How will the abuse of diets affect the health?

How will the abuse of diets affect the health?

Diet diet is different. Reasonable restriction of fatty foods, the use of large amounts of water contribute at least not fast, but effective weight loss. In pursuit of a slender figure often resort to dangerous diets. Due to excessive efforts, it is possible to cause serious damage to the body.

One of the dangerous methods of rapid weight loss is fasting. Especially when a person completely refuses food. Adopting such a decision exposes the body to extreme stress. Because of the latter, not only chronic diseases will become aggravated, but a new one will develop. Nevertheless, the lost weight will return during the hunger strike. You just need to start eating.

Together with the weight there will be new health problems that will require long treatment. Because of the hunger strike, muscle mass is lost, because the metabolism slows down to a minimum. There are stones in the gallbladder, which contributes to congestion bile. Women develop a hormonal imbalance that leads to infertility. A prolonged hunger strike will lead to anorexia - a severe mental illness.

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Some diets are harmful to stick to more than a certain time. For example, after three days of carbohydrate diet, the body will malfunction. Because of the refusal to use slow carbohydrates, in the form of legumes, bread and pasta, brown rice, the body does not receive protein. This affects the muscle tone, skin condition.

Insufficient amount of protein leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle and weakens the body as a whole. Excluding the use of protein in general, one must be prepared for consequences such as constant fatigue, bad mood and even depression.

Monodiettes are not useful either. The most dangerous is the raw food diet. Eating only raw vegetables, fruits and herbs will cause the disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Refusing from dairy products, meat or fish, a person increases the chances of getting hepatitis. Especially raw food is bad for the baby's immature body.

One day on a mono-diet will not cause much trouble. But a longer period, and on change of excess weight will come various diseases. The complete exclusion of carbohydrates, from which they recover, does not solve the underlying problem.

The least harm comes from a diet on vegetable soups. But even she has her minuses. First, the body will not receive all the necessary substances. Because to fit in one soup dairy products, vegetables, fruit is extremely difficult. The best way out is to alternate dairy, vegetable, meat soups. The recommended duration of the diet is not more than a week. But the diet on vegetable soups is under the strictest ban for the elderly, children, pregnant and lactating women.

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