High protein diet and size xs

In recent times, the main enemy of the figure was marked by fats, and all the slimming began to give preference to low-fat products. But now the fats on the black list have been replaced with carbohydrates. And that's interesting: along with rolls and cakes, which undoubtedly have a negative effect on the figure, we are called to abandon the products previously considered the most useful - fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals. In the diet they are replaced by a double portion of protein - for each meal, cottage cheese, chicken breast or an omelet are prepared.

This diet leads to a reduction in body volume almost doubled in a short time. This was the reason for the unthinkable popularity of "carbohydrate starvation."But not everyone who prefers a low-carbohydrate diet knows that such a diet can lead to serious health problems.

Protein products of animal origin, consumed in quantities corresponding to the norm, have a beneficial effect on the state of the human body. But their predominance in the diet becomes a threat to health. Excess of proteins excessively burdens our internal organs - first of all the liver, kidneys and digestive system suffer.

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In addition, there is an acidification of the body, which harms bones, teeth and hair. The nervous system also makes itself felt: many become prone to mood swings and quickly become tired. And, importantly, the brain loses its ability to work fully. And that's not all: there is a threat of osteoporosis, depression and heart problems.

However, not everything is so hopeless. On the positive side in this case, one can consider the active burning of fat stores with a shortage of carbohydrates, which helps to find the figure of a dream. In addition, the advantage of the protein diet can be considered limiting harmful carbohydrates: refined cereals, sugar, bakery products.

Their excess also leads to acidification of the body and adversely affects the body. It is only necessary to choose the right substitute for fast carbohydrates: not to reduce each meal to the consumption of proteins alone, but to supplement them with seasonal full-fledged products that can provide the entire complex of necessary nutrients. In this case, the negative impact of a high-protein diet will be minimized, and you will not only see the effect of the new nutrition scheme in the mirror, but also feel the internal pleasant changes.

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