An exacerbation of gout what to do

Why does the gout attack and how long does it last?

The joint is destroyed due to inflammation in the cartilaginous tissue Deposits of crystalline formations of uric acid( the product of processing of the genetic material of the human body) in the region of the joints and in the surrounding tissues cause such a disease as gout. This disease is always accompanied by pain in the joints, when the attack of gout begins.

This is an age-related disease, because the older a person becomes, the higher the level of uric acid in his body. Despite the fact that a person regularly hears about gout, one can not say that the disease is very common. Very often gout manifests itself as arthrosis or arthritis.

Physiology of an attack

A gout attack is a consequence of the disruption of nucleoprotein metabolism. The nuclear substance of tissues consists of protein and nucleic acids. Between them, and there is a violation of exchange. Hence gout occurs. Nucleoproteins are a source of uric acid.

During a gout attack, uric acid sodium crystallizes in the mesenchymal tissues( cartilage, articular bags, tendons, fasciae, muscles, skin, kidneys).In this case, even nodules can be formed. Urates are deposited in these tissues, because they have a high content of sodium ions. This slows down the process of splitting and solubility.

Also to the physiology of the seizures of this disease can be attributed the fact that the female gout is much less common than in men.

Women very often confuse gout with arthrosis of the thumb. For an accurate diagnosis, you should see a doctor and he will prescribe a treatment.

What is a gout attack?

Seizures depend on the complexity of the disease. Divide gout can be divided into several types:

  • increased content of uric acid( MK);
  • gouty arthritis;
  • remission gout;
  • tofusnaya gout.

For gout of the first type, a low concentration of MK in the blood is characteristic, so the symptomatology is practically not manifested. At this stage, seizures do not appear. And the initial stage of the disease can be the formation of urolithiasis, the treatment of which must be carried out immediately to prevent the development of gout. If a painful sensation arises in the joints, it is insignificant and short-term and amounts to 3-4 hours. Perhaps if you immediately pay attention to the pain and carry out the treatment, the seizures will not happen again, given that gout is a disease that is cured quite simply. The main thing is not to start the process.

For gouty arthritis, nucleoprotein crystallization occurs in a dense elastic mass that fills the joint cavity( synovial fluid).This mainly occurs in the articular tissue of the big toes. The reaction of the body is a sharp inflammatory process( gout).But not only the toes are affected by gout. This can occur in the ankle or knee joint, in the phalanges of the fingers and in the wrist. The attack lasts not for long( about a day).

The patient After the attack is over, the pain will be gone within 48 hours. The next attack can occur at this stage only after a few years.

If the disease does not pay attention, then the seizures will increase, and over time, the intervals between them will be significantly reduced. This is how remission gout occurs. The attack becomes durable and intense. It can affect not only one joint and last 2-3 days. Gout is peculiar to exacerbation, mainly at night, which begin suddenly. Just as suddenly they pass, and this is already a warning sign. Means, it is necessary to carry out treatment.

Tofus is a granular nodule that consists of crystallized uric acid substances, it is peculiar only to gout. These subcutaneous nodules are firm, but they are not outgrowths, since they are mobile. Their color is yellow or cream. The skin in these places becomes thin and inflamed. In this case, painful feelings already accompany a person almost constantly, with breaks of 1-2 days. But tofusnaya gout is a rare disease, because, diagnosing the early stages, doctors conduct treatment and the disease goes away.

Weak seizures last no more than one day. Often people confuse short-lived pain with stretching ligaments or excessive fatigue of the legs due to stress.

It should be remembered that at the first signs of gout it is better to immediately consult a doctor to exclude the progression of the disease and to conduct gout treatment.

What to do during an attack?

According to many people, the pain in a fit of gout can be compared to a toothache or the pain of a woman in labor during a fight. But all the same it is not necessary to panic, it is better to make attack on attacks competent and to take advantage of some useful advices:

Degrees of development of an attack

Rapid development of an acute attack

  • to adhere to a confinement;
  • do not allow contact with shoes or clothing;
  • drink plenty of fluids;
  • take an analgesic;
  • if possible touching the joint, apply cold;
  • to avoid the ingestion of foods that cause metabolic disturbances.

An acute attack of gout can be prolonged and painful. Therefore, you need to adhere to bed rest. The less a person will irritate the joint, the more painful it will be. It is better to keep the affected joint in a raised state, but only in a relaxed state. For example, under the foot put a few pillows.

You do not need to wear shoes during the attack and cover the area affected by the gout with clothing. It is better to leave it in the open state and lie as much as possible, because the gout is characterized by a very painful sensation.

Quickly get rid of even a sharp and violent attack will help abundant drinking( 3-3.5 liters per day).A large amount of liquid will help to remove uric acid faster from the body. But this does not mean that you need to constantly drink black tea with sugar or coffee. It is better to brew herbal tea, dog rose or cranberries. These plants contribute to the stabilization of the kidneys, which is important for the treatment of gout. Doctors speak about the innervation of the kidneys is one of the main causes of exacerbation of gout. If a person does not have problems with the cardiovascular system, you can drink alkaline drinks: celery juice or carrot juice. Alkalis neutralize crystal-like substances and promote their rapid excretion at the onset of an attack. This is a kind of treatment for gout at home, conducted before the arrival of the doctor.

Anesthetics do not help, you need a combination therapy When the attack lasts for a long time, many want to reduce suffering and begin taking pain medication in the hope that they will help relieve pain with gout. It is necessary to know that some pain blockers can only adversely affect the course of the disease and increase the time of the attack of gout. In this case, attacks last even longer. In particular, you should avoid drugs containing aspirin. Aspirin slows the process of excretion of MC products, which makes the attack more prolonged and does not relieve pain. Not depending on how long the seizures last, you can take painkillers only after the doctor has prescribed the treatment.

In the event that the attack is not strong and the joint is not very sore, you can apply cold. But only for about 7 minutes. This is enough to make the pain a little quieter. Do not necessarily put a frozen chicken on your leg. It can be a small piece of gauze, which must first be dipped in icy water. If you apply the cold every hour, the pain will soon subside and the attack will be faster.

When the exacerbation of the disease begins, you need to limit yourself in taking high-protein fish and meat products. They contain a lot of purine, which contributes to the stagnation of uric acid. In this case, it is not said that these foods can be eaten during the calm of the disease. You do not need to completely remove them from the diet, but it is better at least to shorten and alternate with vegetable, fruit and dairy products. Such treatment is very effective and helps to quickly get rid of gout. When the exacerbation begins, under no circumstances should you take alcoholic beverages. Alcohol - one of the causes of concentration of MC in the blood. No need to think that alcohol can quench the pain. It will last only a few hours, and the attack does not go away, the pain will become even stronger, and the attack - more protracted.

Treatment of gout at home allows you to calm down the pain and end the attack for 3 days, that is, when there is an exacerbation of gout. After the attack is stopped, it is better to immediately turn to a specialist - a rheumatologist, because not everyone can endure the intolerable pain, especially at the advanced stages.

Prevention of an attack with gout

Position of feet for restOf course, in order not to bring to attacks, in addition to contacting a doctor, you must follow all the instructions of a specialist. But there are some rules that should be observed in order to avoid the next attack, especially in cases when a person is predisposed to gout or leads an incompletely healthy lifestyle:
  • adhere to a stable weight - gout loves lush people;
  • alcohol and diuretics are dangerous( help the gout detain salt);
  • water is a guarantee of health;
  • comfortable shoes;
  • diet is an effective treatment.

It should be remembered that the reason for acquired gout is overweight, and, by the way, to calm the attack is not so easy for fat people. They are 70% more than people with normal weight, experience very long seizures. And if a person with a normal physique can stop an attack in a few days, then the total time person needs three times more. To the formation of uric acid lead to debilitating diets, when a person, having a weight of 130 kg, sharply grows thin to 80 kg. This is harmful not only for the whole body, but in particular for cartilaginous articular tissues.

Not only during the attack, but also in general with gout it is impossible to drink alcohol and diuretics. They can provoke an attack even in a healthy person. These substances - a barrier for the normal removal of salts from the body.

Inconvenient low-quality footwear is a stimulant for the formation of a gout attack, as it irritates the gout-affected area of ​​the thumb. A person who already has a disease, it is better to buy orthopedic shoes.

Proper nutrition - a lifelong duty of the patient Observing a diet, any person can not only prevent an attack, but also not get sick with such an insidious disease as gout. The main products that can not be eaten contain urea( seafood and meat products).

In order not to become a hostage of a gout attack, it is necessary to thoroughly study the symptoms and causes of the disease. Only in this case a person will protect himself from illness and from terrible painful sensations. After all, it is always better to prevent or cure the disease at an early stage, so as not to rush into questions in the future: how to relieve the pain and what to do in case of an attack?

It is important to know where the gout comes from, what is characteristic of gout, to protect yourself from seizures and not undergo treatment. Malnutrition and excessive consumption of alcohol, diuretics - this is the direct route to a fast and painful attack, that is, to gout. In some cases, the disease can be transmitted at the gene level, but if you adhere to a diet, you can spend your whole life without painful attacks.

Provocative attacks can be a nervous overexertion or prolonged depression.

How does an attack occur?

The joint is destroyed by the action of salts of uric acid

The joint is destroyed by the action of urate salts

Symptoms of gout are manifested by attacks that are often confused with pain from bruising or sprain. If you do not carry out treatment, then over time there will be more severe pain, redness, inflammation, a feeling of heat in the place of gout( which, by the way, in no case can not be heated), hard neoplasms on the affected joints.

The aggravation can be protracted and last more than 7 days. How is it removed? With such symptoms, you should always contact a rheumatologist, because neglected gout can cause destruction of the joint tissue and the joint itself. And why should I suffer infernal pain when the treatment of gout is available to everyone and passes without special difficulties?

There is often a misconception that the level of uric acid can be controlled by drugs. Yes, it's true, but not during a gout attack.

What kind of diet should I follow in gout attacks?

Probably, to the person, especially during an acute attack, there is it would not be desirable absolutely because of a strong pain. Still need to saturate the body with substances that will help to remove uric acid quickly and effectively. This will help greatly reduce the time of pain. Diet is an important and main method in the fight against gout and when it is prevented. Many people who have the disease know how to relieve a gout attack with the help of mineral water. Mineral water, especially alkaline, as already mentioned above about freshly squeezed juices, quickly removes unnecessary purines from the blood, thereby purifying it. Then the pain with gout disappears.

To reduce the time of an attack and reduce it from 7 days to 2, you need to use, as soon as pain begins, healing decoctions of chamomile( do baths).Chamomile is an excellent antiseptic, it is able to quickly and destructively affect the inflammatory process, since gout is an inflammatory disease. In addition, the decoction acts as a sedative. Brew as standard - 1 tbsp.l.for 0.5 liters of water. Decoction can be drunk, and in unlimited quantities. When there is an acute attack with gout, you can take a decoction of spruce cones to cleanse the joints.

How can I remove an acute attack of gout?

Gout as a disease has been known for a long time. For the first time such a diagnosis was put by the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates long before the beginning of our era. And since then it can be seen in medical textbooks of all countries of the world. From gout suffered such famous people as Isaac Newton, Ludwig Beethoven and Charlie Chaplin. This ailment develops due to a violation in the exchange of purine bases. The failure of metabolic processes leads to the accumulation of uric acid in the human body. Its salts - urate, accumulating in articular sacs, cause destructive changes and inflammatory processes in the tissues. Some confuse the symptoms of gout with arthritis symptoms. Indeed, they have some similarities, but to a greater extent they are significantly different.

The main symptoms of the disease

Acute gout attack usually begins with depression or, conversely, increased excitement, stool disorder and nausea. In this case, palpitations can be rapid and breathing is difficult. Most often, these symptoms appear in a few hours, and sometimes a few days before the attack of gout. After this, more often at night, severe pain, redness begins, there are swelling in the affected joint. Sore place becomes hot and extremely sensitive, even weak to touch. Perhaps a sharp increase in temperature. This inflammation of gout can last for several days, and sometimes, if the patient does not receive proper treatment, several weeks.

bout of gout

The next attack of gout can not be repeated within the next months, and sometimes several years. Most often, the joints of the toes are subject to this disease, but there are also lesions on the ankle and knee joints, fingers. Sometimes, at the same time, the tendons that relate to the painful joint can also become inflamed. In the event that an acute attack of gout is constantly resumed for a long time, this leads to serious damage, limited mobility of the joint.

In addition to the joints, the kidneys also suffer from gout. After all, directly on them is the main load in purifying the body of accumulations of salts of uric acid. In 50% of cases, urolithiasis develops. About 30% of patients suffer from renal colic. Urat damage the canals and glomeruli of the kidneys, and this, in turn, provokes the development of diseases such as glomerulonephritis and tubulointerstitial nephritis. These diseases go unnoticed and lead to kidney failure. Tofusy is another symptom of gout. These are small, dense nodules. Usually they are on the auricles, hands, feet, elbows. The sizes of tofus vary from tiny, almost invisible to the naked eye, to fairly large ones, reaching in diameter a few centimeters.

Preventing exacerbations of gout

This disease is hereditary, but in order for susceptibility to become a disease, auxiliary factors are needed. The main causes are:

  • obesity;
  • abuse of alcoholic beverages;
  • use of diets with a high content of purines.

Therefore, for preventive maintenance it is recommended to adhere to the right diets.

causes of gout

It is not advisable to eat many meat products, fish, legumes, mushrooms, caviar, canned and smoked foods. Such drinks as coffee, cocoa, tea, are also contraindicated in this disease. It is necessary to completely eliminate the use of alcohol.

It is allowed to drink as much liquid as possible( about 3 liters).Best for these purposes, suitable mineral water, preferably alkaline, citrus juices, dairy products, eggs and vegetables, cereals, pasta, chicken and nuts. In some cases this is enough to prevent unwanted symptoms.

The most commonly used medication is medication. The doctor decides on what medication is prescribed, which promotes the prompt removal of uric acid from the human body or blocking its synthesis. Some medications have contraindications.

Common, concomitant diseases complicating treatment

These include:

  • hypertension;
  • toxic sciatica;
  • elevated cholesterol;
  • diabetes.

If the disease does not attach importance and does not treat it, then the ailment can lead to disability. The lesion affects all the new and new joints, which are gradually deformed. Excess amount of uric acid leads to stone formation in the kidneys, after which kidney failure develops.

What should I do if I have an acute attack of gout?

food during a gout attack

Immediately the patient wonders: how to relieve the inflammation? The patient should adhere to bed rest. The patient's limb should be kept at rest on some elevation. On the joint, you can apply Vishnevsky's ointment or apply bandages with dimexide and novocaine. Also should be consumed drinks with high alkaline content: oat broth, milk, jelly, lemon juice, mineral water. Adhere to a strict diet, eat vegetable broths, liquid porridge. Many people ask: how to remove a swelling around the joint? To relieve exacerbation, swelling and pain, you can use anti-inflammatory drugs such as diclofenac, nimesulide, indomethacin, etc.

To remove inflammation with gout at home, a pack of ice or snow will help.

After the pain subsides, it is necessary to apply a warming compress.

Treatment of the disease between seizures is as follows:

  • increased physical activity;
  • compliance with diet, weight normalization;
  • complete failure of alcohol( or minimizing);
  • strict limitation of food with increased purine content.

How to relieve swelling and inflammation?

In folk medicine, there are a lot of reliable, proven recipes that help people cope with this ailment. Some of them relieve swelling, swelling, some suppress inflammatory processes. But in general they have a very positive effect. As a rule, they do not have negative consequences.

Folk methods of combating the disease

infusion from the roots of the fighter

One of the most powerful drugs is the infusion from the roots of the fighter. This remedy helps to relieve swelling in gout, significantly reduces the tumor and promotes the excretion of uric acid from the body.

For the preparation of the infusion it is necessary to pour 100 liters of the fighter's roots with 1 liter of vodka. You can also use medical alcohol, previously diluted to 50 °.Put the future tincture in a dark, warm place for 3-4 days. After this time, the medicine should take a dark brown color. Rinse the diseased limbs once a day. Approximate dose - 1 tsp. It is recommended to apply it at night, rub it in the place affected by the disease to dryness. After this, the limb must be wrapped in warm cloth, not allowing cold. This remedy has the property of increasing blood circulation, and it should not be consumed too often.

From fresh chamomile broth( 100 grams per 10 liters of boiling water, with the addition of 200 g of salt), therapeutic baths are made. They are used to eliminate inflammation of the gout of hands and feet.

Exacerbation of the gout will help remove the tincture on the flowers of lilac. To make it, you need to fill the lilac with a lilac flower and fill it with 60% alcohol. Infuse for one month and take 30 drops 3-4 times a day. This same tincture is used for grinding and making compresses. It helps to remove salts from the body.

With gout, symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis as an effective, blood cleanser use birch juice. It will help to remove inflammation of the gout. It is taken 3 times a day for one glass.

Treatment of gout on the legs - ways to treat gout and getting rid of gout at home - Era of health

Criteria for diagnosing gout

Symptoms of the disease

In 2000, WHO adopted diagnostic criteria that allowed the verification of the diagnosis of "gout" with high probability. Each clinician of the therapeutic profile must follow the scheme adopted in this document in his diagnosis.

The first diagnostic sign is the detection of urates in the puncture of the intra-articular fluid. This sign is revealed by performing a puncture of the joint cavity, which in itself is a very painful procedure.

The second sign, pathognomonic and mandatory for the diagnosis of "gout" is the presence of tofusi - accumulations of urates in soft tissues. This symptom, as a rule, is detected with a simple clinical examination by an experienced doctor and does not require additional instrumental diagnostic methods.

The third prerequisite for a verified diagnosis of "gout" is the presence of at least half of the following symptoms:

  • Diagnosis of

    more than 1 case of an exacerbation of gout in anamnesis;

  • the most pronounced inflammation of the joint in the first day of the disease;
  • defeat only one joint, without involvement in the process of neighboring;
  • redness of the skin above the affected joint;
  • swelling or acute pain most often localized in the I metatarsal joint on the foot;
  • increase in urate concentration in urine;
  • one-sided lesion of the joints of the foot;
  • unilateral lesion of the first metatarsophalangeal joint;
  • asymmetric swelling above the affected joint;
  • detection of subcortical cysts on radiographs;
  • not revealing flora in the joint fluid.

Despite a large number of the above symptoms, the greatest diagnostic value is still available: the detection of urates in the synovial fluid, gouty attacks in the history and the detection of tofusov. As a rule, these three manifestations are sufficient for the conclusion that this patient is ill with gout.

As can be seen from the above clinical picture, the most characteristic for gout is the damage to the joints on the legs, namely the I-flat-phalanx joint.

Treatment of gout

Given the poly-physiology and variety of gout manifestations, the approach to its treatment should also be comprehensive, taking into account all the pathological processes that develop with this disease.

In this regard, the following mandatory directions are singled out in the treatment of gout:

  • Treatment of gout

    Coping with a pain attack( with exacerbation of gout, or, so-called "gouty attack");

  • Achieving a stable remission and preventing new exacerbations of the disease;
  • Recurrence of complications of the disease associated with the deposition of urate in various organs and tissues;
  • Treatment of comorbidities aggravating the course of gout( treatment of obesity, hypertriglyceridemia, arterial hypertension)
  • Prevention of development of nephrolithiasis due to impaired urate metabolism.

Treatment of manifestations of acute gout with lesions of the Iplusne-phalangeal joint of the foot

Treatment of acute gouty attack, or "gouty attack" has a number of features and it is aimed mainly at arresting the pain syndrome, removal of the inflammatory process in the joint( most often Iom metatarsus phalanxon the foot) and improvement of the general condition of the patient.

In gouty arthritis, colchicine is most often used as an anti-inflammatory drug. This is a proven tool for years that has proven effective in stopping a gout attack.

Colchicine is given at a dose of 0.5 mg every hour or 1 mg every 2 hours until the symptomatology of gout aggravation subsides. The maximum daily dose of the drug is 6 mg.

In the absence of the effect of the introduction of an hourly total dose of 6 mg, colchicine is canceled and proceeds to the introduction of a drug more powerful in its effect drugs. However, most often this scheme of treatment is effective and brings relief, according to different data, from 75 to 80% of patients.

An unpleasant side effect from the use of this drug are unpleasant manifestations of the gastrointestinal tract( nausea, vomiting, diarrhea).Often the severity of these adverse reactions reaches such a strength that it goes one level with the actual manifestations of gout itself and require separate treatment.

Colchicine can be administered intravenously and orally. With intravenous administration of colchicine, nurses should be extremely cautious, because of non-compliance with the technique of performing colchicine injection, it can enter neighboring vessels and cause severe pain at the site of injection, and subsequently - necrosis. Another unpleasant side effect of colchicine is the development of allopecia, in other words, hair loss, baldness. In high doses colchicine can cause depression of the respiratory center and even death, so doctors should be extremely cautious in prescribing this drug.

Other anti-inflammatory drugs that have shown a good result in stopping gouty attacks are: fenoprofen, indomethacin.

Indomethacin is prescribed at the starting dose of 75 mg, after which the patient is administered an additional 50 mg of the drug every 6 hours until the symptoms subsided. After the attack managed to stop, the intervals in the administration of the drug are increased to 8 hours. Thus, the patient is administered indomethacin in a maintenance dose of 50 mg every 8 hours. Indomethacin can also quite often, as an adverse event, cause disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract to reduce mood( up to the development of depression).

However, the toxicity of this drug is still significantly lower than colchicine, thereforeindomethacin is the drug of choice for arresting an attack of gouty arthritis.

When colchicine and NSAIDs are ineffective, patients are shown intra-articular injections of glucocorticoids. In this case, drugs containing cranocorticosteroids may be prescribed for oral administration. In this case, you should also be extremely careful with dosages and do not overdo it.

At home

How to treat gout at home

Many patients are supporters of having to treat manifestations of gout on their legs at home. There are a number of folk methods of treating gout. To one of the most effective ways to combat the manifestations of gout at home, one can attribute adherence to diet and the fight against obesity.

Diet for gout

Diet for

The principle of nutrition for gout is that you should sharply limit the intake of foods that increase the formation of urates in the body during their metabolism. These are products containing purines.

For the most part it is meat and fish. For this reason, a vegetarian diet is recommended for gout. With a sharp restriction of the amount of proteins consumed.

In addition, patients suffering from gout should severely limit the amount of alcohol consumed, as this dramatically increases the likelihood of exacerbation of the disease.

In addition, it should be noted that in recent years, a number of clinical studies have shown that weight loss has a beneficial effect on the development of remission and contributes to reducing episodes of exacerbations in gout.

Based on all of the above, it can be concluded that it is extremely important for patients with gout to reconsider their lifestyle. It is not for nothing that gout has long been considered a disease of people prone to lush festivities, overeating and consuming a large amount of alcohol. And despite the fact that at the moment the role of hereditary factors in the formation of this pathology is proved, the values ​​and such factors as healthy nutrition, moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages and spices, physical activity and a mobile way of life should not be diminished.

Folk remedies for the treatment of gout

Widely used to treat gout is also traditional medicine. This is a different kind of ointments, tinctures, decoctions, etc.

Ointments and their use

A. Ointment for the treatment of gout according to the old prescription

This ointment has long been widely used by the Slavs in order to treat gout at home. To prepare the ointment, take the butter and alcohol. Mix the ingredients in a 1: 1 ratio. Then evaporate the alcohol from the mixture - and the ointment is ready!

B. Treatment of gout with iodine

Another well-known folk method, which allows treating gout at home, is iodine-based compresses. In order to prepare a composition for compresses, mix 10 ml of iodine and 5 tablets of aspirin.

Remember! Before you start to treat gout at home, be sure to consult a doctor! Otherwise, such treatment is not only inefficient, but also dangerous! At the first manifestations of gout symptoms - go for treatment to an experienced doctor.

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Treatment of gout in the period between exacerbations

Between two repeated exacerbations during a calm period, it is necessary to try to keep the uric acid and purine metabolism products in blood serum normal. Such actions will not allow the development of a second attack and stop the release of uric acid into other organs. In addition, between the exacerbations of gout, the following steps are taken:

  1. A special diet is prescribed. Protein food is consumed in small quantities, emphasis is placed on dairy products.
  2. It is recommended that you drink plenty of fluids. The patient should drink up to 2 liters of water per day, this reduces the formation of uric acid and the possibility of the formation of stones in the urinary tract.
  3. In some cases, medication is prescribed with drugs that reduce the concentration of uric acid in the body, contributing to its rapid elimination. They also reduce its formation in the body. But this method of treatment during a quiet period of the disease is rare, only if there are indications in the form of extensive injuries, surgeries, burns. Also when taking medications that release uric acid, during chemotherapy or when using certain medications.
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Attack of gouty arthritis: treatment of

If an exacerbation of gout occurs, all therapies prescribed by the doctor are used. Dietary nutrition, which was prescribed during a moderate course of the disease, is significantly toughened. Those products, in the content of which there is a purine, are excluded from the diet completely. The volume of consumed liquid increases. It is necessary only to follow at this moment for the work of the kidneys. The doctor necessarily prescribes uricosuric drugs that have the effect of accelerated excretion of uric acid. In addition, the patient should take drugs that inhibit the formation of uric acid, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.

If there is an exacerbation of gout, it is best to conduct treatment in a hospital. This is done so that doctors can quickly stop the attack. In addition, all diagnostic methods will be carried out, allowing the appointment of the desired treatment.

All this is very important because gout can be a consequence of other diseases: from infection of blood to unclear infections.

In case of impossibility or unwillingness of hospital treatment, the following measures should be observed at home:

  1. Mandatory bed rest.
  2. The painful limb should be placed above the body level - place a roller under it, etc.
  3. The area of ​​damage must be treated with Vishnevsky ointment in the form of a compress.
  4. Abundant fluid intake.
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Diagnostic measures

Urologist and rheumatologist are engaged in gout problems. The patient initially gives a general blood test. At the stage of exacerbation, the analysis will show an increased level of uric acid. If the period of remission has come, then the analyzes will show the norm. If gout has passed into polyarthritis, then x-rays of the joints will be needed. It is possible that after the examination, osteoporosis will be revealed. The next type of examination is puncture of the joint and further examination of the liquid in it. Based on the results of the tests, treatment and prevention measures are prescribed.

There are almost no restrictions with regard to vegetables, except:

  • asparagus;
  • cauliflower.

Medication Therapy

The treatment of gout with medicines is aimed at reducing the edema of tissues near the affected area, reducing the level of uric acid. There is a difference between drugs that are taken during relapse and between seizures. Some medicines for gout should only be used under the supervision of a doctor who monitors blood parameters. In the case of the first attack of arthritis, the patient receives anti-inflammatory drugs. The use of drugs to reduce the level of uric acid can lead to negative results

When developing gout, the drugs are designed to relieve pain, eliminate swelling of the tissues. To do this, use inflammatory and steroid-free medications, special anti-gout remedies such as Nimesulide, Ibuprofen, Movalis. Do not use aspirin."Colchicine" is a special drug that helps fight the worsening of the disease. If colchicine and painkillers are rendered helpless, glucocorticoids enter the case. To treat gout with exacerbation of ointments and other means are already useless.

Between attacks of exacerbation patient prescribed drugs to suppress the production of uric acid. How to take allopurinol for gout? Tablets are washed down with water after eating. What should be the dosage - the doctor should calculate. To improve the removal of uric acid from the body, "Colchicine" is used, the use of which is permissible according to the prescription of the doctor. There is also alternative medicine - homeopathy. Often for the treatment of gout in case of exacerbation, the herb is a cesspool, formic acid. A quick way to recover is sanatorium treatment.

Treatment with folk remedies at home

Here are the most famous methods:

  1. Compress with fish fillet. Apply to the hearth of illness, fix and hold all night. Repeat for 10 days.
  2. Half a cup of activated carbon is turned into powder, mixed with one tablespoon of flaxseed, diluted with water, rubbed in a sore spot before going to bed.
  3. Ointment from melted butter mixed with the same amount of vodka. Alcohol should be removed from the mixture. To do this, it must be set on fire, after which the ointment is rubbed into the affected areas to reduce pain.
  4. A mixture of five aspirin tablets, 10 milliliters of iodine. After use on a sore spot, wear gloves or socks.
  5. Baths from three liters of water, three teaspoons of soda, nine drops of iodine.
  6. Salo. Rub the pieces into the adjacent areas or leave them overnight fixed on the sore spot.
  7. Ointment from gout on legs with sea salt. A half-kilogram of white ingredient should be poured with boiling water and left on the stove until water boils. After that, two hundred grams of Vaseline are added to the salt, a compress is made from the resulting ointment, which is insulated and left overnight.

Prevention of exacerbations of

Gout manifests itself where the joint was damaged. It is necessary to avoid uncomfortable and narrow shoes, so as not to injure the big toe, often affected by the disease. Especially dangerous is the disease for small joints, which should be constantly loaded with movement. A healthy lifestyle helps to reduce the level of urate and uric acid. Daily exercise, walking will have the most beneficial effect. Vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, cheese will always be useful. You should forget about nicotine and alcohol, they interfere with the excretion of uric acid.

Video: what is gout and how to treat it

In the story, the doctor explains what factors say about the development of gout. The expert explains why the disease is noted in fat people. In the video below explain, on the basis of what the disease is confused with osteoarthritis and flat feet. Diagnosis, the causes of the disease and the treatment of gout when exacerbated - is available in simple language. See and take note of effective advice.

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The main symptoms of an acute attack of gout

Usually attack overtakes a patient at night or some time after a dense dinner. Also, the articular attack can begin early in the morning.

With an acute attack of gout, there is a very strong, intense pain in the affected joint, which is almost unbearable to touch. Even touching the sheet causes discomfort.

Redness and swelling occur on the affected area.

Inflammation is susceptible to the wrist, knee, ankle and other joints, less often - hip and shoulder.

The disease causes malaise, fever and movement difficulties in the affected area.

The amount of time that occupies the complete opposite symptomatic development( how long spontaneous attack of gout lasts) is 3-7-10 days.

How to relieve a gout attack - treatment, first aid

The simplest action will be an increase in the amount of fluid consumed. It is best to do this: milk, jelly and various compotes( preference is given to drinks with an alkaline composition).Drink at least 3 liters per day.

Gout can be removed with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Diclofenac or Indomethacin( take regularly, a dose of 25 to 50 mg, the number of doses per day is 4).

After having managed to relieve pain with gout, medication should be discontinued.

Further selective blockers are used( most often - "Celecoxib", "Meloxicam" and "Nimesulide"), which exert a very mild effect on the stomach, unlike many other medications.

To reduce the risk of side effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs), which can adversely affect the kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract, a highly effective drug called "Colchicine" is used. It affects the metabolic processes associated with the excretion of uric acid from the body.

In the worst case( provided there are no contraindications), internal administration of glucocorticosteroids( GCS) is performed.

How to stop an attack with gout - recommendations

Relieve pain with ice

After the person was provided with complete rest and rendered first aid, ice is applied to the affected area.

However, you need to monitor the time so that cooling does not lead to frostbite, thereby greatly complicating the patient's condition.

Ice is a good way to relieve pain with gout, but you should use it gently.

Pricks are one of the ways to numb an acute attack.

Injections are used when the disease is particularly difficult.

The anti-inflammatory function is performed by " Diclofenac ".Ampules of this drug help to fight high fever. Dosage and duration of reception is indicated on the package - 1-2 the early stages of the disease and when he reached his maximum strength, respectively, from 1 to 5 days.

If the desired effect has not been achieved, a similar kind of medication, only a different form-a capsule, is used.

" Movalis ", which is the main component of meloxicam, will help to remove pain, as well as block the development of inflammation that occurs during gout. Pricks are placed only in the first days( daily dose - 7.5 mg), then go to pills and medical ointments. The doctor may increase the dose if necessary.

Patient is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol during the treatment of acute attacks of gout! The consequences can be severe. Ulcer disease is the main one on the list.

Usually, all of the above drugs are contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women, and the hormonal drugs " Dexamethasone ", " Prednisolone " and " Rheosolone " are also included, often prescribed by the doctor in the event that NSAIDs did not help.

A tablet or shot can cause flatulence, nausea, colitis. You can not drive, as one of the negative effects is dizziness and drowsiness, as well as excessive irritability. Care should be exercised for people suffering from pressure.


To treat gout exacerbation it is possible pharmacy and home-made ointments. To the pharmacy belong " Fuflex " and " Ointment Vishnevsky ."The first option is able to eliminate the original cause of the disease and, importantly, it has no contraindications and side effects. At the heart of the composition is an extract of birch and martini fragrant.

Also in the pharmacy you can find ointments, prepared according to folk recipes, for example a mixture for a lotion of 20 ml castor oil and 40 ml of alcohol.

"Homemade" recipes for ointments that treat gout and relieve pain during an acute attack are widely known and easily prepared.

For the manufacture of one of them you need: cream unsalted butter( 200 g), beer( 70 ml) and camphor( 50 g).The first ingredient is laid out in a saucepan and brought to a boil, after which the foam is removed and a beer is poured in with a fine stream and camphor is added. The patient's joint is smeared with a cold substance before bed.

Risk groups and prevention

A gout can be affected if someone from loved ones has already been diagnosed with such a disease. In this case, healthy family members should begin to regularly monitor the level of MC in the blood plasma and try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

As a preventive measure for all doctors recommend to exclude from the diet rich in purine products:

Proven recipes for the treatment of gout |Recipe for health

With gout, the deposition of salts in the tissues of the body, which is associated with a violation of metabolic processes. The disease causes severe pain in small and large joints in a person, which makes him not survive the best time. Treatment of gout with exacerbation is often carried out in a hospital, so this disease can be very difficult.

But recurrent arthritis with gout not only causes severe soreness of the joints, but also gradually leads to their deformation due to the appearance of gouty cones - tofus. Treatment of gout with folk remedies at home is aimed both at symptomatic action, and at preventing complications of this insidious disease in the form of deformity of the joints.

Causes of gout

The most common pathology is diagnosed in middle-aged men. It is believed that there is a predisposition of the body to metabolic disorders, but only under the children of provoking factors will gout develop. Such factors become:

  • Increased pressure
  • Excess consumption of purines( meat, fish, coffee, beans, etc.)
  • Alcoholism
  • Some autoimmune diseases

All these conditions of the body cause an increase in uric acid and its salts in the blood, accumulation in softtissues and joints. Gradually, a typical gout clinic develops.

The main symptoms of gout

Initially, the disease is usually asymptomatic, but at this stage, certain laboratory tests can reflect the body's malfunction. Acute gouty arthritis can occur suddenly as an attack of pain, swelling of the joints, redness of the area over the joints.

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Seizures initially pass for 7-14 days, but can subsequently be severely delayed. Sometimes a person feels such severe pain that it causes an ambulance, and treatment of gout with exacerbation begins with the introduction of powerful painkillers.

As a rule, with gout, the big toes are always inflamed, and it is in this zone that the first tofusi, cones from the deposited salts, most often appear. If at this stage the patient draws fluid from the joint, a large number of urate salts - urate - will be found in it. In the future, the inflammatory process involves other joints - large and small.

Treatment of gout with exacerbation and during remission

Usually it is enough for a person with gout without an attack to eat right and follow other measures to prevent pain attacks. If there is an acute stage, but its severity is not too strong, it is recommended to eliminate all provocative foods from the diet and start treating gout with folk remedies at home.

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Often, people have to be treated at home after discharge from the hospital, because needs medication under the control of the rheumatologist .Up to 14 days a person can spend in the hospital, where he is given injections of special anti-gout drugs, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs.

In order not to bring to regular receptions of drugs that are very harmful to the stomach and intestines, it is better to follow the preventive measures of the disease and even during the remission turn to natural natural remedies.

Treatment of gout with folk remedies at home

It is very important to observe proper nutrition with gout, which will help a person control the intake of purines in the body. If you eat according to a diet, do not take alcohol and use popular recipes, time-tested, then exacerbations of the disease can be minimized.

Sage from gout

100 gr.herbs are boiled in 6 liters of water for 10 minutes. After cooling the broth, it is necessary to lower hands or feet into it, keeping it in the liquid for half an hour or an hour. To keep the broth warm all the time, you should always pour hot water into it. After the treatment is worn warm socks, or gloves, go to bed. The procedures are performed before bedtime for 1 month, and during this time gouty buds dissolve, the pain goes away.

Ointment for gout from oil and alcohol

100 gr.butter without salt is melted in a water bath before boiling, remove the foam from the heated oil. Pour in the same dishes 100 ml of alcohol( preferably medical), mix thoroughly. After this mixture is ignited, the alcohol is completely burnt out. That means, which turned out in the end, is very effective for treating gout in case of exacerbation. Ointment is rubbed into the painful joints, while being near a heat source.

Bee venom

This remedy perfectly helps with gout. It is very important to find out beforehand if the patient has allergies to bee stings, and also to remember that when you abuse you can experience symptoms of toxic poisoning. After biting the bee in the area of ​​the affected joint, improvement in the condition of the person, reduction of pain is observed.

Chamomile as a remedy for gout

When gouty tumors on joints it is useful to conduct the following treatment of gout with folk remedies. At home, the procedure is very simple.100 gr.chamomile flowers are brewed in a liter of boiling water, insist half an hour. Then dilute the infusion in 9 liters of water, 200 grams is also added there.salt. It is useful to make baths for hands or feet for half an hour by pouring hot water.

Chamomile and elderberry

Chamomile can be used to perform another treatment for joints with gout. For this, 50 gr.chamomile flowers and elderberry flowers are poured with boiling water, heated to boiling. After filtering, fill the cotton pads with the received napar, apply to the diseased area of ​​the body, attach it with a warm cloth. The remedy will remove any pain, so it will be irreplaceable with exacerbation of gout. Treatment is carried out until pain decreases( from half an hour).

Strawberry: eat in season for the prevention of gout

During illness, a person in the "strawberry season" should eat as many of these berries. Strawberries help to normalize metabolic processes, thereby reducing the likelihood of a new attack of gout.

Lilac: tincture from gout

The flowers of lilac in May are collected in such quantity that it was possible to fill a glass jar with 0,5 liters. Then up to the top the jar is poured with vodka, kept for 21 days in the dark. After percolate, drink 30 drops three times a day, diluting in water. The course of treatment is from 3 months. In addition, it is possible to rub such joints with painful joints or make compresses on their area.

Pasta from gout from mustard, honey, soda

This product has a warming effect, so it can help reduce pain. It is recommended to prepare a mixture with the addition of honey, which promotes resorption of tofus. Mix the soda, mustard powder and honey in equal parts, apply paste to the joints, wrap them with a film. On top wrap the compress with a warm cloth, keep it on the body all night.

Folk ointment for gout

50 g. Combine vegetable oil with soaked laundry soap( quarter of a piece).In this ointment also need to add 50 gr.kerosene, teaspoon of soda. Blend the sore spots with a mixture, hold for 30 minutes, then rinse.

Dough from gout

Earlier, in villages with severe pain, half a glass of millet was milled into flour, a spoonful of beer yeast, a teaspoon of salt was added to the flour. If necessary, add a little water to knead the dough. They smeared dough on rags, applied to joints of legs, hands, changing lotions every 2 hours until the pain ceased.

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