less than 43-48 $.

    Russian drugs are cheaper not because they are worse, but because the final cost does not include shipping costs, customs fees and other related costs.

    Natural preparations:

    It is recommended to pay attention to chondromarin in the form of capsules with a complex of shark cartilage and salmon fish or Piascladin, which contains substances of vegetable origin, avocado and soya oils.

    The most "proven" drugs:

    The most "proven" is the chondroprotector Structum. In his more than 20-year history, he managed to pass tests in Switzerland, France, Germany, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

    Chondroprotectors in osteochondrosis of the spine often become a hope for recovery. Various diseases of the spine bring a lot of pain to the person. Osteochondrosis is one of the most serious diseases in this series.

    Arthrosis, osteochondrosis, hernia destroy cartilage and bone tissue. Their outgrowth in chronic forms can lead to irreparable consequences. Hondoprotective drugs for osteochondrosis of the spine give a chance to restore tissues and thereby help to protect a person from serious troubles.

    The essence of the drug

    Osteochondrosis and some other diseases of the spine develop along the path of destruction of cartilage tissue. Their destruction is determined by the inadequate functioning of the natural lubricant - synovial fluid. In particular, the cause of many such phenomena is a significant decrease in the content of chondroitin sulfate, which leads to a loss of cartilage plasticity.

    Chondroprotective drugs contain substances that can replace joints lost by joints and stop the destruction of cartilaginous tissues. The drug refreshes the synovial fluid, restoring the concentration of chondroitin sulfate, and partially replaces the tissue structure. This composition includes natural structural particles of cartilage tissue. As raw materials in the production of chondroprotectors, cartilages of sea fishes and invertebrates are used;cartilage tissue of domestic horned animals;vegetable substances from soybeans and avocado.

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    Features of

    preparations Chondroprotectors have the following features. The drug restores the synovial fluid and stops the destructive process, but does not replace the cartilaginous tissue. Regeneration of the articular environment proceeds very slowly( at best 6 months), as a result of which the drug belongs to the long-acting group.

    Restorative processes in the cartilaginous tissue under the influence of this remedy are possible only in the early stages of the disease.

    Chondroprotective agents can be subdivided according to the development time and the basis on which the remedy is based. According to the first type of classification, the following varieties are distinguished:

    • the first generation - Rumalon, alflutop;
    • second generation - glucosamines, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid;
    • the third generation is a complex of chondroitin sulfate with hydrochlorides.

    On outgoing raw materials, the classification is as follows. Group 1 presents preparations based on chondroitinsulfuric acid - khonsurid, chondrolon, chondrex and the like. Group 2 includes compounds made from cartilage and bone tissue of animals and fish - rumalon, alflutop. Group 3 is composed of mucopolysaccharides - arteparone. Group 4 are glucosamine based preparations: don, arthron flex. Group 5 includes means of complex composition - arthron complex, teraflex. Finally, group 6 consists of chondroprotectors, which additionally have an anti-inflammatory function: arthrodar.

    In addition, chondroprotectors are available for internal administration( tablets), for injections, as ointments, and there are natural chondroprotectors that can be consumed in food( jelly, jelly, etc.).

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    Treatment of osteochondrosis

    Successful treatment with chondroprotectors of the osteochondrosis of the spine is possible at the first stage of the disease development. Usually prescribed drugs for oral administration, i.e.tablets, medicines. The greatest application is teraflex, structum, don and arthra. In addition, injection of the drug is used. Treatment is carried out in a long-term regime - 3-5 months with the intake of tablets and more than one month with injections. Most often, a course of 100-150 days is prescribed with repetition after 1-2 years.

    More effective treatment using complex methods. In particular, with cervical osteochondrosis a complex of preparations is recommended. The most characteristic methods are: chondroprotectors together with anti-inflammatory non-steroidal compounds or chondroprotective tablets in combination with magnetophoretic procedures( phonophoresis is possible).

    In the latter case, exposure to ultrasonic waves or a magnetic field in resonance mode significantly increases the effectiveness of chondroprotectors.

    Chondroprotectors with a hernia of the spine are not the primary means. However, in order to prevent the exacerbation of the disease, to provide nutrition to damaged intervertebral disks are prescribed such drugs as structum, dona, teraflex. In this case, they prevent the appearance of osteochondrosis against the background of a hernia.

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    Recommendations for use of

    Although chondroprotectors are usually implemented without prescription, it is not recommended to treat independent therapy with their help. The composition of the drug should be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

    Chondoprotectors are prescribed for diseases that are characterized by disorders of the cartilage tissue. Such diseases include arthrosis of practically all types irrespective of the location of the damaged joint;arthritis;osteochondrosis of the spine, cervical and other organs;Spondylosis, expressed in the bone formations in the spine;age wear of the cartilage;injuries of the joints and posttraumatic manifestations;parodontosis.


    Chondroprotectors are strong enough and have some contraindications. So, they can not be applied:

    How to drop out the chondoprotectors in osteochondrosis: the types, purpose and effectiveness of

    Methods of treatment with chondroprotectors

    The two most effective drugs in clinical trials were chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride.

    It is proved that glucosamine not only quickly integrates into the cartilaginous tissue and promotes the production of hyaluronic acid, but also affects the acceleration of the synthesis of its own chondroitin in the body.

    In turn, chondroitin has an anti-inflammatory effect, and is also an inhibitor of enzymes that destroy the periarticular tissues. Summarizing the above, we can conclude: the most pronounced results are brought by therapy with preparations containing both substances.

    The dose of chondroitin sulfate, needed according to the needs of the body, is 1000 mg / day, and glucosamine - 1000-1500 mg / day.

    There are several therapeutic options for the therapeutic use of chondroprotectors:

    1. Oral administration of drugs. For maximum effect, it is necessary to take funds for at least 3 months continuously, and then in a maintenance dose - for the same period.
    2. Intramuscular injection. Alflutope, Hondrolone is often used for this purpose. The course of therapy - up to 20 days, after which the patient is prescribed drugs in tablet form( 4-5 months).
    3. Intra-articular injection. The most popular application of Alflutope, as well as preparations based on hyaluronic acid, recreating articular lubrication and moisture level in the intervertebral discs. In the treatment of osteochondrosis, injections were found using the drugs Suplazin, Ostenil. In parallel, systemic therapy with tableted forms of chondroprotectors is carried out for 4-6 months. This method of treatment is considered the most effective.
    4. External application of preparations. In severe pain of the spinal column, creams or gels are applied on the basis of chondroprotectors using phonophoresis, magnetophoresis, inductotermophoresis( 7-10 sessions).To improve the permeability of cells and the assimilation of nutrients are often used additional drugs, for example, dimethyl sulfoxide.
    5. Conventional application of external products, dietary supplements containing chondroprotectors does not have a practically valid effect, therefore, at the patient's request, it can become an additional measure to combat osteochondrosis.

    How to choose a drug:

    instruction The best way to choose the right medicine and calculate the duration of therapy is to consult the doctor in charge.

    The choice should be based on the following principles:

    1. Simultaneous acceptance of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. It is not necessary to buy an expensive product containing both substances( for example, a monthly course of treatment with Teraflex will cost 950-1100 rubles).You can buy drugs Glucosamine-maximum and Chondroitin( capsules), the price of monthly courses of which - 270-300 and 400-430 rubles.respectively.
    2. Purchase of a drug produced by a trusted company. The quality of chondroprotectors produced by reliable firms is usually higher, which does not exclude a similar effect from treatment with drugs from Russian manufacturers.
    3. Acquisition of only medicinal products. At purchase it is desirable to specify, whether means BAD as the maintenance of active substances in them is much lower, and quality - is doubtful.

    Overview of the most popular drugs

    The most commonly prescribed osteochondrosis patient is the following drugs:

    1. Dona. Monopreparat( glucosamine) manufactured in Italy. Produced in the form of tablets, and in ampoules, powder. In a day you need to take 4 capsules of the drug or 1 packet, dissolving it in water.
    2. Artra. Integrated import preparation;the content of chondroprotectors is 500 mg.chondroitin sulfate, 500 mg.glucosamine. To achieve a therapeutic effect, you need 2 capsules a day.
    3. Struct. Monopreparation( chondroitin sulfate).Capsules of the drug contain a dose of active ingredient - 250 mg.or 500 mg.; daily intake - 2-4 capsules.
    4. Elbona. The Russian preparation, ampoules for injections in the muscle contain 400 mg.glucosamine.
    5. Teraflex. Combined product containing 500 mg.glucosamine and 400 mg.chondroitin sulfate. In day it is necessary to consume 2 capsules of a preparation. Teraflex Advance, in addition to chondroprotectors, includes ibuprofen, providing a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.
    6. Chondrolon. Russian drug containing 100 mg of chondroitin sulfate in 1 ampoule for intramuscular injection.
    7. Chondroitin AKOS. Production - Russia. Form release - capsules of 250 mg.chondroitin sulfate. Requires 4 capsules per day.
    8. Alflutop. The package contains 10 ampoules of 1 ml each. Concentrate obtained from tissues of marine organisms. It is applied by a 20-day course in the form of intramuscular and intraarticular injections.

    Among the dietary supplements the most popular were Formula-C and Toad Stone;Both agents, in addition to the complex of chondroprotectors, contain plant extracts, microelements and vitamins. Produced in the form of capsules, balms, gels for external use.

    Tips for taking

    To improve the penetration of drugs into tissues and accelerate the onset of the therapeutic effect of , the following recommendations are recommended:

    • Daily walk in the fresh air, practice breathing exercises.
    • Properly eat, reduce salt intake, increase the proportion of vegetables and fruits in the diet.
    • To practice therapeutic gymnastics for the spine.
    • Reduce body weight.
    • Do not reduce the dose of drugs prescribed professionals, yourself
    • As soon as possible contact a doctor about any changes in health.

      Chondroprotectors in osteochondrosis of the spine, a list of new-generation

      products. It has become apparent from studies that the destruction of cartilage is due to the lack of chondroitin , a moisture retaining element. Today, special preparations have been created, which contain chondroitin, which make it possible to significantly alleviate the condition of the patient with diagnosed osteochondrosis. The group of these medicines was called "chondroprotectors".

      The term chondroprotectors in Latin means "cartilage protection".This is a group of biologically active substances necessary for the construction and renewal of articular cartilage.

      Chondroprotectors in spine osteochondrosis - mechanism of exposure

      Chondroprotectors have been developed recently, therefore there is no unanimous opinion on the benefits of their use of .Nevertheless, you can try to determine whether these tools are needed or not, by examining the mechanism of their action.

      Chondroitin is produced by chondrocytes - the cells that make up the cartilaginous tissue and the synovial fluid that fills the joint bag. Part of the medical workers are sure that the drugs have an effect only on the liquid. Therefore, positive dynamics is noted when using chondroprotectors in the treatment of joint arthrosis. However, vertebral joints are devoid of synovial fluid, therefore the use of ointments and tableted forms of chondroprotectors for the spine is meaningless. At best, a short-term placebo effect is observed.

      Despite this opinion, the practical result of shows that the use of chondroprotectors gives a lasting positive effect. However, when using tablets should adhere to a large dosage of the drug. This is due to the large size of the molecule of chondroprotectors, which takes time to "get" to the affected area through the cell membranes.

      There is also a difference between the dosage of injections and oral agents. For example, for comparison, when a chondroprotector is inserted into the joint bag, injections need to be injected every other day using only 100 mg of the substance. Reception of the same drug in the form of tablets should occur 2-3 times during the day for 750 mg.

      As the cartilaginous tissue practically does not lend itself to regeneration, new medications will not cure osteochondrosis. But with their help you can stabilize the situation by suspending the destructive process. The chondroitin supplied by the preparations binds moisture and thus increases the elasticity of the tissue, preventing the formation of microcracks in the cartilage.

      Today non-steroids are used to reduce symptoms in most cases. Some of them have significant side effects and poor tolerability. Unlike them, chondroprotectors almost do not have any side effects. On the contrary, modern drugs favorably affect the circulatory system and even normalize the metabolism in bone tissues.

      Of course, this series of drugs requires a long introduction. Do not expect an instantaneous positive reaction from taking chondroprotectors. However, to increase the speed of their action can be used in combination with other means.

      Usually the course of therapy lasts about 2-3 months. Increases the effectiveness of drugs combination with physiotherapy procedures, such as iontophoresis, phonophoresis, magnetophoresis.

      Vertebrogenic cardialgia is a syndrome, resulting in prolonged pain behind the sternum. It resembles a heart attack on symptoms, but it causes completely different causes of pain in the heart area.

      For pain in the lumbosacral area, take a test for Lacega's symptom for correct diagnosis and further treatment: http: // bolit-v / poyasnichno-kresttsovyj-otdel / lasega.html

      Unco-vertebral arthrosis is a disease characterized by a gradual increase in clinical symptoms. Acute pain occurs sometimes: with sharp turns of the head, with a load or with changing weather. In the future - everything is much more serious.

      List of

      preparations How to choose chondroprotectors? Which chondroprotector is better? A special classification has been developed that allows to place drugs with a similar composition into separate groups:

      1. Chondroxide, Chondrolon, Mukosat, Structum .These drugs are based on chondroitin sulfate.
      2. Alflutol, Rumalon .For the production of chondroprotectors of this group, natural bone marrow and cartilage of animals and fish are used.
      3. Arteparon .
      4. Arthron flex, Dona .Hondoprotectors with glucosamine content.
      5. Arthron Complex, Teraflex, Formula-C .The composition of funds include chondroitin, a vitamin complex and glucosamine.
      6. Artrodard .A drug with anti-inflammatory components and chondroitin.

      According to experts, preparations of 4-6 groups are considered the best chondroprotectors for today, preparations of a new generation.

      Chondroprotectors of the new generation have several advantages:
      • is better tolerated by patients,
      • has a pronounced therapeutic effect, as well as an additional anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, thereby reducing the volume of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs),
      • , restoring the cartilage structure in the joints,substances, stimulating the production in the tissues of the organism of its own chondroitin. Contraindications for taking medications are:
        • lactation period;
        • inflammatory processes in the intestine or stomach;
        • hypersensitivity to individual ingredients of a pharmacological agent.

        To improve the effect of chondroprotectors it is possible, using special recommendations of .

        Rules to be observed when taking chondroprotectors:

        • , heavy load of the damaged joint or spinal cord should be avoided;
        • it is necessary to perform an uncomplicated gymnastic complex, doing exercises sitting or lying down;
        • every day you need to take a leisurely walk for half an hour;
        • during work every hour should rest 15 minutes lying or sitting;
        • at fullness it is necessary to achieve weight reduction;
        • needs to balance nutrition by introducing more fiber, as well as mineral components and vitamins;
        • should not be exposed to hypothermia.

        If in the initial stage of the disease to use these recommendations and start taking chondroprotectors in a lumbar, thoracic or cervical osteochondrosis in a timely manner, you can completely get rid of the pain and restore the functions of the intervertebral joints.

        The choice of medical treatment

        If the severity of the pathology does not pose a health hazard, a specialist will prescribe to you a complex conservative treatment that will include gymnastic exercises, massages, reflexology and the use of medications to relieve the pain syndrome.

        Chondroprotectors in osteochondrosis are a group of drugs that act directly on the cartilaginous tissue. The regenerative effect that they have is suitable for treating absolutely all areas of the spine and joints. The drugs not only help the recovery processes of bone tissue, but also activate the analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions of the medicines already in use.

        Recently, experts have been arguing about how effective chondroprotectors are in cervical osteochondrosis. Some patients talk about these medicines as the best, while others describe them as useless and not worthy of attention. So why is there still no clear answer to the question - is it necessary to use chondoprotectors in treatment, and on what factors depends on how effective the selected drugs are?

        The effectiveness of these drugs consists in targeted treatment, because on the shelves of pharmacies of chondroprotectors there are a lot of - pills, injections, gels, ointments, and here the advice of friends or neighbors who use them will not help you. A qualified specialist will select the drugs that will allow the cartilage tissue to be fully restored if the disease is still at the stage when the inflammatory degenerative processes can be reversible.

        Use of chondoprotectors

        When using chondroprotectors in osteochondrosis, it must be remembered that these medications are effective only in conjunction with the main therapeutic treatment. The use of drugs alone will not give the proper effect. Preparations of this group are used for several months as part of a complex of measures appointed by a doctor, and only in this case can significant improvements be expected. The list of supportive activities includes physiotherapy, physiotherapy and reflexology, normalizing the diet and combating excess kilograms.

        The main advantage of using chondroprotectors in osteochondrosis of the spine is that they step by step improve the patient's condition, gradually restoring the cartilage tissue between the joints. Recently, the drugs have been widely used and as a tool used after surgery to remove the vertebral hernia. In addition, there are some types of chondroprotectors with virtually no contraindications, except for individual intolerance and pregnancy.

        Chondroprotectors for osteochondrosis are worth a lot, and in order to undergo the necessary treatment you will need to spend a considerable amount of money. Avoid replacing your prescribed medicines with cheaper ones, when choosing analogues, consult with your doctor.

        How to use chondroprotectors?

        You will be prescribed by the specialist for the necessary medication scheme. It will include dosage and frequency of admission and duration of treatment, which depends on the class of hondoprotectors. Sometimes the doctor selects drugs requiring over time the repeated course, and in some cases, the specialist can prescribe a scheme of several names, including ointments, and pills, and injections.

        The average duration of admission is 4 to 6 months, depending on the severity of the joint or bone tissue damage. In general, qualified physicians prescribe drugs according to the following schemes:

        • Reception of chondroprotectors against a background of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
        • Magnitophoresis or phonophoresis in combination with chondroprotector.

        A method of treatment using ultrasound and magnetic resonance action is popular and often used. Thanks to such therapy, chondroprotectors in osteochondrosis multiply their actions on cartilage tissue, and the process of recovery is faster. The use of phonophoresis is also considered effective, however this method of eliminating pathologies of the spine is contraindicated in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

        Pharmaceutical groups and dosage forms

        Today's pharmaceutical industry produces drugs in the form of various medicinal groups and forms:

        • Tablets, powders and capsules taken orally( Arthra, Structum, Teraflex, Dona);
        • Injections - ampoules with a pharmacological solution( Hondrolon, Don);
        • Ointments and gels for external use( chondroxide, chondroart);
        • Means that replace intraarticular fluid. Produced in the form of injections( Ostenil, Fermatron, Synvisc).

        All preparations are suitable for the treatment of any form of osteochondrosis, including cervical. If you are inclined to use environmentally friendly natural remedies, pay attention to Piascladin, based on soy and avocado oil or Chondromarine, containing a hood from salmon and shark cartilage.

        A variety of chondroprotectors is enough to make a choice, but a mandatory condition for effective treatment is to visit a specialist and conduct all procedures and activities under his supervision. It is possible that in the course of treatment the doctor will make correction to the list of necessary drugs, strengthen or weaken their action, thereby reducing your path to recovery.

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